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Transcription from the Timaru Herald online on the National Library of NZ website

Friday 4th February 1887 Birth
STEVEN - On the 3rd February, at Dee Street, Timaru, the wife of George Steven, of a daughter.

Friday February 1887 Mr J.V. Lovegrove, son of Dr Lovegrove has passed the medical preliminary examination at the New Zealand University. Mr J.V. Lovegrove has been a pupil at the Dunedin High School. Mr P.R. Cook, son of the Postmaster at Timaru, passed the final examination for medical matriculation.

The following is a list of unclaimed from places beyond the colony, received at the Post-office, Timaru, during the month of November, 1886 and unclaimed on the 31st January 1887
Joseph Bently
Mrs E. Growden
Samuel Harris, barque Chili
Frederick Richard Henderson
George H Long
Miss Betsy Mitchel
Mrs W. Mitchell
G. Nattrass
Mrs N. Oakley
Mr Philpott and Co.
John Rafferty
John C. Reid
A.G. Robertson, barque Chili
R. Stothert
Mary Ellen Taylor

Geraldine Sports 800 people attended 18mar87
South Orari School Roll total: 47 24mar87

Timaru Herald, 17 March 1887, Page 2
March 16. The s.s. Doric left Plymouth on January 30th, and arrived at Teneriffe on February 4th, the Cape on February 11th, Hobart 11th March, Wellington Heads at 10.30 last night, and came in early this morning. The passage was an uneventful one. It occupied 44 days 9 hours, the actual steaming time being 43 days 19 hours. The officers are the same as last trip, with the exception of the purser, Mr Walters, Surgson Fall and Chief Steward Jones. The greater portion of the passengers were for Australia and were landed at Hobart. The Doric's passengers for Timaru are : First saloon Mr and Mrs Raine.

April. Timaru Herald

Tuesday 26 April 1887 pg2 col.e
We learn that Mr John PATRICK, residing at Kakahu, on returning from Temuka towards his home on Saturday afternoon last, by some means or other fell off his dray and broke his collar bone. On arriving at his residence, Dr Fish was sent for from Geraldine, who set the bone, and the sufferer is now performing favourably.

Thursday 28 April 1887 pg3
Annual Meeting of Householders of the Waimate School District. Mr J. Manchester, chairman. Mr Burn resigned his office as second master. Next meeting 31st May. The teaching staff consists of:
Mr A. Grant, headmaster
Mr H. Mason, extra second master
Miss Grant, senior mistress
Miss Dash, third mistress
Master D. Grant
Miss Hunt
Miss Finn
Miss M. Bruce.

Timaru Herald Friday 29 April 1887 pg3

School Committee Elections
St. Andrews
Messrs D. Stowell (chairman), James Young, John Russell, Charles Selars, A. Urthen, S. Hopkins, T. Moses.

Messrs W. Beattie, B. Cochrane, W. Hide, T. Leary, L. Rooke, Robert Skinner (chairman), and A. Toomey.

Orari Bridge
Messrs A. Metcalf, L. Grant, G. Helen, W. Ashby, W. Hewson, A. McLean, and B.P. Bartrum (chairman). The meeting will be held on the third Saturday in each month.

Fairlie Creek School Committee
The following gentlemen were elected.
Messrs Welsh, Gillingham, Gilmour, James Wilson, Pye, Mcleod and Mr J.P. Puttick as secretary.

Fair View
Messrs E. Butchers, E. Tregenza (chairman), W. Dickson, W. Alexander, W. Johnson, J. Alexander, and J.J. Whittaker. Mr Watson, secretary. The committee meetings will be held on the last Thursday in each month.

Messrs Robinson, Bussell, J. Mathews, J.C. Reid, Sutherland, H. Mathews, and Chisholm.

Rangitata Valley
The number on the roll was 36, the average attendence for the past month 26 and average attendence for the whole year 23.8. The late committee was re-elected: Messrs T. Talbot, W. Wright, W. Lyon, E.O'Neal, J. Beattie, W. Cook and W. Telford.

