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Reproduced with the kind permission of Lyn Nunn
This material is subject to copyright and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Militia Roll for Swansea Hundred 18 December 1789
NAS X 6/2 West Glamorgan Archives, Neath
Transcribed by Lynn Nunn  3 August 2007

Men Present & On Duty

No. First Name Surname Bal or Subte

1 Willm. Rees S
48 Lews. Jones B
46 Edwd. Leyson B
12 John Jones B
15 Willm. King B
4 Robt. Lewis S
49 Davd. Bowen S
51 Griffth. William S
13 Davd. Loyd S
10 Edwd. Jones S
38 Davd. Hughes S
19 Thos. Loyd S
61 Wm. Jones S
6 Thos. Bevan S
45 John Edward S
22 Wm. Fisher S
59 Davd. Richard S
11 Willm. Jones 2nd S
33 Rees William S
54 Davd. Jones S
44 John Harry S
41 Jno. Hopkin S
43 Wm. Jones 3d S
21 Waltr. Aubry S
55 Richd. Forest S
16 Rotherick David S
60 Evan Meredith S
52 Lews. Robert S
3 Thos. Martin S
20 John Loyd S
53 Morgn. Lewis S
32 Wm. Jacob S
17 Thos. William S
23 Davd. Thomas S
31 Wm. Morgan S

Morgn. Rees S

John Jones S

Thos. Howel S

Jno. Lawrence S

Men Drawn to Return

8 Benjn. Rotten B
18 John Lewis S
24 Wm. Griffith B
29 Davd. Howel S
37? Davd. William S
35 Henry Lewis B
47 Paul Tittle (sic) S
57 Willm. Rees S
26 Davd. Davies B
53 Morgn. Lewis S
54 Davd. Jones S
55 Richd. West S
46 Edwd. Leyson B

Men Not Joined

Drawn to Return

36 Simon Morgan S
37 Geo. Thomas B
39 Geo. Evan B
40 Mathw. Wosbry B
43 Wm. Bowen B
58 Davd. Jones S
63 Wm. Harry B
2 Willm. Lewis S
25 Willm. Morris B
27 Wm. Hopkin S

Calld. Upon to Serve

5 Richd. Thomas B
7 Davd. William B
9 John Thomas B
14 Danl. Thomas B
20 Owen Vulk B
30 John Harry B
42 John David B
50 Wm. Daveis B
56 Richd. Bevan B

Volunteers for the Month

53 Morgn. Lewis S
54 Davd. Jones S
55 Richd. West S
46 Edwd. Leyson B

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Hundred of Swansea Militia List 1789
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