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The Golden Wreck  -  The True Story of a Great Maritime Disaster.
By Alexander McKee.

The Royal Charter            Survivors              Witnesses                Other names from the publication            Other Ships Lost

Part one:  Royal Charter – built at Sandycroft ironworks on the River Dee, in Flintshire, and was launched in 1855.  The firm which had ordered her, Charles Moore & Co., of Liverpool, sold her while she was still under construction to another Liverpool shipping business, Gibbs, Bright & co.

She was a large ship, of 2,719 registered tons, approximately 320 feet long; the length of her keel was 308 and half feet, and her length overall 336 feet.  She had three tall, clipper masts and a single funnel; the auxiliary steam engine developed 200 horse power and she had bunker space for some 700 tons of coal.  Sails were her main motive power – basically, she was an iron clipper.

26 August 1859 departed Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Captain Thomas Taylor, received gold to the amount of £322,440.00.00 in addition to this, many of the 390 passengers were carrying their own small personal fortunes on them.

First class passengers fares varied between 60 and 75 guineas, second class between 25 and 30 guineas, while the third class fare was either 16, 18 or 20 guineas.  Children between the ages of one and twelve went for half price, babies for nothing; the fare for a dog was £5.00

Close to Bardsey Island, 11 riggers from the steam tug United Kingdom boarded the Royal Charter in the chance of getting home earlier and Captain Taylor agreed to let them work their passage.

There was no advance warning of the tempest. The south-west had been swept and devastated already, ships driven ashore, stone embankments battered to pieces, trees blown down or sent whirling, uprooted, across a hail-swept, devastated landscape.

Hundreds of men and women had died already.  It was, as Admiral Fitzroy of the Meteorological Office said, a complete horizontal cyclone.

Over a wide area of Britain it was a night of horror; on Snowdon, rocks were sent bounding down the slopes like pebbles.

John Jones, assistant keeper at South Stack Lighthouse, was struck on the head by a stone as he was making his way across the bridge.  He died within three weeks, one of more than 800 souls lost as a result of the Royal Charter Gale.

133 ships were sunk, 90 were badly damaged.  Twice the number of people perished at sea within the space of two days of 1859 than in the whole of the previous year, when the total had been 340.

The Royal Charter was within a few hours’ sailing of her home port of Liverpool.

Captain Adams, looked Gapper straight in the face.  “If it were possible to sing the Song of the ‘White Squall’, it might now be sung with feeling.”  Dumbfounded the New Zealand farmer gaped at him.  What on earth was a “White Squall”?. The old mariner impatiently made vigorous swimming motions with his arms. “I have no doubt we shall have to do this before we get ashore.”

Part two:

Liverpool Courier, 29 October 1859

Total loss of the Royal Charter and 454 lives.

The most awful calamity connected with the storm of Tuesday night and Wednesday6 is the total loss, near Point Lynas, on the coast of Anglesea, of the Australian screw-steamer Royal Charter.  The catastrophe exceeds in painful incidents, any similar event that has happened in this locality for years – it is even worse than the lamentable loss of the iron ship Tayleur on Lambay Island, in Janaury 1854.  In the latter case, the vessel drove straight on to the rocks, and in less than half an hour all was over; in the case of the Royal Charter, the ill-fated vessel was for several hours thumping on the shore and rocks, and she suddenly burst up in a moment, when long-deferred suspense had given reason for hope of speedy deliverance.  In the case of the Royal Charter the loss of the ship and treasure is overwhelmed in the great sacrifice of life.  Out of 493 souls said to have been on board, only 39 are saved; 454 have gone to their last account.  The scene of the wreck is in Dulas Bay, near Moelfra Point, on the isle of Anglesea, eight miles north west of Puffin Island and some miles southeast of the rock-bound port of Amlwch.  The coast itself is of a peculiar character, and one which, of all others, was most dangerous to an iron vessel. It has the appearance of an immense old stone quarry, and the limestone rocks are sharp, irregular, and as rough as a file where not covered over with sea weed.  At the extreme edge to the shore they rise in perpendicular shelves to the height of forty feet.  The small village of Prenteth lies about a mile and a half to the southwest, but the country round about is thinly populated and barren looking.  To the southward of Moelfra Point, Red Wharf Bay, with a fine sandy beach, makes an extensive sweep of some miles; and had it been the Royal Charter’s good fortune to get in there, perhaps all, or nearly all, might have been rescued.  Speculations, however, are now useless; our melancholy task is to proceed with the narrative of this distressing event.  After a splendid passage from Melbourne, accomplished in 58 days and having landed 17 passengers at Queenstown, and telegraphed her safe arrival to the owners, the Royal Charter made for Liverpool.

