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Names appearing in the Timaru Herald for in 1865

520 surnames -  August / September / October/ November

Paper Past Timaru Herald  1864 -1900 

August 1865 names in Timaru Herald
Acland, Hon. J.B.A. Mount Peel Station, Rangitata
Acton, Levels Road Board member
Acton, E.
Acton, J.
Agnew, J.
Aitken, J.H.
Aldridge, Thomas, lets saddle horses and a spring cart
Allen, A.G.
Allen, W.J.
Allen, William Glover, publican, Commercial Hotel
Allen, Mrs W.G.
Anderson, John, Canterbury Foundery, Christchurch
Anderson, John, had land near T.W. Hall's place near Timaru.
Anderson, Arowhenua
Andrews, W.C.
Andrews appointed surveyor to the Geraldine Road Board, was foreman of works for the Christchurch City Council
Angus, John C., saddler, Cashel-street, Christchurch
Babington, G.M. Engineer and Clerk to Road Board, Waimate
Bailey, ferry builder contractor. Employed Wright. Both married men. Drowned TH Nov.11th.
Barnes, George, alias Long Barney stole a purse, a man of color. Cook and waiter at the Claredon Hotel, at the Waihi crossing. Received a head wound
Baume, Joseph, travelling photographer (from Regent St, London) and late of Princes St, Dunedin. Set up business in Timaru
Balfour, of the Harbor Works of Timaru, a Marine Engineer
Bambridge, A.
Baume, Joseph, travelling photographer (from Regent St, London) and late of Princes St, Dunedin. Set up business in Timaru
Barclay, Rev. G., Presbyterian Minister. Wesleyan Chapel dedicated Oct. 29th.
Bargfrede, J. Woolcombe's Gully, had for sale a two-roomed cob lean-to and one acre of land, fenced and cultivated.
Barnes, George, a cook at the Crown Hotel, Timuka. Had been in McRae's employ.
Baron, Levels Road Board member
Barton, Robert, Timaru; brand S on near shoulder.
Beswick, W. Beach Master, Immigration Officer, an old ship master. Employment to be to collect moneys due on immigrants bills and to remit applications for assisted passages from residents in this district previously done by the Resident Magistrate.
Belch, John
Belfield, H. the chairman of the school committee
Bennett & Tregoning road builders
Bellett, Thomas D. Mount Four Peaks Station, Orari
Best, Arthur
Bill, Arowhenua
Binley, John B.
Binley's Soda Water Manufactory
Blackmore, J. Waimate
Bottomley, Thomas, fined 5s for being drunk and incapable.
Bowlers, J. Waimate
Breakwell, John bridge builder
Brakwell, John
Brasells, George
Bristol, Samuel A.
Brown, Daniel, Waitaki Ferry Hotel, Waitangi Ferry.
Brown, James Waimate
Brown, Job, a storeman for Messrs. Clarkson and Turnbull at the Timuka
Brown, L.L. Geraldine. Wants a road between St Mary's Church, Geraldine, and the house used as a Parsonage.
Bruce, Thomas
Bryant, William
Buchanan, George
Budd, W. ploughman
Burgess's Accomadation House, Burkes' Pass
Burke, Morris
Butcher, H. Waimate
Burnell, E.
Butler, Dr Edward, Levels Road Board member
Butterworth, William general commission agent, Queen's Hotel
Campbell, Martin, a sawyer, residing at Waimate
Cain, Captain Henry
Cain, John
Cardale & Perry, Barristers and Solicitors and Conveyancers.
Cardale, Edward, Honorary Secretary Timaru Mechanics' Institute
Cardale, junr.
Carruthers, W.D. General Manager, NZ Trust and Loan CO. Ltd.
Chapman, Thomas
Chase, George, drunk fined Jan. 1 1886
Chisholm, R.A. Building Society auditor
Christy, Dr. William B. the surgeon in charge of the Hospital at Timaru. Doctor of Medicine; a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England; Licentiate of Apothecaries' Company.
Clark, C.D.
