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Teachers in South Canterbury, N.Z. in 1920

Education - Extract from the report of the Minister of Education, New Zealand, 1920. For the year ended 31st December 1920. A new school were opened at Round Hill (Hakataramea).

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1921 Session I-II, E-02

222 teachers. 39 of them males i.e. 17.5% of the teachers in 1920  in South Canterbury were males. More likely to be a head teacher or in charge of a single school. Ten teachers with M.A. and seven of those are men. Four with B.A., and three of those are men.

Press, 7 July 1917, Page 14  Education Board
The report of Appointments Committee stated it had been agreed to close the Cricklewood school. The committee recommended that all teachers who had served with the Expeditionary Force should be exempted from the rural service rule.

The Cricklewood school opened in 1898. Miss Amy E. Fifield was the first teacher.  She resigned the charge of the school in Oct. 1899. First entry on admission register on 28 Sept. 1898: Henry John William Bray, s/o John Bray "Langdon" , Cricklewood. The school opened with a roll of seven pupils. The school was added on too in later years. Probably had a woodshed behind the school. The school closed 31 January 1948. Bentley's at the Cricklewood School  ca1980. Photo courtesy of Jim Sawers. l to r.

The representation on other High School Boards remained unaltered, and was as follows
Waimate—Mr. W. Lindsay, Mr. G. J. A. Shackleton
Fairlie —Mr. T. Foden, Rev. A. E. Standage, Mr. J. R. Lack, J.P.
Geraldine— Dr. G. W. Hislop, Mr. T. Sherratt, Mr. T. Hughes, B.A.
Pleasant Point—Mr. J. Maze, Mr. L. Lawrenson, Mr. W. R. Oborn
Temuka—Mr. G. W. Armitage, J.P., Mr. G. Thompson, Mr. F. Sanders
Timaru—Mr. J. G. Gow, M.A., Mr. G. Scaley, J.P., Mr. H. Innes-Jones
Waimate —Mr. E. H. Hassall, Mr. W. Geddes, Mr. S. I. Fitch

School name			Teachers 
School Grade			Position, classification,
Average attendence 1920		Grading base salary in 1920
Adair 1 18 		Phelan, Kate B. (Mrs)	S
Albury 3A 62 		Dick, David 		H D 65 £350
			Hume, Helen M. 		A C 93 230
Allandale 1 11 		Seddon, Jessie R. 	S 170
Arundel 2 25		Stevenson, Elizabeth McD. S E 102 245
Ashwick Flat 1 11 	Symes M. (Mrs) 		S D 101 230
Belfield 1 12 		Forbes, Leslie 		S 160
Bluecliffs 2 20 	Welsh, Elizabeth 	S D 85 250
Burke's Pass 1 16	(Copland, Helen S.)	(R)
Cannington 1 16		Simmonds, Mary M.	S 170
Cave 3A 53 		Foster, Kate M. 	H D 69 310
Chamberlain 1 15	Hill, Doris E.		S C 111 190	
Clandeboye 3B 75 	Todd, David T. 		H D 58 365
			Calder, Annie A.	C 108 210
Claremont 2 28 		McFedries, Esther D.E. 	S.C. 77 240
Cricklewood 1 14 	Wilson, Alice M. (Mrs) 	S 160
Douglas 2 22		Hardcastle, Aroha M.	S 200	
Esk Valley 1 17		Stack, Lucy		S C 104 310		

Fairlie 4b 204 		Wilson, James R 	H C 38 400
			Wills, Mary 		A D 68 280
			Marwick, Jane 		A B 83 245
			O'Sullivan, Gertrude M. A C 105 200
			Cooling, Agnes, G. 	Ptl 125
			Gardner, Agnes A.M. 	Prl 90

Fairview 3A 41 		Robertson, Harriet M. 	H C 47 370
			(Brown, Gracie) 	(R) D 58 (260)
			Gardner, Winney 	A C 95 220
Four Peaks 1 13 	Hartford, Claude M. 	S 200
Gapes Valley 2 24 	Kearon, Anna McI. 	SD 70 280

Geraldine District High School— Primary (260), secondary (26) 5a 286 
			Hughes, Alice M. 
			Steele, Elizabeth
			Manson, Nedby M. 
			Methven, Iris J. 
			Hayes, Daisy L. 
			Stewart, Isabella 
			Hewson, Kathleen W. 
			Parker, Margaretta L. 
			Farnie, Dorothy C, M.A.

