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South Canterbury Images at Timeframes

Native wood piegons, Te Moana Rd. GeraldinePartial listing of the South Canterbury on-line image collection at the National Library of New Zealand at Timeframes and their brief historical notes. 

Albury Park 
ca 1925
Robert Percy MOORE 1881-1948; as the photographer

Mount Four Peaks from Albury. [188-].
by Lysaght, Mary Grace Caroline, 1850?-1936? :  Watercolour  Shows a mountain range from across rolling countryside. In the right foreground is a trellis with a climber (possibly wisteria) growing on it.

Bullock team outside the Fairlie Hotel 1890s
Bullock team owned by Frank Poppelwell outside the Fairlie Hotel. Hubert Welsh, the blacksmith, is standing beside the driver, who is the man holding the stockwhip. Taken by an unidentified photographer during the 1890s.

Cars bound for the Hermitage outside the Gladstone Grand Hotel, Fairlie1912-1916
There are three cars parked outside the hotel, filled with passengers, with people alongside. Photograph taken by J E Piggot between 1912-1916.

Fairlie Creek to Hermitage coach ready for departure. ca 1913.
The Fairlie Creek to Hermitage coach and six ready for departure from Fairlie Creek. Photograph taken by Malcolm Ross

Fairlie railway station 11 July 1903
View of Fairlie railway station and the tracks running alongside after 28 inches of snow and frost. An unidentified man (possibly the station master) is standing on the platform with his back to the camera. Photograph taken by J E Piggott on 11 July 1903.

Overlooking Geraldine ca 1910
Signs advertise R Scott & Co Livery Stables, Morrison Brothers and the Geraldine Hotel.

View of Geraldine taken from a distance 1872
Part of the township is obscured by trees and shrubs.

View of a street in Geraldine 1872
View of a street in Geraldine, with houses on the opposite side of the road from the photographer. There are two unidentified children standing in the middle of the road looking towards the camera. Photograph taken by Dr Alfred Charles Barker1819-1873

View of Geraldine, looking towards the Waihi River
Looking towards the Waihi River. The building in the middle distance may be the Anglican Church. Photograph taken by Dr Alfred Charles Barker in 1866.

Mt Four Peaks station, 1871
Shows homestead and outbuildings on flat land in front of a hill, with further ranges in the background.
Raworth, William Henry, 1821-1904; as the artist.  Watercolours

View from grandstand Geraldine racecourse. Mt Four Peaks; Mt Peel. [187-?] Title [Brunton, Frances Watercolour on paper

Pond, lake or stream at Orari 1923-1928
Looking over a stretch of water and plants at Orari, Canterbury. Shows willows, other vegetation, and a house in the background obscured by trees.

Mackenzie District
Bird's eye view of the Mackenzie Country [Between 1862 and 1864] by Norman, Edmund 1820-1875
1 painting mounted on board; pencil and watercolour 402 x 869 mm
The Mackenzie Plains from near Haldon; identifies Ohau River, Ben Ohau, Pukaki River, Mount Cook, Simons Hill, Marys Range, Tekapo River, Grays Hills, Mount Maggie, Aiguilles, Kirkliston Range.

Lake Pukaki ca 1910. Looking out over Lake Pukaki, circa 1910. Tussock grass and a motor car are in the foreground. Snow capped mountain ranges are in the background. Clouds are also visible.

Moving a handcart of finished Universal Carrier parts at C W F Hamilton's factory, Irishman Creek July 1942

Great Tasman Glacier from the slopes of Mount Cook
, N. Zealand  Feb. 1882 by Rev. William Spotswood Green, 1847-1919 : Watercolour on card, 364 x 540 mm
View from above the Ball Glacier (visible on the left) with the sweep of the Tasman Glacier curving around through the view. The steep rock face in the centre ground to the left is the Haast Ridge. The background peaks showing are (from left) The Minarets (two sharp peaks, far left), Mount Elie de Beaumont (the third from the left), the Hochstetter Dome (dome-shaped in the centre), Malte Brun, and the two sharp peaks on the far right are the Aiguilles Rouges. On a snow-covered outcrop in the foreground, Ulrich Kaufmann and Emil Boss, Green's two climbing companions are shown moving forward, with ice axe and alpenstock.

Ranfurly Collecton
Mount Cook. Mount Cook in 1902 by Constance Ranfurly1858-1932  Watercolour.
Shows a view of Mount Cook bathed in a rosy light with the Hermitage below the foothills.
Sealy Range from the Hermitage

Alongside dairy cows, Temuka 
Shows a woman milking, milk pails and milk cans. "Town milk supply, Temuka, late 1890s"

Arowenua bush. 9 Oct. [1848].
A panoramic view of Arowhenua (near Temuka, South Canterbury) running along half of the page, with Arowhenua Bush in the distance and the Opihi River. On the other half of the page is Mantell's diary for 8 and 9 October 1848, interrupted with a drawing of a utensil similar to an abbreviated watering can, with part of a pa in the background (Waiteruati or Te Wai a te Rua Ti Pa). Mantell jokingly suggests that the utensil is a portable toilet. Mantell, Walter Baldock Durrant, 1820-1895 : Pencil, 127 x 200 mm (page size)

Waiteruati. Oct. 6 [1848] by Mantell.
Elevated whata (food storage platforms) with low fences, two dwellings, and, in the left distance, the remains of an earlier pa, including the two Ti (cabbage) trees referred to in the name of the pa. People seated and standing around the pa. Pencil, 127 x 200 mm