Rangitata Station
Messrs T. Clayton, A. Chalmers, A. Gynes, G. Barney, J. Lewis, W. Ledgerwood, and A. ____. Mr Archbald was elected chairman.

Messrs J. Struthers, L. Priest, A. Burnett (chairman), D. Caird, R.W. Ward, T.S. Guy and J. Gusot. The last Monday in each month was appointed the regular day of meeting.

Messrs Ensor (chairman), Corcoran, Northam, Bishop, Smith, Ballie and Philp.

14 boys and 5 girls taking advantage of secondary education.
E. Brown, A. Russell, H.M. Miles (chairman), J. Davis, W.G. Rutland, G.H. Lynch and A.W. Surridge. The third Tuesday in each month was fixed on the day of meeting.

Friday 29 April 1887
Supreme Court Timaru
before His Honor Mr Justice Johnston and a jury of 12.
Mr Joynt with him Mr Hay for plaintiff
Mr Wilding with him Mr Rhodes for defendant

Mrs Martha Gibson knew the difference between a centre peg and a boundary peg. The section pegs would be numbered. Road pegs were about one and a-half inches square. She knew the practice was to put pegs in the centre of the road and on both sides when the road was laid off. She put up her fence by the road pegs without any survey of her section. Mr Wilson thought her fence was wrong. She did not see Arthur O'Neill O'Donohue surveying Doak's section. Kennedy told her some time before she sold to Doak that there were two acres in his section belonging to her. She brought an action against Gallagher for killing a horse. In Cole's case that she had altered brands. Fitzgerald's case. Lowe was not her son in law in August. He was living in her house and engaged to one of her daughters.
David Brown
James Brown, he lived in Wakanui, a farmer.
Daniel Blake. He lived with Mrs Gibson for two years.
Francis Clemens, a farm labourer at Wakanui.
Collins of Ashburton.
Nicholas Fitzgerald
Hugo Friedlander. Rudolph Friedlander.
William Hickley Gundry - living at Whitecliffs, and formerly a land broker at Ashburton. Lived there eight years.
John Kilgour, of Ashburton, labourer.
Partick Madden, he lived at Waitohi now. Did live at Wakanui for nine years. Known Mrs Gibson for 26 years.
Malcolm Miller, he lived two miles from Ashburton in Wakanui. Known Mrs Gibson for 14 years.
John Orr, merchant of Ashburton.
Rickards with reference to a water race.
Hugh Smith, a farmer living at Wakanui [farming district 6 miles south of Ashburton].
Joseph Surgoen, formerly lived at Wakanui. Was a neighbour of Mrs Gibson five years ago.
Isaac Thompson, he was a farmer at Wakanui.
Dr Trevor.
Meredith Wilson, he was a farmer at Wakanui. Lived three miles from Mrs Gibson.
Henry Zander, merchant, of Ashburton.
Verdict 30th April 1897. For the plaintiff for one farthing.

Tuesday 24 May 1887 pg3
Meeting of Bakers
A meeting of master bakers was held last night in the Old Bank Hotel. Present: Messrs Jacob Young (in the chair), O'Dowd, Douglas, McCaa, Burford, Jones, Ritchie and Madden.

Thursday 2 June 1887
The annual meeting of the Licensing Commissioners for the Raukapuka district was held in the Courthouse, Geraldine, on Wednesday last at noon.
Present - Messrs W.U. Slack (chairman), W.S. Maslin, C.G. Tripp, A.H. Brisco.
The Inspector of Public houses report was read and considered satisfactory.
The following hotel licenses were then renewed:
R. Taylor, Geraldine Hotel
R. Johnson, Crown Hotel
D. McIlraith, Bush Hotel

Accommodation house licenses were renewed to:
T. Clayton, Star of the South Hotel, Rangitata
D. Denoon, Rangitata Hotel
J. Dean, Woodbury Hotel
Mrs Tindall, Hilton Hotel

