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New Zealand Bound
 111 souls disembarked at Timaru, bringing on the remainder to Lyttelton. 

On 14 January 1859 the English ship the "Strathallan" 551 tons, wooden ship, W. R. Williamson, arrived from Gravesend with the first significant influx of about 120 immigrants to Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand and she sailed for Lyttelton on the evening of 17 January. She left the Downs on the 15th October, and thus made a splendid passage of 81 days. There being no harbour at Timaru, she had to anchor in the roadstead at Timaru and land her passengers. Reference: The Lyttelton Times Jan. 26 1859.    slide show arrivial

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Government immigrants who landed at Timaru: pdf

Names of Emigrants 		Age 	Country 	Occupation
Families & Children 
Hornsby 	Thos 		36 England	 	Agricultural Labourer
Hornsby 	Anne 		47 
Hayes 		Isabella 	21 						Transferred to Single Women 
Hayes 		George 		19 						Transferred to Single Men 
Hayes 		David 		16 						Transferred to Single Men 
Hayes 		Thos 		11 
Hayes 		Margaret	 7 
Haynes 		George Wm 	 4 

Butterworth 	Wm 		26 England 		Agricultural Labourer
Butterworth 	Emma 		25 

Reed 		Robert 		29 England 		Blacksmith
Reed 		Mary Ann 	27 

Hammond 	John 		38 Sunderland 		Lawyer
Hammond 	Mary 		39 
Chapman 	John 	 	17 [Son-in-Law]					Transferred to Single Men 
Chapman 	Isabella  	16 [Dau-in-Law]					Transferred to Single Women 
Hammond 	Robert 		 6 [Son]

Berrill		Wm 		24 Bedford 		Carpenter
Berrill 	Abigail 	25 

Stranks 	Wm 		26 Oxfordshire 		Agricultural Labourer
Stranks 	Matilda 	22 

Padgett 	Wm 		22 Yorkshire 		Gardener & Labourer
Padgett 	Martha 		21 
Padgett				Infant 

Ward 		John 		21 Leicestershire 	Labourer [Farm]
Ward 		Ellen 		25 
Ward 		Elizabeth 	 2 
Ward 		William 	 3 mths 

Ward 		Robt 		27 Leicestershire 	Labourer [Farm]
Ward 		Eliz'th 	25 
Ward 		Catherine 	 4 

Jones 		William 	25 Kent 		Ship Carpenter & Sawyer
Jones 		Sarah 		20 
Jones 		Ann 		 2 

Kohn 		Fred'k 		31 Germany 		Farm Labourer
Kohn 		Cathe 		28 
Kohn 		Mary 		4 mths 

Wade 		Rich'd 		24 Middlesex 		Farm Labourer
Wade 		Eunice? 	24 

Young 		Albert 		25 Gloucestershire 	Carpenter
Young 		Eunice?		25 
Young 		Emma 2 
Young 		Louisa 		[Infant] 6 mths 

Brodie 		James 		23 Forfar 		Shepherd & Agri Labourer 
Brodie 		Mary 		22 

McDonald 	John 		28 Scotland 		Farm Servant
McDonald 	Christina 	26 

Scarf 		William 	26 Suffolks 		Labourer
Scarf 		Letilia 	21 
Scarf 		Letilia 	3 
Scarf 		William 	[Infant] 

Kennedy 	Chas 		28 Perth 		Ploughman
Kennedy 	Margaret 	25 

Double 		William 	37 			Labourer
Double 		Sarah 		37 
Double 		Caroline 	10 
Double 		Emily 		 8 
Double 		Ann Maria 	 6 
Double 		Amos 		 4 
Double 		W Daniel 	 2 
Double 		Eliza Ann 	[Infant] 4mths 

Gibson 		James 		32 Armagh 		Agricultural Labourer
Gibson 		Margaret 	32 
Gibson 		James 		 7 
Gibson 		Alexander 	 5 
Gibson 		Rebecca Ann 	 3 
Gibson 		Margaret 	[Infant] 1mth 

