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Timaru's Memorial Wall

The Memorial Wall is located behind the Cenotaph.

The names of all those who died from all of South Canterbury and from all the wars are found on the Memorial Wall, which was, constructed c. 1998 of local bluestone and fourteen black granite panels. The Memorial Wall is located directly behind the Timaru Cenotaph located at the south side of Timaru in Queen Street near the gardens and hospital in two halves with seven panels on each.  At Anzac Day boutiques of flowers are laid on the wall and a poppy taped beside a beloved relative's name. WW2 names

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Photos taken December 3rd 2002. Courtesy of Stumpy Marsh.  

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South Canterbury Roll of Honour 1916.  Booklet with colour photos. 24pp. Contains names of officers and men killed in action or died of wounds or sickness in WW1 1914-15. Published on behalf of South Canterbury Caledonian Society, January 1916. It has 99 small photos. Only one woman, Sister Mary Gorman. Highest rank is a major. One text page at front and one page of roll of honour at rear.