Part three:

The Coroner Mr. W. JONES, apologized for being unable to get an entirely English-speaking jury, they were, however, the most respectable farmers of the district he could find.

Rector Stephen Roose HUGHES, maintained a burial register of ‘unknowns’ in which he noted carefully every detail which might possibly assist identification later – tattoo marks, which the sailors often wore, as if with that very possibility in mind; receipts for parrots, which many of the dead carried with them; miniatures of women; scraps of letters; locks of hair worn in lockets around the neck; and the physical characteristics of the corpses.  Stephen Roose HUGHES was able to identify a body of a Jewish passenger, he had the body exhumed and then re-buried with due observance of the rites of the Jews.

  Survivors                                  First class passengers (3 out of approximately 60)                 2nd class and steerage (13 out of more than 300)

                                                               Riggers, working their passage (5 out of 11)                          Crew (18 out of 112 – no officers saved)

Ref SURNAME FIRST NAME Note Other From / To
216 BARTEL Carl 2nd class and steerage Musician Prussia
216 BARTON William Rigger working passage
216 BOWDEN Thomas 2nd class and steerage Goldminer Torquay Devon
216 BRADBURY John 2nd class and steerage Seriously injured To – Manchester
217 CORMICK Thomas Crew Second steward
216 CUNNINGHAM Thomas Rigger working passage
216 DEAN James 2nd class and steerage Goldminer Wigan Lancashire
216 DEVINE Patrick Rigger working passage
217 DRAPER William Crew Seaman
217 ELLIS Thomas Crew Storekeeper
217 EVANS Henry Crew Seaman Caernarvon North Wales
216 FERRIS William James 2nd class and steerage Storekeeper Ballarat Victoria Australia
217 FOSTER William Crew Carpenter
216 GAPPER Samuel Edward 2nd class and steerage Farmer New Zealand
216 GRENFELL Samuel 2nd class and steerage Goldminer St Ives Cornwall
217 GRIFFITH Thomas Crew Quartermaster Amlwch Anglesey
216 GRUNDY Thomas First Class passenger

216 HAGEN N. 2nd class and steerage

217 HUGHES Walter Crew Apprentice Seriously injured
216 JUDGE John 2nd class and steerage Of Herculean size and strength Irishman
216 LOONE John 2nd class and steerage

216 M’CAPPIN James 2nd class and steerage Cabinetmaker & upholsterer St Kilda MelbourneAustralia
217 McARTHUR William Crew Seaman
217 McGIVREN George Crew Seaman
216 McPHIEL Colin 2nd class and steerage

216 MORSE W Henry First Class passenger Magistrate New South Wales Australia
217 O’BRIEN John Crew Seaman
216 PRITCHARD George Rigger working passage

217 RICHARDS John Crew

217 RODGERS Joseph Crew a.k.a Rodriguez seaman Liverpool (Maltese)
217 RODRIGUEZ Joie Crew a.k.a. Rodgers seaman Liverpool (Maltese)
216 RUSSELL James 2nd class and steerage Travelling with wife and 2 daughters Linlithgowshire Scotland
217 STANNARD John Crew Steward
217 STRONGMAN David Crew Quartermaster
217 SUAICAR George Crew Or Suicicar Boatswain’s mate Liverpool (Maltese)
217 SUICICAR George Crew Or Suaicar Boatswain’s mate Liverpool (Maltese)
216 TAYLOR Henry Carew First Class passenger Travelling with nurse and child
217 TIMMS Thomas Crew Seaman
216 WHITE James Rigger working passage
217 WILLIAMS Owen Crew Quartermaster Caernarvon North Wales
217 WILSON Edward Crew Seaman

List of Witnesses       
Of the Gale
Of the Wreck
Of the Shore Scene, soon after
Of Miscellaneous scenes
Newspapers which reported the wreck

Ref SURNAME First Name Occupation Notes
218 – Gale
. Keeper Point Lynas Light – log entries
218 – Gale

Correspondent – Times On board Great Eastern Holyhead
218 – Gale

Correspondent – Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald At Llandudno and at Rhyl
218 – Gale