Gibson 		John 		24 Armagh 		Agricultural Labourer
Gibson 		Sarah 		22 

Cairns 		Wm John 	24 			Down Labourer
Cairns 		Eliz'th 	32 
Cairns 		Rob S 		2½ 

Wilson 		John 		25 Down 		Labourer
Wilson	 	Eliz'th 	24 
Wilson 		E 		 3 
Wilson 		Valentine 	 2 
Wilson 		Mary Ann 	[Infant] 

Exley 		Harpin 		26 Yorkshire 		Labourer Brick Yard
Exley 		Susan 		26 
Exley 		Albert 		 7 

Barker 		Enoch 		29 York 		Gardener
Barker 		Sarah 		26 
Barker 		Emily Jane 	 2 
Barker 		Sarah Ann 	 5 

Gordon 		George 		56 Sutherland 		Shepherd
Gordon 		Christina 	40 
Gordon 		John 		21 						Transferred to Single Men 
Gordon 		William 	19 						" 
Gordon 		Christina 	17 						Transferred to Single Women 
Gordon 		Charles 	15 						Transferred to Single Men 
Gordon 		Catherine 	13 						Transferred to Single Women 
Gordon 		Elizabeth 	11 

McKay? 		Robert 		32 Sutherlandshire 	Shepherd
McKay 		Bell 		33 
McKay 		Robina 		 8 
McKay 		Ann 		 6 
McKay 		Alexander   	 4 
McKay 		Christina 	 2 

Scarf 		Robert 		22 Suffolk 		Labourer
Scarf 		Jane 		23 

Patterson 	Thomas 		26 Dawfries 		Shepherd
Patterson 	Margaret 	21 

Davison 	William 	35 Surrey 		Gardener
Davison 	Jane 		24 
Davison 	William 	[Infant] 9 mths

Wadsworth 	Thomas 		36 England 		Gardener
Wadsworth 	Harriet 	32 
Wadsworth 	Mary Ann 	14 						Transferred to Single Women 
Wadsworth 	William 	11 
Wadsworth 	Alfred 		 9 
Wadsworth 	Eliz'th 	 7 
Wadsworth 	Eunice 		 3 

Morey 		Edward 		35 England Bricklayer
Morey 		Charlotte 	34 
Morey 		Martha 		11 
Morey 		Elizabeth 	 8 
Morey 		Helen 		 1 

Abbott 		Thomas 		28 Devonshire Agricultural Labourer
Abbott 		Eliza 		29 
Abbott 		Thomas 		 4 
Abbott 		Albert 		 2 

Murfitt 	John 		42 Cambridge 		Agricultural Labourer
Murfitt 	Mary Ann 	34 
Murfitt 	Sarah Jane 	10 
Murfitt 	Ellen Ursula 	 8 
Murfitt 	Edward 		 7 
Murfitt 	Fanny 		 5 
Murfitt 	John William 	 3 
Murfitt 	Catherine 	 2 
Murfitt 	Harry 		[Infant] 
King 		Georgiana  	16 [Niece]					Transferred to Single Women 

Maddison 	William 	23 Durham		Shepherd
Maddison 	Ann 		21 

Burns 		William 	27 England 		Tailor
Burns 		Jane 		28 
Burns 		Margt 		 2 
Burns 		John 		[Infant] 

Halse 		Henry 		36 
Halse 		Harriet 	36 
Halse 		Henry 		12 						Transferred to Single Men 
Halse 		Jessie 		10 
Halse 		Louisa 		 5 

Walkers 	Noah 		26 Dorset 		Carpenter
Walkers 	Martha 		25 

Pearce 		William 	27 Gloucester 		Bootwaller?
Pearce 		Elizabeth 	28 
Pearce 		William 	[Infant] 

Piper 		Joseph 		34 Middlesex 		Tin & Iron Plate Maker
Piper 		Julia 		38 
Piper 		Joseph 		10 
Piper 		J Wm 		 8 
Piper 		Julia 		 6 
Piper 		Chas Albt 	 1 

