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  World War Two South Canterbury Servicemen & their headwear

My father, a South Canterbury man, was a private / driver, served in the Middle East and Italy, during WWII, never, never, wore a "lemon squeezer" but a beret.
From "Weekly News" 19 December 1945, courtesy of Carol Spragg. A South Canterbury 2NZEF group -
T. W. Cosgrove,  J. A. Lewis, C. Bradley, M. L. Breen, G. Clark, R. D. Cordes, G.H. Ward, A. H. Sullivan, D. H. Chapman, J. H. Mowat, A. J. Gray.
Maybe the 26th Battalion (Cant-Otago) most locals were in that, or the 27th (Machine Gun Batt.)

WWII general service cap or shoulder badge. Onward, Onward!Beret History
The Second World War started with the usual high-crowned felt hat, the 'lemon-squeezer' but they were not suitable for use in cars and trucks, and were quite useless for members of armoured regiments. At an early point it appeared that there would be some difficulties over future supplies. In the summer of 1940 the First Echelon was issued with genuine tropical helmets. The Division then went to Greece in a combination of simpler helmets ("Bombay bowlers") and the "fore-and-aft" British cap, the reason being that these were the normal wear of British troops, and that it was easier for us to draw them from British depots than to persist with a separate hat. Thereafter we adhered to British usage, first the "fore-and-after" and then the beret but the that felt hats were the universal wear in South-east Asia. Regimental badges were given up for a universal distinctive 2NZEF New Zealand hat badge. The looped cloth shoulder title with the words "New Zealand" in white on a black background could be slid over the shoulder straps that were a part of all types of dress. The first issue was so made that it had to be stitched on but led to troubles at washing time.

In the 1920s, British tank crews began searching for an alternative to their stiff khaki service-dress cap, which just wasn't practical for duty inside the relatively new armored vehicles. The cap had to be worn backwards to use the gunner's sights, with the chin strap down to keep it on the head. The light wool serge fabric soon became home for grease stains as it was clutched and adjusted by soiled fingers. In 1924, the tankers came up with a black wool beret whose size fell in between the two French versions and was bound with black leather featuring an adjustable ribbon that ran around to tie in the back. When the British tankers added their traditional "Fear Naught" emblem above the left eye, they had a snappy piece of headgear that quickly became famous for its distinctiveness and grew to be the symbol of armored formations around the world. The military popularity of berets soared during the World War II era when various British units donned the headgear in several colours. Legend has it that the colour was picked by novelist Daphne du Maurier, wife of Maj. Gen. Frederick Browning.

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries. BTW Auckland Libraries have done a great job in digitising all the photos from this once very popular magazine which was printed by Wilson & Horton publishers of the Herald in Auckland. Like many newspapers the Auckland Weekly News has appeared under various titles. When the photographic supplement was first published in 1898 it was as a supplement to the Auckland Weekly News. Later on (1934/5) the newspaper adopted the title Weekly News to give it a more national appeal. For convenience the title Auckland Weekly News has been retained by the Auckland Libraries regardless of the year of publication, although the supplement has always included photographs from New Zealand as a whole and from overseas. Even southerners added the Auckland word but never Wellington to the rival magazine The Free Lance. 

Fairlie men

Private J. E. Brock, M. M., of Fairlie, accidentally killed.  Weekly News (29 July 1942)
Private T. H. Cook of Fairlie, South Canterbury, killed in action.  Weekly News (16 June 1943)
Private E. C. H. Doyle, of Fairlie, South Canterbury, killed in action. Weekly News (24 December 1941)
Sergeant-Major A. C. T. Robertson, of Fairlie, awarded the D. C. M. Weekly News (13 January 1943)
Sergeant E. B. Robertson, of Fairlie, Canterbury, missing on operations.  Weekly News (10 December 1941)


Albury men

Sergeant R. W. Askin, of Albury, South Canterbury, killed on operations. Weekly News (06 AUGUST 1941)
Private S. E. Askin, of Albury, Canterbury, died of wounds. Weekly News (12 May 1943)
Sergeant V. C. Howes, of Albury, South Canterbury, missing on operations. Weekly News (14 July 1943)
F/O. B. .E. Smith, of Albury, South Canterbury, awarded the D.F.C. Weekly News (11 July 1945)

Geraldine men

Driver F. H. Bennett, of Geraldine, killed in action. Weekly News (11 June 1941)
Sergeant-Pilot R. Clark, of Geraldine, killed on active service. Weekly News (14 April 1943) 
Captain P. T. Norris, M.C., of Geraldine, killed in action. Weekly News (10 February 1943) Wounded. Weekly News (02 September 1942)
Sergeant R. W. Patrick, of Geraldine, killed on active service. Weekly News (23 December 1942)
Sergeant C. F. Scott, of Raukapuka, Geraldine, missing on air operations. Weekly News (15 January 1941)
Lieutenant H. M. H. Tripp, formerly of Geraldine, Canterbury, killed in action. Weekly News (24 February 1943)
Private A. J. Waller, of Geraldine, killed in action. Weekly News (16 July 1941)


Cave men

Major F. A. Aldridge, of Cave, wounded. Weekly News (10 March 1943)
Private A. J. Lamb, of Cave, South Canterbury, died while prisoner of war. Weekly News (24 December 1941)
Second-Lieutenant F. G. S. Lamb, of Cave, Canterbury, wounded and missing. Weekly News (04 Feb 1942)
Pilot V. B. Verity, of Cave, Canterbury, reported missing, but believed to be safe. Weekly News (12 June 1940)

Pleasant Point men

Private A. R. J. Campbell, of Pleasant Point, died of wounds while prisoner of war. Weekly News (17 March 1943)
Private J. E. Chapman, of Pleasant Point, died of wounds. Weekly News (17 March 1943)
Private D. B. Giles, of Pleasant Point, killed in action. Weekly News (2 June 1943)
Private H. A. Gould, of Pleasant Point, died of wounds. Weekly News (28 October 1942)
Flt/Sgt. E. J. Roberts, of Pleasant Point, missing, believed killed. Weekly News (08 December 1943)

Temuka men

Sergeant V. J. Ackroyd. of Temuka, killed on active service. Weekly News (19 May 1943)
Private A. S. Anderson, of Milford, Temuka, died as a result of an accident. Weekly News (07 April 1943)
Private J. Boyle, of Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (04 March 1942)
Sergeant-Pilot J. J. Burke, of Temuka, killed in an aircraft accident. Auckland Weekly News (06 May 1942)
Private R. A. Crombie, of Temuka, died of wounds. Weekly News (18 November 1942)
Private B. W. T. Davis, of Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (20 January 1943)
Driver R. J. Davis, of Clandeboye, Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (28 July 1943)
Sergeant-Observer C. E. Donehue, of Temuka, who is reported missing on air operations. Weekly News (19 March 1941)
Sgt. M. J. Healy, of Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (08 December 1943)
Private S. C. Kennedy. Of Temuka, presumed killed in action. Weekly News (13 August 1941)
Pte. A. F. McCormick, of Temuka, Canterbury, killed in action. Weekly News (17 November 1943)
Private F. W. Morrison, of Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (11 March 1942)
Private E. L. Neville, of Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (31 December 1941)
L.-Corporal A. E. O'Neill, of Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (25 June 1941)
Bombardier S. S. Preddy, of Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (25 February 1942)
Private A. J. Robertson, of Temuka, died while prisoner of war. Weekly News (17 February 1943)
Private F. E. Spillane, of Temuka, missing, believed killed. Weekly News (25 June 1941)
Private J. E. Thompson, of Temuka, killed in action. Weekly News (14 October 1942)
Pilot-Officer K. W. Trigance, D.F.C., Temuka. Weekly News (7 August 1940)


Timaru men

Flight-Sergeant W. Andrew, of Timaru, killed on active service. Weekly News (27 October 1943)
Captain J. B. Andrews, of Timaru, wounded. Weekly News (24 February 1943)
Flying-Officer W. l. Anstey, of Kingsdown, Timaru, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Weekly News (12 November 1941)
Captain T. R. Atchley, of Timaru, missing, believed prisoner. Weekly News (17 December 1941)
Lieutenant B. Y. W. Baxter, of Timaru, wounded. Weekly News (11 June 1941)
Lieutenant D. J. Bell, of Timaru, wounded. Weekly News (14 October 1942)
Sergeant-Pilot A. W. P. Bird, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (13 August 1941)
Sergeant-Pilot A. W. P. Bird, of Timaru, believed killed in action. Weekly News (03 September1941)
Flt/Lt. W. T. Brown, of Timaru, awarded the D.F.C. Weekly News (01 December 1943)
Sergeant W. S. Burns, of Timaru, killed on active service. Weekly News (2 December 1942)
Pilot-Officer C. W. Carter, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (15 July 1942)
Sergeant G. K. Cartwright, of Leves, Timaru, presumed killed in action. Weekly News (13 August 1941)
Sub-Lieutenant R. J. Chettle, of Timaru, killed in an aircraft accident. Weekly News (04 August 1943)
Sergeant G. W. Clark, of Timaru, died of wounds. Weekly News (30 September1942)
Flt/Sgt. W. D. Clark, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (17 November 1943)
Captain F. J. Cook, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (05 August 1942)
Lieutenant G. S. Cooper, of Timaru, awarded the M.C. Weekly News (14 October 1942)
Driver G. Cox, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (09 July 1941)
Flight-Sergeant J. D. C. Cumming, of Timaru, awarded the D.F.M. Weekly News (27 January 1943)
Sergeant D. A. M. Davidson, of Timaru, killed on active service. Weekly News (23 June 1943)
Private L. C. Davies. of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (17 February 1943)
Private D. T. Drennan, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (16 September1942)
Trooper E. Ellis, of Timaru, awarded the M.M. Weekly News (30 June 1943)
Flight-Lieutenant G. I. Ellis, of Timaru. missing on operations. Weekly News (30 June 1943)
Wing-Commander S. C. Elworthy, of Timaru. Weekly News (12 March 1941)
Lieut. A. T. B. Green, of Timaru, missing. Weekly News (16 July 1941)
Lieutenant J. T. Halkett, of Timaru, awarded the M.C. Weekly News (3 March 1943)
Captain H. J. Hall, of Timaru, missing. Weekly News (25 November 1942)
Sergeant-Pilot W. C. Hayman, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (22 October 1941)
2nd-Lieutenant J. G. Heasley, of Timaru, wounded. Weekly News (4 June 1941)
Private E. W. V. Hessell, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (04 August 1943)
Able Seaman F. W. Hooke, of Timaru, missing on active service. Weekly News (18 August 1943)
The Rev. H. I. Hopkins, of Timaru, missing, believed prisoner of war. Weekly News (02 July 1941)
Sergeant G. A. Hutt, of Timaru, missing on air operations. Weekly News (30 September 1942)
Flying-Officer B. L. Jackson, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (13 October 1943)
Private K. N. Johnstone, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (18 February 1942)
Gunner E. E. J. Kee, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (16 September 1942)
Private P. J. Kent, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (30 December 1942)
Pilot-Officer J. McB. Kerr, of Timaru, previously missing, now prisoner of war. Weekly News (16 July 1941)
Pilot-Officer R. W. King, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (18 March 1942)
Flying-Officer A. T. Little, of Timaru, now missing, believed killed. Weekly News (22 September 1943)
Gunner E. W. (Teddy) Longman, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (30 June 1943)
Pilot-Officer J. H. Low, of Timaru, awarded the D. F. C. Weekly News (23 June 1943)
Flt/Sgt. R. W. Lower, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (17 November 1943)
FLT.-LIEUT. J. C. Martin (Timaru) Weekly News (28 May 1941)
Flight-Lieutenant J. C. Martin, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (24 September 1941)
Private T. McCone, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (11 February 1942)
Sgt/P. D. G. McNab, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (24 November 1943)
Sergeant-Pilot R. G. Morgan, of Timaru, previously reported missing, now prisoner and wounded. Weekly News (10 September 1941)
Lance-Sergeant G. A. Murray, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (11 November 1942)
Sergeant D. G. Newlands, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (24 March 1943)
F/O. G. W. Palmer, of Timaru, awarded the D.F.C. Weekly News (08 December 1943)
Cpl. C. E. Parry, of Southburn, Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (08 December 1943)
Pte. R. G. Parry, of Southburn, Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (08 December 1943)
Private J. M. Robinson, of Timaru, died as result of accidental injuries. Weekly News (18 August 1943)
Lieutenant J. F. Spring, of Washdyke, Timaru, wounded. Weekly News (28 January 1942)
Private E. W. Sherborne, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (09 July 1941)
Pilot-Officer I. J. Shepherd, of Timaru, missing, believed killed. Weekly News (07 October 1942)
Signalman I. F. G. Shipman, of Timaru, missing on active service. Weekly News (29 APRIL 1942)
Private A. J. P. Smith, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (25 June 1941)
Sergeant W. J. Smith. of Timaru, awarded the D.C.M. Weekly News (04 August 1943)
Lieutenant J. F. Spring, of Washdyke, Timaru, wounded. Weekly News (28 January 1942)
Pilot-Officer M. O. Stephens, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (26 November 1941)
Flight-Sergeant T. G. Strachan, of Timaru. killed on active service. Weekly News (25 August 1943)
Private V. O. Stuck, of Timaru, died of wounds. Weekly News (16 September 1942)
Private H. E. Struthers, of Ma-Waro, Timaru, awarded the Military Medal. Weekly News (03 December 1941)
Private H. E. Struthers, M. M., of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (03 February 1943)
Sergeant-Pilot A. G. Sutherland, of Timaru, missing, believed killed. Weekly News (30 September 1942)
Lt. A. G. Tait, of Timaru awarded the D.S.C. Weekly News (01 December 1943)
Sapper L. A. Tait, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (25 February 1942)
Lieutenant F. S. R. Thomson, of Timaru, wounded. Weekly News (11 June 1941)
Major F. S. R. Thomson, of Timaru, died on active service. Weekly News (28 April 1943)
Mjr. F. S. R. Thomson, of Timaru, posthumously awarded the M.C. Weekly News (29 December 1943)
Flight-Sergeant J. Thomson, of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (20 October 1943)
Private J. W. Thomson, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (2 June 1943)
Leading-Aircraftman I. J. Waldie, of Timaru, missing, believed killed. Weekly News (14 July 1943)
Sergeant B. J. Walsh, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (11 June 1941)
Flying-Officer C. C. G. Webb, formerly of Timaru, believed killed on operations. Weekly News (05 November 1941)
Sergeant-Pilot E. J. Williams, formerly of Timaru, missing on operations. Weekly News (21 January 1942)
Pilot-Officer D. E. Wood. of Timaru. Weekly News (30 June 1943)
Gunner A. K. Worthington, of Timaru, killed in action. Weekly News (11 June 1941)