Clark, John
Clarke, C. Waimate
Clarke, J. Waimate
Clarke, William
Clarke's Hotel, Waimate
Clarkson and Turnbull, Importers, Exporters, Timaru and Timuka, grocery, firm Timuka
Cole, L. G. proprietors, Cobb & Co.'s Telegraph Line of Royal Mail Coaches
Coleman, Arowhenua
Collins, James Waimate School Committee member
Connolly, Martin, lived about three miles from Timuka, between Timuka and Waihi Crossing, Arowhenua
Cookson, Mrs Wentworth
Cookson and Webber Messrs. dairy
Cooper, C.E., lived near the Church, Timaru.
Copestake, T. Timuka, Secretary Arowhenua School Committee
Cox, Alfred. Raukapuka. Oct. 1865 resigned as member of the Provincial Council. Candidate for Timaru.
Crains, John
Crawford, William
Culverhouse, Uriah, groom at the Crown Hotel, Timuka
Cullmann, Frederick Timaru Bakery, supplied bread to the Timaru Hospital since 1863
Dale and Hopkinson Ohapi bridge builders
Day, W. Waimate
Dalzell, J.S.
Deans, J.
Dean, J.H.
Dean, John
Dean and Cain Ohapi and Raukapuka bridge builders
Demuth, William, a horsebreaker residing at Arowhenua
Dixon, ___, Oct. 10 1865 pleaded guilty to the charge of having furiously ridden through the town, and stated he was breaking in a young horse. He was fined 1.
Dockrill, Joseph
Doherty, Felix Waimate
Donn, Robert
Double, Robert
Double, William
Douglas, Alderson & Co., station up the Hakateramea.
Downs, J
Downs, S.
D'Oyly, Mr Robert, solicitor, appeared for the defendant Drake, John B.
Drake, Messrs. had a run close to Mt Cook, a little north of that occupied by Mr Hodgkinson on the Oho, and is divided from it by a spur running from the main range almost due east and west.
Driller, S., veterinary surgeon, Rhodes' Town
Dunn, A
Durand Henry partner of John Melton
Duff, J. Edward, Hon. Sec. Timaru Jockey Club
Dyson, George, Crown Hotel, Arowhenua, Timuka. Oct. 3rd 1865. G. Dyson applied for a transfer of license of the Crown Hotel, Timuka, from to P.D.
McRae, granted. Mrs Dyson.
Earl, James Waimate
Edwards, carpenter
Edwards, Thomas, a carpenter, Timuka
Elphinstone, Constable
Ellis, George lived near J. Gibson
Ellis, Joseph, proprietor Old Bank Tavern
Ellworthy Ensor, A.W., Rollesby Station, Burke's Pass.
Ensor, Charles, Rollesby Station, Burke's Pass.
Evans, C., fencing for T.W. Hall.
Ervine, J.
Exley. 2 Oct. 1865 Washdyke Hotel, Levels Road Board granted a tender to Gibson and Exley for repairs of old track, Main South Road, not exceeding 40, in metaling portions.
Farthing, in the Mackenzie Country
Felton, Henry William, Constable, of Timuka Fergusson, Daniel, Clerk to the Road Board, Arowhenua Ferguson, James Ferrar, W.T.
Fisher, Alfred
Fisher & Forsyth, York Town Brickyard, Brick & tile makers and bricklayers. 4 per thousand.
Fisher, Nathan
Fitch, James Sawyer, publican, late of Paeora, has built a very fine roomy hotel, the Sportman's Arm's at Saltwater Creek, about a hundred yards, to the north of the creek which affords a good view of the sea and lagoon. On the south side of the lagoon another hotel has been erected by Mr Driller. Mr Fitch has a pleasure boat used for trips across the lagoon.
Fitzgerald, W.S. Pigeon Bay Academy
Fussell, J.R.
Foden, Edward
Fonseea, Isaac
Ford, J.
Forrest, Robert
Forward, Thomas and Mary of Geraldine, Arowhenua School Committee member Foster Building Society committee member Fox, Benjamin, worked for Lee and Hill cutting timber at Waimate bush.
Cleared 1000 feet a-week off the bush. 10,000 ft timber cut when the partnership dissolved.
Fraser, has a station at the head of Oho French, Thomas Frew, Alexander, saddler Fyfe, T.W., painter Gamack Gaitt, F. Waimate
Garwood, J.D. Akaroa
Gibson, Captain, Port Officer
Gibson, James road builder. Purchased some land from Captain Cain.
