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Wright's Australian and American Commercial Directory and Gazetteer

Published in New York in 1881 and 1882-83 was an early effort at providing New Zealand with a national directory.

Albury, Canterbury, 30 miles SE from Timaru, in Geraldine county. Population, 200. A post town.
Trades and Professions
Blacksmiths - Couper Duncan, Cuthbertson Hugh
Builders and Contractors - Elmes Richard, Forgan Brothers, Gibbon E.A. Jenkins & McKay, Sanders Charles
Carriers - Hall John, West William
Coach Proprietors - Henkley & Dawson
Hotel Keeper - "Butler's"
Storekeeper - Thompson Boyd

Cave, Canterbury, 15 miles from Timaru
Trades and Professions
Blacksmith - Chapman J
Hotel Keeper - "Cave Arms," Wildermoth

Fairlie Creek, Canterbury, 39 miles W. from Timaru, Mount Cook county.
Trades and Professions
Blacksmith - Webb Harry
Carriers - Freme Harry, Harvey David
Hotel Keeper - "Clyde" Wederell
Store Keepers - Close William, Morris & Gall

Geraldine, Canterbury, 24 miles N. from Timaru, county of same name. Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and Wesleyan places of worship. It is a post town and telegraph office four miles from the railway station of Orari. the district is good agriculture. population 700.
Trades and Professions
Agent - Berry Richard (Com.)
Auctioneers - Mundell J. & Co.
Bakers and Confectioners - Brown Joseph, Williams James.
Banks - Bank NSW, BNZ
Blacksmiths - Anderson James, Glasson John, Kennedy John, Kirby Michael, Martin Thomas, Quimie James, Trengrove Henry
Boot and Shoe Makers -Colbert William, Freeman John
Brickmakers - Grainger Jacob, Jones Kennington
Builders and Contractors - Bates Thomas, Coles Arthur, Fant Patrick, Frude James, Loach Joseph, O'Brien Michael, Young William
Butcher - Bidmead John
Carpenters - Hipworth George, McKay Donald, Patrick George, Prouting Edward, Rambell John, Waller Charles, Waters William, Young William
Carriers - Dean John, Quine Thomas, Geraldine rd.; Reed James E. Geraldine rd.
Chemists -and Druggists - Boultbee Howard, Millard Thomas
Fellmonger - Ellis Arthur
Gardeners - Chapman Samuel H., Clancey John, Combs Mark, Curran James
Hotel Keepers - "Geraldine" Dawson, Robertson's
Livery Stable - Denoon David
Painter, &c. - Gore J. Dixon, Young Robert
Physician and Surgeon - Fish Robert
Plumber and Gas Fitter - Bownman Sam'l
Saddler, &c. - Williams George

Makikihi, Canterbury, 18 miles S. from Timaru, Waimate county. the population is 320.
Trades and Professions
Baker - Williams H.B.
Blacksmiths - Gleich W., Pelvin Alfred, Vale George
Boot and Shoe Maker - Jackson Thomas
Builder and Contractor - McGean A.F.
Butcher - Murphy, Michael
Saddler &c. - Cowie A.
Storekeeper - Chrisnall F.A.

Orari, Canterbury, 81 miles S. from Christchurch, Geraldine county; postal, telegraph and railway station. Population 400.
Trades and Professions
Builders &c. Bates Thomas, Harris John, Ward Bartholomew
Butcher - Hewson William
Carpenter - Henderson W.
Gardeners - Ellis Joseph, Pierce Thomas
Hotel, &c. - Brosnahan's

Otaio, Canterbury, 15 miles S. from Timaru, Waimate county; post office and railway station.

Pareora, Canterbury. 8 miles SW from Timaru, Geraldine county.
Trades and Professions
Blacksmiths - Hutton Robert, Jackson Thos.
Boots and Shoes - Bramley John
Carpenter - Black James
Storekeepers - Cheevers Charles, Mitchel Charles F.

