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Who's Who in Wales - 1933

Extraction of names mentioned in the publication but not indexed.

This section covers only pages 188 - 242   Price to Thomas of the indexed publication

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First Name Relationship Who’s Who 1933

Florence Wife THOMAS Francis Griffith

Henrietta 2nd wife (widow of Charles M. MORGAN) THOMAS Sir Illtyd

Jane Wife SAMUEL Edward Cadifor
ABRAHAM Lilian Mary 2nd wife SIMON Ernest Llewellyn
ABRAHAM Margaret 1st Wife SMITH Percie George
ABRAHAM Wm. 1st Father in law SMITH Percie George
ABRAHAMS Eileen Ruth Wife SAUNDERS William Rolleston
ABRAHAMS Ernest Father in law SAUNDERS William Rolleston
AINSWORTH Apphia Wife SAURIN William Mark
AINSWORTH Capt. Father in law SAURIN William Mark
ALLARDICE Annie Molison Wife RIDDELL Lord – Sir George Allardice RIDDELL
ALLARDICE David Wm. Father in law RIDDELL Lord – Sir George Allardice RIDDELL
ALLDRIDGE Dorothy Wife SALT Charles Ernest
ALLDRIDGE Dr. W.E. Father in law SALT Charles Ernest
ANDERSON Emily Mother STEPNEY-GULSTON Miss Agneta Annie Justina
BARKER Brig.-Gen. Randle Barnett Father SANKEY-BARKET Terence Clare
BASSET Mary Mother SPENCER Richard Basset
BASSET Walter Godolphin Maternal grandfather SPENCER Richard Basset
BEAUMONT Capt. Richard and Susan Parents SWANSEA Right Hon. Lady Averil
BELLAM Margaret Caroline Mother PRICE Howel John James
BELLIS Margaret Mother ROBERTS Caradog
BERRY Mary Jane Mother SEAGER Sir William Henry
BERRY William Maternal grandfather SEAGER Sir William Henry
BEST Rev. the Hon. S. Maternal grandfather St. David’s First Viscount – Sir John Wynford PHILIPPS
BEVAN Ven. W.L. Father SWANSEA and BRECON Bishop of – Rt. Rev. Edward Latham BEVAN
BEVINGTON Mary Elsie Wife STEPHENS William Edgar
BEYNON E.A.C. Mother PROTHEROE Capt. David Garrick
BEYNON Miss Wife ROBERTS George Scale
BLAKE A.P. 1st Father in law SUMMERS S.W. Bowen
BLAKE Constance Julia 1st Wife SUMMERS S.W. Bowen
BLAKENEY Ven. Archdn. Father ROBERTS Dow. Lady – Martha Susan
BOOKER-BLAKEMORE T. Maternal grandfather STACEY Cyril
BOULTON Katharine Elizabeth Mother STURT Beatrix Marion (Mrs. Napier STURT)
BOWEN Joan Constance Wife SHUTTLEWORTH Maj.-Gen. Digby Inglis
BOWEN Sir Geo. Bevan Father in law SHUTTLEWORTH Maj.-Gen. Digby Inglis
BRAINE Jane Mother TAYLOR Glen Arthur
BRASSEY Albert and the Hon. Mrs Parents PRICE Mrs May Eleanor Annie
BREAKWELL J.H. Father in law PRYCE Newill Peter Vaughan
BREAKWELL Janet Mary Wife PRYCE Newill Peter Vaughan
BREWIS Olga Ruth Wife RANDALL Henry John
BRONYGARTH Joan Margaret John Wife SMITH Alexander Hugh Dickson
BROWN Stewart H. Father STEWART-BROWN Ronald
BROWN Stewart Henry Father STEWART-BROWN Egerton
BRYANT Margaret Wife STEPHENS Sir Alfred
BRYANT W.R. Father in law STEPHENS Sir Alfred
BUCKLEY Maria Mother RODERICK Henry Buckley
CARRINGTON John Father in law THOMAS David
CARY Stanely Edwd. Geo. Father STANLEY-CARY Capt. Francis Joseph
CHADWICK Caroline Laura Wife REES Rev. George Edward
CHARLESWORTH C.G. Father in law PRICE-DAVIES Lt.-Col. Stafford Davies
CHARLESWORTH Ethel Wife PRICE-DAVIES Lt.-Col. Stafford Davies
CHATTERTON Charlotte Wife THOMAS Samuel
CHATTERTON Thomas Father in law THOMAS Samuel
CHETWYND-TALBOT Lady Ursula Winifred Wife STEWART Hector
CLAY Hilda Mary Wife RODERICK Henry Buckley
CLAYTON Fanny Matilda Wife REYNOLDS Lewis William
CLAYTON Thos. Father in law REYNOLDS Lewis William
CLEGG Harry Father in law ROYDEN Sir Thomas
CLEGG Quenelda Mary Wife ROYDEN Sir Thomas
COCKS Capt. Herbert Haldane Somers Fathere SOMERS Baron – Arthur Herbert Tennyson Somers COCKS
COLBY Aline Margaret Wife SPENCE-COLBY Col. Cecil John Herbert
COLBY John Vaughan Father in law SPENCE-COLBY Col. Cecil John Herbert
COLLINGDON Frances Helena Wife THOMAS George Nathaniel William
COLLINGDON Thomas Wife’s grandfather THOMAS George Nathaniel William
COLLWYN John Rhys Heir SAMUEL George Archer Hilleary
CONNELLAN Major Father in law SOLLY-FLOOD Brevet-Col. Richard Elles
CONNELLAN Marguerite Wife SOLLY-FLOOD Brevet-Col. Richard Elles
COOPER Geo. Father in law THOMAS Sir William James
COOPER Mary Coutts Christiana Mother SHEPHERD Gilbert David
COOPER Maud May Wife THOMAS Sir William James
CORBETT Capt. Frank Father in law STACK Lt.-Col. Charles Spottiswoode
CORBETT Mary Nina Wife STACK Lt.-Col. Charles Spottiswoode
COWELL-STEPNEY Catherine Meriel – Lady Howard Daughter STEPNEY Hon. Lady – Margaret
COWELL-STEPNEY Sir E.A.K. Husband STEPNEY Hon. Lady – Margaret
CRAVEN Arabella Laura Wife PRICHARD Hopkin Llewellyn
CRESSALL Catherine Wife RICHARDS Owen William
DAVID Mary Mother THOMAS Peter David
DAVIES Catherine Mary Wife REYNOLDS David George
DAVIES Mary Emily Mother THOMAS Ethel Nancy Miles