Gibson, J. junior
Gibson, John, Saltwater Creek, Timaru
Gilbert, Henry, tailor
Gilbert, J., tailor
Goldsmith, Samuel W. Waimate District School Committee
Gosling, Joseph Geraldine Road Board member
Gosling, William of Timuka. Has only been a short time in the district.
Graves, John, drunk
Gray, E.
Greaves, R. of Akaroa
Greaves, Isaac
Green, Charles, publican, Royal Hotel, Timaru
Green, Richard
Groom, Richard
Gunn, John, shepherd in the employ of Mr W.H. Harris
Haast, Dr. Geologist. Was at the base of Mount Cook and also some distance up the gorges of Pukake and Takapo.
Hall, George W. Esq., J.P.
Hall, T.W., Esq., J.P. a freeholder near Timaru. Had a run in the Mackenzie Country since 1858. It has been stocked for four or five years. During the last two years I have been removing sheep to my paddock. The Ewes I brought down this year were removed on account of this being a milder climate than the Mackenzie country. Levels Road Board member
Hardcastle, farmer, on the western bank of the Hare, Pleasant Valley. Horse races held here.
Harding, Samuel, Timaru
Harding, Thomas drunk Jan. 1 1886
Harper, W. Waimate
Haron, Loseph, a wheelwright in the employ of Robert Reed.
Harris, W.H. Esq., station owner, Waihoa and Waitangi runs. Sold 800 cattle at 7 10s a head and 50 picked fat bullocks at 14 per head, realising 6,700 to Messrss Burnell, Bennett and Sprot, Christchurch, and are intended for the West Coast.
Harrison, W. senr. Baker and Confectioner
Hartley, W. N. architect & general draughtsman, South Road
Hawkesly, Henry, carter, Waimate
Hayes, George
Hayes, Green, Timuka  [place]
Hayhurst, John, had risen from a working man, the candidate for the representation of Timaru in the Provincial Council. Geraldine Road Board member, Arowhenua School Committee member
Healey, George Building Society auditor, Timaru Municipal Council member
Hartley, W.N.
Hassell, Edward, manager of Levels Station
Healey, George
Heese, Albert, a laborer, residing at Saltwater Creek, working at Mr Fitch's at Saltwater Creek.
Hewlings, Samuel, Chairman Timaru Municipal Council
Hick, Mrs Mary Jane
Hislop, W. Nursery and seedman.
Hill, C. Whare Kuri Ferry, across the Waitaki.
Hill, Jacob Waimate School Committee member
Hillyard, ____ Waimate
Hirsch, G. Proprietor Dunedin Dye Works, Stuart St, Dunedin, formerly of Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Hitch, J. tin-plate worker South Road.
Holloway, Henry
Hodgkinson, has a station a few miles further up the branches which feed lake Oho.
Hodgkinson, E. Waimate
Holland, Mrs Jane, night nurse at Timaru Hospital.
Holmes, Henry road builder with Smith as partner, Waimate
Hooper, E, late of the Commercial Hotel, Dunedin purchased the lease of the Royal Hotel, Timaru, from Mr Charles Green. Jan. 11, 1866
Horsby, T.
Howard, W.
Howell, W.B.
Horton, A.G. Propietor Timaru Herald, George St.
Hudson, Henry, Woollcombe's Gully
Hudson, Peter, brickmaker at Timuka, did some work at M'Donald's station, Orari.
Hudson, Orari Gorge Station
Hyde, George R. Waimate. Drove 910 head of cattle through Timaru. Nearly all from the run of Mr Harris. On arrival at Arowhenua, the above mob was joined by a small lot from the station of Mr Maude.
Ihaia Taihewa, the late Maori Chief of Kaiapoi was b. at Arowhenua about 1810. He married Hera Mohuru at Port Levy in 1840. About five years before the settlement of Canterbury, Taihewa and his wife embraced Christianity, and were baptized by the Rev. Mr. Creed. He died on Tuesday July 18 at Arowhenua. His last words translated. "Be kind to the white man - be kind to one another, whether rich or poor. Though the white man may out number you, be kind and help them and each other." Rev. J.W. Stack performed the burial service at Kaiapoi. Go, great star of the morning , go. page 3 August 12th
Inglis, James, chemist and druggist, F.E.S.A. Great South Road. Horse and Cattle Medicine carefully dispensed. Oct. 28 farewell benefit planned. He is going to the West coast (gold rush on)
Inglis, John, merchant, residing in Timaru, manager of J. Dummond, George St. Timaru. Building Society chairman.