Correspondent – Liverpool Courier At Liverpool and in the Mersey
218 – Wreck

Spokesman for the ‘Twenty Eight men’ Of Moelfre and nearby
218 – Shore scene

Correspondent Manchester Guardian
218 – Shore scene

Correspondent North Wales chronicle
218 – Shore scene

Correspondent Liverpool Courier
218 – Shore scene

Correspondent Northern Daily Times
219 – Misc

Correspondent Liverpool Courier – visited Bangor Moelfre Llanallgo Church few days after the wreck
220 – Publications ANGLESEY AND THE LOSS OF THE ‘ROYAL CHARTER’ R.R. Williams Anglesey Antiquarian Society and Field Club Transactions 1959

219 – Misc DICKENS Charles Novelist Visited Moelfre 30 December 1859
221 – ‘28’ EVANS Richard

219 – Misc FOSTER Frederick Midshipman On board Royal Charter 24 October 1859
221 – ‘28’ FRANCIS Lewis

221 – ‘28’ FRANCIS John

219 – Misc GILMOUR William Surgeon Superintendent Royal Charter
218 – Shore scene GREGORY J.A. Solicitor – letter to press Liverpool
218 – Gale HUGHES Rowland Cox Moelfre Life-boat – evidence
218 – Wreck HUGHES Revd. Stephen Roose Rector Llaneugrad and Llangallog (as reported by Charles Dickens)
219 – Misc HUGHES Mrs. Roose Wife of the Rector
221 – ‘28’ HUGHES Thomas

221 – ‘28’ HUGHES John

221 – ‘28’ HUGHES Richard

221 – ‘28’ HUGHES Owen

219 – Misc KENNEDY ? A & J K Irish family Were to meet the Fowlers at Liverpool
219 – Misc L R.M.
Sea Breezes June 1951
221 – ‘28’ LEWIS Robert

221 – ‘28’ LEWIS John

221 – ‘28’ LEWIS John – junior

219 – Newspapers LIVERPOOL COURIER

219 – Newspapers LIVERPOOL MERCURY

220 – Publications LIVERPOOL SHIPPING: A SHORT HISTORY Dr. George Chandler
Phoenix 1960
219 – Misc MARSH J.B. Reporter Chester visited Moelfre day after the wreck
221 – ‘28’ MATHEW Richard

221 – ‘28’ MATHEW Israel

219 – Misc MELLOR John William Solicitor Oldham visited Moelfre day after the wreck
218 – Gale MENDS Captain Captain H.M.S. Hastings – log entries


221 – ‘28’ OWEN William

221 – ‘28’ OWEN Thomas

221 – ‘28’ OWEN David

221 – ‘28’ OWEN William

221 – ‘28’ OWENS John

218 – Gale PARRY Richard Master Pilot boat No. 11 – evidence
221 – ‘28’ PARRY John

221 – ‘28’ PARRY Thomas

219 – Misc PEACOCK W. F. Author Visited Moelfre June 1860
219 – Misc PELLING Thomas L.
Deputed to receive salvaged gold
221 – ‘28’ PRITCHARD William

221 – ‘28’ ROBERTS Thomas

221 – ‘28’ ROBERTS Owen

221 – ‘28’ ROBERTS Owen - junior

219 – Misc ROBINSON Joseph Passenger On board Royal Charter 24 October 1859
218 – Misc SCORESBY Revd. W. Passenger Royal charter on maiden voyage
218 – Gale SHEPPARD John Master Pilot boat No. 4 – evidence
220 – Publications THE LIFE BOAT
Journal of the R.N.L.I. 2nd January 1860
219 – Misc THOMAS Charles Sailor – 15 year old steward Wrote to his mother 15 days before the Royal Charter left Melbourne Australia
218 – Shore scene WAGSTAFFE Councillor Letter to press Liverpool
221 – ‘28’ WILLIAMS David

221 – ‘28’ WILLIAMS Mesech

221 – ‘28’ WILLIAMS Evan

221 – ‘28’ WILLIAMS Joseph

221 – ‘28’ WILLIAMS William

219 – Newspapers YR HERALD CYMRAEG The Welsh Herald

Names extracted from the publication.  

