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Sheep returns for South Canterbury, New Zealand in 1904 and 1905

The modern 'Appendices' (AJHR), annual reports of government department presented to Parliament, do not have the vast amount of genealogical material which is in the 19th century version. The 'Return of sheepowners' appeared in the Appendices from about the 1878 to the 1920s. The sheepowners are listed alphabetically within their counties.

"Blue View" Hampshires -Nov. 2009

“THE ANNUAL SHEEP RETURNS for the year ended 30th April, 1905″.

Return of all Sheepowners, and Number of Sheep and Lambs, on 30th April, 1904, and 30th April, 1905; showing the County in which Owners reside and their Sheep are depastured, so far as the information is supplied in the Schedule B furnished by Sheepowners under section 47 of The Stock Act, 1893." I—H. 23.

It is a head of household census for country districts sheepfarmers.



Net increase: North Island ..184,642 South Island 665,427 Total net increase for Colony 850,069

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