Irwin, Robert
Irwin, Robert, junior
Irvine, George, Arowhenua School Committee member
Irvine, John Arowhenua School Committee member
Jacobs, Chapman, Chronometer, watchmaker, jeweller and optician. Est. 1863.
Jackson, W. Hill, manager of the station of Messrs Douglas, Alderson and Co.
Jollie, Edward, the Provincial Secretary. Offered himself as a candidate for the Heathcoate for the seat vaccated by Mr J.C. Aikman resigning.
Jollie, Edward was born in 1825 and arrived in New Zealand in 1842. He took part in the survey of Otago and later of Canterbury, naming many of the streets of Christchurch and Lyttelton. He made the first overland journey with sheep between Nelson and Canterbury, having Jollies Pass named after him. He was a member of the Provincial Council from 1865 to 1876 in the Crimea.
Jollie, Francis, Esq., M.H.R., elected to the House of Representatives in 1861. Gladstone is the District of his residence. Peel Forest. A candidate for Gladstone James, William Henry, sergeant of armed police at Timaru. 2 Dec. 1865 been raised in office of Inspector, and received command of the Escort, lately been organised by the Canterbury Government.
Johnson, R., Geraldine
Johnston, W.
Jones, John
Jones, W.B.
Kane, Hans
Kennaway, Walter
Key, Waimate District School Committee
Kee, D.C. Waimate School Committee member
Kippenberger, Charles
Kippenberger, Peter, a very poor family residing in Timaru. A countryman, German, of Frederick Cullman. Father to Charley and Phillip.
King, John, Waimate
King, T.
Kirkland William M. partner of John Overmyer
Kitson, Walter
Knight Brothers, painters, glaziers, paperhangers. decorators, opposite the Queen's Hotel, Timaru.
Knight, H.A. Esq.
Knight, William
Knight, S. played violin
Knowles, Archy living at Mr Dunnage's.
Knox, J.
Kurby, M. blacksmith Arowhenua
Lancaster, John L. Building Society auditor Landsborough Lane, P.
Lean, Alexander Assistant Secretary for Public Works, Christchurch
Lee, Samuel. Blacksmith. Purchased in 1863 the right of cutting timber at Waimate on one acre of land, in partnership with Jacob Hill.
Leach, John road builder
LeCren, Frederic, Timaru Municipal Council member
LeCren, Henry J. store, agent, auctioneer, NZ Insurance Co. Agents, Timaru Road Board, Timaru Municipal Council member
Levien Lewis
Lewis, John, Cookham House Christchurch, agent of London and Lanchashire Fire Insurance Co. F.W. Russell, M.P. Chairman
Litchen, F. a farmer at Arowhenua.
Lister, John
Litster, James P., Beswick street, Timaru Sept.2 page 5
Loader, George, a butcher at Timuka.
Locke, John Secretary, Northern Agricultural and Pastoral Association, Oamaru.
Long, Henry
Loper, J. Waimate
Lough, Edward lived in the Level's district.
Lorus, Joseph
Lucas, William Waimate
Luke, G. Waimate
Luxmoore, PH. Bouverie, Sunnyside, Timaru Levels Road Board Chairman, Levels Road Board member
McBratney, A. Arowhenua
McBratney, J. ploughman
McCabe, John
McClose, A.
McDonald, A.
McDonald, James, manager for Mr Harris at the Waitaki. Waimate
Macdonald, W.K., Orari
Macdonald ploughman for Mr Studholme
McGuire, Partick, shearer
McIlwrath, J.
McIvor, Joseph
McKay, P. Waimate
Mackay, Joseph, stationer, bookseller, Wansbeck-street, Oamaru
McKenzie, builder, built "The Boat Shed", contractor for erection of the appliances for the new landing service. Jan. 19. 1866 - Mr MacKenzie intends to have his steam saw mill erected in the neighbourhood of Raukapuka.