DAVIES Mary Mother THOMAS The Rev. Canon David William
DAVIES Miss Wife SMITH Thomas Henry
DAVIES Samuel Father in law SMITH Thomas Henry
DAVIES Sarah Mother RADCLIFFE Daniel
DAVIES Sir Wm. Father REES-DAVIES Sir Colin
DAVIS Elizabeth Mother THOMAS Sir Illtyd
DE WALDEN Baron Howard Father SCOTT-ELLIS Hon. Bronwen Mary
DOONER Harriet Wife STUDTS Henry
DORMER Hon. Mary Catherine Mother REES Sir Richard Lodowick Montagu Edward
DOUGHTY Katherine Mother RADCLIFFE Sir Joseph Edward
DOUGHTY Sir Edwd. Maternal grandfather RADCLIFFE Sir Joseph Edward
EDWARDS Captain Father in law ROBERTS Rev. Richard Gwylfa
EDWARDS Edward Price Father in law STEEL Gerald Arthur
EDWARDS Ellen Wife ROBERTS Rev. Richard Gwylfa
EDWARDS Ellen Wife STEEL Gerald Arthur
EDWARDS Emma Elizabeth Wife ROBERTS William Arthur
EDWARDS Helen May Wife ROBERTS John Edward
EDWARDS L.E.J. Wife THOMAS The Rev. Canon Griffith
EDWARDS Miss Wife THOMAS Rev. Henry
EDWARDS R.J. Father in law THOMAS Rev. Henry
EDWARDS Rev. D.G. 1st father in law THOMAS William Jones
EDWARDS Selina Emily 1st wife THOMAS William Jones
EDWARDS Wm. Father in law ROBERTS John Edward
ELLIOT John Father in law SEAGER Sir William Henry
ELLIOT Margaret Annie Wife SEAGER Sir William Henry
EVANS Alice Wife THOMAS Rev. Joseph Morgan Lloyd
EVANS Amy Wife RICHARDS The Ven. John Harold
EVANS Ann Mother THOMAS Edgar Herbert
EVANS Annie Wife PUGH The Rev. Canon John Richards
EVANS David Father in law THOMAS John
EVANS David Father in law THOMAS Rev. Joseph Morgan Lloyd
EVANS Dd. Father in law RAIKES Captain Robert Henry Taunton
EVANS Edith Olive Wife THOMAS John Lloyd
EVANS Eileen Wife PROBYN-JONES Sir Arthur Probyn
EVANS Elizabeth Jane Wife THOMAS John
EVANS Elizabeth Mother ROBERTS John
EVANS Ida G. Wife RAIKES Captain Robert Henry Taunton
EVANS James Father in law PROBYN-JONES Sir Arthur Probyn
EVANS John and E. Parents in law PUGH The Rev. Canon John Richards
EVANS Magdalen Mother RHYS The Rev. Richard Lewellin
EVANS Mary Wife ROBINSON Richard Gruffydd
EVANS Rev. R.W. Father in law ROBINSON Richard Gruffydd
EVANS Rev. T.H. Father in law RICHARDS The Ven. John Harold
FAIRBAIRN Jane Mother ROBERTSON Victor Stephen
FENELEY Margaret Annie Daughter SEAGER Sir William Henry
FIGULS Gwyndolin Wife PRICE Sir Charles William Mackay
FIGULS Major J. Father in law PRICE Sir Charles William Mackay
FITZGERALD Eileen Mary Emily Wife RAYNER William Bryan Fleetwood
FODEN Emily Ann Gertrude Wife ROBERTS Decie John
FORSTER Lt.-Col. Thomas Hy. Burton Father SMITH-BARRY Thomas Guy Burton Forster
FORTUNE Elise H. Wife ROBERTS Robert David
FORTUNE James Father in law ROBERTS Robert David
FOSTER Florence Jessie Wife SHEPHERD Gilbert David
FRANKLIN Beatrice Miriam Wife SAMUEL Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Louis
FRANKLIN Ellis Abraham Father in law SAMUEL Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Louis
FURNISS Thos. Sanderson Father SANDERSON Lord – Henry Sanderson FURNISS
GARRETT E.F. Father in law SYMONDS Rev. George Percy
GARRETT Violet Wife SYMONDS Rev. George Percy
GEORGE Daniel Father in law THOMAS William
GEORGE Dorothy A. Wife THOMAS William
GEORGE Dorothy A. Mother THOMAS William Clifford Elvet
GERSTENBERG J. 1st father in law St. David’s First Viscount – Sir John Wynford PHILIPPS
GERSTENBERG Nora 1st wife St. David’s First Viscount – Sir John Wynford PHILIPPS
GETHIN Mary Wife THOMAS Sir Daniel Lleufer
GETHIN Thomas Father in law THOMAS Sir Daniel Lleufer
GIBBON Margaret Wife RICHARDS Thomas Morgan
GIBBONS Edith Constance Wife STACEY Cyril
GIBBONS J.S. Father in law STACEY Cyril
GILCHRIST-CLARK John Father TALBOT Miss Matilda Theresa
GITTINS Miss 1st wife ROBERTS John
GOSLING Dora M. 2nd wife PRICE Howel John James
GOSLING R. 2nd father in law PRICE Howel John James
GRANT Catherine Wife ROBINSON Sidney
GRANT John Father in law ROBINSON Sidney
GREEN Elizabeth Mother SMITH Sir William Reardon
GREGSON-ELLIS Saxon Father in law TATE Henry
GRIFFITH John S.A. Father in law THOMAS Richard David
GRIFFITH May Wife THOMAS Richard David
GULSTON Geo. Stepney Father STEPNEY-GULSTON Miss Agneta Annie Justina
HALLAM Agnes Wife ROBERTS Richard Arthur
HALLAM Samuel Father in law ROBERTS Richard Arthur
HAMLYN Ellen Wife SMITH Sir William Reardon
HARDINGE Lord Wife’s maternal grandfather PRICHARD The Rev. George Mostyn
HARRIES Hannah Maud Ceridwen 2nd wife THOMAS William Jones
HARRIES Rev. Henry 2nd father in law THOMAS William Jones
HELLINS H.H. Father in law QUICK Hamilton Ernest
HELLINS Ruth Wife QUICK Hamilton Ernest
HERNE James Father in law SANDERS Charles Fletcher
HERNE Margaret Colerick Wife SANDERS Charles Fletcher
HERRING Lt.-Col. Wm. Father in law SEALE Sir John C.H.
HERRING Margaret Wife SEALE Sir John C.H.