Pareora men

Pte. P. D. Edwards, of Pareora East, killed in action. Weekly News (31 MAY 1944)
Flying-Officer H. E. Hunter, of Pareora East, Canterbury, killed in an aircraft accident. Weekly News (06 MAY 1942)
LIEUTENANT R. B. GLANVILLE, of Pareora West (Timaru), Killed in action. Weekly News (22 November 1917)
Lance-Sergeant J. J. Green, of Pareora, South Canterbury, died of injuries. Weekly News (22 October 1941)
F/O. E.P. Smith, of Pareora East, missing on active service. Weekly News (24 April 1945)

Makikihi men

L/Cpl. G. T. Croft, of Makikihi, killed in action. Weekly News (28 June 1944)
Pte. C. J. Tiffen, of Makikihi, killed in action. Weekly News (23 February 1944)

Waimate men

Sergeant H. H. Crawley, of Waimate, killed in action. Weekly News (20 January 1943)
Sapper M. R. Crowe, of Willowbridge, Waimate North, [sic] killed in action. Weekly News (3 March 1943)
Private C. H. Fraser, of Waimate, accidentally killed Weekly News (28 October 1942)
Sergeant E. J. A. Fraser, of Waimate, awarded the D.C.M. Weekly News (15 September 1943)
Sergeant J. B. Johnston, of Waimate, killed in action. Weekly News (24 December 1941) 
Private E. C. Loper, of Waimate, killed in action. Weekly News (14 October 1942)
Driver M. N. McDonald, of Waimate, died of wounds. Weekly News (28 May 1941)
Flight-Lieutenant L. McLachlan, of Waimate, missing on operations. Weekly News (26 May 1943)
Private L. C. Nelmes, of Waimate, killed in action. Weekly News (4 November 1942)
Major N. A. Rattray, of Waimate, missing. Weekly News (11 June 1941
Lance-Corporal E. J. Sole, of Waimate, killed in action. Weekly News (19 May 1943)


Morven men

Sapper T. Kearton, of Morven, Canterbury, died in hospital while prisoner of war. Weekly News (29 October 1941)
Sergeant J. J. McAleer, of Morven, South Canterbury, Killed in aircraft accident in New Zealand. Weekly News (17 March 1943)
Pte. W. R. Tumaru, of Morven, killed in action. Weekly News (31 May 1944)
Pte. R. G. Woods, of Morven, killed in action. Weekly News (18 July 1945)

(38) photos from the 'Weekly News',

War Memorials Memories, Memorials & Medals Weekly News WW1

World War II claimed the lives of 11,625 New Zealanders.
There is a lot to learn about now from yesterday.

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Captain T.R. Atchley, of Timaru and Hamilton, missing, believed prisoner.
Born London, 19 Sep 1905; clerk; p.w. 22 Nov 1941.
 "Weekly News" 17 December 1941
Captain T.R. Atchley

The advance into Libya, 18�21 November 1941. The rest of the Division followed, with 5 Brigade leading, then 4 Brigade, then Divisional Headquarters Group, and 6 Brigade last. Next morning, 22 November, 4 and 5 Brigades, having surprised the enemy, began to exploit a promising situation. In the first glimmerings of daylight in the Menastir area, however, the surprise at a local level was often mutual and in one unfortunate case it resulted in the capture of a 4th Field FOO, Captain Atchley of 25 Battery. Atchley, with 18 Battalion, saw some men in the half light and left his vehicle and the three escorting Bren carriers and went ahead to investigate. That was the last that was seen or heard of him and it gave rise to anxiety not only on his behalf, but because he was known to have with him a map reference code and a daily time and map reference adder for adjusting codes up to 30 November. �These were not dated�, Divisional Headquarters hopefully reported to Corps in the afternoon, �but are just a mass of figures in his notebook.�

Lieutenant B.Y.W. Baxter, of Timaru, wounded.
Weekly News 11 June 1941


Driver Francis Henry Bennett, of Geraldine, killed in action14/04/1941. Age: 29
Weekly News 11 June 1941
New Zealand Army Service Corps, Service No: 5585. 
Son of Henry Foley Bennett and Margaret Edith Olive Bennett, of Geraldine.
 Phaleron War Cemetery, in S.E., Greece.


Private John Boyle, of Temuka, South Canterbury, killed in action.
"Weekly News" 4 March 1942

New Zealand Machine Gun Battalion. Unit: 27th  Age: 22. DOD: 28 November 1941 Service No: 37626
S/o Herbert Scott Boyle, and of Henrietta Christina Boyle (nee Alves), of Temuka.
Cemetery: Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma 14. J. 17.

Private Andrew Mckay Sawdon Burnett, of Cave, South Canterbury,
killed in action 21/05/1941. Age: 27.  Service No: 11589  Suda Bay War Cemetery, Crete
"Weekly News"  2 July 1941

Regiment: New Zealand Infantry, 23rd Bn.
Son of Donald Burnett and of Barbara Ann Burnett (nee MacLeod), of Cave.

Sgmn. George Cadwell Darroch of Timaru, died while prisoner of war, 2 December 1943
"Weekly News" August 9th 1944
Sgmn. G.C. Darroch 
New Zealand Corps of Signals, 2 N.Z. Div. Sigs.
Age: 25 DOD: 22/12/1943 Service No: 17035
S/o Donald Darroch and of Ethel Jean Darroch (nee Pettigrew), of Timaru.
Milan War Cemetery  III. B. 10.

2nd-Lieut. John Windeyer Fisher of Albury, wounded.
"Weekly News" 7 May 1941
 First hospital ship, "Somertshire" returned to New Zealand
2nd-Lieut. J W. Fisher
New Zealand Armoured Corps
Age: 29 DOD: 16/12/1942  Service No: 30856
S/o Harold Hill Fisher and Agnes Moubray Fisher, of Albury.
Tripoli War Cemetery 12. F. 2.

2nd-Lieut. H.S. Habbott, of Timaru
"Weekly News" 18 June 1941

2nd-Lieutenant J.G. Heasley, of Temuka, wounded.
From "Weekly News" 4 June 1941

The Rev. H.I. Hopkins, of Timaru,
missing, believed prisoner of war.
"Weekly News"  2 July 1941
Auckland Weekly News
Rev. H. I. Hopkins, m.i.d., (C of E); Temuka; born Dunedin, 30 Aug 1908; POW. May 1941. The wounded in Crete had already had a hard and exhausting campaign in Greece. They had experienced the first large-scale parachute attack in history and many begged the chaplains to stay with them. Four stayed and were captured. They were Padres J. Hiddlestone, H. I. Hopkins, W. E. W. Hurst and R. J. Griffiths.

Pte. Alexander Francis McCormick, of Temuka, killed in action.
New Zealand Infantry  Service No: 74256
Age: 23  Date of Death: 28/09/1943 Bourail NZ Cemetery, New Caledonia
S/o James and Elizabeth McCormick

 Myles Norman McDonald, Waimate, died of wounds 20/04/1941 Age: 31.

 From "Weekly News" 28 May 1941

Driver, New Zealand Army Service Corps Service No: 9733.
Son of Myles William McDonald, and of Bessie McDonald (nee Atwill), of Waimate
Phaleron Cemetery


Pte. Thomas George McVey, of Timaru killed in action, 28 November 1943
"Weekly News" 23 February 1944
Pte. T.G. McVey
New Zealand Infantry - 26th Bn.
Age: 45 DOD: 28/11/1943 Service No: 888
S/o John McVey and of Annie McVey (nee Morrison)
Sangro River War Cemetery XVI. B. 20.

Private Edward Laurie Neville, of Temuka, killed in action.
"Weekly News" 31 December 1941
Private E.L. Neville
New Zealand Infantry 23rd Bn. Age: 23
Date of Death: 26/11/1941 Service No: 15505
S/o Charles James Neville and Ellen Beatrice Moxhay Neville, of Temuka.
Alamein Memorial Column 104

Major N.A. Rattray, of Waimate, missing.
Weekly News
11 June 1941

Major Neil A. Rattray, Waimate, born Dunedin, 7 Nov 1896; farmer; MBE, m.i.d., Croix de Guerre (Fr); MLC; Waimate; born Dunedin, 7 Nov 1896; soldier and farmer; Royal Irish Fusiliers (Capt) 1915�22 (twice wounded); p.w. 25 Apr 1941.

The Evacuation from Megara, night 25�26 and day 26 April
The more advanced of the walking wounded and those who were driving through from Athens or from 4 Brigade were immediately in danger of capture. Major Rattray, the NZ Liaison Officer at Headquarters, British Troops in Greece, Athens, was particularly unfortunate. After remaining in the city to arrange for the evacuation of many stray detachments, he had left with two vehicles, picking up many walking wounded and approaching the canal just before the attack developed. Strafing aircraft forced the party to take cover and before long paratroopers had surrounded and captured it. Those farther back along the cliff road had more time to deal with the situation.