Friday 3 June 1887 pg2
The following is a list of unclaimed letters from places beyond the Colony, received at the Post Office, Timaru, during the month of March, 1887 and unclaimed on 31st May, 1887.
Miss Hannah Earle
James P Gray
Mrs Henry Hipe
Mrs Aaron McCormack
Alfred Price
Charles S. Symth
T. Thompson
David Waddell

Thursday 9 June 1887 pg3
Timaru Licensing Committee
Wednesday 9
At the annual meeting of the Committee there were present, Messrs E.G. Kerr (chairman), W.C. Beswick, E.G. Stericker and W. Bush.
Not renewed:
Commercial Hotel - Sunday trading
Old Bank Hotel - Sunday trading
Timaru Hotel - dirty (Frank White)

Saturday 11 June 1887
Mr P. O'Meeghan took over the Old Bank Hotel from Mr M. Spillane.

Timaru Herald June 22 1887 pg2
The Jubilee procession Timaru
The following veterans turned out:
R. Campbell, late of the royal Artillery, served in the Crimea at the siege of Sebastopol.
T.J. Selous, ex. Lieutenant 1st Westland Rifles.
__ Cox (of the C. Battery NZA) late of HMS Fury and HMS s.f. Magician; has served in the Baltic
J. McLennand, late of the 91st Highlanders. Served in the Crimea and India.
W. McLellan, late of HMS Excellent formerly of HM Gunboats Rainbow, Stork and Foam.
J. Fitzsimmons, late of Enniskilleners
L. Liddon, late of HMS Liffey. Served in the Mediterranean, East and West Indies, and Channel; was in Admiral Hornby's flying squadron

Saturday 25 June 1887
Farewell to Captain J.H. Sutter, Esq., M.H.R.
Captain Sutter, Member of the House of Representatives for Gladstone, and Mrs Sutter and family who leaves on a visit to the Old Country (Scotland) on Monday next by the s.s. Rimutaka. He has resided in Timaru 23 years. He was one of the first members of the Timaru Road Board. Has been a member of the House of Representatives for Gladstone for seven years. A member of the Harbour Board for nine years. A member of the Timaru Borough Council for thirteen years during five and a half years he was Mayor. Chairman of the Timaru Permanent Building Society for fourteen years and Chairman of the Timaru Cemetery Board for five years. John Jackson said that the first time he had seen the name of "Sutter", was on the "fly" of a store at Waitahuna in '61. Mr Chisholm, a good friend and a wise banker (BNZ), is only a fornight older citizen of Timaru than Capt. Sutter. When Capt. Sutter landed in Timaru there were only 15 or 16 houses, my friend opposite Mr H.J. LeCren, knows all about that also. Plans to return in 18 to 20 months hence.

Tuesday 28 June 1887
Captain J.H. Sutter, Mrs Sutter and Master Sutter, left for Lyttelton by the express train yesterday afternoon to catch the s.s. Rimutaka.

Friday 5 August 1887 page 3
Pupil teacher exams for Music by Mr Bilton
Tested on Reading in Time, 2-4, 3-4, and common time, intervals, expression reading notations and beating time, ability to sing in tune and with expression, inversion.
Fourth Year
Name Place of Appointment Result (F for failed) otherwise passed (grade noted in Timaru Herald)
Ida L.G. Gardner 	Timaru
Eva Meredeth 	Kakahu Bush
Annie Peters	 Timaru (F)
James P Kalangher 	Geraldine
Murdoch McLeod 	Temuka
John McLeod 	Orari South
Harry Smith 	Geraldine
William J Lewis 	Geraldine Flat
David Grant 	Waimate
George Anderson 	Waitohi Flat