Peel Forest, Canterbury 38 miles from Timaru, Geraldine county. Population about 250.
Trades and Professions
Coach Proprietor- Henry John
Saw mill - Button Robert T.

Pleasant Point, Canterbury 13, miles from Timaru, Geraldine county. A post town and railway station. Farming district. Population, about 760.
Trades and Professions
Baker -McDonald Alex
Blacksmiths - Allen John, Ferguson Matthew, Walsh & Smith
Boots and Shoes Prentice A
Butchers - Jack George, Rogers E.H.
Chemist and Druggist - Lambert Gorham.
Draper - Calder Joseph
Fellmonger - Halstead William
Hotels - "Point" Thompson; "Railway," Manning
Livery Stable - Glenn John
Miller &c., Stonyer William
Saddler, &c., Bullock Thomas, Salek Isaac
Storekeepers - Eames Wm., McKinnon Wm, Morris J.L.
Wheel wright - Anderson David

Pleasant Valley, Canterbury, 91 miles N.N.W, [sic] from Christchurch, Geraldine county. Has a church. population, 120.
Trades and Professions
Builders, &c. King George, Webb Joseph
Carpenter - Young William
Saw-Mills - Bennett & Co., Hardcastle Cressor

Rangitata, Canterbury, 23 miles N from Timaru. Postal and telegraph town, and railroad station. Population 250.
Trades and Professions
Blacksmiths - Beck John, Rangitata Island; Stevens John
Hotel, &c., - Watkins'.

TEMUKA, Canterbury, 12 miles N. from Timaru. Post-town and railway station in Geraldine county. Population about 600.
Trades and Professions
Accountants—Bolton G., Fraser, S.
Agents—Vilbrow Edward, Willis W. (com.)
Auctioneers—Gray K. F., Williamson W.
Bakers, &c. Enwood George, Marshall J.
Bank— Bank of New Zealand.
Barrister and Solicitor— Johnston William
Blacksmiths—Bryant Wm., Gray, K. F. North Rd., Henry & Finlay, Hooper Wm., Napier J., Robinson Win.
Boarding Houses - Tombs L, Voyce H
Boots and Shoes - Bourke R., Cant G., Mahuke Charles & H., Tangney J.
Brewers, Bottlers and Maltsters- Franks Francis & Co. Eclipse Brewery
Brick Layers - Bragg Alfred
Builders, & c. Blyth James, Fletcher Henry, Preddy G. & J., White Robert, Wilkinson James A. & Co., Watt R.A., Rutland, Walter G.

Tinsmiths - Farquharson David, Hodgson T., Turner F.
Veterinary Surgeon - Levens George
Wheelwrights - Breakwell Jobs, Craig & Robinson

TIMARU, Canterbury, 100 miles S. from Christchurch; a post town, telegraph and railway station; Geraldine county. The town is well built, the centre of a rich agricultural district, and is in direct railway communication with both Dunedin and Christchurch. The public buildings are substantial. Population about 5100. Ratable property of the annual value of £45,000.

Trades and Professions
Cork		 T.G. 		Main North Road.
Eaton 		A 		Theodocia St.
Hales 		T.W.

Agents - 
Bowker 		C. 		Land and Estate Agent
Davidson 	Wm. 		D st.
Ford 		J.T. & Co. 	Stock and Station Agents, Wool Brokers, Etc. 
				Also land & Estate agents, auctioneers. Strathallan St.
Healey 		John T. 	D st.
Kerr 		Edward G. 	Great South rd.
Knight 		John C. 	Berwick st.
Rutherford 	William, 	Great North rd
Stubbs 		F.W. 		General Commission Agent and valuer
Whitcombe 	Wm, E. 		Great North rd
Ziesler 	William 	Financial and General Agency.