              AB    C    DE    F    G    H    IJKL   M    N   OP   Q   R    S     TUVWXYZ

Ref SURNAME First name Occupation Date Notes
1859 Mentioned in letter mailed in Cork by Frederick FOSTER
Charley Apprentice boy 1859 On board – Royal Charter
The Sweeper 1859 Played the tin whistle – on board Royal Charter
38 ADAMS Captain Red Jacket 1859 Ship sunk Buenos Aires - on board Royal Charter
200 ASPINALL T.B. Barrister 1863 Appointed by the owners
1859 Parents in Manchester – on board Royal Charter
1859 On board – Royal Charter
207 BARBER George Shipwright surveyor 1863 Lost a nephew in the wreck
43 BARTEL Carl Professional musician 1859 From East Prussia - on board Royal Charter
43 BEAN William Third Officer 1859 On board – Royal Charter
67 BEAN William Third officer 1859 On board – Royal Charter
39 BOWDEN Thomas Gold Miner 1859 Of Torquay in Devon – on board Royal Charter
60 BOWEN Henry Principal light-keeper 1859 South Stack lighthouse
19 BOYCE Francis Captain 1856 Royal Charter
1859 Destination Manchester – on board Royal Charter
100 BRANDES Heinrich Named 1859 In a German memorandum book – on board Royal Charter
166 BRIGHT Tyndall Company representative 1859 Gibbs Bright & Co – owners of the Royal Charter
196 BULKELEY Sir R.W. Of Beaumaris 1859 County MP
39 CALF Emma Nurse 1859 Nurse to Ida FOWLER – on board Royal Charter
153 COLLINGS Henry Bank note in favour of 13 August 1859 £10
124 COPELAND Captain Villager 1859 Of Moelfre
72 CORMICK Thomas Second steward 1859 On board – Royal Charter
75 COWIE Andrew Second officer 1859 Scotsman on board – Royal Charter
157 COWIE Mrs. Wife of the second officer 1859 Travelled from Ayrshire to be in Liverpool
157 COWIE James Brother to second officer 1859 Seaman in H.M.S. Hastings
18 CRAM Mr. Shipbuilder c.1854 Sandycroft
70 CROOME John Fourth officer – recently promoted from midshipman 1859 On board – Royal Charter
73 CROOME John Fourth officer 1859 On board – Royal Charter
196 DAVIE J Marshal Of the Coastguard 1859 Searched for bodies in the bay
39 DAVIS Mrs. Sister to Mrs FENWICK 1859 With two grown up daughters – on board Royal Charter
39 DAVIS Sophia Daughter of Mrs DAVIS 1859 On board – Royal Charter
205 DAVIS Miss F. Clothing marked as
Washed ashore Castletown in the Isle of Man
36 DEAN James North country man from Wigan 1859 Wife in England
127 DICKENS Charles Novelist 1859 Visited Moelfre December 1859
72 EMERY Mr. Chief Steward 1859 On board – Royal Charter
185 EVANS Henry A sailor 1859 On board – Royal Charter
185 FELL Captain Alfred Underwriter 1859
39 FENWICK Mrs. Sister to Mrs DAVIS 1859 With four young children – on board Royal Charter
39 FENWICK Mr. Husband to Mrs FENWICK 1859 Remained in Melbourne
210 FENWICK Mr. Died in Melbourne November 1859 Never knew of the loss of his wife and children
73 FERRIS William James Storekeeper 1859 From Ballarat Australia – on board Royal Charter
Admiral October 1859 Of the Meteorological Office
15 FORBES ‘Bully’ Captain
Marco Polo
37 FOSTER Mrs. S.A Shakespeare Hotel 1859 Manchester
37 FOSTER John Owner of Shakespeare Hotel 1859 Manchester
44 FOSTER Frederick Midshipman 1859 Orphan – on board Royal Charter
205 FOSTER S.A. Woman – clothing marked as
Washed ashore Portaferry in County Down Ireland
39 FOWLER Jane 17 years old 1859 Eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Edwin FOWLER – on board Royal Charter
39 FOWLER Mr & Mrs Edwin
1859 Travelled with two daughters Jane and Ida age 5 and half – on board Royal Charter
38 GAPPER Samuel Edward Farmer 1859 From New Zealand – on board Royal Charter
40 GARDEN William aka. GARDINER Commission Agent in Melbourne 1859 Absconding – on board Royal Charter
44 GARDEN Mrs. 25 years old 1859 On board – Royal Charter
41 GARDINER William Aka. GARDEN commission Agent in Melbourne 1859 Absconding – on board Royal Charter
35 GILMOUR William Surgeon Superintendent
Of Aylesbury – took up private practice ashore in Australia
152 GLOVER Mrs. Passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
152 GLOVER Mr. Husband of Mrs GLOVER 1859 Stayed in Melbourne
143 GREGORY J.H. Solicitor 1859 From Liverpool
39 GRENFELL Samuel Gold Miner 1859 Of St. Ives in Cornwall – on board Royal Charter
186 GRIFFITH Thomas Quartermaster 1859 Lived at Amlwch
55 GRUNDY Thomas First class passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
76 GRUNDY Thomas Saloon passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
200 HARRIS Captain H R.N. 1863 Nautical Assessor for the Board of Trade
136 HARRISON Captain Great Eastern 1859 Anchored in open sea off Holyhead
53 HARTNUP Mr. Liverpool Observatory 1859 Gave evidence
100 HATCH Doctor Passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
183 HAWKINS John Passenger 1859 Of Wells Somerset – on board Royal Charter
122 HENDERSON Mr. Melbourne merchant 1859 On board – Royal Charter
40 HENRY Samuel Jeweller 1859 Connections in London – insane – on board Royal Charter
40 HODGE Reverend Charles Vere Vicar of Claresborough 1859 On board Royal Charter
40 HODGE Mrs. Wife of Rev. C V HODGE
With Ten children living in New Zealand
78 HODGE Mr. A Clergyman 1859 On board – Royal Charter
25 HOWES Captain American
57 HUGHES Rowland Cox 1859 Moelfre life-boat
69 HUGHES Rowland
1859 Riding out the storm in his fishing smack
86 HUGHES Thomas Resident 1859 Of Moelfre
127 HUGHES Reverend Stephen Roose Rector of Llanallgo Church 1859
153 HUGHES William Bank note in favour of 20 August 1859 £200
155 HUGHES Reverend Hugh Robert Perpetual Curate of Penrhoslligwy 1859 Brother of Revd. Stephen Roose HUGHES
46 IRELAND Queenstown
1859 13 passengers embarked ex Royal Charter
158 JENKINS Mr & Mrs And Four children 1859 On board – Royal Charter
60 JONES John Assistant keeper 1859 South Stack lighthouse
166 JONES W. Coroner 1859 Inquest to Royal Charter
130 KING Mr. Passenger 1859 Of Hull – on board Royal Charter
41 LEWIS Isaac Seaman working aloft 1859 From Moelfre on board – Royal Charter
88 LEWIS Isaac Seaman 1859 Resident of Moelfre – on board Royal Charter
105 M’CAPPIN James Upholsterer and cabinetmaker 1859 From St Kilda On board – Royal Charter
47 M’EVOY Mr. Brother of the M.P. for Meath 1859 Embarked at Queenstown Ireland – ex passenger Royal Charter
Commander 1859 Anglesey Coast Guard
207 MACDONALD William
1863 Tested some plates salvaged from the wreck
16 MacKAY Donald