Third Year
Lille Rowley 	Timaru
Jessie Byers	 Timaru
Margaret Gouch 	Timaru
Clara Shirtcliffe 	Timaru
Mary J Bruce 	Waituna Creek
Achsah R Clarke 	Timaru
Margaret Russell 	Temuka
Sarah Isabel Mahn 	Fairview
Rececca McBeth 	Sutherlands
Annie Finn 	Waimate
Caroline Hunt 	Waimate (F)
Alexander Bell	 Timaru H.S.
WIlliam J Glanville 	Woodbury
James Gillespie 	Washdyke

Second Year
Maud Cartwright 	Pleasant Point
Anie L McIlroy 	Timaru
Annie Bruce 	Waimate
Flora Hill 		Timaru
Mary C Oxby 	Timaru
Mary B. Bruce 	Waimate
Frances Hawke 	Geraldine
Hugh G Wake 	Timaru
Thorphlus B Strong 	Waimate

First Year
Robina M Baxter 	Waimate
Char. E. Boutcher 	Fairlie Creek
Fanny Townsend 	Timaru
Ellen E. Dean 	Geraldine
Annie Beattie	 Hilton
Harriet Sweet 	Temuka
Margaret Leary 	Hilton
Elizabeth Martin 	Makikiki (F)
Charles J Goldstone 	Temuka
Alexander McKean 	Orari Bridge
Robert Irwin 	Timaru
William A Morton 	Temuka
Montague P Cooke 	Winchester
Willaim F Stansell 	Wai-iti
James Colbert 	Geraldine
John T Smart 	Redcliff

Wednesday July 1887 pg 2
A Matura farmer, according to the Ensign, has had his faith in the contract system strengthened by a recent experiment of employing men on their wages. He set some hands digging potatoes. In half a day two men dug four bags, and five men the next day succeeded in achieving fourteen bags. He then let the work to one man at 6d a bag, and he dug away at the rate of thirteen bags a day.

Thursday August 25 1887
In bankruptcy - Julius Siegert

Thursday 1 September 1887
Bankruptcy - Timothy HARNETT, of Silverstream, in the Mackenzie County in the Provincial District of Canterbury, Publican. In the District Court of Timaru and Oamaru, held at Timaru.

Saturday 3 September 1887 Bankruptcy
John George Macpherson, timber merchant, Timaru
James Strachan, laborer, Timaru
John Smith, farmer, Waihoa.

Tuesday 6 September 1887
Bankruptcy - Donald Munro, teacher, of South Orari
John McIntosh and Thomas McClatchie, business : "J. McIntosh and Co.", Coal Merchants, Timaru.

Friday 9 September 1887
In bankruptcy - John Thomas Healey, Commission Agent, in the County of Geraldine Court at Timaru, Mr Lynch, solicitor.

Tuesday 13 September 1887
Magisteral Court Timaru
Before J.S. Beswick, Esq., R.M.
Julia Herbert charge of drunkenness. 20s fine.
Mounted Constable Reemer corroborated the evidence of the sergeant.
James McCullum and W. Cowley fined 5s or 24 hours imprisonment.
R. Hutton allowing horses to wander on public road. 5s fine per head.
Cycling on footpath. Dismissed.

Illicit Distillation
W. Paul, a single man, charged. Lived at Tyco Flat, near the Levels. Fine 200.
Mr White, Crown Prosecutor (instructed by Mr C.E. Cooper), H.M. Customs, the informant)
Mr J. Hay for the defence.
Paul ordered from a cooper a tub 4ft high by 3ft saying he wanted to seep wheat in it for poultry and pigs.
John Davidson, carrier, from Glen-iti, purchased for him some zinc-lined wooden cases, must be water tight to hold water for his cattle.
Tub delivered to Mr Gilchrist's place.
Accused purchased 10 bags of crushed oats and took them to Davidson's dray at the Melville Hotel
Inspector Broham and Constable Stanley went to accused house.
Henry W. Brewer, Collector of Customs, Oamaru and Inspector of Distilleries called as an expert.
Mr Hay: Do you mean to say anyone could get a license to distill.
Witness: Yes, if you want one you can apply.
D.C. Turnbull proved the sale of five gallon kegs.

