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Geraldine's  Streets & Roads

Upper Talbot St., Geraldine
Know a town's street-names and you know half its history. 

Arundel Belfield Road
Barker Street
Bates Street
Beeby Road
Bell Street
Bennett Road
Brenton Road
Bridge Street
Brophy Road
Burke Road
Campbell Street
Cascade Place
Casey Road
Coach Road
Coles Street
Connolly Street
Cooper Street
Coulter Place
Cox Street
Craig Road
Cross Street
Darby Street
Downs Road
Earl Road
Elmslie Road
Fergusson Street
Flatman Crescent
Fletcher Road
Forest Road
Gale Cutting Road
Gapes Valley Rd
George Street
Geraldine-Fairlie Highway
Geraldine Flat Road
Gladstone Street North
Gladstone Street South
Goodwin Road
Greenvale Road
Gresham Street
Gualter Road
Guilford Road
Guthrie Road
Harrison Road
Harris Street
Hawke Road
Hewlings Street
High Street
Hislop Street
Huffey Street
Jollie Street
Julloch Road
Kakahu Street
Kalaugher Road
Kennedy Street
Lancaster Street
Lapthorn Road
Lewis Street
Macdonald Street
Main North Road
Majors Road
Maling Street
Maslin Street
Mcclelland Road
Mckenzie Road
Mckenzie Street
North Terrace Road
Oak Street aka Slack St
Opuha Street
Orari Back Road
Orari Station Road
Palk Road
Patrick Road
Payne Road
Peel Street
Pine Street
Pleasant Valley Road
Pye Road
Racecourse Road
Rae Rd
Reilly Road
Ribbonwood Road
School Road
Seaward Road
Sercombe Road
Shaw Road
Shaw Street
Sherratt Road
Simpson Road
Slacks Valley Road
South Boundary Road
South Terrace Road
St Andrew Street
Talbot Street
Tancred Street
Taylor Road
Taylor Street
Te Moana Road aka Speechly Rd
Templer Street
Temuka-Orari Highway
Tiplady Road
Totara Street
Tripp Street
Unwin Lane
Vance Road
Waihi Terrace
Waitui Drive
Wilks Road
Williamson Place
Williams Road
Wilson Street
Winchester-Geraldine Road
Winchester Hanging Rock Road
Woodbury Road
Woodside Road
Wright Street

Not all streets, however, were named after people. Nowadays it is council policy not to name streets after individuals.
Instead, land subdividers are invited to propose several names for new streets, but often no reason is given for the one the council chooses.

Many of streets in Geraldine notables such as past mayors and councillors e.g. Macdonald Street. Beauchamp Ranald Macdonald, mayor of Geraldine 1918 to 1921 and again from 1931 to 1938. He was also a member of the South Canterbury Hospital Board for 11 years and the South Canterbury Electricity Power Board for six years. He spent 21 years as president of the Geraldine Racing Club and an unknown number of years as president of the South Canterbury Cricket Association. Mr MacDonald was born in 1868, the eldest child of Angus MacDonald of Waitui, and died in 1940.

Macdonald St., Geraldine, April 2014.
 Macdonald St., Geraldine, April 2014.

Coach Road was previously known as Peckham’s Road, which was later on misspelt as Packham’s Road. Horsedrawn coaches ran between Geraldine and the Orari rail station carrying passengers and mail before the advent of motor transport. Successive coach proprietors were Kennedy and Mundell, Bob Scott and Noah Sherratt.

Connolly's Road aka Long Jacks Valley Road. This road became part of State Hwy 79
Jeremiah Connolly lived at 730.850 in 1887. He bought section 10703 of 80 acres in 1868. His son Jeremiah, became a well-known stock dealer. During WWI he owned Raukapuka. He later went to a property in Rakaia district.

Frederick Robert FLATMAN ( 1843-1911)
Home at "Summerlea". Member of Parliament. Member of Timaru Harbour Board. His son F R Flatman was chairman Timaru Harbour Board 1940-1944. With ROBERT TAYLOR (Taylor st. Geraldine) he gave the site in 1877 for St THOMAS'S CHURCH, Woodbury. Memorial window to him in the church

Huffey Street was earlier known as Cemetery Road. Later named Huffey Street after John Huffey, who was an early resident of Geraldine. In 1866 he bought section 10808 of 50 acres.  He was a bricklayer and landowner and helped to build the cob church of St. Anne at Pleasant Valley. Mr Huffey kept a store on the corner of Talbot and Huffey Streets, and died in 1917 aged 92.