A number of prisoners found fulfilment for their own aspirations in unselfishly forwarding the escapes of others. Among these men were the expert forgers of passports, and the tailors who made up blankets or other improvised materials into passable imitations of civilian clothes. A Zealand major (Neill Rattray) was commended for his 'tact, patience, initiative and above all an optimistic outlook' as secretary of escape committees in successive prison camps in Germany. NZETC

F/O C.L. SIEGERT, of Fairlie, awarded the D.F.C.
"The Weekly News" 3 Jan. 1945

Private A.J.P. Smith of Timaru, killed in action.
"The Weekly News" 25 June 1941

Private F.E. Spillane, of Temuka, missing, believed killed.
"The Weekly News" 25 June 1941

Lieutenant J. F. Spring, of Washdyke, Timaru wounded.
"Weekly News" 28 January 1942
Lieutenant J. F. Spring,

Lieutenant F.S.R. Thomson of Timaru
Weekly News
11 June 1941

Sergeant Brian Joseph Walsh, of Timaru, killed in action 17/04/1941
Weekly News
11 June 1941

New Zealand Infantry Service No: 10083. Athens Memorial.

Lance Corporal Evan Augustus WATERS, of Temuka,
died of wounds17/05/1941, age 23. Alamein Memorial.

"Weekly News" 18 June 1941

New Zealand Infantry 23rd Bn. Service No: 10588
Son of Dudley and Emma Louisa Waters of Temuka

Gunner Anthony Ken Worthington
"Weekly News" June 6th 1941 & 11 June 1941

New Zealand Artillery, 9 Field Regt. Service No: 22432
Born: 1918, Age: 22, DOD: 15 April 1941, Greece
Son of Anthony Henry D. Worthington and Ellen Worthington, of Timaru

Images courtesy of Carol. Posted July 7 2002.  Photos of servicemen appeared in the "Weekly News". Do a search on the NZ mailing list archives for Spragg or WW2 photos "Weekly News", year 2002 - 2010 to find whose photo appeared in the "Weekly News"

Weekly News 30 June 1943 Group photo and caption.
Dominion Officers of the Fleet Air Arm who are members of the first British flying group to operate on America's west coast.
BROWN M C Temuka

Repatriated prisoners 3 May 1945. "Previously reported prisoners of war, the following personnel of the Second NZEF are now reported to have been released or have escaped from prisoner-of-war camps and are now safe. Sgt T. V.  HEALY,  Timaru

29 May 1944 Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune
"The following 2nd NZEF casualty list was issued tonight. Wounded: Cpl Arthur S. MOORE  Timaru

Weekly News 1 June 1944 "The following Second NZEF casualty list was issued tonight:
Missing: McKENZIE Pte Alan G; NOK Mrs N McKenzie, Cave (mother)

From Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune May 17 1944
Wellington 16 May. The following personnel of the Second NZEF were mentioned in the casualty list issued today. Wounded:
RAE Pte Edward, Geraldine

Evening Post, 9 September 1941, Page 9
SCOTT, Sergeant Christopher Falcon, previously reported missing in December, later reported prisoner of war and wounded, now safe in England. Mr. J. Scott, Box 53, Raukapuka, Geraldine (f.).

Taranaki Herald 3 November 1942  KILLED IN ACTION
LOVEDAY Spr Clyde Thomas S NOK T J LOVEDAY Waimate (brother)

Taranaki Herald 4 November 1942
DAVIES Pte Llewelyn C NOK L DAVIES Timaru (father)

Taranaki Herald 4 November 1942 N.Z.E.F CASUALTIES -WOUNDED
GUDSELL Pte Cecil H, Timaru
WELLS Pte Thomas W., Timaru

Evening Post, 5 January 1943, Page 3 N.Z.E.F. CASUALTIES
NORRIS, Peter T. (M.C), Capt. Canon J. H. Norris - The Vicarage, Geraldine (f.)
FISHER, John W., Lieut. Mr. H. H. Fisher, "Shenley," Albury (f.)
CROWE, Michael R., Spr. Mrs. A. Crowe, Willowbridge (m.)
ANDREWS, John, Capt. Mrs. J. H. Andrews, 68 Evans. Street, Timaru (m.)
GILBERT, Henry W.. Dvr. Mrs. S. Gilbert, Gammock Street, Temuka (m.)

Taranaki Daily News 21 April 1944 Wounded
PENEAMENA Pte Studholme O NOK Mrs H BENSON Morven (Aunt)

Taranaki Daily News 22 June 1944 Died of Wounds
BARBER T/Cpl William G (M.M.) NOK Mrs J PETERSON Timaru (friend)

Evening Post, 9 September 1941, Page 9
SCOTT, Sergeant Christopher Falcon, previously reported missing in December, later reported prisoner of war and wounded, now safe in England. Mr. J. Scott, Box 53, Raukapuka, Geraldine (f.).

From Taranaki Daily News 2 August 1944. Newspaper report. No photos.
BROOK L/Cpl Stanley G NOK Mrs R E BROOK Fairlie (wife) WOUNDED
STREET 2nd Lieut Rewai T NOK Mrs E D STREET Timaru (wife) WOUNDED

Taranaki Daily News 13 September 1944
Previously Reported Missing
CLIMO Flight Sgt F W NOK Mrs CLIMO Timaru (mother)
McILRAITH Flight Sgt William S NOK Mrs A F LANE Waimate (sister)

Taranaki Daily News 5 October 1944
BROWN Pte Reginald W NOK Mrs A C BROWN Timaru (mother)
CHAPMAN Tpr Dudley H NOK Mrs A A CHAPMAN Timaru (mother)

Taranaki Daily News 6 October 1944 Wounded
COFFEY Tpr Stanley J NOK D J COFFEY Temuka (father)
EDGAR Pte Robert L NOK Mrs A EDGAR Temuka (mother)
GOOD Pte William NOK A F GOOD Timaru (father)
PINNELL Pte Harold E NOK MRS G M PINNELL Waimate (wife)

WASHINGTON L/Cpl Leslie NOK G L WASHINGTON Temuka (father)

Taranaki Daily News 11 October 1944 Killed in Action
SCOTT Pte George V D NOK Mrs R SCOTT Timaru (mother)
Died of Wounds COFFEY Tpr Stanley J NOK D J COFFEY Temuka (father)

Taranaki Daily News 12 October 1944
PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISSING, believed prisoner of war
PELVIN Herbert V Timaru

Taranaki Daily News 23 October 1944 22 massacred the Japanese. Memorial
TAYLOR Lieut Allan Leicester NOK Mr Wm. Charles TAYLOR and of Caroline Taylor (nee Hay), Waimate (father)
Killed island of Tarawa in the Gilbert group on October 15,1942. Doc NZ Coast Watcher  Service, operator

Taranaki Daily News 23 October 1944 Wounded
CAIN Pte David S C NOK Mrs E N CAIN Temuka (wife)
SCOTT Pte Kevin J NOK A SCOTT Timaru (father)

Taranaki Daily News 13 November 1944 ARMY CASUALTIES
Not Wounded, previously reported wounded, now reported not wounded
JAMIESON Tpr Roland A Winchester

Several NZ Fleet Air Arm Pilots took part in the Royal Navy's recent attack
on the Japanese-held island of Car Nicobar.
DIREEN Sub-Lieut (A) A W. R.N.Z.N.V.R. Timaru
WRIGHT Sub-Lieut (A) F H S R.N.Z.N.V.R. Timaru

Taranaki Daily News 21 November 1944 ARMY CASUALTIES
Prisoner of War, previously reported missing, believed Prisoner of War
McDONALD Pte James Leslie Waimate
Died on Active Service
LEITCH Tpr Terence NOK Mrs H LEITCH Temuka (mother)

From "Taranaki Daily News" 1-2 December 1944 Prisoner of War, Previously reported wounded and missing
SIMPSON L/Cpl Robert Marriott Temuka

Taranaki Daily News 9 February 1945
HOWE Frank George NOK Mrs A HOWE Timaru (mother)

Evening Post, 17 February 1945, Page 8
KILLED IN ACTION. BOYLE, Reginald Alexander, T/Mjr. Mrs. H. C. Boyle, 101 Railway Tee., Temuka (m.).
PRISONERS OF WAR�NOW REPORTED SAFE POWELL, Lewis James, Pte. Mrs. M. Powell, 34 Jackson St., Timaru (m.).

Taranaki Daily News
Tues 27 March 1945, page 6 (no photos)
Safe. Previously reported Prisoners of War - MORRISON Pte John Andrew, Temuka

Taranaki Herald 12 November 1945 NZEF AWARDS Distinguished Service in Field.
Sgt James RUSSELL Temuka
Lance Sgt Edward B GLASS Albury

"N.Z. Weekly News" & "Free Lance" WW2 Personnel - Individual photos and captions (259) not online