Timber Merchants
Brownell 	T.T. 		Coal and Timber Merchant
Nurnett 	W & W.J.
Coal Merchant and General Carriers, Main road south
Cliff 		George 		Miller and Timber Merchant
Gedye & White Coal and Timber merchants Berwick and strathallan streets
Guthrie & Larnach's NZ Timber and Woodware Factories Co. Timaru Branch, Great south road
Hayes 		Alpheus 	North st
Jackson 	John 		Timber, coal and Iron Merchant
Smith 		Ebenezer 	Coal & Timber Merchant

Hitch 		John 		Great North Rd
Rowley 		Thomas G 	Great North Rd

Hennon 		John 		Great North rd
Levy 		A 		Great North rd

Taylor 		Robert 		Berwick st

Wine and Spirit Merchants
Sims 	Francis A. & Co.

St. Andrew, Canterbury 11 miles S.W. from Timaru, Waimate County. A post office and railway station.
Trades and Profession
Hotels - "Masonic" Hart, "Otaio" Hoskin
Physician and Surgeon - Deck John F.
Storekeeper - Hurt John W.
Wheelwrights - Sturrod & Young

Washdyke, 4 miles from Timaru, Geraldine county, post town, telegraph and railway station.
Trades and Professions
Auctioneers—Palmer, George J; Wildie George H.
Blacksmiths- Gardiner, John
Cooper - Thompson, Peter
Hotel, &C- Macbeth's

Waihi Bush, Canterbury, 30 miles from Timaru
Trades and Professions
Accountant - Kindley William B.
Blacksmiths - Trengrove Charles, Wood George
Builders, & c. Dean Joseph H
Butcher - Howard Henry
Carpenter - Macalpine D.
Carriers - Brown Henry F and L
Coach Proprietors - Kennedy & Mundell
Coal Merchant - Cormack Alexander
Gardener - Cooling Wm
Hotel & C. "Woodbury" Heatley
Painter &c., - Baker J
Saw- Mills - Taylor & Flatman, Webb Jos., Webb & Penny
Thrashing machines - Hammond George
Timber Merchant - Taylor Robert

Waimate, Canterbury, 33 miles S.W. from Timaru It is on the creek of the same name. There are the usual official buildings, with three churches, schools and other edifices. Agriculture is the industry of the district. The population of the county is almost 4000, of the township over 2000.
Trades and Professions
Accountants— Irving Francis
Adams, A. & Co
Slee, Frank
Wall, Nicholas, Horseshoer, engineer
Auctioneers— Freeman G.R. & Co., Manchester Brothers, Rickman F.W.
Bakers, &c. - Adams Alexander, Andrews Simon, Hunt Brothers (E & J.), M'Donald W, Queen st., McDonald Thomas, McElroy Edward, Wilson John
Bank— Bank of New Zealand, Union Bank of Australia, national Bank of New Zealand.
Barrister and Solicitor— Clements J.R., Hawkins Wm. B.
Blacksmiths— Allen, WM, Creba Wm, Drayton Alfred, Evans Robert, O'Gilvery David, Rugg Alexander, Thompson Robert, Watt Alexander, Wills Richard, Wall Nicholas
Boarding-Houses - Atwell George, Foss James, Henry John, Middleton Mrs., Smith Thomas H.
Bookbinder - Buddicombe, Wm. H.
Boots and Shoes - Bashford Alfred, Crickmore Robert, Cumming George J., O'Connor Timothy, O'Conner Thomas, Wills Wm.
Brick maker - Doel Alfred
Bricklayers - Batman Henry, Ure James, Wiggs Wm
Builders, &c. - Corkhill John, Dancoh Samuel, Doig Stuart, Guildford Wm, Lane Frederick & Richard, McLean Alex., McMimimam John, Ottoway George, Pearson John
Butchers - Barry, Thomas, Finlayson & Pratt, Jones Alfred, McDonald James, Molloy John
Cabinet Maker - Moberley Joseph Jr.
Carpenters -

Andrews 	William
Berry 		Thos.
Betton 		Jacob
Black 		J.C.
Black 		W.J.
Collett 	James
Dickerson 	George
Down 		T.
Duffield 	James
Gaitt 		William
Grant 		William
Jones 		W.B.
Lock 		John
Martin 		Alexander
Meyer 		Henry L.
Paine 		James
Phillips 	James
Robson 		William
Saunders 	Ed. D.
Sellers 	Alexander
Sherrar 	Thomas
Smith 		Harry
Smith 		Peter
Upton 		Joseph R
Ure 		William
Volk 		Gustav
Whale 		William
Watts 		Bros. H. & D.