Glenavy 2 29 		Renton, William 	S D 64 310
Glen-iti 3a 53 		Ziesler, Freja L 	H D 65 310
			Beck, Constance A. 	A D 65 310
Haka Station 0 5 	Vlictatra Mary E. (Mrs) S 75
Hakataramea 1 24 	Walker, David A.S. 	S C 68 290
Hakataramea Valley 2 15 Stewart, Catherine (Mrs) S D 84 390
Hazelburn 1 18 		Lumsden, Jessie W. 	S C 104 160
Hilton 3A 44		Sheldon, James C	H E 70 350
			McArthur, Elizabeth	A C 52 360
Hook 3A 52 		Ford, Margaret 		H D 53 360
Hook Bush 0 5 		McPherson, Catherine 	S 190
Hunter 2 29 		Steel, Ann 		S D 67 320
Ikawai 2 36 		Cotten, George W. 	S D 88 240
Kakahu Bush 1 13 	Knight, Mary (Mrs.) 	S D 88 270
Kapua 2 39		Jeffries, Laura		S E 68 300
			(Richardson, Sheila M.) (R) (180)
Kingsdown 3A 33 	Stewart, Robert 	S B 61 350
Lyalldale 1 19 		Ferguson, Catherine A.W. S E 77 280
Makikihi 3A 37 		Marlow, Thomas 		H D 60 330
			Bannerman, Henrietta S. A D 86 240
Milford 3A 68 		Burrows, William M. 	H C 71 320
			Cartwright, Arletta 	A 190
Monavale 2 22 		Tizard, Florence L. 	S 230
Morven 3A 70 		Smart, Alice R. 	H C 58 340
			Alexander, Annie E. 	A D 91 240
			Hyland, Mary C. 	Prl 90
Mount Nessing 1 18 	Thomson, Sylvia M. 	S 200
Opihi 2 31		Skinner, Marion Y.	D 74 280
Orari 3a 84 		Cooke, Montague P 	S D 74 280
			Durward, Annie H.Y.W. 	A C 86 240
			(Sellwood, Hazel M.) 	(R) (190)
Orari Bridge 2 27 	McIIrory, Annie L. 	S D 320
Orari Gorge 1 16	Gellathey, Euphemia 	S C 100 220
Orton 2 29 		Townsend, Edith M. 	S E 76 290
Otaio 1 17		Jackson, Mabel		S C 100 230
Otira, Upper 3A 64 	Treacy, Kathleen 	H D 78 330
			Ryan, Mary 		A 170

Pareora East 3B 84	Winnington, Edward 	H D 47 360
			Moyle, Muriel 
			Bain, Catherine 
			Marshall, Sophie P. 
Pareora West 2 37 	Glanville, William J. 	S E 71 350

Pleasant Point D.H.S. Primary (174) Secondary (25)
			Garton, Wilfred W., M.A. 	H A 37 400
			Oliver, Amy E. E. 
			Kime, Henrietta 
			Austin, Doreen 
			Baldock, Doris 
			Hammond, Daisy G. 
			Anderson, Grace M., M.A.