ACKROYD V J 		Temuka 		19 May  1943
AINGE A O 		Timaru 		21 Feb. 1945
AITCHESON I D 		Timaru 		18 July 1945, miscellaneous (p21) 
ALDRIDGE F A 		Cave 		10 March 1943
ALLAN Ronald 		Fairlie 	17 Oct 1945 (p13) misc 
ALLWRIGHT Denis G 	Timaru 		29 Nov. 1944 (p43)
ANDERSON A H 		Timaru 		6 Sept. 1944
ANDREWS J B 		Timaru 		24 Feb. 1943
ANDREWS Leslie 		Timaru 		 9 Apr. 1941 (p15) 
ANDREW W 		Timaru 		 2 Sep. 1942 NZ Free Lance(p24) 
ANDREW W 		Timaru 		27 Oct. 1943 pg 20 
ARMSTRONG E R 		Geraldine 	10 Jan. 1945
ARMSTRONG Joseph 	Timaru		 6 Nov. 1940 (p12) s/o Mr & Mrs C J ARMSTRONG Timaru 
ASKIN Frank Richardson 	Geraldine 	30 Aug. 1944 (p13)
ASKIN S E 		Albury		12 May  1943
BAILLIE G 		Timaru 		16 Aug. 1944
BAILLIE W R 		Timaru 		21 Jun. 1944
BAKER R J 		Timaru 		27 Sep. 1944
BAKER R 		Timaru 		25 Mar. 1942 Free Lance (p26)
BALFOUR R H 		Timaru 		29 Mar. 1944
BALFOUR F/Lieut Robert Hamish (D.F.C.)   1 Mar. 1944 NOK Mrs J F BALFOUR (wife) Timaru
BARKER David Hereward 	Geraldine  	 9 Feb. 1944 Miscellaneous(p10)
BARRAR JN  		Studholme Junction 2 Sep 1942 NZ Free Lance (p22) s/o Mrs L BARRAR
BARTOS S 		Waimate 	19 Jan. 1944
BATCHELOR F H C 	Timaru 		19 Apr. 1944
BAXTER B Y W 		Timaru 		11 June 1941
BAXTER R J 		Waimate  	18 Jun. 1941 NZ Airmen Training at Canadian Bombing & Gunnery School
BECKINGHAM G G 		Timaru 		 9 Dec. 1942
BECKINGHAM Gordon G 	Timaru 		28 Feb. 1945 (p11) 
BELL D J 		Timaru 		14 Oct. 1942
BELL Dave 		Timaru 		 6 June 1945 (p13) Miscellaneous 
BENNETT F H 		Geraldine 	11 June 1941 
BERGIN J S 		Temuka 		12 Apr. 1944
BLACKHAM J 		Timaru 		 3 July 1946
BLAIR J W 		Waimate 	6 Sept. 1944
BOOT Pat 				15 Apr. 1942 (p37) New Zealand Free Lance 		
BOYLE J  		Temuka 		28 Jan. 1942  (p26) Free Lance s/o Mrs H BOYLE
BRENTON L G 		Geraldine 	24 May  1944
BRIDGES Sister 		Timaru 		27 May  1942 (p8) 
BROCK J E 		Fairlie 	29 July 1942 
BROOKS Leslie 		Timaru 		14 June 1944 (p11)
BROWN A R 		Timaru 		21 Oct. 1942
BROWN M C 		Temuka 		23 Aug. 1944
BROWN R W 		Timaru 		22 Aug. 1945 NZ Free Lance page 30a 
BURNESS G W 		Hook, Timaru 	29 Dec. 1943 (p33) & 10 October 1945
BURNETT A M S 		Cave		02 July
CALDIS E 		Timaru 		26 Feb. 1944 misc (p36)
BURNESS G W 		Hook, Waimate 	10 Oct. 1945
CAIRD F D 		Timaru 		14 Feb. 1945
CALLAN N J 		Timaru 		28 June 1944
CAMERON M 		Cave 		 8 Mar. 1944 Combined Services Club opened in the Solomons
CAMPBELL A R J 		Pleasant Point 17 March 1943
CAMPBELL D C 		Pleasant Point  8 March 1944
CARTWRIGHT J S 		Pleasant Point 	27 Sep. 1944
CAVE Frederick William 	Timaru  	27 May  1942 (p9)
CHAPMAN J E 		Pleasant Point 17 March 1943
CHAPMAN O R 		Kakahu Geraldine 18 Aug 1943 
CLARK W D 		Timaru		17 Nov. 1943
CLIMO F W P 		Timaru 		 1 Nov. 1944
COOK C B 		Timaru 		24 Jan. 1945
COOK F J 		Timaru  	 5 Aug. 1942
COOK Frank J 		Timaru 		15 Jan. 1941 (p11) Free Lance 
COOPER G S 		Timaru 		14 Oct. 1942
COSGROVE M W 		Timaru 		30 Aug. 1944
CRAWLEY H H 		Waimate 	20 Jan. 1943
CRERAR Stuart G 	Timaru 		 4 Aug. 1943 (p8) miscellaneous
CROMBIE R A 		Temuka 		18 Nov. 1942
CROSS Lance 		Timaru  	18 July 1945(p49) Free Lance
DAVIS B W T 		Temuka 		20 Jan. 1943
DAVIS B W T  		Temuka 		 2 Dec 1942 NZ Free Lance p20 s/o J DAVIS
DENT B I 		Maungati 	19 Jul. 1944
DENT Bruce Ingham 	Timaru 		14 June 1944 (p35)
DEPHOFF H C 		Timaru 		12 Jan. 1944 (p23)
DIREEN Alex 		Sth Cant. 	24 Apr. 1945 (p12)
DIREEN Andrew William 	Sth Canterbury  24 Apr. 1945 (p12) misc.
DIREEN Noel 		Sth Cant. 	24 Apr. 1945 (p12) misc.
DOBBIN L St G 		Milford, Cant.  25 Nov. 1942
DONEHUE C E 		Temuka 		5-12-19-26 March 1941
DOYLE E C H 		Fairlie 	24 Dec. 1941 
DOW Ivan 		Timaru 		29 Dec. 1943 (p9) 
DOWIE E W P 		Timaru 		 4 Nov. 1942
EARL Alister 		Timaru  	 7 Feb. 1945 (p13)
ELLEN L A 		Waimate 	 3 Oct. 1945
ELLIS C R 		Timaru 		30 Aug. 1944
ELWORTHY S C 		Timaru 		23 April 1941 
ELSWORTHY S G 		Timaru 		5-12-19-26 March 1941 
ELWORTHY S C 		Timaru 		 8 Jan. 1941 misc (p13)
FEAR R F 		Timaru 		15 Jul. 1942 WW2 personnel Ski troops Syria 
FENTON R G 		Timaru 		12 Apr. 1944
FRIEL G M 		Waimate		18 July 1945 
FIGGINS Walter 		Timaru 		 6 Sep. 1944 (p13)
FITZGERALD T B 		Temuka 		17 July 1940 (p13)
FLANAGAN 		Edward John 	22 Nov. 1944 (p13)
FORSTER Mildred 	Rosewill, Timaru 5 Jan. 1944 (p8) Free Lance 
FOX H I S 		Tycho 		28 Oct. 1942
FRASER C H 		Waimate 	28 Oct. 1942
FRASER E J A 		Waimate 	12 Jan. 1944 & 15 Sept. 1943
GABITES Lieut G L 	Timaru 		19 May  1943 (p11) NZ Free Lance
GALE G N 		Geraldine 	24 Apr. 1945
GALE W K 		Temuka 		 8 Mar. 1944
GALE W K 		Temuka 		 3 May  1944 
GATCHELL C S 		Timaru 		23 July 1941
GILBERT G H 		Temuka 		23 July 1943 (p5)
GILES D B 		Pleasant Point 	 2 June 1943
GOULD H A 		Pleasant Point  28 Oct. 1942
GREEN W R 		Timaru 		 4 Nov. 1942
GRANT Nan (Sister) 	Timaru 		22 Aug. 1945 NZ Free Lance page 1
GRIFFITHS R G Rev 	Waimate 	22 July 1942 
GREENALL S J Sister 	Sth Canterbury   3 Nov. 1943 (p8)
GUTHRIE B W 		Timaru 		26 Feb. 1944 misc (p36)
GUTHRIE S L 		Timaru  	 2 Aug. 1944 Photo of Ruby team (p34) 8th Brigade Cooks' Team
HALKETT J T 		Timaru 		3 March 1943
HALL H J 		Timaru 		25 Nov. 1942
HALL Margaret 		Timaru 		22 Aug. 1945
HALLETT Frederick 	Timaru 		 6 June 1945 (p13) Miscellaneous 
HANNIGAN Jack 		Timaru 		 5 Apr.	1944 NZ POWS in Germany-Stalag VIIIB
HARPER G 		Geraldine 	24 Apr. 1945 (p36)
HAYMAN W 		Timaru 		11 Nov. 1942
HEATH W H 		Waimate 	 3 Oct. 1945 misc.
HENNESSY J M 		Waimate 	16 Aug. 1944
HESSELL E W V 		Timaru 		 4 Aug. 1943
HOLMES C W 		Timaru 		30 Aug. 1944 (p40)
HOOKE F W 		Timaru 		18 Aug. 1943 
HOPKINS H I Rev 	Timaru
HOWES V C 		Albury		14 July 1943
INGLIS Brig. Lindsay M 	Timaru & Dunedin 19 May 1943 (p8) NZ Free Lance
IRVINE G A J  				23 Feb. 1944 "Free Lance" (p22)H/o Mrs I E IRVINE Geraldine 
JAMES Jack 		Timaru 		28 Mar. 1945 (p9) Free Lance
JOHNSON C 		Timaru 		26 Sep. 1945 on the roof of the Fernleaf Club, Tuis
JOHNSTON J B 		Waimate 	24 Dec. 1941 
JOHNSTONE K 		Timaru 		28 Jan. 1942 (p24) Free Lance s/o W JOHNSTONE Ashburton 
JOYCE N E 		Timaru 		13 Dec. 1944
KELLAWAY Douglas 	Timaru 		11 Apr. 1945 personnel misc
KING Dudley R 		Temuka 		29 Nov. 1944 (p11) 
LAMB A J 		Cave		24 Dec. 1941
LAMB F G S 		Cave 		 4 Feb. 1942
LANE A J 		Temuka 		22 Aug. 1945 NZ Free Lance page 30b
LAPTHORN William Henry 	Geraldine 	10 Feb. 1945 Wounded Taranaki Herald and Taranaki Daily News 
LATIMER Cyril 		Timaru 		 6 June 1945 (p13) Miscellaneous 
LAWSON G E 		Timaru 		 6 Dec. 1944
LEITCH T 		Temuka 		27 Dec. 1944
LESLIE J A 		Timaru 		8 March 1944
LESLIE J A  		 		23 Feb. 1944 (p22) Free Lance S/O Mrs C T EVANS Timaru
LIGGINS Rita C Sister 	Timaru 		21 Oct. 1942 (p6) miscellaneous 
LISTER A H 		Timaru 		 3 May  1944 
LITTLE A T 		Timaru 		22 Sept 1943
LOWER R W 		Timaru		17 Nov. 1943
MACDONALD Joyce 	Timaru  	12 Dec. 1945 (p13)
McALEER J J 		Morven 		17 Mar. 1943
McCORMICK A F 		Temuka		17 Nov. 1943
McDONALD M N 		Waimate 	28 May  1941
McEWING D P 		Timaru 		 1 Aug  1945 (p26)
McFARLANE George 	Timaru 		 4 Aug. 1943 (p8)  miscellaneous 
McKENZIE E 		Timaru 		18 Aug. 1943 (p29) miscellaneous 
McKENZIE John 		Timaru 		21 Nov. 1945 (p12) 
McKENNA L D 		Timaru 		27 Dec. 1944
McMAHON J A 		Timaru 		 5 Jan. 1944 
McNAB D G 		Timaru 		24 Nov. 1943
MANCHESTER W M 		Waimate 	23 July 1943 (p5)
MARTIN J C 		Timaru 		28 May  1941
MARTIN J K 		Timaru 		14 July 1943 (p9)  miscellaneous 
MARTIN Keir 		Timaru 		 2 Dec. 1942 NZ Free Lance p8
MacPHERSON J A 		Geraldine 	22 Nov. 1944
MILNE Ronald D 		Timaru 		14 June 1944 (p36)
MOORE M G Sister 	Timaru		10 Jan. 1940 (p19 & p22)  Stratford, Fiji
MORRIS Alan F 		Geraldine 	26 Apr. 1944
MORRIS Alec W 		Geraldine 	26 Apr. 1944
MORRISON T C 		Sth Canterbury  14 June 1944(p 37) NZ Free Lance
MOSS C H 		Geraldine 	 7 Feb. 1945
MORTON Austin 		Timaru 		17 May. 1944 (p10)
MORTON H A 		Timaru  	17 Mar. 1943 (p14)
MURRAY Sister M I 	Timaru 		18 Nov. 1942 Scenes at a NZ General Hospital in Syria
MURRAY G A 		Timaru 		11 Nov. 1942
MURRAY H J 		Timaru 		12 July 1944
MURRAY H J 		Timaru 		 2 Sep. 1942 (p24) NZ Free Lance 
NELMES L C 		Waimate 	 4 Nov. 1942
NEWLANDS D G 		Timaru 		24 Mar. 1943
NEWMAN A G P 		Timaru 		 4 Apr. 1945
NEWMAN Herbert Douglas 			 8 Jan. 1941 misc (p13)s/o Mrs H M NEWMAN, Timaru
NEWMAN Pat 		Timaru 		14 June 1944 (p 16)NZ Free Lance
NORRIS P T 		Geraldine 	10 Feb. 1943
NORRIS P T 		Geraldine 	 2 Sept 1942
OLERENSHAW I 		Waimate 	26 Dec. 1945 (p10) 
OLIPHANT Shona 		Timaru 		23 Aug. 1944 (p15) 
OPIE A A 		Temuka 		 1 Mar. 1944
O'CONNELL J J 		Epworth, Temuka  9 Feb. 1944
O'CONNOR E T 		Timaru		23 Dec. 1942
O'NEIL L J 		Willowbridge 	12 May  1943
O'ROURKE R F  		Timaru  	23 Feb. 1944 "Free Lance"(p8) s/o Mrs O A O'ROURKE
O'ROURKE R F 		Timaru 		15 Mar. 1944
PALMER J C 		Waimate 	19 July 1944
PARK K R Air Vice-Marshall		 5 Aug. 1942 (p7) New Zealand Free Lance 
PARFOOT H D 		Timaru  	24 Feb. 1943 (p28)
PARSONS D 		South Cby.	15 Apr. 1942 (p36) New Zealand Free Lance 
PARSONS D J 		Timaru 		 3 Apr. 1940 (p60)
PARSONS O J 		Timaru 		 5 Nov. 1941
PATRICK R W 		Geraldine 	23 Dec. 1942
PATRICK S S 				 2 July 1941 Free Lance s/o Mrs M A PATRICK Geraldine
PATRICK S S 		Geraldine	 2 July 1941	
PEARCE H G 		Timaru 		11 Oct. 1944
PEARSE Dick 		Temuka 		28 Feb. 1945 (p11)
PORTER G F 		Timaru 		18 July 1945 miscellaneous (p21)
SANDERS F G 		Timaru 		21 Feb. 1945
RATTRAY N A 		Waimate 	11 June 1941 
READ E A G 		Timaru 		 8 Mar. 1944
RENNIE A J C 		Timaru 		 9 Feb. 1944
RIDDLE B C 		Fairlie 	28 June 1944
ROBERTSON A C T 	Fairlie 	 5 Apr. 1944
ROBINSON J M 		Timaru 		18 Aug. 1943 
ROLLESTON Gwendoline 	Timaru 		 5 Jan. 1944 (p10)
RYAN Cyril 		Timaru 		24 Oct. 1945 (p8) Free Lance
RYAN John 		Timaru 		24 Oct. 1945 (p8) Free Lance
RYAN Les 		Timaru 		24 Oct. 1945 (p8) Free Lance
SANDERS F G 		Timaru 		21 Feb. 1945
SCOTT Sr Ellen (NZANS) 	Fairlie  	19 May  1943(p9) NZ Free Lance
SCOTT G V D 		Timaru 		22 Nov. 1944
SHEARS Sgt F G s/o Mrs S Shears Timaru   5 Aug. 1942 (p24) New Zealand Free Lance 
SHEDDAN A B 		Waihao Downs 	29 Mar. 1944
SHEDDON C J 		Waihoa Downs 	16 May  1945
SHEPHERD I J 		Timaru 		 7 Oct. 1942
SHIPMAN I F G 		Timaru 		29 Apr. 1942
SIEGERT C L 		Fairlie 	 3 Jan. 1945
SIEGERT C L 		Fairlie 	29 Nov. 1944 (p45)
SMITH G A E 		Temuka 		26 Apr. 1944
SMITH Harry 		Timaru 		 5 Apr.  1944 NZ POWS in Germany-Stalag VIIIB
SOLE E J 		Waimate 	19 May  1943
SPRING John Francis 	Timaru  	18 July 1945(p22) Free Lance
STOWELL J H 		Esk Valley 	14 July 1943
STUCK V O  		Timaru 		 2 Sep. 1942 (p22) NZ Free Lance  s/o Mrs A J STUCK
STRUTHERS H E Ma-Waro, 	Timaru 		 3 Dec. 1941
TAIT L A 				28 Jan. 1942 (p24) Free Lance s/o Mrs E M WALKER Timaru
TAVENER M 		Waimate 	21 Feb. 1945
TAYLOR H T 		Timaru 		27 Dec. 1944
TAYLOR S E 		Timaru 		26 Feb. 1944 misc (p20)
TEWHAIO T T 		Waimate 	18 July 1945(p34) Free Lance
THOMSON F S R 		Timaru 		11 June 1941 
THOMSON F S R 		Timaru 		29 Dec. 1943
THOMSON J W 		Timaru 		 2 June 1943
TRIPP C W H 		Geraldine 	29 Mar. 1944
TRIPP D M H 		Geraldine 	19 Apr. 1944
TRIPP H M H 		Geraldine 	24 Feb. 1943
TRIPP Peter Mowbray 	Geraldine 	 9 Dec. 1942 
TRIPP Peter Mowbray 	Geraldine 	11 Nov 1942 NZ Free Lance p9
UPHAM C H 				27 May  1942 (p18) & 16 May 1945
UPHAM Capt C H (V.C.)  			 5 Aug. 1942 p33 New Zealand Free Lance 
VERDON W L 		Timaru 		30 Apr. 1941
VERITY V 		Cave		27 Aug. 1941
VERITY V B 		Cave 		12 June 1940 
VERITY V B 		Cave   		5-12-19-26 March 1941  
WALDIE I J 		Timaru 		14 July 1943
WALDIE I J 		Timaru 		23 Jun. 1943 (p33)Crew or passenger flying-boat NZRAF missing sea flight 5 Jun 
WALLACE R F 		Waimate 	20 June 1945
WALLER A J 		Geraldine 	10 May  1943
WALSH B J 		Timaru 		11 June 1941 
WALSH W P 		Timaru 		 1 Nov. 1944
WEBB P/O C C G 		Timaru 		19 Feb. 1941 (p6) Free Lance
WEBB C C G 		Timaru 		 5 Nov. 1941
WEBB George 		Timaru 		17 May  1944 (p10) s/o Mr & Mrs H H WEBB, Timaru 
WHATMAN Norman H 	Waimate 	29 Nov. 1944 (p11)
WHITE D V 		Timaru 		 2 Aug. 1944
WHITE M M 		Waimate 	22 Nov. 1944 (p36)
WILSON T J 		Timaru 		26 Apr. 1944
WILLIAMS L 		Waimate 	 3 May. 1944  
WILLIAMS L S 		Waimate 	8 March 1944
WINTERBOURN Doris 	Timaru 		 6 Sep. 1944 (p13)
WOOD Sub/Lieut John Laing Timaru 	 1 Mar. 1944 misc (p8)
WRIGHT J A 		Timaru 		15 Nov. 1944
WRIGHT Percy 		Timaru 		24 Oct. 1945 (p8) Free Lance