East Boston shipyard
200 MANSFIELD J.S. Stipendiary Magistrate 1863 Of Liverpool
122 MARKS Mr & Mrs. Jewish 1859 With two children – on board Royal Charter
146 MARTIN William Captain 1859 Marine Superintendent
158 MASTER Mr & Mrs Passengers 1859 On board – Royal Charter
100 MAULE John Passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
166 MELLOR John William Solicitor representing some of the families 1859 Lost his brother and cousins in the Royal Charter
139 MENDS Captain H.M.S. Hastings 1859 Recorded wind in the Mersey as Force 10
72 MORSE Henry Magistrate 1859 From New South Wales – on board Royal Charter
196 MOULSDALE Misses Of the Rectory 1859
101 MURRAY Miss Passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
158 O’BRIEN John Seaman 1859 On board – Royal Charter
199 O’DOWD Mr. Solicitor 1863 Inquiry for the Board of Trade
Aged 80 1859 Husband shot at Ballarat Australia – on board Royal Charter
57 OWEN Thomas 2nd Cox 1859 Moelfre life-boat
54 PARRY Richard Master 1859 Pilot Boat No. 11
18 PATTERSON William Shipbuilder 1854-5 From Bristol
1860 Visited Moelfre
PERRY S. False name 1859 On board – Royal Charter
173 PITCHER Mr. Shipbuilder 1859 Of Northfleet – lost his sister-in-law and her 2 children in the Royal Charter
156 PLAIR John Steward aged 22 yrs 1859 On board – Royal Charter
39 POTTS James Gold Miner 1859 From Crewe wife in England – on board Royal Charter
38 PRATT Mr. Brother to Mrs. R. ROSE 1859
196 PRICE John Villager 1859 Of Moelfre searched for bodies in the bay
99 PRINGLE G Clothing named 1859 On board – Royal Charter
166 PRITCHARD Robert Interpreter 1859 Of Bangor – inquest to Royal Charter
45 ROBINSON Joseph Passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
45 ROBINSON Isabella Sister of Joseph ROBINSON 1859 Mentioned in a letter
49 RODGERS Joseph Seaman 1859 Born in Malta 1830 – on board Royal Charter
49 RODRIGUEZ Joie Joseph   aka. RODGERS 1859 Maltese – on board Royal Charter
81 ROGERS John Chief Engineer 1859 Scottish on board – Royal Charter
38 ROSE Mrs. R. 23 yrs old 1859 On board – Royal Charter
38 RUSSELL James Scotsman 1859 From Linlithgowshire - on board Royal Charter with wife and 2 daughters aged 10 and 2 and half
124 RUSSELL Catherine Margaret Passenger aged 10 years 1859 On board – Royal Charter
22 SCORESBY Reverend W. Doctor – clergyman scientist and mariner 1856 Passenger on outward voyage to Australia Royal Charter
100 SCOTT Matthew Passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
67 SHEPPARD John Commander 1859 Liverpool Pilot Boat No. 4
75 SMITH Mr. Passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
142 SMITH W.H. Customs-house agent 1859 From Beaumaris
207 STEEL R.S. Insurance Broker 1863
76 STEPHENS W.B. Chief officer 1859 Already survived 2 wrecks and the Crimean War - Scotsman on board – Royal Charter
152 STEPHENS Miss. Sister of Chief Officer W B Stephens 25 October 1859 Married the day the Royal Charter foundered
9 STEPHENSON Rev. J. Rector of Selworthy 25 October 1859 Noted in his diary weather conditions
67 STEVENS W.B. First officer 1859 On board – Royal Charter
49 STRONGMAN David Quartermaster 1859 Took over the wheel at 4pm – on board Royal Charter
48 SUAICAR George Boatswain’s mate 1859 Wife in Liverpool - Maltese on board – Royal Charter
22 TAYLOR Thomas Captain 1856 Passenger on outward voyage to Australia Royal Charter
35 TAYLOR Thomas Captain 1859 Royal Charter – wife and daughters in Liverpool
38 TAYLOR Henry Carew New South Wales Magistrate 1859 Travelling with daughter and her nurse - on board Royal Charter
41 THOMAS Charles 15 yrs old 1859 Crew on board – Royal Charter
41 THOMAS Mary

