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Stones Directory 1906

South Canterbury, New Zealand

Geraldine || Levels || Mackenzie || Temuka || Timaru || Waimate

County Town - Geraldine
Council meets third Thursday in month
Chairman: John Talbot
G.J. Denniston
J.A. Metecalf
Mm. Dixon
B.R. Macdonald
Alex Kelman
Clerk and Treasurer: F.W. Stubbs

Statistics (31 March, 1905)
area: 945 square miles
population: 5, 991
ratepayers: 2,000
rateable value: �2,111,170
general rate: �d in the �, struck June 1905.

County Town - Timaru
Council meets 1st Wednesday in each month
Chairman: C.N. Orbell
J. Mahony
T. Bruce Garrick
F.J. Le Cren
Wm Barry
Jas. Stewart
Clerk: F.E. Whitehead
Engineer: Thos. Black

Statistics (31 March, 1905)
area: 273 square miles
population: 5,496
ratepayers: 1,427
special: �d in the pound (Seadown Water Race loan interest)
general rate: 1d in the pound
rateable value: �3,502 3s 7d
liabilities (March, 1905), �3,243 4s 3d

County Town - Fairlie
Council meets 1st Monday in month at 10.30 a.m.
Chairman: F.R. Gillingham
R. Irving
J.S. Rutherford
W. Wreford
R. M. Guthrie
D. Stewart
W. Black
E. Schlaepfer
Clerk and Engineer: R.L. Banks

Statistics (31 March, 1905)
area: 2,537 square miles
population: 1,698
ratepayers: 437
rateable properties: 489
general rate: �d in the �
rateable value: �880,639
asserts: �7,758
liabilities: �412

Mayor (to 2nd May, 1906) Thos. Buxton J.P.
D. Henry
J. Hofwell
T. King
D. McInnes
A. Frew
D. Jeffries
J. McLean
G. Predy
T. Barr
Town Clerk: Edwd. Cutten (J.P.)

Statistics (31 March, 1905)
area: 794 acres
population: 1,650
dwellings: 375
ratepayers: 389
rateable properties: 656
rateable value: �102,109
general rate: atruck 19th May, 1905 1�d in the �
asserts �281 9s
liabilities �3,909 1s 8d

Council meets 7.30 p.m. on 2nd and 4th Modays in each month
Mayor: (to 2nd May, 1906) Jas. Cragie
Wm. Gunn
S.F. Smithson
Thos. Hawkey
Geo. J. Sealey
T. L. Harney
J.H. Parks
Thos. Walls
Joseph Mahoney
W.H. Hunt
A. Oborn
C.A. Schmidt
J. Rothwell
Town Clerk: David Virtue

Statistics (31 March, 1905)
area: 1.100 acres 
population: 8,000
dwellings: 1,425
ratepayers: 1,410
rateable properties:  2,074
rateable value: (annual) 1905 �7600
general rate: 1s in the pound
special rate: 1s in the pound
water 2� to 5 per cent
asserts: �115,000
liabilities: �92,674 15s 4d

County Town - Waimate
Council meets last Wednesday of every month.
Chairman: Paul Studholme
Jas. Breen
Thos. Milne
Alfd. Walker
W. J. Hardie
Geo. Lydall
Thos. L. Hart
Herbery Elworthy
R.H. Rhodes
Clerk: Geo. V. Cochrane
Engineer: C.E. Bremner

Statistics (31 March, 1905)
area: 1,343 square miles
population: 5,653
ratepayers: 1,379
rateable properties: 1,907
rateable value: (unimproved) �2,410,135
general rate: (on unimproved value), 7/8d in the �
Special rates: Timaru Harbour Board rate (on unimproved value)  �d in the pound
Waihao and Pareora Water Interest rates, 3/8d and �d in the �
Waihao water maintenance charge, 1d on the pound
asserts: �835 3s 8d
liabilities (excluding loan from Government) �781 5s 2d

Stone Stone Son & Co. Ltd produced provincial directories. Stone's, ceased producing directories in 1954. Christchurch City Libraries holds the resource in both microfiche and hardcopy form, beginning in 1886 (for Otago & Southland) and 1904 for (Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland) and running up until 1955

Stones 1945 It's quite a big book so would have to be more than 1,000 pages. Country districts are included in the alpha list, there is a separate section for streets which name all residents similar to Wises. This data must have been collected before August 1944.

John, Farmer, Springston South Rural, Christchurch
Sidney Prosper, Runholder, Fairlie - Sherwood Downs, Rural
Samuel Meredith, Labourer, Springston, South Rural, Christchurch
Warren Sidney, Farmer, Fairlie - Sherwood Downs, Rural
Wm Farmer, Apiarist, Greenpark Rural, Christchurch
Marquis, Tractor Driver, Hornby
Gordon Gossett, Labourer, Orari
Harold Charles, Labourer, 37 Dee St, Timaru
Mabel, Mrs, 7 Simmons St, Timaru
Frances, Mrs, 37 Dee St, Timaru (Died 12 August 1944, buried Timaru cemetery).
Richard John, 23 South St, Timaru

Anthony Henry, 19 William St, Timaru
Bernard Harold, Farm Mngr, Alford Forest, Ashburton, Rural
Jack Edward, 7 William St, Timaru
Robert Frederick, 10A Oxford St, Timaru
Vera, Mrs, 9 Barnard St, Timaru

Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough & Westland directory, Apr. 1904-Mar. 1905

Stones Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory for 1926
1260 pages containing a Streets Directory for Timaru & Suburbs and a Country Directory for the smaller areas. An Alphabetical Directory, Professions and Trades, Municipal and County, Hospital, Institutions etc.. Official and Judicial, Justices of the Peace, Education and Ecclesiastical, Societies, Commercial Chambers, Postal and Telegraph....

Stone's Directory for Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough & Westland is now available on the Family History computers at Central Library Manchester, Central Library Peterborough, the library at Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre, Upper Riccarton Library and Fendalton Library in Christchurch. Is similar to Wise’s directory but more South Island editions than North Island were published. Christchurch City Libraries holds the South Island editions. The directory provides an alphabetical list of residents, lists of tradespeople, officials and runholders, and the early editions also provided a general directory of New Zealand information. The years from 1904 to 1939 are now available. One volume per year. Each volume has a contents list enabling the user to jump from one section to another with ease.

Note bench seat on the far right.

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