Auckland Weekly News memories 'Bryn Mawr" in Cannington

April 2006 - Christchurch. The Last Reunion for the 20th Battalion and Armoured Regiment, a unit formed in 1939, that included the first New Zealand soldiers to leave for World War Two. It also included two time Victoria Cross winner Charles Upham. It began with a church service and the murmur of mates. Once inside, they sang the national anthem and remembered the fallen. Amongst the men present, there's pride not only in country but in each other "It's a hard feeling to describe...very hard. You lived together, fought together, drank together and ate together, everything was done together," And because all that, friendships were forged - forged and never forgotten. "This is the first time we've met since the end of the war and that's over 60 years." Now just 40 veterans remain from a unit of thousands that saw service in Greece, Crete, Africa and Italy. And it was in Italy that they last saw each other. "We lost our tank more or less on the river Po, we were the only two un-wounded or still on our feet." On Monday they re-visited Burnham camp where their journey began and on Tuesday they'll celebrate the deeds of others at a dawn ceremony - making for an emotional few days. "The best mates you make are the ones made in adversity, hard times, the difficult find out who you can rely on and the 20th Battalion were wonderful people." Austen Deans says. Wonderful people, powerful memories and friendships that've stood the test of time.

NZ Marriage Index shows Thomas Watson NICOL married Minnie Elizabeth COCKLE in 1932. Thomas Watson NICOL was in the 2nd Reserves. He was a Labourer and his address at the time was Main South Road, Temuka.

 1980 RSA badge
1980 RSA badge

RSA website no longer have a searchable database of 'Last Post' entries since June 2000. Since 1937, the RSA Review has regularly published a listing of notified recent deaths of New Zealand ex-servicemen and women. Summer 2012 pdf.
2009: People believed in the past that the RSA was solely for returned servicemen, then for returned and services, but now, anyone can become a member of the RSA, although you still have to be nominated and seconded, and your name goes up on the board for a month.

ANDREWS, G B 	53945 		WWII NZE 		14/04/01 Timaru 
ANDREWS, HD 			WWII 23Bn 		20/07/08 Timaru 
BARWOOD, A W 	25481 		WWII NZA 		11/02/07 Timaru 
BRADLEY, P J 	5690 		WWII Div Int, Engs 	04/12/00 Timaru 
BRADY, N C 	2054 					25/01/07 Timaru 
BREEN, N F 	409302 		WWII 27Bn 		14/07/00 Timaru 
BROADHEAD, E 	4616022 	WWII, Imp 		25/02/01 Temuka 
BROWN, C R 	266887 		WWII, ASC 		16/11/01 Timaru 
BROWN, D W 	909540 		WWII, RAF 		24/01/03 Timaru 
BROWN, FH 			WWII, 23Bn 		20/08/08 Timaru 
BROWN, J 	530306 		WWII, 37Bn, DCoy 	04/08/11 Waimate 
CARLTON A H 	11685 		WWII 26Bn 		21/09/03 Temuka 
CHAPMAN, DI 	82331 		WWII 2NZEF 8Reinf 	27/11/09 Geraldine 
COSGROVE, G G 	208807 		WWII Korea Army Div Tpt 27/11/06 Timaru 
HALPINE, D W 	16878 		Vietnam, RNZN 		08/01/02 Timaru 
HARPER, N D 	390419 		WWII, 23Bn 		24/11/00 Timaru 
HAVIS, J W 	19043738 	WWII, Imp, 8 & 9 Para 	10/02/07 Timaru 
HENNESSY, J M 	13655 		WWII, 2NZEF, 23Bn, ACoy 10/01/01 Waimate 
HERD, W R 	445607 		WWII, RNZAF 		20/07/07 Timaru 
HEWITSON, W R 	4311051 	WWII 			29/11/02 Waimate 
HEWSON, H H 	9480 		WWII 			20/11/03 Geraldine 
HILL, L R 	647039 		WWII, 2NZEF 		25/01/03 Timaru 
HOARE, W E 	90267 		WWII, 2NZEF, 7A/Tk 	04/03/02 Waimate 
HOBBS, W J 	19650 		WWII, 23Bn 		21/06/03 Timaru 
HOLMES, O G E 	280546 		WWII, 27MG Bn 		03/08/05 Timaru 
HOUSTON, S J 	111758 		WWII, Provost 		04/10/03 Timaru 
HUNT, A 	3/434 		WWII, Army		18/04/01 Temuka 
HUNT, F 	EM550887 	WWII 			23/05/01 Temuka 
HUSBAND, E M R 	74247 		WWII, NZASC 		08/12/06 Timaru 
HUTCHESON, H E 	NZ2794 		WWII, Navy 		28/07/01 Temuka
MACDONALD, James Hughie 47459   WWII 			19/07/69 Timaru 
SMITH, D W 	60133 		WWII, 3Div 		28/07/01 Timaru 
SMITH, G 	429903   	WWII RNZAF		24/07/01 Geraldine 
SMITH, R J 	447362 		WWII Air Force		02/04/01 Timaru  
WARD, A 	15268 		WWII NZMC 6Fld Amb 	19/10/03 Timaru 
Last Post February 2004 
Haines, JWH 	21769 		WWII 	RNZE, 7Fld 	22/11/03 Timaru
Hickmore, JD 	LFX765531 				21/11/03 Geraldine
Keen, FG 	50342 		WWII 			27/01/04 Temuka
Kirkman, NJ 	748740 		WWII 	26Bn 		28/10/03 Timaru
Morrison, AR 	4098 		WWII 	26Bn 		01/01/04 Timaru
Sagar, AF, 	294604 		WWII	MN 		06/12/03 Timaru
Wallace, RGP 	248496		WWII 	23Bn 		23/11/03 Timaru
Ward, A 	15268 		WWII 	NZMC, 6Fld Amb  19/10/03 Timaru