McKenzie, Mr and Mrs David and servant
McKenzie, James
McKenzie, Thomas
McKnight, George
McKinlay, Mr Archibald, a publican at Arowhenua Hotel, was riding near the Waihi, when he fell from his horse and injured his spine. Oct. 5th 1865 McLared, Thomas Fenton, a shepherd
McLaughlin, A, Postmaster
McLeod, Daniel, salesman for Mr Jon Inglis.
McLean, Dr. Duncan, Timaru Municipal Council member
McNair, Peter
MacPherson, Captain
Macpherson, AEneas, M.
McPherson, G.
MacPherson. Pareora
Macpherson, J. Drummond, merchant, the corner of George-street and South-road, Timaru Bank of New Zealand. August 1 1865 disposed of the whole of his interests in the runs, general store, &c. in this district to Messrs G. Gray Russell & Co., of Dunedin. Mr Inglis will continue to manage the business connected with the store. Messrs Russell & Co. had previously purchased 15,000 acres of freehold land at Pareora; and the Levels Station, the property of the late Mr G. Rhodes, for a sum said to reach nearly 100,000.
McRae and Co. Ohapi and Raukapuka bridge builders
McRae, George
McRae, Peter David, a publican, keeping the Crown Hotel at Timuka, Arowhenua School Committee member. Mrs McRae.
McRae, J. ploughman
Major, Frank Chairman Waimate District School Committee
Manchester, Harry, worked at Timaru Hospital
Manchester, H. ploughman for Mr Hayhurst
Manchester, John  Waimate School Committee member
Manchester, William   Waimate
Manchester, Bros. & Co., Waimate
Manchester Brothers and Goldsmith, timber merchants and general store keepers, post office, butchers. Stations supplied. Waimate
Marland, G.
Mansfield W., Secretary, Timaru Land, Building and Investment Society
Marshman, Mr, Immigration Officer in London
Martin, J.
Martin, William, drunk, fined 10s. Jan. 1 1886
Maslin, C.A, Geraldine, in the timber business.
Mason, G.
Massey, William. Clerk to the bench, Resident Magistrate's Court
Mason, G.W. proprietor Doncaster Hotel, Washdyke
Mazey, Josiah
Medlicott Arowhenua
Meek, Edward
Megson, Joseph, Arowhenua
Melton, John, publican Timaru Hotel, partner of Henry Durand. Pound keeper. Clerk to the Timaru Road Board.
Mendellson and Morris, store (Mendelsohn & Morris)
Meredith, George
Meriday, G.
Miller, Mathew, has joined the firm of Royse, Maudie and Miller Co., Oamaru.
Mills, Albert, boot and shoe maker, South Road
Mills, Thomas
Mills, E. Lyttelton
Mirams, Mr, Assistant to Mr Balfour
Moore, James ploughman for Pilbrow Brothers.
Morris, John
Morrison, Strong, Lesse of the Surf Boats.
Mouritz, Waimate School Committee member
Munro, William M. Grocer, drapery, carpenter's tools, furnishings store, Building Society committee member Timaru
Murphy, Arowhenua
Naylor, Peter, shearer
Neal, Arowhenua
Newell, Joseph
Nichols, W. Waimate
Nelson, William, house and carriage painter, glazier, paperhanger &c., next door to Melbourne House
Noire, J.
Ogilvie, David
Ormsby, A. Arowhenua
Orbell, John, Otaio Station
Overmyer, John, partner of William Kirkland
Padget, William, Waimate bush.
Pain, J. Waimate
Paler, G.
Parker, Charles, drunk, in the employ of Mr Harris, Waitaki
Parker, Mr H.R., of Waitaki
Parkerson, R.
Parker, Bros. Waimate
Parkinson, Arowhenua
Parr Brothers, Opihi
Paterson, G.
Paterson, James, milk retailer, milkman
Patterson's Smoking Saloon, opposite the Club Hotel. Hair Cutting, Shampooing &c. in all its branches. Newspaper agent.
Paterson, Andrew
Patterson, A.
Patterson, Thomas, landlord of the Claredon Hotel, at the Waihi crossing.
