Teachers in South Canterbury in 1878

Education - Second Annual Report of the Minister of Education, New Zealand, 1879
Pages 24, 25 & 39 list of public schools
Herbert Belfield, Esq., Chairman of the South Canterbury Education Board. His report is on page 52.
Henry H. Hammond was the Inspector of Schools in South Canterbury. His report is on page 92.

The Board was created by the "The Education Act, 1877." The first meeting of the board was on the 30th April. Up to this time the affairs of the district had been administrated by the North Canterbury Board. The following gentlemen were duly elected as the Board:
Herbert Belfield, Esq (chairman)
Rev. George Barclay
Rev. W. Gillies
Samuel W. Goldsmith, Esq.
James Granger, Esq.
William B. Howell, Esq.
Daniel L. Inwood, Esq.
William Postlewaithe, Esq.
Edward H. Tate, Esq.

The new school districts of Claremont, Hunter, Makikihi, Upper Otaio and Totara Valley had been proclaimed with contracts for erection of school buildings. It was decided to divided Totara Valley into two districts - Totara and Ophi. The Board has during the year proclaimed the new school districts of Waiho, Waituna Creek, Fairlie Creek, Burke's Pass, North Orari, South Orari and Wai-iti.

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1879 Session I, H-02

Teachers Holding Certificates or licenses under "The Education Act, 1877"
* There were five classes of certificates distinguished by numbers and pay rate was based this scale.

Teachers' Names including Pupil Teachers on staff at the end of the year.

Claremont 	J Bellmin (H)

Geraldine 	Thomas Hughes (H) *D2
		F McPhee (F)
		G Barclay (M.P.)
		F Bethune 		

Kakahu		J Speight
		Mrs Speight
		D.B. Craig
		C Craig		

Milford		Craig, Dugal Bannatyne *C3
Pareora		J Stewart
		Mrs Stewart
Pleasant Point	Henry Henri *E3
		Mrs Henri

Pleasant Valley Walter Junius King *E3
		Mrs King
		Kate Bennett
Rangitata Island J Beechey
Scotsburn 	J Murdock
Temuka District School
		Alexander McIntosh *D2
		Mrs Rowe
		E Young
		H Klee
		W Rowe

Timaru [B]	James Scott, M.A. *B1
		William Cuthbert *D2
		R. Shappere
		N Muller
		F.W. Mansefield
		L Hibbard
		T Chapman
		D Ogilvie
		M Shepherd
		M Forbes
		Florence Woodhend Gillon (Miss) *D3
		M Griffin
		F Crammond
		M Craigie
		L Cameron
		E Melton
		A Pearson
		A.H. Huggins
		E Melton
		A Pearson
		A.H. Quinlan
		J Huggins
		E. Allan
		M. Fisher		
		M Mahan
		(Mahan, Frederick William)

Waihi Bush	D Murrary
		Mrs Murray		

Waitohi Flat 	Archibald Mahan
		Mrs Mahan		

Washdyke	J Kirby
		Mrs Kirby
Winchester	A Dunnett
		A L Cox
		A Young		

Otaio 		J Willis		

Waimate		W. Ward
		J Horgan
		Oswall Walters Exall *E3
		M A Grant
		M A Little
		A Williams
		S Bruce
		M. Rugg		
		Bowles, Minnie Ellen Goldsmith, Miss *E3
		Hardcastle, John Castlewood E3*

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