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Wise's New Zealand Directory 1878-9
 page 5

TIMARU, Canterbury

100 miles from Christchurch
Acton	 	Edward*		butcher 	Great North rd
Ainsworth	Hy., 		bricklayer	High st
Allan and Stumbles (W. Allan and Geo. Stumbles) contractors, Strathallan st 
Alexander	Thos.		Royal Hotel	Beswick st
Allpress	Jonathan	clerk		Edward st
Amos		Thos. 		plumber		Great North rd
Anderson and Co.,		grocers
Archer		Fulbert 	(of Miles, Archer and Co.)
Bailey		Benj.		publican	Heaton st
Ball		Edward*		printer		Great North rd
Barfrede and Sherratt		coal merchants
Bartlett	John		coachbuilder	Great North rd
Bartlett	Richard*	fishmonger	Theodocia st
Beckingham	George*		bricklayer	Cain's terrace
Beckingham	Jas., 		upholster	Great North rd
Belfield	Herbert*	printer		Great North rd
Bell		Alex.,		billard maker	Beswick st
Bell		Peter		blillard maker	Bank st
Bennett		Joseph Shepherd carpenter	Grey rd
Beswick		William Cockerill* commission agent Grey rd
Berrill		G		clerk		LeCren Terrace
Bilton		John		statnr.,	Great North rd
Blake		Patrick		constructor	Russell sq
Bloomfield and Parkes		carpenter	Great North rd
Bowie		Robert	of Taylor and Bowie	Great North rd
Bowker		Charles		land agent 	Great North rd
Bowkett		Edward		blacksmith	Grey st
Bowkett		Thomas		blacksmith	Grey st
Boyce		Jas.		draughtsman	William st
Bradley		Samuel		contrctr.,	Barnard st
Brekam		Jas.		stonemason	Latter st.
Brooks		Joseph		bricklayer	High st
Brownell	T.T.		timber merchant	Great North rd
Bruce		James		timber merchant	Grey st
Buller		W.B.		clerk		Theodocia st
Burmadter	Hy.		bricklayer	Arthur st
Burnett		A		runholder	F st
Busby		Samuel		gardener	Heaton st.
Bush		William*	contractor	Great North rd
Butterworth	William		poundkeeper	Scowne st.
Byer		David		(of Ogilve and Byer)	
Cabot		Thomas*		contractor	Great North rd
Cain		Captain Henry*	manager landing service beach rd
Campbell	William		clerk		Princes st
Childs		John		carpenter	Right-of-way
Chisholme	Robert Slex,m	manger Bank of NZ Great North rd
Chisnall	Walter		butcher		Church st
Christopher	A		manager	Bank of NSW Great North rd
Clancy		Patrick		bootmaker	Great North rd
Clare		Henry		lineman		North st
Clark		David		(of Clark & Crawford)	Great North rd
Clarke		Richard		storeman	Butler st
Cliff		George*		timber merchant	Sophis st
Close		William		carpenter	Grey st
Cockroft	Joseph*		watchmaker 	Great North rd
Cockroft	William		blacksmith	Grey rd
Cole		John		Albion Hotel	Great North rd
Collins		William		clothier	Great North rd
Cooper		Arthur		painter		Great North rd
Cooper		Edward		painter		Great North rd
Cooper		_______		fishmonger	Beswick st
Copp		John Henry	baker		Church st
Cork		Thomas Grierson* accountant 	Bank st
Corston		James		accountant	Theodocia at
Cotton		James		carpenter	Latter st
Cowan		John Gordon	draper		Great North rd
Cowburn		C.W.		gasfitter	William st
Coxhead	Bros.			photographers	Great North rd
Craigie		Jas.		painter		Great North rd
Craigie		John		painter		Great North rd
Cramond		John*		coach proprietor Beswick st
Crawford	John		saddler		Great North rd
Cullmann	Frederick	baker		Great North rd
Cunningham	Peter		grain merchant	Cain's terrace
Cuthbert	W		teacher		Church st
Dailey		John Joseph	clerk		North st
Dale		William*	carrier		Theodocia st
Daley		W		greengrocer	Church st.
Darbey		__		surveyor	Bank st.
Davidson	Robert		carrier		King st
Dcarsley	Robert		Lynwood Hotel
De Costa	Mrs S.		publican	Railway station
Dee		Edward		carpenter	Dee st
Delaney		John		carpenter	Browne st 
Derby		Jonathan Simpson baker		Arthur st
Dillon		Thomas Tanner	storekeeper	Great North rd
Double		Robert		boardinghouse-keeper	Bank st
Dow		Jas.		millwright	Great North rd
Duff		John Edward	accountant	Heaton st
Duncan		Patrick Joseph* locksmith	Beswick
Durand		Henry		gunsmith	Great North rd
Duval		H.M.		architect	William st
Earle		Thomas		maltster	Brown st
Eaton		Arthur		accountant	Theodocia st
Egan		William		milkman		High st
Elder		John		(of Elder and Young)
Elder and Young			ironfounders
Elliott		E.H.		machinist	Great North rd
Ellis		Joseph*		carter		Queen st
Evans		George		storekeeper	Church st
Evans		William		grain merchant	Great North rd
Filmer		George		carpenter	Sophia st
Foster		Alfred		clerk		Heaton st
Fleming		Henry		blacksmith	Bank st
Foden		Henry		boardinghouse-keeper
Foden		Thomas		carpenter	Great North rd
Ford		H.A.		plumber		Great North rd
Foster		Philip		tentmaker	Great North rd
Fraser		John		clerk		Browne st
Freeman		John		bootmaker	Great North rd
Fruhauf		M		pawnbroker	Great North rd
Fussell		Joseph Rawlings	surveyor	Russell sq
Fyfe		Thomas Webster* upholster	Great North rd
Gabb		F.A.		carpenter	Great North rd
Gabites 	Geo.*		draper 		Great North rd
Gabites and Plante (Arthur Gabites and Thomas Crowther Plante) drapers Great North rd
Gardner		G.W.		clerk		Butler st
Gedy		David		(of Gedy  & White) Le Cren's terrace
Gedy		David		(of David Gedy  & Alexander White) coal merchants. Beswick st.
George		Francis		haircutter	Great North rd
George		F.		bootmaker	Great North rd
Gibson		John Shelton	land proprietor	Church st
Gillies		Rev. Wm., 	(Presbyterian) 	North st.
Gomersall	J		carpenter	Beach rd
Gosney		George		carrier		Barnard st
Granger		James				George st
Green		Charles		Ship Hotel	Great North rd
Green		Edward		capenter	D st
Green		George		butcher		Great North rd
Green		Henry*		grain merchant	Cain's terrace
Green and Morrison(Richard Green and Strongwork Morrison) land proprietors	LeCren terrace
Green		Samuel		culter		Heaton st
Grierson	Charles Brown	Union Bank manager
Griffin		Samuel Stewart* coach proprietor Barnard st
Guilbert	Henry		tailor		King st
Guthrie		and Larnach	wood turnery store Great North rd
Hagget		D. 		compositer	George st
Hainey		T.L.		seedsman	Town belt
Hales		J.W.		accountant	Great North rd
Hall		Harrison	grocer		Bank st
Hall		Thomas		land broker	Great North rd
Hallam		Charles Fisher	carpenter	King st
Hallenstein Bros. 		clothiers	Great North rd
Hallowes	Rev. T.H.	Congregational minister	Church st

* = appears in the 1872/73 Wise's Directory

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