HILEY Grace Eva Wife PURVIS George Henry
HILEY S.A. Father in law PURVIS George Henry
HILL Agnes Wife THOMAS Right Hon. James Henry
HILL Gertrude Ada Wife THOMAS Vyvyan
HILL Phillip Father in law THOMAS Vyvyan
HOARE Engr. Commander D.J. Son in law PROSSER Tom Morris
HOARE Mrs Madeline Daughter PROSSER Tom Morris
HOBBS Rebecca Wife STONELAKE Edmund
HOWELL David Father in law SLEEMAN Col. James Lewis
HOWELL Dorothy Gwenllian Wife THOMAS George Arthur
HOWELL Frances M. Wife SLEEMAN Col. James Lewis
HOWELL Jane Mother REES Alfred
HOWELL Very Rev. David Father in law THOMAS George Arthur
HUGHES Annie Jones Wife ROBERTS Rev. John
HUGHES Margaret Caroline Mother SIMON The Rev. William Glyn Hughes
HUGHES Margaret Helena Wife ROWLANDS Robert John
HUMPHREYS Margaret Mother in law THOMAS Rev. John Penry
HUNTER C.L. Father in law THOMAS Octavius
HUNTER Clara R. Wife THOMAS Octavius
IRWIN Henry Father in law ROBERTS Aled Owen
IRWIN Ione Ruth Wife ROBERTS Aled Owen
ISAAC Ada Wife THOMAS Peter David
ISAAC David Father in law THOMAS Peter David
JAMES Annie Mother SAMUEL Astley William
JEFFREYS M.E. Wife REES Rev. James Ednyfed
JEFFREYS T.T. Father in law REES Rev. James Ednyfed
JENKIN David Father in law ROBERTS Griffith
JENKIN Jane Lloyd Wife ROBERTS Griffith
JOHN Mary Mother THOMAS William
JOHNSON J.E. Wenoah Wife THOMAS Gomer Llewellyn
JOHNSTON Hannah Mother RANDALL Henry John
JONES Agnes Wife THOMAS Arthur Lloyd
JONES Annie Jane Mother ROBERTS John Trevor
JONES Annie 2nd wife ROBERTS John Cadwalader
JONES Captain 2nd father in law ROBERTS John Cadwalader
JONES Carrie Wife SMITH Thomas Baillie
JONES Cassie 1st wife ROBERTS John Cadwalader
JONES Florence Adelaide 2nd wife SMITH Percie George
JONES Frances Stafford Wife RHYS The Rev. Richard Lewellin
JONES J.P. Father in law THOMAS Dan
JONES Jane Mother REES Edward Walter
JONES Jane Wife THOMAS William
JONES Lili Wife RICHARDS Richard Humphrey
JONES Margaret Mother ROBERTS Richard Arthur
JONES Marian Wife REES David Walters
JONES Marianne Mother THOMAS Percy Goronwy
JONES Mary Pugh Wife THOMAS Percy Goronwy
JONES Mary Mother ROBERTS Thomas Owen
JONES Miss J.K. 2nd wife ROBERTS John
JONES Peter Father SODOR and MAN Bishop of – Rt.Rev. William Stanton JONES
JONES Rd and Agnes Parents in law ROGERS Eben
JONES Rees Father REES-JONES Herbert
JONES Rev. Thos. Father RHAYADER Lord – Leifchild Stratten LEIF-JONES
JONES Sir Robert Father PROBYN-JONES Sir Arthur Probyn
JONES T.E. Father in law RICHARDS Richard T.
JONES William 1st father in law ROBERTS John Cadwalader
JOSEPH Marie Helen Wife ROBINSON Rev. Theodore Henry
KEYTE Helena Maud Mother TENISON-COLLINS Barry Keyte
KINGSLEY Edith Sarah Wife SYMONDS-TAYLOR Lt.-Col. Richard Herbert
KINGSLEY Henry Father in law SYMONDS-TAYLOR Lt.-Col. Richard Herbert
KNIGHT Lieut.-Col. Rice Davies Father in law SAMUEL George Archer Hilleary
KNIGHT Vida Violet Louise Wife SAMUEL George Archer Hilleary
KYRKE R.H. Venables Father SPOTTISWOODE Mrs. Evelyn Anne Venables
LAKE Jn. Father SANDBACH Mrs Samuel Hope
LAKE Mary Wife SAMUEL David
LEWES Col. W.P.L. Father in law PROTHEROE-BEYNON Godfrey Evan Schaw
LEWES Emily Williams Wife PROTHEROE-BEYNON Godfrey Evan Schaw
LEWIS A. Cecil Son in law PROSSER Tom Morris
LEWIS Dora Mother SAUNDERS William Rolleston
LEWIS Eleanor Wife THOMAS John Aeron
LEWIS Elizabeth Mother PROGER Thomas William
LEWIS John Father in law THOMAS John Aeron
LEWIS Lucy Wife PRICE Rev. Watcyn Meredith
LEWIS Mary Wife THOMAS Henry Daniels
LEWIS Mary Mother THOMAS Rev. Joseph Llewelyn
LEWIS May Wife ROWLANDS John Lewis
LEWIS Mrs Ivy Daughter PROSSER Tom Morris
LEWIS William Maternal grandfather SAUNDERS William Rolleston
LITTLE Bennett Father in law RHYS Ernest
LITTLE Grace Wife RHYS Ernest
LLOYD Alice Sheriffe 2nd wife (widow of Capt.C. Morgan LLOYD) SUMMERS S.W. Bowen
LLOYD Eliza Mother THOMAS Rev. Joseph Morgan Lloyd
LLOYD H. Ellen Wife REES Aneurin Arthur
LLOYD Owen Father in law REES Aneurin Arthur
LONDON Elizabeth Mother PROSSER Tom Morris
LORD Margaret Alice Wife SAMUEL Rev. Canon John Evan
LOTHERINGTON Harriette Sarah Mother SANDBROOK John Arthur
MACBETH Charles Heir ROBERTSON Victor Stephen
MACKAY Mary Mother PRICE Sir Charles William Mackay
MACKWORTH Sir Humphrey Husband RHONDDA Viscountess – Margaret HAIG
MAUNSELL Elizabeth Victoria Mother ST. JOHN George Francis William
MAUNSELL Rev. Richard Maternal grandfather ST. JOHN George Francis William
McCOLL Jean Wife THOMAS Ivor Broadbent
McCRACKEN Mary Brown Mother REICHEL Sir Harry Rudolf
MEE Edward Collett Maternal grandfather SAMUEL George Archer Hilleary
MEE Elizabeth Mother SAMUEL George Archer Hilleary
MELVILLE George Father in law SHUTTLEWOOD Percy
MERRILS Frances Esther Mother SANDERS Charles Fletcher
MERRILS George Maternal grandfather SANDERS Charles Fletcher
MIDDLETON Sylvia Wife PRYCE Edward Calcott
MILES Athel Mother SAYCE George Ethelbert
MITCHELL Anne Gwendoline Wife THOMAS David
MONTGOMERY A. Father QUEENSBERRY Sybil – Marchioness of
MORGAN John Father in law SANDYS Baron – Michael Edwin Marcus SANDYS
MORGAN Maria Halse Wife STEER Rev. William Henry Hornby
MORGAN Marjorie Clara Wife SANDYS Baron – Michael Edwin Marcus SANDYS
MORRIS Maria G. Mother PRICKARD Thomas Francis Vaughan
MOSTYN Charlotte Mother SOUTHWELL 5th Viscount – Arthur Robert Pyers SOUTHWELL
MOSTYN Sir Pyers Maternal grandfather SOUTHWELL 5th Viscount – Arthur Robert Pyers SOUTHWELL
MUIRHEAD James Patrick Father STURT Beatrix Marion (Mrs. Napier STURT)
MUSPRATT G.R. Father in law STEWART-BROWN Egerton
NOBLE Susannah Mary Wife PRICE George Vernon
NOYES Alfred Brother in law THOMAS The Rev. Canon David William