Pattison, Andrew, Arowhenua School Committee member
Pecham, H.
Perry, Mr Arthur appeared for the plaintiff
Petrie, James T. Arowhenua School Committee member, crown Hotel, Timuka
Phillips, Charles road builder
Pilbrow, E. Property along the Valley Rd. Arowhenua
Pilbrow, James, Arowhenua School Committee member
Pilbrow & Forward & Thompson, Timuka Brewery
Polson G. Constable
Potter, Joseph, laborer, Waimate
Porter. Mrs
Powell, Thomas
Pratt, T.
Price, L. butcher, baker and general storekeeper, Waimate
Ramsey, David, Sergeant of Armed Police at the Arowhenua.
Rankin, John
Rayner, Dr. T.O. of Arowhenua. Geraldine Road Board Chairman, Arowhenua School Committee member, Chairman of the Arowhenua Electoral Committee
Rayner, William, Arowhenua
Reach, T.G.
Reid, Robert, blacksmith of Timaru
Reid, Thomas
Reed, R.
Reilly, John, a resident of Timaru for six years (1857)
Reiley, John
Rhodes, R & G.
Richardson, Rev. J.B. Wesleyan Minister, of Timaru, preached at the store of Messrs Clarkson & Turnbull, Timuka
Roach Brothers, Hatters, Hosiers, and Glovers, Colombo street, (next to Cockham House) Christchurch), late from Princes Street, Dunedin
Rodgers, Samuel S. Waimate District School Committee
Rogers, Waimate.
Rothwell, Betsy.
Row, Sarah Ann
Rudson, Peter robbed at the Crown Hotel, Timuka Nov. 4.
Russell, James Arowhenua
George Gray Russell & Co., George-street, Timaru
Ryan, James, stationed at the Waitaki
Ryan, Police constable
Salomon, David, shop owner. August 4, 1865 David and Henry combined to become "Salomon Brothers"
Saloman, Henry, Melbourne House, Timaru, draper, silkmercer, and General Outfitter
Scarfe, William, butcher
Scott, Captain Richard
Scott, Constable Waimate promoted to sergeant
Scott, W.H. Waimate
Shafe, W.H. Waimate
Shaw, Charles Reginald
Sheath, Alfred Waimate
Shepherd, James
Shrimpton, F.C., Otipua Station
Shrimpton, I.
Simon, Maori
Simons, W. ploughman for A. Wilson
Simpson, A.
Simpson, G.W. Waimate
Simpson, John, builder. Built the Timaru School
Simpson, Ralph, senr. agent for Messrs Rhodes.
Simpson, Ralph, junior
Simpson, William
Simpson and Overmyer bridge builders, Temuka Bridge.
Sinclair, G.O.
Slack, W.U. Woodside, Orari, Geraldine Road Board
Smith, A. Waimate
Smith, D. a farmer of Deep Creek, near Waimate. Dec. 22nd 1865 page 2. Accident with a dray.
Smith, David, a drayman, wife and family, Waimate
Smith, Edward, road contractor, Waimate
Smith, James, carpenter and builder, South Road
Smith, John Smith & Holmes Lawrence Towers road contractors, Waimate
Smith, Robert
Smith, William, late Smith, W. Cunningham, Pareora.
Smyth, W.
Smythe, Constable
Speedy, W. teacher of music. Plays the piano.
Speedy, William J., music and bookseller, stationer and tobacconist, Great South Road.
Stanks, Arowhenua
Stericker, Edward G. Esq., J.P., manager of Raincliff Station, run of Messrs. Purnells.
Stevenson, Robert Waimate
Stewart, W. Waimate
Stubbs & King land agents, auctioneers
Stubbs, F.W. Hon. Sec. Timaru Jockey Club, Timaru Municipal Council member
Studholme, Bros. Waimate
Studholme, J.
Studholme, M. Chairman Waimate Road Board
Sugrue, Thomas, Sergeant Dec 2. 1865 appointed to the command of the Police Force of Timaru. He has been for years connected with the Force in Lyttelton.
Sutherland, Hugh
Sutter, J.H. Captain.
Takiti, a Maori caught four sharks, on the beach near Arowhwnua.