Pleasant Valley 2 26 	Jones, Philip H. 	S C 82 280 
Rangitata Island 1 8 	(Anderson, Flora) 	(R) (120) 
Rangitata Station 2 31 	Yates, William M. 	S D 78 300
Rockwood 1 15		(Kealy, Catherine)	(R) (190)
Rosewill 2 28		Stevenson, Jane		S C 64 310
St. Andrew's 3b 92 	Park, William F. 
			Scrimshaw, Esme M. 
			Saunders, Lucy 
			Copland, Elizabeth M. 
Salisbury 1 16 		Norrish, Robina C. 
Saltwater Creek 2 26 	Hastings, Edith 
Scotsburn 1 12 		Bell, Myrtle E. 
Seadown 3a 50 		Lucas, Herbert N. 
			Sutherland, Louisa M. 
Sherwood Downs 1 24 	(Hope, Jessie E. C.) 
Silverstream 3a 37 	Bates, Jane (Mrs.) Kennedy, Mary 
Southburn 2 33 		Cumming, Eliza 		S E 64 270
Springbrook 2 30 	Browne, William 	S D 71 320

Sutherland's 31 57 	Stewart, Jessie 	D H 60 350
			Seyb, Caroline P. 	A D 113 210
Tawai 2 33		Fahey, Honora		S  180
Te Moana 1 11		Johnston, Mary E	S C 95 220

Temuka District High School  Primary (354) secondary (33)
			Methven, James, B.A. 
			Smart, John T. 
			Cartwright, Walter H. 
			Morrison, Isabella 
			Manson, Jessie 
			Rowe, Mary E. 
			(Booth, Alice E.) 
			Calder, Matilda 
			Iverach, Agnes M. 
			Washington, Ida M. 
			Harrow, Dorothy. E. 
			Mills, Mary McM., M.A. 
			Simpson, Anne 

Te Ngawai 2 27 		Amyes, Mary O. G. 	S C 72 280

Timaru (688) and side school, Timaru West (123) 7a 811
			Low, Benjamin H. B.A., 
			Moore, Frederic W., M.A.
			Pilliet, Francesea A. 
			Oram, Harry 
			Mauger, Ernest 
			Shirteliffe, Clara I. 
			Hartatonge, Anne F. 
			Ray, Mabel A. 
			Miller, Josephine J. 
			White, Olive J. M. 
			Crawford, Vera A. 
			(Brown, Catherine L.) 
			Cowie, Williamina V 
			Strachan, Dorothy B. T. 
			Robertson, Christina W. M. 
			(Martin, Sylvia (Mrs.) 
			Cruickshank, Sara M. 
			Rudge, Gwendolen W. 
			Webster, Thelma L. 
			Black, William B. 
			Macintosh, Christina 
			Mitchell, Gladys R. 
			Richard, Arita 
			Ward, Florence A. 
			Boys, Katharine M. 
			Ashton, George D. 
			Riddle, Gladys L. Prl 120 [never married, ended up teaching my father at Fairlie]
Timaru South 7A 512	Palmer, George T., M.A. 
			Marriott, William G. 
			Fyfe, Jessie 
			Calder, George A. 
			Lindsay, Catherine 
			McIntosh. Winifred S. (Mrs.) 
			Millar, Sarah (Mrs.) 
			Harris, Rose A.
			Watson, Agnes M. 
			Craven, Marion 
			Daniel, Robert J. 
			McClatchy, Erie R. 
			Bell, Elizabeth S. 
			Callaghan, Rita E.

Timaru West. See under Timaru. 
Timaunga 1 15 		(Westphal, Annah M.) 	(R) D 104 (170)
Totara Valley 1 18 	Don, Helen P. 		S C 81 250
Tycho 2 26 		Keyes, Edwin T. 	S D 75 300
Waihao Downs 3A 42 	(Cartwright, George E.) (R) B 101 (210)
Waiharoranunga 1 19 	Chisholm, Annabella 	S 160
Waikakahi 1 12		Clarke, Jane I.		S 160 

Waimataitai 7d 608 	Colee, Walter C. M.A. 
			Sullivan, Samuel H. 
			Fyfe, Evelyn 
			Napier, William G. 
			Allan, Isabella 
			Baird, Mary L. 
			Sunaway, Flora P. M. 
			Lawry, Bertha M. 
			O'Callaghan, Constance I. 
			Ferguson, Isabel O. 
			Russell, Agnes M. 
			McPherson, Olive L. 
			Aburn, Agnes 
			Mason, Mavis E. 
			Leslie, Bernadina I. 
			Tizard, Marjorie E. 
			Hind, Kathleen T. V. 
			McIntyre, Isabel A. 
			Berry, Osmond 
			Fountaine, Mary M. 
			Cowie, Rowena M. 