Wednesday 14 September 1887 pg 2
The Fairlie Creek School Committee met on September 10th. Present -
Messrs J. Wilson (chairman), Puttie, Pye, Welsh, Gilmore, Gillingham, McLeod.
Request from R. Riddle requesting use of the schoolroom for dramatic entertainment.
Miss Ferguson asking for a holiday.
The master's report: Boys 28.7, girls 29.8, total 58.5., highest attendence on any day 68; on rolls boys 36 and girls 40.
Mrs Freame c/o severe chastisement by Miss Ferguson.
Mr Gilmore appointed visitor.

Monday 19 September 1887
Nominations for the Elections.
Rangitata seat -Mr Jameson returning Officer
Mr Joseph Satterthwaite  proposed  William Palmer. Nathaniel Dunlop seconded the nomination.

Waimate - Mr Graham, the returning officer.
George Miller, farmer, Hook, proposed Mr Steward. Mr Francis O'Brien, farmer, seconded the nomination.
David Cunningham, cater, proposed Mr C.V. Clarke. Mark Healey, farmer, seconded the nomination.
Alexander Watt, blacksmith, proposed Mr John Manchester and Mr Rupert Cameron, storekeeper, seconded the nomination. Mr Rickman absence.

Tuesday 20 September 1887
In bankruptcies - Thomas Frederick Farley,  bookseller, North Road, Tamara and Timothy John Brosnan, farmer, of Timaru.  J.H. Hay, solicitor.

Monday 26 September 1887
The General Election takes place today
The gentlemen nominated for:
Timaru : R. Turnbull and E.G. Kerr
Waimate: Major Steward and John Manchester and C.V. Clarke
Gladstone: J.M. Twomey and A.E.G. Rhodes and F. Franks
Rangitata: Hon. W. Rolleston and S. Buxton and W. Palmer

Thursday 29 September 1887 pg 3
House of Representatives. listed

Timaru Herald Tuesday November 1
Bankruptcy - T.J. Brosnan; J. Hay, solicitor.

The ordinary monthly meeting of the Rangitata Station School Committee was held in the schoolroom on Friday, the 28th inst., Members present were Messrs A. McNiven (chairman), A. Chalmers, W. Ledgerwood, A. Dynes, T. Clayton, and G. Barney. The master's report read, showing 42 on roll, and average attendance for the month as 31, the largest number present on one day being 37. Mr Clayton was appointed visitor or the month.

Wednesday 2 November 1887 -
Bankruptcy - Michael Maze of Pleasant Point

Wednesday 9 November 1887
James Langskil, of Timaru, labourer, filed for bankruptcy 8th Nov. 2887. William Tosswill, Solicitor, Timaru.

Wednesday 16 November 1887
In Bankruptcy - William Paul, farmer of Sutherlands.

Wednesday 24 November 1887
In bankruptcy - Thomas Copestake, storekeeper of Temuka.

Wednesday 7 December 1887
Burke's Pass School Committee Meeting at the schoolroom on the 26th Nov. Present: Captain Hayter (chairman), Messrs D. McLeod, Geo. Foster, J. Keefe, and G.W. Creamer. To arrange usual school treats Messrs Cochran, McLeod, Creamer and Maddison.

Friday 9 December 1887
Quarterly Meeting of the Mackenzie Licensing Committee was held in the school-room, Fairlie-Creek, yesterday. Present - Messrs John McGregor, Samuel R. Dickson and F.R. Gillingham. Mr Rutherford, chairman was absence. A transfer of the Silverstream Hotel was granted to Patrick Daly. In case of fire each hotel needs a suitable ladder of sufficient length to reach the upper windows and be kept outside of each hotel.

Timaru Herald Monday 12 December 1887
In bankruptcy - George Canavan

Tuesday 27 December 1887
In bankruptcy - James Guscott.