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 Timaru's  Streets

map. From the tower of St Mary's Church the view looks west up Church Street. One or two of the buildings still exist in August 2008 - the Wesleyan Church the large whitish building on the left hand side and the wooden two storied building opposite it. The above postcard is labeled wrong - the mountain range is the Two Thumb Range not the Southern Alps.

Know a town's street-names, and you know half its history. 

Timaru Street map  map

Timaru Herald, 20 September 1889, Page 3 Street naming
A special meeting the Borough Council was held last evening to consider the matter of re-naming some of the streets of the borough. Those present His Worship the Mayor, the Councillors Sherratt, Bennett, Hill, Owers, Grandi and Foley. A start was then made at the South Town belt and the map gone over northwards with the following results :— .
The name King street was retained for the southern section of the Main road, the name to continue to the Commercial Hotel.
The next section from the Commercial Hotel to George street, was named Market street, on a vote by 4 to 3, Commercial Street being the competitor.
The northern section— George street to Wai-iti road, had a number of names proposed—Onslow, Victoria, Mercantile, Commerce, Commercial and Bond.
Bond street carried the day, as a short name.
F street, and the portions of Sophia and George streets, opposite the post office section to be collectively called The Triangle.
George street -railway station to Sophia street was changed to Stafford Steer (after Sir Edward Stafford, formerly M.H.R., for Timaru)
South street— opposite the hospital, east side was changed to Seaview Terrace, the name being continued along the road over the railway to the magazine.
Grey street was changed to Mill street.
Right of way No. I— Beach road at present — to be Atlas street.
Right-of-way No. 2 — Clegg's to railway bank -to be Cliff street.
A short unnamed road from High street to the cemetery, through the domain, was called Cemetery street. Grey road, the western boundary of Rhodes Town, to be Grey road, and continued northward to Bond street, absorbing A and B streets.
C street to be Cannon street.
D to be Dee street.
E to be Chapel street (after the Baptist chapel). It is off Church street.

Timaru Herald Tuesday 15 October 1889 pg2 Street Names.
Timaru Borough Council Meeting Councillors present - His Worship the Mayor (Mr D.M. Ross) and Councillors Sherratt, Grandi, Foley, Hill, Jackson, Crawford, Burford, Delaney, Drummond, Bennett, Hall-Jones, and Owers.
Councillor Hill pointed out that already streets were named after men who had done something for the town, and he thought they should follow this line out by perpetuating the names of men who tried to make the town; say the names of ex mayors and the mayor, and other leading men. Councillor Hill moved "That the Main road from George Street to the northern town boundary be altered from Great North Road to Stafford Street." With regard to claims to "Stafford" he explained that the name Turnbull deserved to be bracketted with it, for it was through the latter gentleman that the £100,000 had been put on the Provincial Council estimates for the Timaru harbour works, and then claimed by Stafford under the Bill. They should give honour to whom honour was due. Mr Turnbull had further got a grant of £200 for Sir John Coode's expenses.
As an amendment it was proposed "That the Main road from Whale's Creek to its junction with King Street be named Stafford Street. This was carried. No. 1 Right of way was named Turnbull Street and No. 2 Right of way Cliff Street. Grey Street eventually agreed to.


Caroline Bay 
Maori Hill
West End

Streets in the Glenwood subdivision down Morgan Rd were constructed in the early 1970s and around Aorangi Stadium are named after hydro-electric dams: Aviemore, Benmore, Hawera, Pukaki, Tekapo, Waitaki and up country stations: Balmoral, Braemar, Sawdon.

Streets along the Centennial Park walkway are named after New Zealand native trees :Kuri, Kowhi, Matai, Miri, Miro, Nikua, Puriri, Pukatea, Rowan Place, Rumi, Rata, Tawa, Totara
Some of the streets in the Kensington area are named after English countries: Devon St, Cornwall, Hertford St, Somerset
Around the hospital there is Queen St, Edward St, Catherine St, King St, Princes St, Memorial St, Victoria St, William St.
Other streets their name depicts the location: Cemetery Hill, Cliff St, Marine Parade, Mountain View Rd, The Bay Hill, The Terrace, Park View Terrace, Peel View Place (Mt Peel), Port Loop Road, Scenic Drive, Station St. (where you can still find the railway station)

But the majority of the streets are named after old settlers, e.g. Baker, Campbell, Dawson, Evans, Fraser, Hayes, Hayman, Le Cren, Orbell, Stafford, Unwin, Rhodes, Wright, etc.  A few are named after historic events, ships or people that effected the town:
Benvenue Avenue, Perth St, Strathallan St, Clyde Carr Crescent, Stafford St.

