Teachers in South Canterbury, N.Z. in 1903

Education - Twenty-Seventh Annual Report of the Minister of Education, New Zealand, 1904. The average attendence for the education district of South Canterbury was 4,280.

Wm. B. Howell, Chairman of the South Canterbury Education Board. His report is on page 95.
Annual report for the year ending 31st December 1903.
At the beginning of the year the Board was composed of the following members; Messrs John Campbell, Sandham Gillingham, W.B. Howell, J.P., John Jackson, J.P., Daniel McCaskill, W.S. Maslin, J.P., John S. Rutherford, John Talbot, J.P., and the Rev. George Barclay. Mr W.M. Hamilton of Waimate was elected. In August Mr Howell was elected Chairman of the Board for the eight time in succession. At the beginning of the school year there were 71 schools in operation in the district. During the year the school at Carrington was closed, and a new one opened at Kohika. At the end of the school year there were in service of the Board 121 adult teachers, 53 males and 64 females. Of these 13 were uncertificated -an unusually large number, but owning to the difficulty of getting teachers for its small schools, the board has no option but to employ uncertificated teachers. Building -new schools at Kapua, Kohika, Skipton, Chamberlain and Willowridge. Additions were made to both school and residence at Milford and a residence was attached at Waikakahi.

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Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1904 Session I, E-01

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Pleasant Point School Register to 1902, some of the the surnames beginning with K and L. (one page)
KENNEDY: David, Sarah and William
KERSLAKE: Alfred, Bella, Gilbert, Isabella and John
LAMBERT: Alfred, Annie, Arthur, Elsie, Gertrude, Mary and Mary M
LAURENSON: Gordon, Leslie, Margaret, Strong Work (think that is in the wrong column!) and William James
LAWRELL: Douglas, Gilbert and Maud
LAWRENSON: Lawrence and Mary
LE SUEUR: Herbert
LEARY: John Francis and Maurice Francis
LENNIE: Frank, Jeanette, John, Louisa, William, Catherine and Elizabeth
LEY: John, Andrew Charles, William George and William Thomas
LISTON: Minnie and Thomas
LUND: Charles, Christina C, Daisy, Fred, George and James.