Last Post April 2004 
ANDERSON, L H 	655874 		WWII J Force 		24/03/04 Timaru
CAMPBELL, C A 	18542 		WWII HQ Support		06/02/04 Timaru
COX, J P 	625823 		WWII Egypt 		10/02/04 Temuka
ELLEN, R H 	19639 		WWII 2NZEF, Ex POW 	17/12/03 Waimate
ENTWISTLE, R C 	432336 		Air Force, IP 		12/03/04 Geraldine
HAMLEY, C A 	622595 		Korea Div HQ 		24/03/04 Timaru
HARRISON, C J 	443804 		WWII RNZAF 		22/11/03 Waimate
MACDONNELL, S R 		WWII RNZAF 		03/02/04 Timaru
MCINRAITH, R M 	80752 		WWII 2NZEF, Div Cav. 	08/03/04 Timaru
Last Post August 2004
Anstey, W I	2317  		WWII Air Force 218 & 70Sqd 05/05/04 Timaru	
Calvert, A 	1181026	 	WWII RAF 57RSU 		06/06/04 Timaru
Fougere, JR 	446800	 	WWII 7Fld Coy 		24/04/04 Timaru
Hayes, KW 	40685	 	WWII 27MG Bn 		17/04/04 Timaru
Henderson, HP	405640	 	WWII RNZAF		07/04/04 Timaru
Patterson, MC	4211942  	WWII RNZAF 		04/06/04 Timaru
Pringle JC 	417487  	WWII 21Bn 		29/11/03 Fairlie
Roddick, K	48106  		WWII 4Fld Regt 		31/05/04 Timaru
Smith, RD	208642  	Korea 3Coy W/shps 	25/04/04 Waimate
Talbot, A	2048105	 	WWII WAAF 		03/06/04 Timaru
White, SB	13577	 	WWII 19Arm Regt		26/04/04 Timaru

Last Post November 2004
Anderson, JS 	28029 		WWII Army 3Div 37 Bn 	10/09/04 Timaru
Bell, FM	2061854 	WWII WAAF 		16/07/04 Timaru
Cameron, AM 	458785 		WWII 2NZEF JForce Div Cav 16/7/4 Timaru
Campbell, WH 	62966 		WWII 24Bn 		12/08/04 Timaru
Cawood, N 	1093056 	WWII Imp 		20/08/04 Timaru
Giles, JH 	438681 		WWII 26Bn 		16/10/04 Timaru
Haywood, NE 	445458 		WWII 2NZEF 4Arm Bgd 	19/07/04 Woodbury
Hickley, JAV 			WWII RN 		15/08/04 Geraldine
Philips, JA 	3380 33407 	WWII RNZN NZA 		05/07/04 Timaru
Rankin, AC 	436840 		WWII RNZAF 		23/10/04 Timaru
Renton, BR 	66487 		WWII 4Fld Eng 36 Surv Bty 11/9/4 Waimate
Skelton, EJ 	45237 		WWII NZANS 		28/09/04 Timaru
Skelton, LA 	2194528 34160 	WWII RNZE 		24/10/04 Timaru
Spence, BAR 	235276 		WWII 23Bn 		22/08/04 Timaru
Thompson, AJ 	10658 		WWII RNZN FAA 		30/08/04 Timaru
Wakefield, GE 	4214724 	WWII RNZAF 		02/08/04 Temuka
Walke, PJ 	207775 		Korea RNZA 163Bn 	08/07/04 Timaru
Last Post April 2005
Booth, B 	926234 		CMT RNZMC 		11/02/05 Waimate
Klever, J 	15527075 	WWII Dutch Army 	04/12/04 Geraldine
McCall, HB 	207864 		Korea ASC MP 		10/01/05 Waimate
McCreanor, FGC 	969532 		NZA 			16/11/04 Timaru
Shefford, LT 	447518 		WWII 2NZEF 		17/03/05 Waimate
Last Post June 2005
Frandi, A 	897049 		CMT Army 		29/09/04 Waimate
Last Post December 2005
Boyes, EC 	627180 		WWII 2NZEF 		22/10/05 Waimate
Cleverly, DA 	72 		WII 15 Reinf 		10/09/05 Timaru
Delvin, WM 	50333 		WWII 2NZEF 32Bn		02/02/05 Waimate
Hopping, EEJ 	617777 		WWII 14LAA Regt. 	02/11/05 Waimate 
Millar, WS 	255493 		WII 26Bn 		17/09/05 Timaru
Murdoch, JSW 	15797 		WWII 2NZEF 20Bn 	16/11/05 Waimate
O'Neil, JA 	208181 		Korea RNZASC 		09/07/05 Timaru
Williams, CRL 	74456 		WWII 4 Fld Regt. 	28/08/05 Timaru
Last Post March 2006
Bevin, BS 	10037 		WWII 2NZEF 23 &26 Bn 	07/03/06 Timaru
Cox, A 		63924 		WWII 34Bn 		28/11/05 Timaru
Flynn, JJ 	444548 					29/01/06 Timaru
Kinns, WG (Mrs) 820030 		WWII WACC 		13/01/06 Geraldine
McMullan, LC 	452829 		WWII 2NZEF 		19/11/05 Timaru
Last Post May 2006
Nelson, G.A.L. 	664564 		WW11 HS RNZAF 		18/03/06 Geraldine
Last Post July 2006
Coulding, C.G. 	45727 	WWII 2NZEF, Div. Cav. 		16/05/06 Geraldine	
Davis, C.G. 	1944 	WWII RNZN, 			15/05/06 Waimate
Fairbrother, R.E.440758 WWII 26Bn, Italy, Egypt 	06/07/06 Timaru
Hall, E.W. 	8956 	WWII Army 1Ech Div. Sup. 	02/07/06 Pleasant Point
Hamell, E.A. 	620392 	WWII NZA,26Bn 			28/06/06 Timaru
Kerse, W.M. 	19843 	WWII 2NZEF, 26Bn 		07/07/06 Geraldine
Little, J.A. 	15564 	WWII ASC, Sup. Coy, 		23/06/06 Waimate
McGimpsey, R. 	240235 	WWII 2NZEF 			04/07/06 Waimate
Middleton, S.D. 29076 	WWII Japan, 2NZEF 		01/06/06 Timaru
Shears, D.L. 	413540 	WWII RNZAF 428 & 429 Sqd 	08/06/06 Timaru
Stamp, F.J. 	13595 	WWII Army 			05/07/06 Timaru
Wall, L.E. 	16038 	WWII Army, 20Bn 		08/06/06 Timaru
Ward, A. 	15199 	2NZEF 26Bn			16/05/06 Timaru
Wilson, I.G. 	3711 	WWII RNZNVR 			12/07/06 Timaru
Last Post December 2006
Aldridge J.O. 	16727 	WWII Div Cav.	 	09/11/06 Waimate
Bowan M.J. 	436939 				02/08/06 Temuka
Chapman D.C. 	896364 				24/10/06 Temuka
Donaldson, J 	47425 				22/08/06 Timaru
Hodge D.W. 	4129 	WWII Army 19 Inf Bn 	07/11/06 Timaru
Ineson A.E. 	76426 	WWII 37 Bn MG Coy 	19/10/06 Geraldine
Lapthorne H.J. 	427285 	WWII RNZAF 9SR Sqd IP 	28/10/06 Geraldine
Lochead G.L. 	8282 	WWII Army 20 Bn 	29/10/06 Timaru
Piddington G.W	1212627 Air Force 		04/08/06 Timaru
Raymond W.I. 	437515 	WWII Army 26 & 34 Bn 	04/10/06 Timaru
Wallace H.F. 	50369 	WWII 37 Bn 		23/10/06 Waimate
Last Post June 2007
Agnew WD 	898703 				27/03/07 Timaru
Bates FLP 	82258 				31/03/07 Timaru
Bell D (Mrs) 	2091085 			25/12/06 Temuka
Cole AJ 	4014 	RNZN 			18/01/07 Timaru
Hayward A 	896389 				10/12/06 Temuka
Parrant AL 	36884 				11/12/06 Timaru
Savage RE 	441478 				13/11/06 Timaru
Stewart GL 	453712 	WWII RNZAMC 		23/03/07 Timaru
Last Post December 2007
Barnes WF 	446578 	WWII 25 Bn 		91/11/07 Timaru
Catlow TB 	37486 	WWII 			01/09/07 Timaru
Dawson GP 	8951 	WWII RNZN 		07/10/07 Timaru
Midgley S 	18517 	WWII 26 Bn 		27/10/07 Timaru
McNamara G 	454575  WWII 2NZEF 		26/07/07 Waimate
Smith BE 	425947 	WWII RNZAF 103 Squ 	26/10/07 Timaru
Wild SJ 	618819 	WWII J Force Dev Cav 	22/10/07 Timaru
Wilkinson JM 	447458 	WWII 20th Arm Regt 	27/10/10 Timaru
Last Post July/August 2008
Burt HG 	437170 WWII 			04/04/08 Timaru
Chambers GW 	12891  WWII 			12/03/08 Timaru
Gazzard CE 	208167 WWII 			21/03/08 Timaru
Hayman JB 	415318 WWII 			14/05/08 Timaru
Timewell D 	13321  WWII 			23/01/08 Timaru
Welsh 		8356   WWII 20 Bn 		18/05/08 Timaru
Wood A 		442643 WWII 			08/04/08 Timaru

Last Post February 2009 - no entries from South Canterbury

Last Post March 2010
ORANGE RA 	511574 WWII 2NZEF 23Bn 		27/12/09 Geraldine

Last Post June 2010
HIGHET JMH 	5110 	WWII 1Ech 19Bn 		15/03/10 Geraldine
MURPHY LJ 	922110 	CMT 			14/04/10 Geraldine