Chemist and Druggist - Poppelwell David
Civil Engineers and Surveyors - Darby Wm., Fairburn R., Nenman C. F. [?Newman], Whitcombe George, Wrigg Frederick A.
Cordials &c., - Levien Jacob
Dairymen - Goodsod Betsy, Tyne Martin
Drapers - Gograth Elizabeth, Hadfield Chas. Martin Joseph, Ross H.G., Cameron Bros., Queen st.
Fishmongers - Cheyne John
Founders and machinists - Allan Wolsey, Hillary Naylor, Jardine James
Fruiter - Cheyne John
Gardeners - Boyce John, Finlay Robert, Hunt Thomas, Keigler William, Kent John, McCulloch Samuel, Mortimer John, Noakes Spencer
Hotels - "Club" Potter; "Copeland" Waiho Forks; "Criterion" Kett; "Red Lion" Tiggolekow; "Waimate Hotel" Dooley, John; "Royal Hotel, Sherwin, Matthew.
Jeweller - Sinclair James watch and clock maker, Queen st.
Livery Stables - Jacobs John, Price Alexander, Venning James
Merchants - Atkinson F., Manchester Bros., & Goldsmith, Price Leonard
Millers &c., - Abenseth Eilest, Bourne William
Milliners, &c. - Bestbridge Eliza, Chappell M.C., Clayton Mrs.
Newspapers - Waitangi Tribune
Painters &c. Anderson Thomas W., Hayes Charles, Hunter John, Kennard Samuel, Millhouse Frederick, Pettit Wm., Skinner Charles, Smith Frederick M., Sykes Chas.
Photographer - Smith Frederick
Physicians and Surgeons - Deane Charles M., Hoadley Robert, Webb Charles L.
printers- Cumming R.C.W., Fisher Alfred
Saddlers - Clark Charles H., Crawford James, Frew Alexander, Maxwell Alexander, Ryan James.
Saw- Mills -Hayes Alpheus, Jeffrey Walter
Storekeepers - Brown Edward s., Buckingham Daniel, R, Queen st., Cameron Bro., Connell James A., Dickinson & Gascoye, Dumpler Charles, Gaitt Frederick
Tailors - Butler James, Evans Thomas, Flannagan George, Gaitt J. W., Hartridge, Hutt Richard
Tent and Sail Maker - Green Simon
Timber Merchants -Hunt & Jeffrey, Rickman, J.M.
Tinsmith- McAllister Robert
Tobacconists - Franklin John H., Lawless Thomas
Wheelwrights - Allan William, Bedggood John T., Dash John
Wool Scourer - Denrick Samuel

Waimate Junction
25 miles S. from Timaru
Trades and Professions
Blacksmith - Thornburn James
Gardener -Hain Tong

Waitohi Flat, Canterbury
Trades and Professions
Blacksmiths- Hart, John
Butchers - Fraser & Daines
Saw-Mill- Bragg Nathaniel
Storekeepers - Fraser & Daines

Winchester, Canterbury, 90 miles S. from Christchurch; post office and railway station. Population 200.
Trade and Professions
Baker, Butcher & Storekeeper - Dale, Alfred
Blacksmiths - Beatson Andrew, Northam James, Smith Robert
Boots and Shoes - Klee William
Builder &c. Bishop Charles
Butcher - Buskin & Gairpin
Fellmonger -Shaw Thomas, Smith H. (Wincheter Fellmongery)
Milers &c. Christmas George, Murray Brothers, wise Charles
Painter &c. - Griffin Jackson
Storekeepers - Burskin & Gairpon, Taylor George
Threshing machine - Mein Alex
Timber Merchant - Young J.A.
Wheelwright - Northam James

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