Douglas 	Jas 		42 Middlesex 		Millwright & Engineer
Douglas 	Eliz'th 	45 

Brightmore 	William 	36 London 		Bricklayer		[letter from Wm. Brightmore image 16]
Brightmore 	Louisa 		34 
Brightmore 	James 		11 
Brightmore 	Louisa 		 3 

Redfern 	Solathiel 	38 Lancashire 		Joiner
Redfern 	Eliz'th 	38 Transferred to Single Women 
Redfern 	William 	14 
Redfern 	Jane 		 6 
Rowland 	Ann 		25 						Transferred to Single Women 

Humphries 	John 		30 Down 		Agricultural Labourer
Humphries	Ann Jane 	27 
Humphries 	Jane 		11 
Humphries 	Mary Ann 	[Infant] 
Humphries 	John 		 2 

Shepherd 	Chas 		32 Middlesex 		Carpenter
Shepherd 	Susan 		26 
Shepherd 	L Marg't 	 4 
Shepherd 	Chas 		 2 
Shepherd 	Henry 		[Infant] 

Styche 		William 	23 Middlesex 		Carpenter
Styche 		Mary Ann 	20 

Elliott 	John 		38 Middlesex Painter
Elliott 	Louisa 		34 
Elliott 	Louisa 		 9 
Elliott 	Mary Ann 	 7 

Hadley 		Josiah 		42 Staffordshire 	Smith & Engineer
Hadley 		_		39 

Fisher 	Agnes [Bill Holder] 	37 Lancaster 		Bookseller
Fisher 		Robert 		12 						Transferred to Single Men 
Fisher 		John 		11 
Fisher 		James 		10 
Fisher 		Mary 		 8 

Oakley 	Alfred [Bill Holder] 	27 Norfolk 		Labourer
Oakley 		Charlotte 	28 
Oakley 		John 		 6 
Oakley 		Robert 		 4 
Oakley 		William 	 1 

Bishop William [Bill Holder] 	28 London 		Gardener
Bishop 		Middey?		34 Peckham? 
Bishop 		Walher 		 3 
Bishop 		Arthur 		 1 

Smith 		Jesse 		66 Warwick 		Bricklayer
Smith 		Eliz'th 	48 

Single Men 
Hayes 		George 		19 Sunderland 		Carpenter
Hayes 		David 		16 " 			Carpenter
Harrison 	Fras 		20 Surrey 		Carpenter
Murray 		William 	20 Scotland 		Farm Servant
Chapman 	John 		17 Transferred 
Jesson 		Edward 		22 Leicester 		Labourer
Manchester 	George 		20 Leicester 		Labourer
Clark 		John 		23 Aberdeen 		Agri Labourer & Shepherd
Smith 		Chas [Bill Holder] 30 Shropshire 	Bricklayer
Lunsden? 	Jas 		22 Fife 		Agricultural Labourer
Champion 	Richard 	20 Oton 		Shepherd
Pollock 	John 		22 Down 		Labourer
Proudfoot 	Jas 		29 Perthshire 		Farm Servant
Blyth 		Jas 		21 Fife 		Agricultural Labourer
Butcher 	Henry 		21 Haydow 		Labourer
White 		Thos 		37 England 		Labourer
Gordon 		John 		21 Transferred 
Gordon 		Wm 		19 " 
Gordon 		Charles 	15 " 
Stewart 	John 		25 Scotland 		Farm Servant
Bennett 	Edwin 		22 Leicester 		Agricultural Labourer
Bainbridge 	August 		30 Norwich 		Farm Labourer
Morris 		John T 		30 Somerset 		Farm Labourer
Chambers 	Jas 		22 Down 		Labourer
Rice 		Robert 		26 Down 		Labourer
Fisher 		Robert 		12 Transferred 
Halse 		Henry 		12 Transferred 
Oakley 	Robert [Bill Holder] 	25 Norfolk 		Labourer
Dann 	James [Bill Holder] 	17 Cambridgeshire 	Labourer
Tobin 	Thos [Bill Holder/ see Ellen Jackson] Ireland 	Labourer
Buckley 	Daniel 		21 Ireland 		Labourer
Redfern 	Wm 		14 						Transferred from page 10
Everest William [Bill Holder] 	20 Surrey 		Porter
Morris 		Samuel 		20 Leicester 		Labourer [notation: this man is not onboard...see image 24 far right]
Matthew 	William 	25 Forforshire 		Agricultural Labourer
Mcphael? Arch'd [Bill Holder] 	   Argyleshire 		Labourer
Crichton 	William 	   Scotland 		Shepherd
Wilson 		James 		   Scotland 		Shepherd