Last Post September 2010
ANDREWS DM 	19560	WWII NZE 6Fld 		18/04/10 Timaru
BATCHELOR E 	16827 	WWII 2NZEF 23Bn 	10/07/10 Waimate
BRACEGIRDLE M 	821693 	WWII 2NZEF NZANC 	20/07/10 Timaru 
BRADLEY GV 	459897 	WWII JForce 20Arm Regt 	16/07/10 Timaru
DALE AW 	24900 	WWII 2NZEF Ex POW 	11/06/10 Geraldine
DEVLIN CH (MRS) W215331 WWII ATS 		16/06/09 Waimate
EASON SE 	76630 	WWII 23Bn 		10/01/10 Timaru
FAIRBROTHER W 	4970 	WWII RNZN 		22/06/10 Timaru
FRUDE JL 	712220 	Malaya RNZN 		19/03/10 Timaru
GARRETT HG 	291065 256262 WWII 21Bn 	13/03/10 Waimate
GREEN GPC 	13564 	Malaya RNZN 		01/03/10 Timaru
IRVING WJ 	4211383 WWII RNZAF IP 		03/04/10 Timaru
MORSE JW 	266514 	WWII 23Bn ACoy 		04/05/10 Timaru 
MOSS LJ 	19100807 Malaya East Yorks Regt 11/04/10 Timaru
NEAME WJ 	626760 	WWII JForce NZASC 	02/08/10 Timaru
PRICE NM 	391741 	WWII 2NZEF 21Bn 	01/06/10 Timaru 
PRINGLE RJ 	63788 	WWII RNZA 26Bn 4Fld Reg 04/03/10 Waimate
SIMPSON WH 	456874 	WWII JForce Div Cav 	18/07/10 Timaru
SMITH WM 	61507 	WWII 14th Lt Arty 	25/06/10 Waimate
STIRLING JR 	18490 	WWII 30Bn IP 		02/01/10 Timaru
VEITCH JR 	405897 	WWII JForce NZAMC 	26/05/10 Timaru
Last Post March 2011
BEAUMONT EC 	3393 	WWII RNZN 		27/11/10 Timaru
BURKE OB 	45959 	WWII RNZAF 		28/08/10 Timaru
GRAY C 		618041 	WWII 2NZEF JForce NZInf 30/12/10 Timaru
HILL LA 	425904 	WWII RNZAF 		21/09/10 Timaru
HOWE FG 	434840 	WWII 2NZEF 27MGBn 	24/10/10 Timaru
JOY HF 		439187 	WWll RNZAF RAF 		28/11/10 Geraldine
LAKE C 		434686 	WWII 27MGBn 		01/01/11 Temuka
MCLEAN HJ 	425847 	WWII RNZAF IP 		21/12/10 Timaru
MCNEE C 	422612 	WWII RNZAF 		20/08/10 Timaru
O'CONNOR MLAT 	W302397 WWII RCAF 		16/11/10 Timaru 
O'LEARY LR 	443181 	WWII 2NZEF 27MGBn 	23/12/10 Timaru
SMITH CR 	13259 	WWII 2NZEF NZAOC 26Bn 	05/10/10 Timaru
STILWELL MC 	635899 	JForce NZEME 		02/10/10 Timaru
Last Post June 2011
BELL AH 	18614 	WWII 30Bn IP 		21/04/11 Timaru
BROWN JD 	27517 	WWII 2NZEF 		17/02/11 Geraldine 
BROWN WHG 	630359 	JForce 27Bn 		18/03/11 Timaru
DAVIS SE 	8927 	WWII 2NZEF NZASC 	23/04/11 Timaru
GULLIVER R 	38167 	WWII RNZAF IP 		03/09/10 Geraldine
JONES WG 	431287 	WWII RNZAF 40Sqd IP 	15/03/11 Timaru
LONG PB 	426186 	WWII 2NZEF NZASC 	06/02/11 Timaru 
LUDEMANN RM 	407014 	WWII 2NZEF 26Bn 	18/05/11 Geraldine
PAGE AM 	15435 	WWII 2NZEF 18 & 24Bn 	03/05/11 Timaru
PARRIS PR 	NZ5725 	WWII RNZN 		18/04/11 Timaru
RAPSEY EH 	445423 	WWII RNZAF TF 2Canty 	08/03/11 Temuka
WARWOOD LR 	H935003 Vietnam Victor 6Coy 	11/05/11 Timaru
Last Post November 2011
AITKEN IH 	422982 WWII RNZAF 16Sqd 	02/10/11 Timaru
BOLDERSTON JAG 	441743 WWII 2NZEF 21Bn 		19/09/11 Geraldine
BROMBY AR 	621495 WWII 26Bn 		25/06/11 Timaru
CROSS C 	432243 WWII RNZAF 		25/08/11 Geraldine
CROSS RP 	821156 				29/07/11 Geraldine
DAVISON MB 	432275 WWII RNZAF RAF IP 	06/09/11 Timaru
EDER AB 	NZ46658 WWII RNZAF 		08/06/11 Timaru
FITZGERALD JR 	42802  WWII RNZAF IP 		27/08/11 Timaru
GARDNER J 	421440 WWII RNZAF IP 		01/07/11 Timaru
MANNING KA 	4311655 WWII RNZAF IP 		22/08/11 Timaru
MOORE AW 	437975 WWII 23Bn 		24/09/11 Timaru
MORRISON HJ 	16882  WWII NZASC 1Ammo Coy 	25/07/11 Timaru
MOYLE EJ 	76356  WWII NZAMC 		31/05/11 Timaru
ORAM IN 	445444 WWII 27MGBn DCoy 	06/08/11 Timaru
PATERSON JA 	133652 				12/08/11 Geraldine
PEARSE RW 	37617  WWII 27MGBn 		09/07/11 Timaru
REEVE BA 	NZ4213283 WWII RNZAF 75Sqd 	17/07/11 Timaru
TAYLOR MG 	439977 WWII RNZAF IP 		27/08/11 Timaru
THOMPSON JE 	405809 WWII RNZAF 		22/06/11 Timaru 
TOOHEY AN 	820990 WWII NZWAAC Med Div 	13/07/11 Timaru
Last Post March 2012 
GREENING JW 	B759231 RMZE Rhodesia 		23/11/10 Timaru
KING FM 	441268 WWII RNZAF 		10/01/12 Geraldine
REIHANA 	JT 206979 Korea 10Coy 		04/12/11 Temuka

Summer 2012 
BROWN PJ 	81564 WWII 2NZEF Army Corp 	08/09/12 Temuka
ROE F 		R254943 WII RFA 		09/09/12 Geraldine 
Spring 2013 pg16 [for some reason Waimate men listed from 2010 to 2013]
BROWN JA 	50306 WWII 37Bn 		04/08/2011 Waimate
BUTCHER ER 	451010 WWII 3Div, Pacific 	03/11/2011 Waimate
CHAPMAN AE 	7308 WWII 27MG Bn 		02/09/2013 Waimate
JAMES RA 	43287 Vietnam, NZ Army 		27/07/2013 Temuka
IGGO JA 	243921 WWII 18Bn 		11/02/2012 Waimate
LAING S 	203545 Korea 161 Bty 		28/01/2012 Waimate
TAVENDALE RH 	448119 WWII 2 Coy 27MG Bn 	08/05/2011 Waimate
TRAUE FR 	454786 WWII 22Bn 		25/12/2012 Waimate
Summer 2013 pg14
BOWEY CW 	1273518 WWII RAF 		18/10/2013 Geraldine
BRUCE AS 	639403 WWII 16 Reinf 		08/10/2013 Geraldine
FLETCHER HGS 	D/JX 10254NZ 13108 WWII Palestine Korea RNZN 06/08/2018 Timaru
GIBSON KE 	208036 Korea 16FD NZA 		28/10/2013 Timaru
GOULD RD 	257410 5Fd Regr 2NZEF 		14/06/2013 Timaru
HEDDELL DL 	425841 WWII RNZAF 		16/02/13 Timaru
KING AJ 	635882 J Force 27 Bn 		16/02/2013 Timaru
MACKEY AT 	920078 Malay Infantry 		25/05/2013 Timaru
SARGENT	(nee Lane) 39846 NZ WRAC 		01/12/2010 Waimate
SIM LC 		50345 2NZEF 26 Bn 		15/07/2013 Timaru
WEBSTER DRE 	441538 WWII RNZAF 		16/10/2013 Timaru
BENNIE, John Alexander (Jack); 444820, Trooper 18th Armoured Brigade: Timaru d. May 23, 2014
WOOD, Verdun (Dick), Pte 623199, 3rd Division, 27th Machine Gun Batt. Timaru d. June 27 2014 aged 90
Autumn 2013
COOK KJ 	T20648 WWII ASC 		29/11/13 Temuka
Lowen J 	0767784 WWII 27MG Bn 		14/11/12 Geraldine
MILLER AR 456860 WWII Fld Amb 20/01/13 Temuka
Winter 2013
PIKE TL 	D/MX712189 WWII RN CPO 		15/04/2013 Geraldine
Spring 2014
DAVIS G 	JX313410 WWII RN 			14/01/2014 Timaru
TURNBULL PS 	617677 2NZEF J Force, 26 Bn 		24/04/2014 Timaru
VERDUN V 	457322 WWII 27 27MG 			27/06/2014 Timaru
WILLIAMS HF 	75759 & 539092 WWII, RNZAF & NZ Army 	12/06/2014 Waimate
Sumner 2014
DELLOW RJ 	240144 WWII NZARMY 6FD Regiment 22/08/14 Timaru
HESSELL CF 	NZ4076 WWII RNZN 		19/07/14 Pleasant Point
WOOD V 		457322 WWII 27 MG Bn 		27/06/2014 Timaru
Autumn 2014
ASHTON CK 	74941 RNZAF 		11/01/2015 Waimate
DOWNING LA 	422500 WWII RNZAF 	06/10/2014 Timaru
GOULD LB 	257415 NZ Army 2NZEF 	13/12/2014 Temuka
HENEY LM 	218276 WWII 2Cant Regt 	31/12/2014 Geraldine
WATKINS RG 	435587 WWII 16 Rein 	29/11/2014 Geraldine
WILLIAMS HF 	539092 WWII RNZAF 	12/06/2014 Waimate
WILLIAMS RW 	251263 WWII NZ Army 	05/12/2014 Waimate

Winter 2014
Autumn 2015
Winter 2015
EDMONDSON BJ 	34172 	RNZInf 		18/04/2015 Waimate
Spring 2015
BELL AD 	4311605 WWII RNZAF 	23/06/2015 Waimate
FAWDRAY EB 	 251242 WWII 2NZEF 	25/07/2015 Geraldine
Summer 2015
ASWORTH ES 	50211 WWII 38th Fd Regt 23/08/2015 Waimate NZ Army
IRVINE D 	14137 Korea, RNZN 	12/10/2015 Waimate
Autumn 2016
CHAPMAN RL 	624661 RNZEME, WWII 	25/02/2016 Timaru
LINDSAY RP 	15324 18th Bn 		14/02/2016 Waimate Armoured Regt 2NZEF, WWII
MCGOVERN AH 	61299 NZ Army, WWII 	18/02/2016 Timaru
Spring 2016
GREEN GWH 	774036 CMT 		01/07/2016 Geraldine
WIGGINS JM 	2148600 WAAF RAF WWII 	26/06/2016 Waimate 	nee BATEMAN
Summer 2016
THATCHER JA 	2029 RNZAF WWII 	28/10/2016 Geraldine
Autumn 2017
ARCHIBALD TJ 	432869 RE, NZ Army, RNZAF, WWII, Solomon Islands 1/12/2016 Temuka
BROSNAHAN L 	640330 J Force 		20/12/2016 Temuka
DUFFY AL 	  7972 RNZN, WWII 	09/12/2016 Timaru
MARSH TJ 	NZ17892 NZ Army 	12/01/201 Temuka
PARKER GSS 	J925206 RNZN, NZ Army 1RNZIR, VICTOR, 1 Coy 04/01/2017 Temuka
SMITH LJ 	898465 			23/01/2017 Temuka
WOODHILL R 	928417 WWII 		25/11/2016 Temuka
Winter 2017
DALE RD 	 62790 2NZEF, WWII 	12/04/2017 Temuka
EANS DC 	645749 NZ Army WWII 	16/03/2017 Temuka
MARTIN AC 	  5820 RNZN NZEF WWII 	25/03/2017 Temuka
PEARCE KJ 	447461 WWII 		22/03/2017 Geraldine
PRENTICE LC 	898299 WWII 		29/03/2017 Temuka
WOODHILL R 	928417 WWII 		25/11/2016 Temuka

AFFLECK, Verdun Henry James:#8383, Sgt, WWII, 20th NZ Btn, Infantry HQ, Truck Driver. Died May 15 2017 in his 100th year. Buried at Woodbury Cemetery. Aoraki Funeral Services Timaru, F.D.A.N.Z.

11 Nov. 2009. Remembrance Day, Remembrance Bridge, CHCH
They marched into battle. Now they march into history.

On the 25th May 1916, the SC RSA made its debut as the South Canterbury Returned Soldiers Association. The Association's current site, 21 Wai-iti Road, Timaru, was opened on 30th August 1975. The SC RSA still has more than 500 returned servicemen and women in their data base. The balance of our members are associate members as of 2014.