Waimate District High School- Primary (522), secondary (101) 
			(Laing, Thomas M. M. B.A.) 
			Henderson, Alexander 
			Crawford, Mary H. 
			O'Connor, William 
			Smart, Margaret A. L. 
			Hodges, Muriel E. 
			Cochrane, Isabella 
			Nicol, Alice J. 
			Anderson, Margaret 
			(Hamilton, Emma G.) 
			Kirby, Harold A. 
			Shrimpton, William I 
			Boyd, Flora 
			Inkster, Annie 
			Olliver, Margaret F. L., M.A.,
			Dyer, Henrietta E., B.A. 

Waitohi Flat 2 28 	Burnside, Margaret 	S C 73 290
Waitohi Upper 1 16 	Macdonald, Martha 	S C 100 230
Waituna Creek 2 31	Anderson, Mary A. (Mrs)	S D 66 300

Washdyke 3B 107		Johnston, John G. 
			O'Connor, Mary. 
			McIntosh, Annie M. 
			King, Ivy S. 
			Lee, Mildred C. 

Willowbridge 3A 45 	Colville, Victor W 	H C 61 320
Winchester 3A 55 	Ferguson, Daniel, M.A. 	H B. 35 370
			Norrish, Daisy P. 	A C 96 240
Woodbury 3A 46 		Farnie, Thomas C. M.A. 	H B 51 350
			Alabaster, Anne B. 	A C 110 200
			Williams, Mary H. 	A C 95 240

Timaru Herald,16 September 1897, Page 1
CRICKLEWOOD SCHOOL. ALL Settlers at Albury Settlement and surrounding District, are invited to attend a MEETING to be holden at Mr James Corbett's Residence, on SATURDAY, the 18th Inst., at 7 p.m., to discuss matters about having a PUBLIC SCHOOL erected at Cricklewood. All particulars given at the Meeting. JAMES CORBETT.

Timaru Herald, 13 May 1899, Page 1
SOUTH CANTERBURY BOARD OF EDUCATION, PROCLAMATION OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS. THE Education Board of the District of South Canterbury here publicly notifies, in pursuance of powers conferred by The Education Act, 1877, that the following arc the boundaries of the Te Ngawai and Cricklewood School Districts, the boundaries of the said districts as heretofore proclaimed, being hereby cancelled TE NGAWAI SCHOOL DISTRICT. Commencing at the north-east corner of allotment 46 on the southern bank of the river Te Ngawai, thence following the said river westerly, northerly, and westerly to the north-west corner of section 29564, thence southerly following the western boundary of small grazing run No. 26 to the south-west corner thereof, thence easterly following the southern boundary of 26 to the south-west corner of small grazing run 36059, thence northerly and easterly along the western and northern boundary of that run to the north-western corner of section 28524, thence following the northern and eastern boundary of that section to the Coal Pit Road, thence easterly by that road to the southern corner of allotment 58 on the Mackenzie and Burkes Pass Road, thence north-easterly following the south east boundary of allotments 58 and 56 to the south-west corner of allotment 59, thence following the southern and eastern boundaries of that allotment to allotment 61, thence south-easterly following allotments 61, 62, and 63 to the western boundary of allotment 65, thence following allotments 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, and 71 to the south-eastern corner o| the last named allotment, thence northerly and north-easterly along the eastern boundary of allotment 71, to the Camp Valley Road, thence following that road south-easterly to the south-west corner of allotment 47, thence following the western and northern boundary of that allotment to the road separating allotments 46 and 48, thence northerly along that road and a line m continuation thereof to the commencing point.

CRICKLEWOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT. Commencing at the southernmost corner of section 11607 on the north-eastern bank of the river Te. Ngawai thence north-easterly m a straight line to Trig Station 127, thence m a straight line northerly to the junction of Coal Creek with the river Opihi, thence following Coal Creek westerly (the same being the southern boundary of the Fairlie District) to the western boundary of section 35684, thence m a straight line south-westerly to the north-east corner of section 28384 on the river Te Ngawai. thence following the northern bank of that river to the commencing point.
By Order, J. H. BAMFIELD, Secretary. Education Office, Timaru, 12th May, 1899.

