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 Temuka's  Streets & Roads

Temuka Post Office (on the left), main street, Temuka - King Street
Know a town's street-names and you know half its history. 

Ackroyd Road
Alexandra Street
Allnatt Street
Andrewville Lane
Barrett Road
Beach Road
Birkett Street
Boiling Down Road
Bridge Street
Cass Street
Clyne Road
Commerce Street
Connelly Road
Crombie Road
Cross Street
Davey Road
Davie Street
Denmark Street
Dinda Road
Domain Avenue
Donald Street
Dyson Street
Earl Road
Epworth Road
Evans Street
Ewen Road
Factory Road
Fox Street
Fraser Street
Galbraith Place
Galbraith Road
Gammack Street
Georgetown Road
Godley Street
Goodwin Road
Grange Settlement Road
Grant Street
Guild Road
Guise Street
Guise Street North
Hally Terrace
Hamilton Street
Harris Place
Hayhurst Street
Hayhurst Street North
Hewlings Place
Hides Road
Holland St
Hopkinson Road
Hornbrook Street
Hornbrook Street North
Huirapa Street
Iverach Road
John Bull Place
John Street
John Street Lane
John Street North
John Talbot Road
Kereta Road
King Street
King Street South
Kirk Road
Lachlan Street
Lamont Road
Langridge Road
Levens Lane
Lyall Terrace
Macaulay Road
Main Waitohi Road
Maude Street
Mccully Road
McNair Road
Middleswamp Road
Milford Clandeboye Road
Milford Lagoon Road
Moore Road
Murray Street
Neal Street
North Terrace
North Town Belt
Orakipaoa Island Road
Ormsby Street
Ormsby Street North
Owen Street
Oxford Crossing Road
Phar Lap Road
Prattley Road
Princes Street
Rangatira Valley Road
Rawhiti Street
Rayner Street
Rayner Street North
Rayner Street South
Redwood Street
Richard Pearse Drive
Rise Road
Scott Terrace
Seadown Road
Seaforth Settlement Road
Sealy Street
Seddon Street
Seven Sisters Road
Shaw Street
South Boundary Road
Spur Hut Road
Station Road
St Leonard Road
Stopbank Road
Studholme Street
Temuka-Orari Highway
Thompson Road
Thomas Street
Timaru-Temuka Highway
Toner Road
Vine Street
Waipopo Road
Waitohi Pleasant Point Road
Waitohi Temuka Road
Walker Road
Wallingford Road
Wareing Road
Whitcombe Street
White Road
Wilken Street
Wilmshurst Road
Wood Street
Young Road

Road names were part of a community's heritage and the "rich tapestry of life".

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