Miscellaneous deaths from Betts Funeral Services F.D.A.N.Z. notices:
ANNETT David (Dave) M.B.E., 9594, PO, RNZN, Pacific, WW2 on May 21, 2012, aged 91 years
ANSTEY, Elizabeth (Liz) 5993 Flying Officer, Nursing Service, Princess Mary Royal Air Force, WW11 - May 19 2015
BACKHOLM Errol Benjamin, 433218 LAC RNZAF on September 17th 2012, aged 87
BROWN Patrick James (Pat) (Brownie), 81564 2NZEF: on Saturday 8 September 2012 aged 96
CHITTOCK Benjamin James Frederick (Eric) RNZAF 43235 13th of October, 2013 aged 96
CLIMO, John Thomas Linton, 629989, Pte, 27MG, WW2 January 24, 2013, aged 88 years
COTTLE Mary Frances, Private WAAC (UK) WW2 9 December 2012 aged 95 (Fairlie)
DICKESON Phyllis (nee Knott) RNZAF WAL 5362: on 3rd November 2012, aged 93
GIBB Frederick Stanley (Fred) 438369 20th of December, 2013 aged 91
GOULD Richard Douglas (257410 Gnr 2ndNZEF) on June 14th 2013 aged 91 years
JONES, Neil Arthur, NZ8527, Torpedo Man, RNZ Navy, 1943-1947 18th of April, 2015
MACKEY Allan Trevor, 920078, WO2, RNZIR, Malaya aged 81 years
MARTIN, Henry Thomas (Harry) Reg 203197, Corporal,23rd Battalion, WW2 on January 5, 2013 aged 92
MOORE, Arthur Sutherland: 37604 Cpl, 27th Machine Gun Battalion. At Timaru Hospital May 20, 2017, in his 100th year. Cremated.
PARRY John Pryce, 429360, W/O, 195 Squadron, RAF, WW2 on December 1, 2011, aged 98 years
PULLAR, Bronwyn Matilda, 50210 Drv ATS WWII 1 April 2014 in her 96th year
SIM Leslie Cope (Les) 50345, 26th Battalion 11 July 1913 in his 94th year
STEVENSON, Charles Walter Richard (Charlie), NZ Army 821225 Pte 27 MG BTN, J Force 24 March 2015 aged 87
STAPLETON, John Thomas (Jack), 435802, Pte, 23 BTN, B Coy, 2NZEF Dec. 23 2014
SWANEY Albert Ernest (Albie) 96035, Gnr, NZ Artillery, 2NZEF (Pacific): 3.05.20 � 29.05.12 29th of May, 2012
STRACHAN, Alexander Freedman (Sandy): Flt Sgt Reg. No. 4210193 RNZAF WWII. Died at Rannerdale Veterans Rest Home, ChCh, August 31, 2017, in his 94th year. Service held in Betts Chapel, corner North and Butler Streets, Timaru. Cremated.
TALBOT Alan David, O.B.E., J.P. (Retired), 415961, Sgt., RNZAF, WW2 May 22, 2012, in his 95th year
TURNBULL Allan Godfrey: 88715 Pte WW II on August 10th, 2012, in his 91st year
YELDON, Frederick (Fred), 573310, Pte, NZAOC, WW2: on September 4, 2012, aged 95 years

Press, 6 October 1939, Page 10 TIMARU, October 5.
At the close of the sitting of the Medical Board at Timaru to-day, 342 men had been examined, of whom 202 had been passed as fit. 137 declared temporarily unfit, and three permanently unfit. Twenty men left for camp this afternoon, members of the Rifle Battalion travelling on a special troop train, and engineers on the second express. Only relatives were allowed on the platform when the troop train was at the station. Some members of the Timaru Highland Pipe Band were in attendance, two bandsmen being among those leaving for the north. Pipers played selections while the train was at the station. Enlistments now total 353. To-days enlistments were:
Autridge. H. Robert Duncan, tractor driver, Temuka.
Fairhall, Thomas Alfred, storeman, Crown Hotel, Timaru.
Galbraith, Andrew Walter, motor mechanic, Stafford street, Timaru.
McMillan, Jonathan Alexander, motor mechanic, Trafalgar street, Timaru.
Charles Robert, porter, Timaru Hospital.

John Keast 5 December 2007 The Press (Christchurch)
Bruce died May 2008. He lived until he was 88, and he was a hardy bloke.  He had a great sense of humour.

At 80, war pilot Bruce Hayman decided to write about his remarkable life. In his book, he tells of a doomed mission in the Italian campaign of December 1943, when his plane crashed on Mount Etna. Bruce Hayman's life has revolved around Tasman Downs, and he has worked long and hard to make it the green property it is today. Hayman, a spry 87 despite a catalogue of injuries, lives at the 500ha farm, deep in the Mackenzie. Hayman is still working, never mind the artificial leg. Son Ian, who runs the property, replays a favourite saying of his father: "Dad would always say, why pay someone to do something if you can do it yourself." Hayman made the gates at Tasman Downs, he built the sheds, he made the machinery, and he made the tools to make the machinery. When his parents took over Tasman Downs in 1920, it was only marginally economic. Bruce's father was told by his father to "go up there and look after the godforsaken place till we can get rid of the bloody thing." The Haymans are still at the farm at the lake end of Braemar Road, a good hike from Tekapo. In 1941, Bruce Hayman hopped on his motorcycle as a 21-year-old and rode to the military recruiting office in Timaru. He signed for the air force, training in New Zealand and Canada, with a view to piloting Spitfires, but ended up in Wellington Bombers. That, ultimately, led to him wrestling throttles over Mount Etna after he was given wrong wind information. "I had been flying on instruments for about 25 minutes and was at about 7000 feet when the light seemed a little brighter, I looked out to see if perhaps we were breaking through above the cloud, when to my horror I saw an ugly cluster of jagged snow-covered rocks flash past about 10 feet from the port engine nacelle." He rammed both throttles forward, but soon the props were shorn off on rock, and Hayman was left badly injured sitting in the Wellington, its nose gone, and sliding down the mountain. Two crew lay dead and when Hayman went to get out, his leg collapsed, bones exposed. His jaw was badly cut, a finger tip was all but off, and he could smell aviation fuel. "My hands and knees were semi-functional, so I crawled and scratched my way over the rocks and the rubble up across the area the crashing aircraft had cleared of ice and snow as it finally came to rest." Other crew went for help, leaving five remaining, one of whom died soon after. Hayman took to his damaged middle finger with a pocket knife. He wrapped the stump in a handkerchief and straightened his broken leg. And then he waited for three freezing days, fighting sleep -- and death -- by reciting poems. Help arrived in the form of Sicilian Mafiosa, who came to loot the plane. At one a point a gun was put to his head and he was later half-dragged down Mount Etna, and then put on a donkey. Eventually, the survivors were picked up by an RAF jeep. Hayman was shipped back to England, where he stayed in hospital for 18 months, fighting leg infections. Back in New Zealand, Hayman sought a rehab loan to help run the farm. He was told money did not go to farms beyond Burkes Pass. Hayman went into several ballots for down-country blocks and missed out on all of them. Tasman Downs beckoned again. Eventually, his leg began to ulcerate and it was removed. Hayman is no quitter. He demanded land when Lake Pukaki was raised in 1976, but ended up getting a small sum of money. Now, though his eyesight is failing, his memory is clear. Which is why, sitting at a table he fashioned from old poles, Hayman's hands once again grab the throttles as he tells of a life well lived. His book, The Nut That Changed My Life, will be launched at the Mount John homestead, Lake Tekapo, from 5pm on December 14. The title refers to the loose nut which brought about an emergency landing in North Africa.

TOUGH LIFE In his lifetime Bruce Hayman has: Been struck by lightning -- a paddock is named after the event. Had his leg broken by a ram. Lost his house to fire.

The Nut That Changed My Life by Bruce Hayman. Publisher J. Hayman, 2007.  272 pages Subjects:
Air pilots, Military - New Zealand
Mackenzie District (N.Z.)
World War, 1939-1945 - Mediterranean Region - Aerial operations, New Zealand

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Ian Hayman, a fourth generation beef farmer who works Tasman Downs Station on the edges of Lake Pukaki, has more than farming in his blood "he, his father and his grandfather are all recognised"s. The family tradition of making things is evident all over the Hayman property, from decades old post drivers and grader blades, to homemade skis and a miniature steam-powered tractor built in 1914. The tradition began with Ian's great grandfather who came to Tasman Downs in 1915; his daughter had tuberculosis and they had been advised to seek fresh, high country air. Ian's grandfather took over in 1919 after being told to look after the God forsaken place till it can be sold'. Ian's father Bruce later took over the farm, and he led a colourful life. He was a World War II Wellington Bomber pilot, survivor of a crash into Mt Etna (and a subsequent leg amputation), author of his autobiography. "The nut that Changed My life" and a good old fashioned farmer. Ian describes him as being the one with real talent; a designer and an engineer, and it was Bruce that taught Ian everything he knows. There are projects on the farm that are evident of generations of creative talent including a wind-uproof on the fertiliser shed so trucks can dump a load in directly (no shovelling) and gravity fed water pumps and wheels, but Ian has particular memories of inspirational things made by his grandfather and father. I still use some of dad's machinery on the farm today, and I have kept lots of things he made. Ian also has a deft hand at metal work, and each paddock on the property is not only named, it has a handmade sign made from old hay rake tines; there are nearly 140 of them scattered around the farm. Most significant is a sign that rests on the gate on the roadside of the property where it can be seen by passers-by it reads "The nut that Changed My life", the title of Bruce;s autobiography, and it is a fitting tribute to him; he sadly passed away in 2008. Bruce's grave rests on a hill at Tasman Downs, and Ian made it's surround using his metal work skills. Ian describes himself as a "caretaker" of the property, and he spends his time working the farm, and passing on his knowledge, as his father did to him, to his son, Archie, the fifth generation of innovative Hayman's. It's just what I enjoy doing. And I'll keep doing it for as long as I can. Ian Hayman's father, Bruce, built water wheels on their property to pump water to the homestead.

Military Uniforms - NZ stamps

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, they are remembered.Lest We Forget - Oral history projects, were increasingly important as veterans from World War  Two, the last conflict involving civilian soldiers, became fewer and fewer. "We owe it to future generations of New Zealanders to preserve as much as possible of the human evidence of wartime, war's triumphs and tragedies, the boredom and the excitement. Letters, diaries, photographs, postcards, or even souvenirs, ration books, and paybooks contribute to the story of our country's wartime experiences. It is not only the experiences of service men and women which are worth remembering. Those in the Home Guard, war refugees, war brides, members of patriotic organisations, people 'making do' at home - they too have stories which are worth preserving," Helen Clark said 19 Feb. 2002.

Compulsory Military Training Act was passed into New Zealand law 3 August 1949. CMT lasted from 1950 until 1958. In 1962 a selective service where 20-year-old men were chosen by ballot was established and lasted until 1972.


NZ Flag Waving

Our flag bears the stars that blaze at night,
In our southern sky of blue,
And that little old flag in the corner,
That’s part of our heritage, too.
It’s for the English, the Scots and the Irish,
Who were sent to the ends of the earth,
The rogues and the schemers,
The doers and the dreamers,
Who gave New Zealand its birth.

And you who are shouting to change it,
You don’t seem to understand,
It’s the flag of our laws and our language,
Not the flag of a far away land.
There are lots of people who will tell you,
How when Europe was plunged into night,
That little old flag in the corner,
Was their symbol of freedom and light.

It doesn’t mean we owe our allegiance,
To a forgotten imperial dream,
We’ve the stars to show where we’re going,
And the old flag to show where we’ve been.

The original 'The Old Flag' was written by Robin Northover, AUS 1986. The original poem has Australia instead of New Zealand and a couple of fewer lines. Posted here with Robin's permission. 

The WOMEN'S WAR SERVICE AUXILIARY (WWSA) was controlled by the National Service Department and was formed to direct and co-ordinate the women power in the country. Lord Freyberg VC, who was commander of the New Zealand division in the Middle East, requested that the Government send New Zealand girls to work in the New Zealand Forces Clubs to boost the morale of soldiers. This request was approved, and in 1941 the first group of WWSA arrived in Tewfik on the Suez Canal, where they were met by Lady Freyberg who, prior to her being appointed as their leader, had been a supervisor at the New Zealand Forces Club in London and then at the Club in Cairo. She christened them 'Tuis' and it was under this name that the girls served in the forces in libraries, offices, canteens and visited hospitals in the Middle East, Italy and London. The 'Tuis' were demobilised in 1946.

NZSG -S. Cant. branch library -Timaru Museum
Newspaper publication of all New Zealand Navy, Army and Air Force personnel killed in World War II

A Record of the Men of the Geraldine RSA District who fell in the Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 - researched and recorded by Noel A Horgan and J McGregor Simpson

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Press, 10 September 1942, Page 4 Distinguished Conduct Medal
Robertson, Warrant Officer (second class) Alan Charles Tuarea, of Fairlie.

The original well worn Onward badge saw 4 years service overseas in the Middle East and Italy during WW2 the others are sand-cast.

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