Single Women 
Hoyes? 		Isabella 	21 Sunderland 		Dress Maker 		Transferred from page 1
Chapman 	Isabella 	16 						Transferred from page 2
Gordon 		Christina 	17 						Transferred from page 6
Gordon 		Catherine 	13 " 						Transferred from page 6
Wadsworth? 	Mary A 		14 England 		Domestic Servant	Transferred from page 8
King 		Georgiana 	16 Durham 		Domestic Servant	Transferred from page 9
Foster Eliz'th [Bill Holder] 	19 Middlesex 		Laundress
Foster 		Amelia 		27 " 			Nurse
Hardesty? Mary [Bill Holder] 	22 Norfolk 		Servant
Jackson Ellen [Bill Holder] 	27 Dublin 		Domestic Servant
Eades Ann [Bill Holder] 	26 England 		Domestic Servant
Nowland ?	Ann 		25 						Transferred from page 10

see note image 28 -far right
Jolathial? Redfern, with whose family this woman was, who tells me she has stayed for some money, but maybe on board tonight. Did not believe that the ship would sail too soon. Signed ?? 13.10.58

Christchurch August 23,1861
To The Port Secretary
With reference to a claim made upon me by W Pearce, I ? Agent, for a balance of £01.00.0 Prom. Note of £11 per ‘Strathallan’ ? to point out that my wife died on the Voyage, and that a particular ? case of a shipmate (Barker) the passage money (£17) ? allowed L?
May I request your kind consideration of this, as I am de? Of leaving for the Diggings and of ? the Prom. Note before my departure.
I have the honour to be Sir John ? ? Secretary
William Brightmore

Primorsory Notes given by Emigrants p. Strathallan Oct, 58 
image 32

BILLS sent from the Colony to the undermentioned - Persons Passengers by the STRATHALLAM 12 Oct 1858 
Total £261 13s 6d
No. of Bill     Name of Person to whom Bills have been remitted by Friends in the Colony 
No. of Bill     Names            	Drawer         	Acceptor        1st, 2nd, or 3rd of Exchange
1,2,3          	Fisher, Agnes    	David Fisher   	Rd Wright 	2nd
4,5,6         	Oakley, Alfred	 	Joseph Betts	B Hardesty	2nd
                Oakley, Robert    	ditto				2nd
                Hardesty, Mary     	ditto				2nd
7,8 		Bishop, William 	Robert Bishop 	C I Percival 	1st
9 		Smith, Charles 		Acland & Tripp 	G B Woodman 	2nd
10,11 		Foster, Eliza 		Jas Foster 	Robert Hughes 	2nd
12 		Down, James  		Jas Down 	W C Beswell 	3rd
13,14 		Tobin, Thos 		Jno Jackson 	Jas Johnston 	1st
		Jackson, Ellen  	ditto 				1st
15,16 		Smith, Jesse 		Wm Smith 	Thos Smith 	2nd 
		Smith Eliz'th  		ditto				1st
17 		Everest, William 	David Everest 	W C Beswick 	2nd
18 		Morris, Samuel W	m Morris 	John Stokes 	1st
19 		McPhail, Archibald  	Mary McKinnon 	Geo Armstrong 	1st

To Willis and Gann & Co. £3208 10s Oct. 1858