NOYES Maud Wife THOMAS The Rev. Canon David William
OAK Edith Wife ROGERS Alford
OLDHAM Elnor Wife RUSSELL Sir Edward John
OLDHAM Walter Father in law RUSSELL Sir Edward John
OLIVER A.R. 1st father in law ST. JOHN George Francis William
OLIVER Emilia Alexandrina 1st wife ST. JOHN George Francis William
OLIVIER Hon. Noel Wife RICHARDS William Arthur
ORDE Charles Father in law PYM Leslie Ruthven
ORDE Iris Rosalind Wife PYM Leslie Ruthven
PAGE Emily Venis Mother ROBINSON Rev. Theodore Henry
PARKYN Annie Rowett Mother THOMAS George Nathaniel William
PARRY Elizabeth Wife PRYS Rev. Owen
PARRY J. Father in law PRYS Rev. Owen
PARRY Miss Wife ROBERTS George Fossett
PAULL Ida Gwendoline Wife SMITH Rev. Gwilym
PEEL F.W. Father in law SMITH Malcolm Harry
PEEL Gertrude Wife SMITH Malcolm Harry
PERKINS Jane Wife ROBERTS Thomas Owen
PERKINS Joshua Father in law ROBERTS Thomas Owen
PHILIPPS Gladys Gregg 2nd wife ST. JOHN George Francis William
PHILIPPS Hon. Jestyn R.A.P. Heir and son St. David’s First Viscount – Sir John Wynford PHILIPPS
PHILIPPS Rev. Canon Sir J. Erasmus and Hon. May M. Parents St. David’s First Viscount – Sir John Wynford PHILIPPS
PHILIPPS Sir Charles 2nd father in law ST. JOHN George Francis William
PHILIPPS Sir Henry Father RUTZEN Baroness de – Sheila Victoria Katrin
PHILLIPPS-WOOLEY Capt. Sir Clive O.L. Father in law READE Joseph
PHILLIPS Alice Maud 1st wife SIMON Ernest Llewellyn
PHILLIPS D. Rhys and M. Parents RHYS-PHILLIPS Gerald
PHILLIPS Jane Mother THOMAS Sir William James
PHILLIPS Mabel Louise Wife ROGERS Rev. Richard Samuel
PHILLIPS N. Father in law ROGERS Rev. Richard Samuel
PIERCY B. Father in law RICKMAN Maj. Graham Egerton
PIERCY Florence Wife RICKMAN Maj. Graham Egerton
PILKINGTON Charity Mary Wife REICHEL Sir Harry Rudolf
PILKINGTON H.M. Father in law REICHEL Sir Harry Rudolf
PIPER Alice Wife ROWLANDS Robert Pugh
PIPER Edward Father in law ROWLANDS Robert Pugh
PLATT John Father RADCLIFFE Mrs Emily Bertha
POTTER Clara Luclie Wife PRICE Sir Robert Henry Green
POWELL Alice Mother REES Lt.-Col John Gordon
POWELL Mary Wife RICHARDS Huw Thomas
POWELL Naomi Mother SILK Capt. Evan
POWELL William Father in law REES Lt.-Col John Gordon
PRICE Agnes Wife REES William
PRICE Annie Wife PROSSER George
PRICE Captain R.K. Husband PRICE Mrs May Eleanor Annie
PRICE Catherine Annie Wife THOMAS Iltyd Glyn Gwyn
PRICE David and Jane Parents PRICE Daniel Henry
PRICE Henry Father PRICE Gabriel
PRICE James Father PRICE Sir Charles William Mackay
PRICE James Father PRICE Howel John James
PRICE Jas. Father PRICE Herbert John Emlyn
PRICE John Father in law REES William
PRICE Lewis R. Father PRICE-DAVIES Maj.-Gen. Llewelyn Alberic Emilius
PRICE Lewis R. Father PRICE-DAVIES Lt.-Col. Stafford Davies
PRICE R. Father in law PROSSER George
PRICE R.G. Father THOMAS Mrs. Florence Margaret Sarah
PRICE Robert G. and Martha Parents PRICE George Vernon
PRICE Sir John Frederick Father PRICE Brig.-Gen. Thomas Herbert Francis
PRICE Sir Richard Dansey Green Father PRICE Sir Robert Henry Green
PRICE Sir Robert John Husband PRICE Lady – Eva Montgomery
PRICE Sir Thos. Father PRICE Col. Sir Rhys Howell
PRICE Sir William Husband PRICE Lady – Amelia B.
PRICE T. Jones Father PRICE Martin
PRICE Thomas and Jane Parents PRICE Rev. Watcyn Meredith
PRICE Watkin and Sarah Parents PRICE Watkin William
PRICE Wm. Edwin Father PRICE William Robert
PRICHARD George Scott and Margaret Caroline Parents PRICHARD The Rev. George Mostyn
PRICHARD Richard Knight and Beatrice Parents PRICHARD Hopkin Llewellyn
PRICKARD Rev. Wm. Edward Father PRICKARD Thomas Francis Vaughan
PRIDEAUX-BRUNE Chas. Glynn Father PRIDEAUX-BRUNE Col. Charles Robert
PRIESTLEY Hy. Samuel Father PRIESTLEY Lt.-Col. Francis John Lloyd
PRITCHARD Hugh and Mary Parents PRITCHARD Hugh Edward
PRITCHARD Thos. Father PRITCHARD Sir Albert Edward
PRITCHETT Alice Lilly Wife PRITCHETT John Suckling
PROBYN Edmund Father PROBYN Sir Leslie
PROBYN Fred. Father PROBYN Lt.-Col. Percy John
PROGER Glyndwr Son PROGER Thomas William
PROGER John Guy Father PROGER Thomas William
PROGER Lancelot Son PROGER Thomas William
PROGER Olwen Daughter PROGER Thomas William
PROSSER David and Elizabeth Parents St. David’s The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of – David Lewis PROSSER
PROSSER David Father PROSSER Sir John
PROSSER David Father PROSSER Tom Morris
PROSSER Lt. Ronald Morris Heir and son PROSSER Tom Morris
PROTHERO Sir George Walter Husband PROTHERO Lady -Mary Frances
PROTHEROE E.S. Heir and brother PROTHEROE Capt. David Garrick
PROTHEROE Edward Schaw Father PROTHEROE Capt. David Garrick
PRYCE Charles Sidney and Mary Medlicott Parents PRYCE Newill Peter Vaughan
PRYCE David Father PRYCE Edward Calcott
PRYCE-JONES Sir Pryce Father PRYCE-JONES Col. Albert Westhead
PRYCE-JONES Sir Pryce Father PRYCE-JONES Col. Henry Morris
PRYTHERCH Beti Rees Daughter PRYTHERCH John R.
PUCKLE Selwyn Hale Father PUCKLE Frederick Hale
PUGH Cecil Rose Husband PUGH Mrs Annie Georgina
PUGH David Davies and Jane Parents PUGH The Rev. Canon John Richards
PUGH David Father PUGH John Oliver
PUGH Elizabeth Mother ROWLANDS Robert Pugh
PUGH L.P. Father PUGH Major Herbert Owain
PUGH Lewis Pugh Father PUGH Roland Anthony Corderan
PUGH Maurice Robt. Husband PUGH Mrs Maria Middleton
PULLEY Chas. Oldaker Father PULLEY Sir Charles Thornton
PULLEY Sir Joseph Uncle PULLEY Sir Charles Thornton
PURSER Thomas Henry and Barbara Parents PURSER Henry
PURVIS E.H. and A.M. Parents PURVIS George Henry
RADCLIFFE H. Father RADCLIFFE Vice-Adml. Stephen Herbert
RADCLIFFE Hy. Miles Husband RADCLIFFE Mrs. Emily Bertha
RADCLIFFE Pollexfen Colmore Copleston Husband RADCLIFFE Mrs. P.C. Copleston – Margaret A.
