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Wise's New Zealand Directory 1872-3



Action, Edward*			butcher
Aston, John			carpenter
Babington, George Matthew	surveyor
Ball, Edward*			proprietor Timaru and Gladstone Gazette
Bank of New Zealand		- Robert Alexander Chisholm	manager
Bartlett, Richard		express proprietor
Barton, Nathaniel		butcher
Beckingham Bros.		plasters
Beckingham George		chimney sweep
Beldy, Andreas			dentist, tobacconist, hairdresser
Belfield, Herbert*		proprietor Timaru Herald
Bennett,Alexander		carter and express proprietor
Beswick, William Cockerill*	stock and station agent, licensed land broker
Bowker, William			bootmaker
Broad, Allan			draper
Brown, Allan	 		draper
Brown, Horace Simpson		Timaru brewery
Bush, William			carpenter
Cabot, Thomas*			teacher
Cain, Captain Henry*		Timaru Landing Service Co.
Cassidy, Edwin			baker and confectioner
Clarendon Hotel			Hobbs Bros., props.
Cliff, George*	 		miller
Club Hotel			Peter Daniel McRae, prop
Cockroft, Joseph*		watchmaker and jeweller
Commercial Hotel		- Alfred Gartside Stone, prop.
Cork, Thomas Grierson		bookseller, agent for Otago Daily Times
Cramond, John*			proprietor Cobb & Co.'s line of coaches; booking office, rear of Royal Hotel
Crawford, James Field		commission agent
Cullman, Frederick		baker and confectioner
Dale, William*			express proprietor
Devonport, Mrs.			tobacconist
Dockrell, Joseph		carpenter
Driscoll, Thomas		Hibernian hotel
Duncan, Patrick Joseph		plumber
Dunrand, Mrs.			dressmaker
Edmonds, William Lawrence	cabinetmaker and undertaker
Elder, and Cramond		blacksmiths and wheelwrights
Ellis, Joseph*			carter
Exley, Harpin			carter
Fleming, James			accountant
Foden, Edward			Old bank Hotel
Foden, Henry			boarding house
Foley, John			plasterer
Fonseca, Isaac			undertaker
Freeman, John			bootmaker
Friedlanker, Herman		tobacconist
Fyfe, Thomas Webster		painter
Gabites Bros.*			drapers and clothiers
Gardner, George William		commission agent
Garrett, Thomas Johnston	wheelwright
Gilbert, John			tailor
Gilchrist, Walter		cooper
Green, Henry*			commission agent; agent for McMeckan, Blackwood and Co.'s steamers
Griffin, Samuel Stewart*	coach proprietor
Hamilton, John			plasterer
Hammond, Dr.	 		surgeon
Harbor steam Co.		- G.G. Russell & Co.'s steamers
Harrison, William		baker and confectioner
Healey, William*		painter and plumber
Hibbard and Cowan		drapers and storekeepers
Hill, Simpson and Graham,	leases Government Landing Service
Hobbs and Sons			tailors and outfitters
Hobbs Bros. (William Alfred and Francis) Clarendon hotel
Horney and Co.			seedman
Imperial Insurance Co. 		- Frederick Le Cren, agent
Inwood and Bilton		booksellers; agents for Lyttelton Times and Press
Jackson, Mrs.			schoolmistress
Jacobs, Chapman			watchmaker and jeweller
Jaggar, Mr. and Mrs.		district school teachers
Jonas, Moss			general storekeeper
Jones, T.B.			general smith
Kennedy, Mrs.			schoolmistress
Kent, William			painter
King, James*			Timaru horse repository
King, John*			secretary Permanent Building Society
Le Cren, Frederick* 		auctioneer and commission agent; agent for Imperial Insurance co.
Levin, Jacob			boarding-house
Lewis, John*			nurseryman
Laoder and Co., George		butchers
Lornes, Joseph			cordial manufacturers
Machin, T.*			bricklayer
Melton, John			Timaru hotel
Miles, and Co.,			general merchants; agents for the Untied States, new Zealand, and Australia Steam Ship Line, and Royal Insurance Co.
Morrison and Green		Ship hotel
Murray, Donald			blacksmith and wheelwright
McCaa, Alexander		baker and confectioner
McKay, Mrs.			boarding-house
McKeown, William		saddler
McKeckin, Mrs.			schoolmistress
Nelson, William Pratt		painter
New Zealand Steamship Co.	- G.G. Russell and Co. agents
Old Bank Tavern			- Edward Foden, prop.
Padgett, William*		tailor
Parr, Brothers*			millers
Parsons, Thomas, junr., 	carpenter
Permanent Building Society	- John King, secretary
Perry, Arthur			solicitor
Price and Hartman		photographers
Ramsay, Miss			schoolmistress
Raustrom, Hiram			blacksmith
Reece, Edward*			ironmonger
Riddle, Charles			express proprietor and poundkeeper
Robins, John*			chimney-sweep
Royal Hotel			- James Sullivan, prop.
Royal Insurance Co.		- Miles & Co, agents
Rowley, T.G.			ironmonger
Russell and Co., George Gray 	merchants; agents for Lloyd's Harbor Steam Co., Victoria Insurance Co., and NZ Steam Shipping co.
Rutherfurd, William*		commission agent
Salek and Son			general storekeepers
Shepherd, James*		grocer
Ship Hotel			-Morrison and Green props.
Simpson, John*			carpenter
Simpson, Mrs.			boarding-house
Simpson, Ralph			carpenter and undertaker
Slee, Frank			cordial manufacturer, Sportsman's Arms, Saltwater Creek
Stansell, Robert 		Albion dinning rooms
Stone, Alfred Garteside		Commercial Hotel
Stubbs and Co., F.W.		auctioneers and commission agents
Sullivan, James			Royal Hotel
Tate, Edwd. Henry		licensed land broker and commission agent; Clerk to Board of Works; agent for Australian\n mutual Provident Society, Northern Assurance Co., and NZ Trust and Loan Co. (limited)
Taylor, Robert*			carpenter
Taylor, Robert Ross		draper and storekeeper
Tegg, William*	 		carpenter
Thompson, Charles		Melville House (Boarding)
Thompson, John			surveyor
Timaru Herald printing and publishing office -Herbert Belfield, prop.
Timaru and Gladstone Gazette printing office -Edward Ball prop.
Timaru Hotel			-John Melton prop.
Tomlinson and Small		butchers
Travers, Alfred			schoolmaster
Turnbull, Richard		auctioneer
Union Bank of Australia		-William Winstanley Cobb, manger
Untied States, New Zealand, and Australia Steam Ship Line -Miles and Co., agents
Upton, W.			builder
Victoria Insurance Co.,		-G.G. Russell agents
Wadsworth, George		bootmaker
Wallace, Benjamin		cabinetmaker
Watkins, Richard		chemist and druggist
Wederell, Charles		express proprietor
Wheeler, Alfred			plumber
White, John William		solicitor
Whittaker, Henry*		bootmaker
Wildie, George Hunter*		licensed land broker
Wilds, John			carter
Williams, George Charles	saddler
Williamson, William		architect and surveyor
Wilson, Francis Jno		architect and builder
Yardley, Mrs.			dressmaker
Younghusband, Mrs.*		schoolmaster