Timaru Herald, 5 April 1905, Page 2
A very successful farewell social was tendered to Miss Williams, on Friday evening last, in the Cricklewood School. For the last three years Miss Elizabeth J.Williams has occupied the position of teacher at Cricklewood, and is now leaving to be married. During her stay-in the district she has endeared herself to all. It was felt, therefore, that she could not be allowed to leave the district without some recognition of her worth, and it was for this purpose that the social was held. The musical part was contributed by the Misses Selby, and Ada Williams, and Messrs Braddick, Woods, Alexander and Bray. Mr Sandham Gillingham, chairman of the school committee, made presentations to Miss Williams. The first presentation was on behalf of the parents and the friends of the recipient, and consisted of a silver tea and coffee service. The second was from the school children, and their present was a set of silver afternoon teaspoons. The third was from the Presbyterian Church choir at Cricklewood, their gift being a silver egg-stand- Miss Williams had acted as organist. A presentation was also made to Miss Bell, who had resided with Miss Williams, and who had been a very useful member of the Presbyterian Church, choir at Cricklewood.

Timaru Herald, 23 December 1907, Page 6
The pupils of the Cricklewood school enjoyed their annual treat on Friday at the Albury Homestead station. Mr Neill had kindly given permission for the use of his grounds, and the pupils and their elder friends enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Mr J. Lewis, chairman, and the other members of the committee worked hard for the enjoyment of the children, and the result was most satisfactory. The lady friends provided two splendid spreads, and games, and racing for toys passed the time most pleasantly for all concerned. The old pupils and their friends held a most enjoyable dance in the schoolroom in the evening, Messrs J. Bain, A. Scott, and James Connor, giving valuable assistance.

Timaru Herald, 1 December 1909, Page 2 Education Board
The Cricklewood committee advised that a parent had been fined for not sending his children to school regularly, and as a result he was now sending them to the Fairlie school which was much further away from him than the Cricklewood school. The committee asked what steps should be taken to prevent a parent from acting in this way. A letter was also on this subject, from the N.Z.E.I. pointing out that the teacher had only done his duty in reporting the irregular attendance of the children in question. It so happened that the removal of the children in this case did not affect the grading of the school, but it might have done so, in which case, a teacher would be made to suffer because he would not shut his eyes to the irregularities. Would the Board ask for legislation in the matter. —After discussing the position, the Board decided that it could do nothing in the matter beyond seeing that the children in question attend school regularly in the future.

Timaru Herald, 1 December 1909, Page 4
The usual monthly meeting of the Cricklewood School Committee was held on Saturday evening, all the members being present. The master's report showed an average of 31 out of a roll of 35. On the motion of .Messrs Jones and W. Bray, it was decided to report the removal of five children to the Board, with a view to that body taking action to have provision made to prevent the recurrence of such a practice. The resignation of Miss Cook as sewing mistress and school cleaner was accepted, and it was decided to call for applications for the former position, and tenders for the latter. The treat was fixed for Tuesday, Dee. 21st, and the master undertook to get out the subscription list at once. It was agreed to ask Mr John Rutherford to give out the prizes, and the holidays were fixed from Dec. 17th to Jan. 2nd. The next meeting was fixed for Friday, Dec. 7th. The arranging of sewing prizes was left over for next meeting.

Timaru Herald, 2 June 1910, Page 4
The usual monthly meeting of the Cricklewood School Committee was held on Monday evening, all the members being present. A letter was read from the Board of Education appointing Messrs Macpherson, Scott and Cooling as members to complete the committee, only four having been elected at the annual meeting. It was decided to recommend Mrs Todd for appointment as sewing mistress. A resolution was passed affirming the necessity for the reinstatement of the ninepence capitation grant. An application for increase of payment for scavengering duties was declined. The Barclay memorial fund was left in the hands of the master. Mr Manning undertook to see the entertainment committee about supplying kerosene.