Street Maps
Timaru street map

Streets - 275 names

Albert St
Alexander St
Andrew St
Angland Ave
Apsley St
Archer St
Argyle St
Arthur St
Arun St
Ashbury Avenue
Athol Place
Avenue Road
Aviemore St
Aynsley St
Ayr St
Babington St
Baker St
Bank St
Balmoral St
Barnard St
Barnes St
Beaumont St
Belfield St
Benmore St
Beswick St
Beverley Rd
Beverley Hill
Bidwell St
Bouverie St
Bowker St
Bradley St
Braemar Pl
Branscombe St
Brenda St
Broadway Ave
Browne St
Buchanan St
Bunswick St
Burnett St
Butler St
Cain St
Cain Terrace
Cambridge St
Campbell St
Cameron St
Canada St
Canon St
Cardiff St
Carlisle Place
Cedar Place
Chambers St
Charman St
Chateau Close
Chateau Place
Chaucer St
Church St
Clifton Terrace
Climie Terrace
Clyde St
College Rd
Collingwood St
Collins St
Coonoor Rd
Craighead St
Cragie Ave
Cross St
Dampier St
Dawson St
Deal St
Dee St
Dobson St
Domain Ave
Douglas St
Dunkirk St
Dunvegan Close
Edinburgh St
Ellesmere Place
Elloughton Crescent
Elmsdake Tce
Evans St
Eversley St
Flinders St
Forth St
Fraser St
George St
Gibson St
Glamis St
Glen St
Gleniti Rd
Glenview Ave
Glenwood Ave
Gloucester St
Godley Place
Goulds Rd
Goulds Road
Grandi Ave
Grange Close
Grantlea St
Grasmere St
Grants Road
Grey Rd
Guinness St
Hall St
Hanan Place
Harborough St
Harper St
Hart St
Hartley Crescent
Hassall St
Hatton St
Hawea St
Hawkey St
Hawthorn Place
Hayes St
Hayman St
Heath St
Heaton St
Herton St
Hewlings St
High St
Hilton Hwy
Hinau Place
Hobbs St
Hopkins St
Hunt St
Huxley St
Irvine St
James St
Jonas St.
June St
Kelvin St
Kent St
Keith St
Killick St
King George Place
Kitchner Sq.
Kiwi Drive
Kowhai St
Kauri St
Lachlan Place
Lachlan Pl
Latter St
Le Cren St
Leckie St
Leven st
Lincoln ST
Lindsay St
Lisava Ave.
Lough St
Lukeys Lane
Luxmore Rd
Lysaught St.
Macdonald St
Maltby St
Maple St
Macauly St
Marston St
Marchwiel St
Maryburn place
Matiai Cresent
Matilda St
Melrose St
Meremere St
Mill St
Miro St
Monowai Place
Moore St
Morgans Rd
Mowbray St
Murchison Drive
Napier St
Newman St
Nelson Tce
Newton St
Nile St
North St
Norwood St
Oak Place
Old North Rd
Onslow St
Orbell St
Orielton Place
Otipua Rd
Oxford St
Pacific St
Pages Rd
Park Lane
Poplar St
Preston ST
Pringle St
Pukaki St
Pukatea St
Puriri St
Quarry Rd
Ranui Avenue
Rata St
Ranfurly St
Rathmore St
Raymond St
Rhodes St
Richmond St
Richards Place
Ritchie St
Rolleston St
Rose St
Roslyn Tce
Rothwell St
Roxburgh St
Royal St
Rugby St
Russell Square
Sarah St
Sawdon Pl
Sealy St
Seddon St
Sefton St
Selwyn St
Shaw St
Short St
Simmons St
Snowdon St
Sophia St
South St
Spring Rd
St George St
Station St
Strathallan St
Stenhouse Drive
Stirling Pl
St Johns Ave
Stuart St
Sutter St
Talbot St
Tasman St
Tawa St
Tay St
Tekapo St
Taylor St
Temple Crescent
Te Weka St
Theodosia St
Thomas St
Trafalgar St
Turnbull St
Tweedy St
Tyne St
Usk St
Unwin St
Variety Lane
Vinnell St
Virtue Avenue
Wallace St
Wai-iti Rd
Waitaki St
Waipori Place
Wellington St
Westcott St
White St
William St
Willow St
Willow Place
Wilson St
Wrights Ave
Woodlands Rd
Woolcombe St
York St

Grants Road was named after a Scottish shepherd, William Grant, who came out to Tripp at Orari Gorge with his brother Andrew and settled at Elloughton Grange to become the South Island's biggest sheep dealer.