170 surnames listed above but only 46 names appear on the 1878- 1879 Wises NZ Directory.


Arenas,Francis			Crown hotel
Barrett, M.			carter
Binley, J.			cordial manufacturer
Breakwell, J.			millwright
Brewer, E.			saddler
Brosnaham, J.			carter
Brown and Plante		general storekeepers; agents for New Zealand Insurance Co.
Bryant, William			blacksmith
Burrows, Thomas			Royal hotel
Collins, John			fellmonger
Connelly, M.			carter
Currie, John			carpenter and wheelwright
Currie, Samuel			moulder
Dale, ____			baker and merchant
Dyson, G.			timber merchant
Edwards, T.			carpenter
Fish, Robert			surgeon, Geraldine
Gafney, Michael			carter
Glasson, John V.		Arowhenua hotel
Gray, Kenneth			blacksmith
Griffin, Samuel S.		coach proprietor
Holloway, Henry			bricklayer
Howard, George			fellmonger
Jackson, ___			boot and shoe maker
Klee, ___			boot and shoe maker
Kohn, ___			carter
Langridge, ___			carpenter
Marshall, James			baker and butcher
Martin, J.M.			general storekeeper
Massey, W.			commission agent
Mein, Alexander			blacksmith and flax worker, Kakahu
Mendelsohn, Julius		general storekeeper
Morris, A.			boot and shoe maker
McIlwrick, J.			Milford Arms hotel
Parr, W. and J.			millers
Parsons, J.			machinist
Pennycudd, C.			painter
Perry, Charles			solicitor
Popplewell, Joseph		carpenter
Pratt, Henry			painter
Radford, J.			mason
Rayner, C.J. 			stationer, chemist and druggist; agent for Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co.
Rayner, Thomas O.		M.D., surgeon
Rutland, W.J.			carpenter
Smith, J.			carpenter
Stubbs, Frederick Worcestor	auctioneer
Thompson, G.			livery stables
Velvin, John			draper and clothier
Watt, Robert			carpenter
Whitehead, John			bricklayer
Wiggins, F. 			architect
Wilcox, W.H.			saddler
Wilson, Alexander		general storekeeper
Wood and Co.			flax workers
Wood Brothers			millers
Wyatt, W.			carpenter
Young, John A.			Clarendon hotel


Abbenseth, E.			miller
Anderson, James			carter
Bruce, James			timber merchant
Butcher, Henry			carter
Champion, R.			carter
Deck, Charles			carter
Dickinson, George		carpenter
Dixon, Wm.			baker, Waimate restaurant
Dow, Andrew			Waimate hotel
Drury, ____			surgeon
Forest, Robert			cater
Freeman, George R.		livery stables
Frew, Alexander			saddler
Gaitt, Frederick		carpenter
Gaitt, James			tailor
Lumsden, James 			carter
Maberly, James			cabinetmaker
Maberly, Mrs.			milliner
Manchester Bros., and Goldsmith general storekeepers; agents for Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co.
Manchester, George		carter
Meyer, Henry			carpenter
Meyer, Herman			carpenter
Molloy, John			butcher
Newell, Thomas			Club hotel
O'Brien, Michael		carter
Pain, James T.			carpenter and undertaker
Pain, John			carpenter
Pain, Martha			dressmaker
Price, Leonard			general storekeepers; agent for New Zealand Insurance Co.
Rodgers, Samuel S.		carter
Thomson, John			Carter
Tregoning, Benjamin		carter
Tregoning, Michael		carter
Ure, James			brickmaker and bricklayer 
Wall, Nicholls			blacksmith
Wells, Richard			blacksmith

* =appears in the Wise's 1878-79 Directory

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Timaru Herald, 3 May 1897, Page 2
District Judge Kettle takes a decided stand on the subject of tradesmen keeping proper books, whenever a trader appears before him in his bankruptcy jurisdiction. He said the other day : " The proper keeping of books is the only true guide a man has to tell whether he is rising or sinking. If a man goes to sea in a ship without a compass, and strikes a rock, he is very much to blame, and if a man starts business and does not keep proper books he is also very much to blame. The books must disclose his proper financial position."