RADCLIFFE Sir David Father RADCLIFFE Ven. Harry Sydney
RAIKES Margaret Taunton Wife PRICKARD Thomas Francis Vaughan
RAIKES R.T. Father in law PRICKARD Thomas Francis Vaughan
RAIKES R.T. Father RAIKES Captain Robert Henry Taunton
RANDALL William Richard Father RANDALL Henry John
RAWDON-HASTINGS Elizabeth Francis 2nd wife St. David’s First Viscount – Sir John Wynford PHILIPPS
RAWDON-HASTINGS Hon. P. 2nd father in law St. David’s First Viscount – Sir John Wynford PHILIPPS
RAYNER Bryan Fitzgerald Heir RAYNER William Bryan Fleetwood
RAYNER Edward William and Anne Edith Parents RAYNER William Bryan Fleetwood
RAYNES James Trevelyan Father RAYNES James William
READ John Father READ John Charles
REDMAYNE John M. Father REDMAYNE Sir Richard Augustine Studdert
REED Maj. John Leigh Father REED John Arthur Wemyss
REES Daniel and Margaret Parents REES William
REES Griffith and Sarah Parents REES Aneurin Arthur
REES Gwendolen Wife TAYLOR Glen Arthur
REES John Father REES Rev. George Edward
REES John Father REES Sir Milsom
REES John Father REES William Powell
REES John Father in law TAYLOR Glen Arthur
REES Jonathan Father REES Rev. James Ednyfed
REES Rees Father REES John Henry
REES Rev. Henry Father REES Brig.-Gen Hubert Conway
REES Richard Father REES Edward Walter
REES Sir Beddoe Husband REES Lady (Beddoe) – Elsbeth Gwendolyn
REES Sir John David Husband REES Hon. Lady – Mary
REES Sir John David Father REES Sir Richard Lodowick Montagu Edward
REES W.T. Father REES Lt.-Col John Gordon
REES William and Hannah Parents REES David Walters
REES William Thos. Husband REES Mrs Alice Rachel
REES William Father REES Alfred
REICHEL Charles Parson Father REICHEL Sir Harry Rudolf
RENNIE Wm. Father RENNIE Maj.-Gen. Robert
REYNOLDS Louis Baillie Father REYNOLDS Paul Kenneth Baillie
REYNOLDS Theophilus and Catherine Parents REYNOLDS David George
REYNOLDS Wm. Father REYNOLDS William Henry
RHYS Richard Father RHYS The Rev. Richard Lewellin
RHYS Stephen Father RHYS Harri Tudor
RICE Hy. Chas. Talbot Father RICE Maj. Harry Talbot
RICE-EVANS Walter Husband RICE-EVANS Mrs Sara
RICE-OXLEY Sir Alfred James Father RICE-OXLEY Douglas George
RICHARDS Annie Wife PRICE Daniel Henry
RICHARDS Edith Rose Wife REDMAYNE Sir Richard Augustine Studdert
RICHARDS Francis Anne Wife REES Edward Walter
RICHARDS Hugh and Elizabeth Mary Parents RICHARDS Richard Humphrey
RICHARDS John and Mary A. Parents RICHARDS Gertrude Mary
RICHARDS John Henry Father RICHARDS His Honour Judge Whitmore Lionel
RICHARDS John Father RICHARDS Huw Thomas
RICHARDS R.M. Father RICHARDS Maj. Henry Meredyth
RICHARDS Rev. J. Father RICHARDS Sir Henry Maunsell
RICHARDS Rev. James Father RICHARDS Rupert Peel
RICHARDS Rev. John Father RICHARDS Engr. Capt. John Arthur
RICHARDS Rev. Prebendary H.W.P. Father RICHARDS Owen William
RICHARDS Richard Father in law SAMUEL David
RICHARDS Sir (Hy.) Erle Husband RICHARDS Lady – Isabel
RICHARDS Sir Geo. Hy. Father RICHARDS Lady – Alice M.
RICHARDS T.F.F. Father RICHARDS Thomas Frederick
RICHARDS Thomas Father RICHARDS Richard T.
RICHARDS Thos. Picton Father in law REDMAYNE Sir Richard Augustine Studdert
RICHARDS Thos. Picton Father RICHARDS Thomas Picton Rose
RICHARDS William and Ann Parents RICHARDS Thomas Morgan
RICHARDS William and Jane Parents RICHARDS The Ven. John Harold
RICHARDS Wm. Father RICHARDS Arthur Frederick
RICHARDS Wm. Father RICHARDS John William
RICHARDSON Rev. Canon Thos. Father RICHARDSON Frederick Samuel David Evans
RICKARDS Rev. M.S.C. Father RICKARDS Robert Hillier Traherne Anson
RICKETTS G.H.M. Father RICKETTS Col. Percy Edward
RIDGWAY George Edwards and Elizabeth Brindle Parents RIDGWAY Ernest Frederick
RIND B.G. Father RIND Lt.-Col. George Burnet Abercrombie
ROBERT William Fathere ROBERTS George Scale
ROBERTS Arthur Phillips Husband ROBERTS Hon. Mrs. Phillips
ROBERTS Canon Ellis Father ROBERTS Rev. Ellis Gregory
ROBERTS Col. Sir Howland Husband ROBERTS Lady – Elizabeth Marie
ROBERTS David and Cathrine Parents ROBERTS John Cadwalader
ROBERTS David and H.M. Parents ROBERTS George Fossett
ROBERTS David Father ROBERTS Hugh Gordon
ROBERTS Ed. Father ROBERTS Brig.-Gen. Hereward Llewellyn
ROBERTS Elizabeth Mother PRYTHERCH John R.
