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Teachers in South Canterbury, N.Z. in 1909

Thirty-Third Annual Report of the Minister of Education, New Zealand, 1910. The average attendence for the education district of South Canterbury was 4,280.

At the beginning the board consisted of the following members: Messrs John Jackson, (Chairman), W.H. Hamilton, G.W. Armitage, C.S. Howard, William Lindsay, George Lyall, John Maze, J.S. Rutherford and Thomas Sherratt. Mr John Jackson, for over twenty years a member of the Board, and for sometime its chairman, died in July. Mr Hamilton was elected chairman. Mr G.J. Sealey was elected to fill the vacancy.

W. M. Hamilton, Chairman of the South Canterbury Education Board. His report is on page 66.
Annual report for the year ending 31st December 1903. The new schools begin Cannington, Waitohi Upper, Allandale and Riverlands. owing to the continued small attendence in the secondary department, the Geraldine District High School was disrated during the year, the secondary department being closed. At the end of the school year there were 175 teachers in the Board's service.

During the school year there were 81 schools in operation, an increase of five from last year. Of the five schools, two were household schools of which at Middle Valley was closed again in September, and the other at Riverlands, during its brief existence of six months has had three changes in teachers. The schools at Cannington and Upper Waitohi Flat have been reopened after being closed for seven and three years respectively, and the Allandale School was opened in December. In addition to the public schools, we examined the five Roman catholic schools in this district. Number on roll 5,556. Average attendence 4,767. Roman catholic schools number on roll 470. The number of adult teachers in the Board service was 141, of who 20 were uncertificated. Jas. Gibbon Gow, M.A., and A. Bell, M.A. Inspectors 

Timaru High School Staff
Boy's School - Mr G.A. Simmers, M.A., Mr R.H. Rockel, M.A., Mr G.T. Palmer, M.A., Mr A.G. Johnson, B.Sc., Mr G.O. Chaplin, Sergeant-major Healey
Girl's School - Miss B.M. Watt, M.A., Miss J. Mulholland, M.A., Miss F.J. Hodges, M.A., Miss E. Reid, Miss E.L. Wilson.

Orari Gorge -Tripp School
Orari Gorge -Tripp School

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1910 Session I, E-01

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