Parts 1-4 of the panorama Looking from the Post Office tower. The top portion of the public library is in the foreground. Latter Street runs off to the left. The footpath on George Street is on the right. Perth Street
Part 2 of a 4 part panorama of Timaru township. Looking from the Post Office tower. Perth Street runs to the right in the foreground. George and Butler Streets are on the left. Arthur Street runs alongside the South Canterbury Woollen Mills building and the gas works. Two churches (left) and the main school (upper right) are visible.
Part 3 of a 4 part panorama of Timaru township
Looking from the Post Office tower. Perth Street is in the foreground. The old museum building is on the right (with decorative verandah posts). The Press :Collection of negatives
Part 4 of a 4 part panorama of Timaru township in 1909, looking from the Post Office tower. St Mary's Anglican Church is in the centre. Perth Street is in the foreground. Sophia Street is on the right.
Restrictions Unrestricted

Shepherd's hut, nr. Timaru, Canterbury by Hurt, Theodore Octavius fl 1860-1871 :
Monotone watercolour, 170 x 280 mm.   Shows shepherd's cottage with smoking chimney in centre middle distance, with stream flowing towards foreground beside it. There is a grassy slope at right, and hills in the background.

Timaru, Canterbury N.Z. [1861-1871] by Hurt, Theodore Octavius fl 1860-1871
Watercolour, 127 x 180 mm. Shows coastline from headland to the south, with trees and houses up from the water's edge. Hills and mountains are in the background.

Timaru, Canterbury N.Z. [1861-1871] by Hurt, Theodore Octavius fl 1860-1871 :
Shows coastline from the sea from the north, with houses set near the water both at water's edge and higher up. There is some mist on the water in foreground. Watercolours

Timaru Railway Station between 1915-1916  with trains alongside. On a background building a sign reads: Evans' "Atlas" roller milling.  "Trains from left: A[6?] Class 4-6-2 (built from 1915); Vb Class 4-6-0; then carriages on Fairlie dock line. Overbridge in background completed, May 1908, and station building centre-right opened May 1883."

Stafford Street, Timaru
ca 1900s
Looking along Stafford Street, Timaru, circa 1900. A horse drawn carriages is driving towards the camera. Other carriages are also visible. Both sides of the street are lined with businesses. On the right is the shop of J W Sutherland - butcher. On the left there are signs advertising J T Cooper - dentist, Adams & Co - drapers and importers, Arthur A Ware - printer and stationer, and Priest & Holdgate - ironmongers. Taken by Steffano Webb.

Stafford Street, Timaru  [ca 1915]
Stafford Street, Timaru. Some of the buildings on the left going down are, Refreshment rooms, Ice cream parlour, Nisbet Ltd and Edwards pictures. On the corner of the right side is a tailor shop with a policeman standing on the footpath outside. A few horse drawn carts, two motor cars and some pedestrians and cyclists can be seen.

Stafford Street, Timaru ca 1915-1916
Looking down Stafford Street in Timaru, circa 1915, with shops lining both sides of the street. The shop second in from the right, with the ornate facade, is the business of T & J Thomson. Cars, horse drawn carriages and bicycles can also be seen on the street. Taken by Frederick George Radcliffe.

Departure parade of the 1st New Zealand Contingent for the South African War, Timaru 1899
Signs advertising the businesses of A Eaton - fishmonger and poulterer, Hawkey & Son - boot manufacturers, J Boothroyd - stationer, and Alfred Budd - confectioner, are visible. Photographer unidentified.

Photograph of the sailing ship, Benvenue
ca 1880. The Benvenue moored to a buoy
The Benvenue was an iron full rigged ship of 999 tons. Built in 1867 by Messrs. Barclay, Curle and Company of Glasgow, she was wrecked at Caroline Bay, Timaru in May 1882

The wreck of the ship "Ben Venue" 1882 Timaru. Taken by John Dickie.

The wreck of the ship "Ben Venue", Caroline Bay, Timaru 1882

Timaru beach, showing the wreck of the ship Elginshire and a horse and cart [1900]
Timaru waterfront showing the wreck of the ship Elginshire at sea and a horse and cart on the beach in the foreground. Photograph taken by David Alexander De Maus. The ship 'Elginshire' wrecked off Timaru, 9 March 1892.

Arrino (Ship) in Timaru Harbour at Timaru wharf.
Undated photograph. Ferrier, William, 1855-1922; as the photographer

The Ball family outside their house, Sophia Street, Timaru [ca 1876]
Charles E.H. Ball, Esquire and family outside their house on Sophia Street, Timaru, circa 1876.  ATL

A. Gabites (Timaru) :Monster stocktaking sale, Wednesday, July 12th. Timaru
Post Print [1880s?]. Text lists bargains in clothing department, mercery department, hats, hosiery, collars and ties, boots and slippers.

"Highfield", the home of A M H Shirtcliffe, Timaru taken ca 1925 Robert Percy Moore 1881-1948; as the photographer

Portrait of Jessie Le Cren 1870s-1880s; as a subject.

Traction engine transporting a house from Rocky Gully to Timaru [ca February 1948] ATL

Tar spraying - Waimate Museum

Picture Australia:
Landing place, Timaru
Lynwood House, Timaru
Washdyke Lagoon 
Mr. Woollcombe's house, Ashbury
Glimpses of NZ - 1898

L. Selby - chow

Otago Witness online.
Dec. 5 1900 page 103
Ferrier photo of the Otipua homestead, Timaru, the property of the Hon. George Gray Russell, Esq.

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