Tancred, Henry John Chairman Board of Education, Canterbury
Taverner George Waimate Taylor, Robert, undertaker
Teschemaker, F.W. Mount Cook Road District Chairman.
Te Tokie, Maori
Thomas, W. Late. Mrs Thomas still alive.
Thompson, J. Waimate
Thompson, Leslie C. Esq., will contest the election for Rep. of Timaru.
Thomson, George
Thomson, Leslie Mrs, Otaio
Thomson, James, Otaio brand H on near shoulder
Thomson, John, bullock driver, Waimate
Tooher, M. Waimate Towers Lawrence road builder
Tregoning, B. Waimate District School Committee
Tripp & Co.
Tucker, John, a chemist and druggist, Timaru Apothecaries Hall, wholesale & retail tobacconist, sold his business to J. Inglis.
Tulley, Robert Waimate
his business to J. Inglis
Turnbull, Captain Thomas. Captain of the 'Geelong', p.s.
Turnbull, Rd. Building Society committee member, Timaru Municipal Council member
Tyler, James
Upton, William
Ure, James road builder
Vercoe, Mrs
Wadsworth's Accommodation House, Orari
Walden, H. butcher
Walden, W.
Walker Bros. & Clogstoun, Four Peaks Station
Warne, W, publican
Werges, ______
Warren, J.
Weaver, Arthur
Weaver, John
Wells, Charles, a labourer at Timuka. A mate of Peter Hudson.
Wilcock, Lot
Wilken, Robert Waimate
Wills, Richard
Williams, William
William's Hotel, on the beach where the first political meeting ever held in this district, when twenty-six gentlemen were disfranised, through the neglect of the Returning Officer.
Williamson, W. Engineer, architect and surveyor Levels Road Board
Wilson, Messrs. Waihi Crossing
Wilson, Alexander, Chairman Arowhenua School
Wilson, Francis J. a publican, Club Hotel, proprietor
Wilson, John
Wilson, R.H.
Wilson, R. Shoeing and general smith, Great South Road. Ploughs and Harrows on hand.
Woollcombe, Mr B. Esq. Resident Magistrate, Returning Officer. Brand. W.
Woollcombe, Mrs, Ashbury
Wyatt, William
Young, A, farmer, Arowheua
Young, John Albert, late of Arowhenua Hotel, now the proprietor of the Clarendon Hotel, Waihi Crossing, applied for a license for a house near Arowhenua Bush. Oct. 3rd 1865. J.A. Young applied for a transfer of license of Clarendon Hotel, Waihi Crossing, to Thomas Pattison, which was granted.
Younghusband, J. Christchurch

Persons found Pig-hunting on the runs of Messrs Purnells will be prosecuted after this date.. Edward G. Stericker. Raincliff Station, July 22, 1865

Wanted - three or four good hill shepherds for mustering. None but those with good dogs need apply.
George Gray Russell & Co., or Edward Hassell, Levels Station. Nov. 11th 1865

Boundraies Gladstone electoral district. 9th Sept. 1865 page 3

An expedition to the Auckland Islands. 18th Nov. 1865 page 6

Nov. 25 page 4
On Tuesday last the body of a man was found on the banks of the Rangitata, near Marshall's Accommodation House; supposed to be Richard Hughes who was drowned at the same spot, about five months ago. The deceased was a shepherd on the station of Mr Moorhouse, by whom his clothes have been recognised.

Nov. 25 1865 page 5
Wanted - twenty tons (more or less) of wire and standards drayed from Timaru to half a mile across the Opihi River, on Mr Raine's track, about five miles below Mr Maude's Burke's Pass. The whole of the wire and standards to be delivered before the end of February, one-third in each month. Apply Mr Hudson, Orari Gorge Station.

Wool ships to load at Port Chalmers Dec. 1865 to sail early January. Echunga, A1, 1007 tons register, Captain John E. Couper.
Timaru, A1, 833 tons, Captain R. Langlands.

Wanted - Tenders to dray about 200 bales of wool (or more) from Mount Peel Station to Timaru; to commence second week in January, 1866. Apply by letter, stating price, &c. to Hon. J.B.A. Acland, Mount Peel Station, Rangitata.

Old Timaru Friday 29th. 1865
From the Press, July 1861.