Timaru Herald, 14 February 1917, Page 11
The death occurred at Geraldine yesterday morning of Mr John Huffey, one of the oldest residents of South Canterbury and a man who was highly esteemed by everyone who knew him. Mr Huffey, a native of Suffolk, came to New Zealand some 55 years ago on account of his health. Prior to leaving the Old Country he was a lay preacher on the Methodist plan for Brentford, near London, and during his residence in New Zealand he continued the work he took up fully seventy years ago, his consistency and high character winning for him deserved respect, while it gave hima power for good. After arriving in New Zealand he resided for a time in Christchurch but later made his home in Geraldine, and as a builder erected many of the early settlers' homes, and the church in Pleasant Valley. For many years he was senior trustee, of the Geraldine Methodist Church, of winch ho acted as Circuit Steward till three years ago. He was also a prominent member of the Good Templar Order, and was treasurer of the local Lodge In the past he was a member of the Geraldine Town Board and of the Cemetery Board, and also a member of the school committee-. At the recent session of the Methodist Synod at Geraldine he was one of the principals at the public reception, and on Sunday evening last he conducted the service at the Methodist Church. He was working in the harvest field last week and on Monday night, at the request of his great-granddaughter he made a pair of stilts for the little girl. He was not feeling very well on Monday night, but seemed' as bright as usual yesterday morning, and after an early breakfast he was talking with his great-grandchildren And then sat back in a chair and passed peacefully away. He was predeceased by his wife some seventeen years and since her death his grand-daughter Mrs Fyfe, has resided with him. He leaves one daughter, Mrs Pizzey of Orari, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The Geraldine Bead Board yesterday passed a resolution of sympathy with the relatives of the deceased.

William Stephen MASLIN
A son of Caleb Maslin he carried on sawmill established by his father at Geraldine, was farming and had a store, first Mayor of Geraldine. Member of Parliament for Rangitata seat in 1893 as a liberal. Caleb Maslin built a house in Cemetery Road which Alfred Cox bought as a parsonage for the Rev LL. BROWN the first vicar of Geraldine.

Evening Post, 22 August 1917, Page 3
Timaru Herald, 21 August 1917, Page 11
Mr. Caleb Ezekiel Sherratt, one of the oldest residents of the Geraldine district, died on Sunday last, at the age of 75 years. He was born at Moira, Leicestershire, and was for some years engaged in mining in England. With his brother, Mr. Amos Sherratt, he arrived at Lyttelton in the ship
Captain Cook in 1863. The brothers became engaged in contracting work, which they carried on. for some years. Mr. Sherratt was subsequently clerk to the Geraldine Road Board, and later held the position of Clerk of the Court in the earlier 70s.  In the earlier days he was an office-bearer of the Methodist Church and local preacher. For the past few years he has lived in retirement at Geraldine. He leaves a widow, end two sons, Mr  W. C. Sherratt and Mr Noah Sherratt both of Geraldine, and two daughters. Mrs A. Borrell of Geraldine and Mrs W. Trengrove of Timaru. and many grand-children, to mourn his loss.

Captain Cook in 1863
Amos 31
Mary Ann 31
Thomas 10
Mary Ann 6
Caleb 21
Hannah 27
Andrew 23

Sir Thomas TANCRED 1808-1880 of Raukapuka. A member of a Yorkshire family he came to New Zealand in 1853 in the `Minerva' and took a leading part in the settlement of North Canterbury, acquiring an interest in sheep farms there and at Ashburton. He subsequently transferred this property to his son Clement William Tancred and moved to the North Island where he died.

Templer Road
Horace Edward TEMPLER (1851-1916 )
He joined the Bank of New South Wales in Australia and came to New Zealand. He was appointed manager of the branch at Geraldine in 1876. He retired from the Bank and went farming. Then he became clerk to the Mount Peel Road Board and to the Geraldine County Council.

The Geraldine News ran a series on how the streets received their names.
Coach Rd 2011 May
Gapes Valley Rd 2012 August 9
Huffy St. 2011 May
Macdonald St 2011 May
Maling St 20011 July 7
Oak St. 2012 May
Rae St. July 2011
Sherratt 2011 Oct. 6
Tancred St 2012 Jan 12
Taylor St 2013 July 11
Te Moana Rd 2012 Jan 12
Woodbury Rd June 2011

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