ROBERTS Field Marshal Earl Father ROBERTS Countess – Aileen Mary ROBERTS
ROBERTS Geo. Father ROBERTS Sir John
ROBERTS Griffith and Jane Parents ROBERTS Griffith
ROBERTS Griffith Jones Father ROBERTS John Trevor
ROBERTS Griffith Father ROBERTS Cadwaladr
ROBERTS H. Goodman Father ROBERTS Ernest Handforth Goodman
ROBERTS Henry Constable Father ROBERTS Maj. Henry Constable
ROBERTS His Hon. Sir Walworth Howland Father ROBERTS Walter St. Clair Howland
ROBERTS His Honour Sir Walworth Howland Husband ROBERTS Lady – Katherine
ROBERTS J.J. and Anne Parents ROBERTS Rev. John
ROBERTS Jacob Father ROBERTS Edward
ROBERTS Jas. Father ROBERTS Sir James
ROBERTS Jn. Father ROBERTS Sir George
ROBERTS Jn. Father ROBERTS Robert Griffith
ROBERTS John and Elizabeth Parents ROBERTS Capt. William Lewis
ROBERTS John and Jane Parents ROBERTS Dan
ROBERTS John N. Father ROBERTS Richard Arthur
ROBERTS John Father ROBERTS Caradog
ROBERTS P.E. Father ROBERTS Tom Hartley
ROBERTS Pierce Father ROBERTS Sir Thomas Edwards
ROBERTS R.D. and Elizabeth Parents ROBERTS Robert David
ROBERTS Rev. David Father ROBERTS Rev. Chancellor Charles Frederic
ROBERTS Rev. David. Father ROBERTS Edwin
ROBERTS Rev. William Grandfather ROBERTS Rev. Chancellor Charles Frederic
ROBERTS Richard and Ellen Parents ROBERTS Rev. Richard Gwylfa
ROBERTS Richd. Father ROBERTS David Charles
ROBERTS Robert and Mrs A.E. Parents ROBERTS Aled Owen
ROBERTS Robert Williams Father ROBERTS Capt. William Lewis
ROBERTS Rt. Hon. Sir Samuel Husband ROBERTS Dow. Lady – Martha Susan
ROBERTS Sir James Father ROBERTS Joseph Henry Nicholson
ROBERTS Sir John Father ROBERTS Sir Alexander Fowler
ROBERTS Stephen Arth. Father ROBERTS Sir Arthur Cornelius
ROBERTS Thomas Andrew Father ROBERTS Hon. Frederick Owen
ROBERTS W. Father ROBERTS William Arthur
ROBERTS William and Margaret Parents ROBERTS Decie John
ROBERTS William Father ROBERTS Thomas Owen
ROBERTS Wm. Hoskins Father ROBERTS Lt.-Col. Sir James Reid
ROBERTSON Andrew Macbeth Father ROBERTSON Victor Stephen
ROBERTSON Henry Father ROBERTSON Sir Henry Beyer
ROBINSON Dr. James and Lady Harriet Agnes Parents ROBINSON Richard Gruffydd
ROBINSON James Husband ROBINSON Lady – Harriett Agnes
ROBINSON Rev. William Venis Father ROBINSON Rev. Theodore Henry
ROCH Surgeon-Gen. S. Father ROCH Col. Horace Sampson
ROCH Wm. Fras. Father ROCH Walter Francis
ROCHE Deputy Inspector W. Father ROCHE Group Capt. Nelson Joseph
ROCHE Sir Standish Deane O’Grady Husband ROCHE Lady – Sybil
ROCHE Wm. Father ROCHE Sir Alexander Adair
RODERICK William Father RODERICK Henry Buckley
ROGERS Benjn. Father ROGERS David
ROGERS Edwd Father ROGERS E.T. Percy
ROGERS Jane Mother PRYCE Edward Calcott
ROGERS John Father ROGERS Rev. Richard Samuel
ROGERS Rev. John Father ROGERS Alford
ROGERS Thomas Father ROGERS Eben
ROMILLY Lt.-Col. Fredk. Father ROMILLY Samuel Henry
ROMILLY S.H. Father ROMILLY Col. Bertram Henry Samuel
ROOKE Lt.-Col. Willoughby Sandilands Father ROOKE George Douglas Willoughby
ROPER Robt. Chas. Father ROPER Robert
ROUTLEDGE Janet Wife ROBERTSON Victor Stephen
ROWE James Father ROWE Arthur Harry
ROWE Wm. Father ROWE Bernard Meredith
ROWLAND John and Margaret Parents ROWLAND John
ROWLAND Thos. Father ROWLAND Sir John Thomas Podger
ROWLAND Wm. Father ROWLAND Sir Leonard Bromfield
ROWLANDS Jas. Father ROWLANDS William Gwynne
ROWLANDS John Father ROWLANDS Robert Pugh
ROWLANDS M.R. Father ROWLANDS His Honour Judge Rowland
ROWLANDS Richd. Father ROWLANDS Edward Lewis
ROWLANDS William and Elizabeth Parents ROWLANDS John Lewis
ROWLANDS William and Mary Parents ROWLANDS Robert John
ROWLEY-CONWY Conwy Grenville Hercules Father ROWLEY-CONWY Rear-Adml. Rafe Grenville
ROWLEY-CONWY Geoffrey Seymour Husband ROWLEY-CONWY Mrs – Gabrielle
ROYDEN Sir Thos. Bland Father ROYDEN Agnes Maude
RUSSELL E.M. Father RUSSELL Col. Reginald Edmund Maghlin
RUSSELL Edward Thomas and Clara Parents RUSSELL Sir Edward John
RUTHEN Sir Charles Tamlin Husband RUTHEN Lady – Matilda Jane
SALT Evelyn Mary Wife THOMAS Edward Aubrey
SALT J.C. Father in law THOMAS Edward Aubrey
SALT John William and Emma Parents SALT Charles Ernest
SAMSON Louis and Fanny Ann Parents SAMSON Sir Edward Marlay
SAMSON Louis Father SAMSON Lieut.-Colonel Louis Lort Rhys
SAMUEL Benj. Father SAMUEL Sir Arthur Michael
SAMUEL David Morlais and Anne Parents SAMUEL Margaret Morlais
SAMUEL David Father SAMUEL David
SAMUEL Edward and Jane Parents SAMUEL David
SAMUEL Edwin Louis Father SAMUEL Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Louis
SAMUEL Evan and Mary Parents SAMUEL Edward Cadifor
SAMUEL Evan and Mary Parents SAMUEL Rev. Canon John Evan
SAMUEL Richard Thomas Father SAMUEL George Archer Hilleary
SAMUEL William Father SAMUEL Astley William
SANDBROOK Martha Mother STEPHENS Rev. John Oliver
SANDBROOK Thomas Father SANDBROOK John Arthur
SANDERS Wm. Father SANDERS Charles Fletcher
SANFORD Rev. Preb. Edwd. Ayshford Father SANDFORD Maj. Eugene Ayshford
SANKEY Thomas and Catalina Parents SANKEY The Right Honourable John – Viscount
SAUNDERS Capt. Francis David Father SAUNDERS Ellen Maude
SAUNDERS David Price Father SAUNDERS Edward Argent
SAUNDERS William Rolleston Father SAUNDERS William Rolleston
SAUNDERSFOOT Hilda Margaret Wife THOMAS Rev. John Penry
SAUNDERSFOOT Rev. John Williams Father in law THOMAS Rev. John Penry
SAURIN Col. Morgan J. Father SAURIN William Mark
SAYCE George Father SAYCE George Ethelbert
SCOTT Elizabeth M. Wife THOMAS William
SEAGER Capt. J. Son SEAGER Sir William Henry
SEAGER George Leighton Son SEAGER Sir William Henry
SEAGER William Father SEAGER Sir William Henry
SEAMAN Wm. Mantle Father SEAMAN Sir Owen
SEEL Ralph Cecil Son SEEL Robert Harold
SEEL Robert Amyas Son SEEL Robert Harold
SELBY A.T. Father SELBY Arthur L.