Mother of Charles THOMAS
139 WAGSTAFFE Mr. Liverpool Councillor 1859 Went to Moelfre
43 WAREING Miss Stewardess 1859 On board – Royal Charter
38 WATSON James Son of Thomas Watson 1859 Intended to marry a young lady from Preston – on board Royal Charter
38 WATSON Thomas Silk manufacturers
Watson and Healey
75 WATSON Mr. Passenger 1859 On board – Royal Charter
122 WATSON Mr. Successful mining company 1859 Returning home to marry – on board Royal Charter
122 WELSH Mr.
1859 On board – Royal Charter
100 WEYRAWITZ A. Named 1859 In a German memorandum book – on board Royal Charter
150 WHITE Henry Passenger and either brother or brother in law of James WHITE 1859 Wife Sarah Ann – Henry on board Royal Charter
48 WILLIAMS Owen Quartermaster 1859 Of Caernarvon – on board Royal Charter
86 WILLIAMS Mesach Resident 1859 Of Moelfre – Cottage Cocyn Uchaf
163 WILLIAMS John Chairman 1859 Of the quarter sessions
79 WILSON Edward Able seaman 1859 On board – Royal Charter
38 WITHERS Captain Victoria 1859 Ship lost off the Fiji Islands - on board Royal Charter
37 WOODRUFFE Mrs. From Stockport 1859 To marry one of Mr. Foster’s nephews

Other Ships lost

October 1859 Pride of Anglesey Of Amlwch Damaged
October 1859 Margaret Of Bangor Damaged
October 1859 Alma Of Aberystwyth Much damaged
October 1859 Elizabeth Of Hull Very much damaged
October 1859 Nell Of Aberystwyth Stranded- much damaged and mate drowned
October 1859 Equity Of Amlwch Sunk complete wreck
October 1859 Messenger Of Caernavon Foundered – crew and boat missing
October 1859 Ann and Susan Of Bangor Ashore
1863 Pomona 385 died Off the Irish Coast
1854 John Tayleur 597 passengers – half lost Off the Irish Coast

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