Timaru Herald, 28 June 1910, Page 4
At the monthly meeting of the Cricklewood School Committee, held on Saturday evening, there were present— Messrs Wright (chairman), Scott, Cooling, O'Neill, and Manning. The master's report showed an average attendance of 27 out of 30. Correspondence was read from the Board re appointment of sewing mistress, and election of members. In the event of Mr Rutherford not standing, it was decided to nominate Mr Talbot of Fairlie. Mr Manning reported that the Piano Fund Committee had supplied a case of kerosene. It was agreed to accept the trusteeship of the piano on condition that a clause was inserted in the rules, providing for a maintenance fund for insuring, tuning, etc.

Timaru Herald, 29 December 1914, Page 9
The annual prize-giving in connection with, the Cricklewood school took place on Friday, December 18th, there being present a good number of parents and well-wishers who assisted in providing amusement. In the school room was displayed examples of the children's work of the year, the mapping, writing, drawing, and sewing, each and all excellent. Some very acceptable items in the form of songs and dialogues having been contributed by the children, the chairman of the school committee., Mr J. O'Neill, in a neat speech, complimented the teacher, Miss N. McSweeney. on the good work the school had done during the year, and then proceeded to distribute the prizes to the pupils. It must be remembered that the children have donated £5 of their prize money to the Relief Fund. The thanks of the committee are due to Mrs Bryce Wright for judging the sewing, Mr Gandner for judging the writing, drawing, and mapping, also to the donors of special prizes—Mrs Bryce Wright, Miss McSweeney, and Messrs Sherwin and Tomlinson. The following is the prize list:—
Standard VI—Dux of school, M. 0 Connor.
Standard V.— P. Cooling J. Manning, J. McPherson, E. Scott, T. Bray, J. O'Neil
Standard III. M. Cooling, M. Bray, J. O'Neill
Standard 11 — N. Manning, G. Lee, T. Manning
Standard I.— G. Bray, F.
Standard V.— T. McPherson.
Standard III.— M. Cooling.
Standard II — N. Manning.
Standard I.— Manning, N. Lee
Infants. L. Manning, O. McPherson, L. Cummins. F. G. Bray.
Standard V—P. Cooling.
Standard III.—J. O'Neill.
Standard 11.—G. Lee.
Standard I.—N. Lee.
Standard V.—P. Cooling.
Standard III.— M. Bray. Sewing.
Standard V. E. Scott.
Standard III— M. Bray.
Standard II and I —N. Lee.
Diligence — J. Manning.
Most improved pupil— T. Bray.

Timaru Herald 21 August 1920, Page 9
A very successful euchre party and dance was held in the Cricklewood school on Wednesday, in aid of the school prize funds. The prize- winners were Miss M. Cooling ladies, and Mr J. Voight gentlemen, booby prize, Mr M. Sheehan. The music was supplied by Mr Cranwell (violin), Mr Sinclair and Mrs Wilson (piano). Another dance is to be held on September 10th in aid of the same fund.

South Canterbury NZGenWeb Project

Teachers in South Canterbury, NZ in 1878, 1881, 1885, 1903, 1905, 1909 1913

South Canterbury's student numbers as at March 1st 2015 are was down 68 students, compared with five years ago.
In March 2012, there were 8930 students. In March 2015, there were 9028 students in 46 schools in South Canterbury
Schools are required to fill out the electronic enrolment management system, Enrol, within five school days of a new student attending, otherwise the student is not officially enrolled.
There are 15 schools in Timaru. Timaru Boys' High School saw a decrease of 83 students, going from 728 in 2010 to 645 this year.
Bluestone School primary school's roll has risen from 457 students five years ago to 530 this year.
31 rural South Canterbury schools. Many of the Waimate District's primary schools have seen large growth in their rolls, influenced by the increase in dairy farming in the area.
Woodbury School had 47 students in 2012 and 2.6 teachers and now more than 80 students, the school has 4.9 staff members.