SEROCOLD-PEARCE G. Father TENNANT Mrs Winifred Coombe
SEXTON Francis Father in law ROBERTS Hon. Frederick Owen
SHEEN Alfred Father SHEEN Col. Alfred Williams
SHELLEY Sir. Chas. Father SHELLEY-ROLLS Capt. Sir John Courtown Edward
SHEPHERD David Father SHEPHERD Gilbert David
SHEPHERD Gilbert Leslie Son SHEPHERD Gilbert David
SHEPPERSON Joseph Wm. Father SHEPPERSON Sir Ernest Whittome
SHUKER Herbert Father SHUKER Herbert Henry
SHUTE Col. Deane C. Father SHUTE Gen. Sir Cameron Deane
SHUTTLEWORTH Allen Father SHUTTLEWORTH Maj.-Gen. Digby Inglis
SIBLY Thos. Dix Father SIBLY Thomas Franklin
SILK William Father SILK Capt. Evan
SIMON Rev. Canon John Father SIMON The Rev. William Glyn Hughes
SIMON Rev. E. Father SIMON Rt. Hon. Sir John Allsebrook
SIMON Rt. Hon. Sir John Cousin SIMON Ernest Llewellyn
SIMON Walter and Mary Elizabeth Parents SIMON Ernest Llewellyn
SIMPSON John Hope Father SIMPSON Sir John Hope
SINGER Adml. Morgan Father SINGER Adml. Sir Morgan
SLADEN Brig.-Gen. David Ramsay Husband SLADEN Mrs Isabel
SLEEMAN Capt. H.A. Father SLEEMAN Col. James Lewis
SMITH Capt. Thomas Reardon Father SMITH Sir William Reardon
SMITH David and Jane Parents SMITH Rev. Gwilym
SMITH Edith Mary Wife PUGH Major Herbert Owain
SMITH George Henry and Jane Hall Parents SMITH Percie George
SMITH Maj.-Gen. C. Hodgkinson Father SMITH Maj. Charles Hodgkinson
SMITH Mary C. 1st wife PRICE Howel John James
SMITH Ronald Father SMITH Malcolm Harry
SMITH Sir William Reardon Father SMITH Willie Reardon
SMITH Thomas and Ann Parents SMITH Thomas Henry
SMITH Thomas Father SMITH Thomas Baillie
SMITH W. 1st father in law PRICE Howel John James
SMITH William Dickson and Elizabeth Parents SMITH Alexander Hugh Dickson
SMITH Willie Reardon Heir SMITH Sir William Reardon
SNEAD-COX Lt.-Col. Richd. Father SNEAD-COX John George
SOLLY-FLOOD Maj.-Gen. Sir Fredk. Richd. Father SOLLY-FLOOD Brevet-Col. Richard Elles
SOLOMON Joseph and Susan Sarah Parents SOLOMON Albert Joseph
SOLOMON Joseph Father in law SAMUEL Astley William
SOLOMON Lucy Wife SAMUEL Astley William
SOMERSET Anna Daughter SOMERSET Raglan Horatio Edwyn Henry
SOMERSET Millicent Wife SOMERSET Raglan Horatio Edwyn Henry
SOMERSET Raglan T.H. and E.H.A. Parents SOMERSET Raglan Horatio Edwyn Henry
SOMERSET Rev. Wm. Father SOMERSET Raglan Turbervill Henry
SOUTHWELL Robert A.W. Heir SOUTHWELL 5th Viscount – Arthur Robert Pyers SOUTHWELL
SOUTHWOOD-JONES Bernice Bramhall Wife STEER Edward Pemberton
SPARKS Rev. G.D. Father SPARKS Eng. Capt. Ernest Fothergill
SPENCE-JONES Very Rev. Hy. Donald Maurice Father SPENCE-COLBY Col. Cecil John Herbert
SPENCER Maj. R.H. Father SPENCER Richard Basset
SPITTLE Thomas Father SPITTLE J. Trevor
SPURRELL Capt. Hugh William Heir SPURRELL Walter
SPURRELL Lt.-Col. Robert John Husband SPURRELL Mrs. Mary Maude
SPURRELL Wm. Father SPURRELL Rev. William George
ST. JOHN Lt.-Col. John Henry Herbert Father ST. JOHN George Francis William
ST. JOHN William James Grandfather ST. JOHN George Francis William
STACEY Rev. J.T.C. Father STACEY Cyril
STANLEY Maj. Sir Chas. Wentworth Father STANLEY Charles Sidney Bowen Wentworth
STAPLETON Capt. Hon. Bryan John Father STAPLETON Comdr. Gregory
STEEL Col. W.D. Father STEEL Lieut.-Col. Owen William Dyne
STEER Edward and Augusta Louisa Parents STEER Edward Pemberton
STEER Philip Father STEER Philip Wilson
STEER Philip Father STEER Rev. William Henry Hornby
STEPHENS Rev. John Father STEPHENS Rev. John Oliver
STEPHENS Thomas James and Mary Eliza Parents STEPHENS William Edgar
STEWART Capt. J. Father STEWART Maj. William Edmond
STEWART Capt. Jas. Logan Father STEWART Douglas Dormer
STEWART Rev. Richd B. Father STEWART James
STOKES Antony Wm. John Father STOKES Maj. Antony Vaughan William
STOREY Sir. Thos. Father STOREY Charles Blades Coverdale
STOREY Sir. Thos. Father STOREY Robert Holme
STRICK T.N. Talfourd Father STRICK Capt. Courtenay Charles
STUART Janetta Wife REYNOLDS Paul Kenneth Baillie
STUART Maj. Wm. Edington Father SCOTT George John
STUART Sir Louis Father in law REYNOLDS Paul Kenneth Baillie
STUART-MENTEATH Andrew Agnew Father STUART-MENTEATH Thomas Alexander
STUDTS Henry and Emilla Parents STUDTS Henry
STURT Napier George Husband STURT Beatrix Marion (Mrs. Napier STURT)
SUMMERS James Bowen Father SUMMERS S.W. Bowen
SUMMERS James Bowlas Father SUMMERS Maj. Richard Henry Bowlas
SUMMERS Jas. Bowlas Father SUMMERS Maj. Edmund William Bowlas
SWAYNE Rev. G.C. Father SWAYNE Col. Harald George Carlos
SWIFT Thomas Father SWIFT William Henry Burton
SYKES Arthur Hy. Father SYKES Herbert Rushton
SYMONDS Annie E. Wife SOLOMON Albert Joseph
SYMONDS James Fredk. Father SYMONDS-TAYLOR Lt.-Col. Richard Herbert
SYMONDS Percy Father SYMONDS Rev. George Percy
TAIT Margaret Mother SMITH Thomas Baillie
TATE Sir. Ernest W. Father TATE Henry
TAYLOR Benj. M. Father TAYLOR William Macdonald
TAYLOR Capt. Herbert W. Father TAYLOR Miss Gwynedd Lefer
TAYLOR Henry Francis Father TAYLOR Frederick John
TAYLOR Henry Francis Father TAYLOR Glen Arthur
TAYLOR Ven. Wm. Fras. Father TAYLOR The Honourable Sir William Francis Kyffin
TENNANT Charles Coombe and Winifred Coombe Parents TENNANT Alexander J. Serocold Coombe
TENNANT Charles Coombe Husband TENNANT Mrs. Winifred Coombe
TENNANT Lt.-Col. E.W. Father TENANT Comdr. William George
TERNAN Gen. A.H. Father TERNAN Brig.-Gen. Trevor Patrick Breffney
TERRY James and Ann Parents TERRY William
THEOBALD Jas. Father THEOBALD James Anwyl
THOMAS Alfred Noyes Heir THOMAS The Rev. Canon David William
THOMAS Ann Daughter THOMAS David
THOMAS Arthur E.G. Son THOMAS William
THOMAS B and H.E. Parents THOMAS Rev. Alfred
THOMAS Benj. Father THOMAS Ivor Cradock
THOMAS Brig.-Gen. Sir Godfrey Vignoles Husband THOMAS Dow. Lady – Mary F.I.