 For the more obscure names try Land Information NZ site.

The Streets of Timaru - J.B. Hamilton. Published in October 1975, detailed information behind the naming of said streets. Published by the Timaru Historical Society, and printed by The Timaru Herald. 80 pages. Hardcover with dust jacket; 79 pages w/ street index & fold-out map. 21cmx14cm. Commissioned in 1975 by the South Canterbury Historical Society this book contains historical information, info on the Timaru Coat of Arms, 248 street entries and a fold-out map at rear. A slightly unusual publication in that the jacket cannot be removed from blank boards.

A new edition of
Streets of Timaru was published in 2011 the support of South Canterbury Historical Society and the South Canterbury Museum. The book was first produced by the Society in 1974, and written by J.B. Hamilton. It provided readers with an account of how each street in Timaru received its name, along with various historical details. It will include text for the many new streets that have been named since 1974. Nearly sold out.

37 Dee Street, Timaru Sept. 2005 taken by Paula
37 Dee Street, Timaru (1914 it was 40 Dee St.)

Wise's NZ Postal Directory 1930

Stafford St., central

Timaru Herald, 9 June 1882, Page 2
Our Streets — The streets of Timaru are in a frightful mess from the continued rain, covered thickly with a mud liquid enough to splash, but not liquid enough to flow downhill when it has a chance. Why are not a few of the principal crossings and the approaches to the railway station kept decently passable? Is the Borough Council, like the Harbor Board, short of appliances? Let us have a special rate, if necessary, to buy a scraper or two. Why not get out the hydrants and wash this disgusting mud into the sea?

Stafford St, looking south. Langwoods was on the left where the Kodak sign is located.

Beautiful. Blossom Broadway Ave, Sept. 11 2010. Photo taken by M.T.
Beautiful. Blossom - Broadway Ave, Sept. 11 2010. Photo taken by M.T.

Spring's Call
There's something in the air
That's sweet and rich and rare.
There's something in the air
That makes you know when spring is here.

BANK STREET - Bank Gully was a small but deep stream, the Bank street crosses it, Bank Street sewer. 400 metres down the stream passed the BNZ.

Timaru Herald, 30 October 1867, Page 2
Mr Cliff gave notice of motion that he should move at the next general meeting that the formation of Bank street be proceeded with according to the report furnished by the Engineer. Mr Melton gave notice of motion that the money in hand be expended on those works, and in the order as suggested by the Engineer in his report.

Timaru Herald, 30 November 1867, Page 6
According to previous notice of motion, Mr Cliff moved That George street, to its junction with Latter street, thence to North street, and from George street to Arthur street, and its junction with Bank street, be formed in accordance with the engineer's estimate. Seconded by Mr Cardale, and carried. The following tenders for forming Bank street were opened
Mr Joseph Ellis £81 10
Mr J. Forgan £73
Mr. H. Exley £70
Mr John Gibson £68

Timaru Herald, 12 February 1873, Page 3
A letter was read from Mr George Kay, requesting the Council to take into consideration the approach to Bank street, which in its present state was very unsafe for vehicles, especially m wet weather, when it became necessary to go- round by North street. He would submit that the danger was as great in descending the steep hill at this spot as it was at Butler street, and, consequently, dangerous to persons in vehicles.

Timaru Herald, 16 July 1873, Page 3
A letter was read from Mr J. Wilson, requesting that the continuation of Arthur street from Bank- street to Grey street might be formed, and stating that the amount of traffic on the road would warrant a small outlay upon it. Proposed by Councillor Hibbard, seconded by Councillor Padget. That the continuation of road from Arthur-street to Grey street be formed."

The Streets of Timaru J. B. Hamilton
First edition 1975, South Canterbury Historical Society
First edition of this reference book outlining how Timaru's streets were named.
Commissioned in 1975 by the South Canterbury Historical Society this book contains historical information, info on the Timaru Coat of Arms, 248 street entries and a fold-out map at rear.
Hardback. Crossing the Tasman and the Hooker in 1896 

Auckland Weekly News 11 July 1934 p042  Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19340711-42-1   

Perennial favourite signs of spring – daffodils, bees, lambs, blossoms

South Canterbury NZGenWeb Project 

Map of Timaru