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Teachers in South Canterbury in 1885

Education - Ninth Annual Report of the Minister of Education, New Zealand, 1886
Pages 38 & 39 list of public schools

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1886 Session I, E-01

The Board was created by the "The Education Act, 1877." The first meeting of the board was on the 30th April. Up to this time the affairs of the district had been administrated by the North Canterbury Board. The following gentlemen were duly elected as the Board:
Samuel W. Goldsmith, Chairman of the South Canterbury Education Board. His report is on page 67.
Rev. George Barclay
Melville Gray
Edward Wakefield M.H.R.
Richard A. Barker
John Talbot
William Jukes Steward M.H.R.
George Grey Russell
Charles J. Foster, LL.D.

The only new school have been opened  during the year is the Upper Waitohi Flat School. The number of schools in the district at the end of the years was 45. Another school district has been formed - Rangatira Valley District. Roll at the end of the year - 4,201 as against 4,067 at the end of 1884, an increase of 136, and an average attendance being 3,340 as against 3,220 for 1884, and increase of 120.  In the earlier part of the year the average attendence was seriously affected by the prevalence of diphtheria.

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Timaru Herald, 3 June 1890, Page 2
The Timaru School Committee last night ran down the scale of economy in trifles to the very bottom. The janitor asked for a new case to a portable boiler he uses to heat water for cleaning the schoolrooms. It was stated the case he now has has been in use about 15 years, and surprise was expressed that there was any of it left at all. A member suggested that it would be better to "set" the boiler in brick as more economical of fuel, but this would cost rather more. The chairman said the committee could not afford either casing or setting, and other members were sure the board would not pay for either. Several propositions were then offered — "Sell the boiler and buy a big saucepan to stand on a school grate." — " Mortgage it and buy a casing." The forlorn hope seemed to have been reached in "stand it on four bricks," but this was capped by the hopeless ." Refer it to the board."

North Otago Times, 11 August 1896, Page 2
Miss Agge Goodall is the youngest daughter of Mr G. A. Goodall, of Hilderthorpe, and at present is teaching in her brother's school at Makikihi, in South Canterbury.