THOMAS Brig.-Gen. Sir Owen Husband THOMAS Lady – Frederica W.S.
THOMAS Capt. A.J. Heir THOMAS Right Hon. James Henry
THOMAS Capt. Alfd. Father THOMAS Surgn. Rear Adml. Arthur Richard
THOMAS Daphne Mair Daughter THOMAS David
THOMAS David and Ann Parents THOMAS William Edmund
THOMAS David Miles Father THOMAS Ethel Nancy Miles
THOMAS David Father THOMAS David
THOMAS David Father THOMAS David
THOMAS David Father THOMAS W.E. Clason
THOMAS Dr. John Grandfather THOMAS Percy Goronwy
THOMAS E.D. and C.L. Parents THOMAS Edward Aubrey
THOMAS Edmund and Elen Tydfil Parents THOMAS Edmund Fairfield
THOMAS Edward Father THOMAS Sir (Alfred) Brumwell
THOMAS Elizabeth and Jenkin Parents THOMAS John
THOMAS Elizabeth Mother ROGERS Rev. Richard Samuel
THOMAS Evan Jones and Maria Byard Parents THOMAS Octavius
THOMAS Francis G. Husband THOMAS Mrs. Florence Margaret Sarah
THOMAS George Father THOMAS Sir Illtyd
THOMAS Griffith Father THOMAS William George
THOMAS Gwilym Father in law ROWLANDS His Honour Judge Rowland
THOMAS H.S. Father THOMAS Brig.-Gen. Edward Algernon D’Arcy
THOMAS H.W. Father THOMAS Nathaniel Henry
THOMAS Hannah Wife RICHARDS Timothy
THOMAS Iltid Father THOMAS Iltid Edward
THOMAS J. Lewes Father THOMAS James Purdon Lewes
THOMAS J. Norman Heir THOMAS Sydney
THOMAS J.D. Islwyn Son THOMAS William
THOMAS J.D. Father THOMAS Richard Maculay
THOMAS Jabez Father THOMAS Francis Griffith
THOMAS Jane Mother RICHARDS Huw Thomas
THOMAS Jas. Father THOMAS Herbert Williams
THOMAS Jeffrey and Margaret Parents THOMAS William Jeffrey
THOMAS John and Martha Parents THOMAS David
THOMAS John Henwood Father THOMAS His Honour Judge Leonard Charles
THOMAS John Silvanus Father THOMAS Dan
THOMAS John Father THOMAS Daniel J.
THOMAS John Father THOMAS Isaac
THOMAS John Father THOMAS James
THOMAS John Father THOMAS Rev. Joseph Morgan Lloyd
THOMAS John Father THOMAS William
THOMAS Jonathan and Ann Parents THOMAS Ben Bowen
THOMAS Joseph Morris and Ann Parents THOMAS William
THOMAS Joseph Father THOMAS Howell Wynne
THOMAS Josiah Father THOMAS Percy Goronwy
THOMAS Latimer Father THOMAS Arthur Latimer
THOMAS Lewis and Jane Parents THOMAS John Aeron
THOMAS Lewis C. Father THOMAS Charles Leslie
THOMAS M.H. Father THOMAS Brig.-Gen. Henry Melville
THOMAS Margaret and William Parents THOMAS Arthur Lloyd
THOMAS Margaret Wife REES Alfred
THOMAS Mary Wife ROWLANDS His Honour Judge Rowland
THOMAS Nicholas Howell Father THOMAS Peter David
THOMAS Owen and Mary Parents THOMAS Rev. Owen
THOMAS Owen Father THOMAS Rev. David John
THOMAS Pamela Daughter THOMAS David
THOMAS Rees Father THOMAS Rev. Cuthbert
THOMAS Rev. C. Tawelfryn Father THOMAS Rev. John Penry
THOMAS Rev. D.G. Father THOMAS Sir William Beach
THOMAS Rev. George Father THOMAS George Nathaniel William
THOMAS REV. Jno. Father in law RICHARDS Timothy
THOMAS Rev. T.W. Father THOMAS Sir Thomas Shenton Whitelegge
THOMAS Rev. W.D. Father THOMAS John Lloyd
THOMAS Richard and Ann Parents THOMAS Richard David
THOMAS Richard Father THOMAS The Rev. Canon David William
THOMAS Richd. Father THOMAS Hubert Spence
THOMAS Richd. Father THOMAS Sir William Henry
THOMAS Samuel and Amelia Parents THOMAS Samuel
THOMAS Sir D. Llaufer Father’s cousin THOMAS Nathaniel Henry
THOMAS Sir John Husband THOMAS Lady – Helen Mary
THOMAS Sir Thomas Powell and Lillie Parents THOMAS Ivor Broadbent
THOMAS Sir Thomas Powell Husband THOMAS Lady – Mary Elizabeth
THOMAS Sir. Hugh Jas. Protheroe Husband THOMAS Lady – Charlotte
THOMAS Theopilus Evan Husband THOMAS Mrs. Theophilius E. – Edith Haines
THOMAS Thomas and Gwladys Parents THOMAS Gomer Llewellyn
THOMAS Thomas Davies Father in law THOMAS Joseph S. Williams
THOMAS Thomas Jas. Father THOMAS Sir William James
THOMAS Thomas Father THOMAS Edgar Herbert
THOMAS Thomas Father THOMAS Rev. Joseph Llewelyn
THOMAS Thomas Father THOMAS William Henry Oliver
THOMAS W.C. Elvet Son THOMAS William
THOMAS Walter Pryce Father THOMAS Walter Clifford
THOMAS William and Jane Parents THOMAS Thomas Ellis
THOMAS William and Jane Parents THOMAS William
THOMAS William and Margaret Parents THOMAS The Rev. Canon Griffith
THOMAS William and Marianne Parents THOMAS George Percy
THOMAS William Father THOMAS William Clifford Elvet
THOMAS William Father THOMAS William Evans
THOMAS Wm. James Cooper Heir THOMAS Sir William James
THOMAS Wm. Lloyd Father THOMAS Hugh Lloyd
THOMAS Wm. Father THOMAS Sir Daniel Lleufer
TREHARNE Mary Mother THOMAS Richard Maculay
TURNER Eliza Mother PRICE-DAVIES Lt.-Col. Stafford Davies
TURNER F.W. Father in law SPURRELL Walter
TURNER Florence Mary Wife SPURRELL Walter
TURNER I.I. Maternal grandfather PRICE-DAVIES Lt.-Col. Stafford Davies
TURNOCK Edith Wife THOMAS Charles Leslie
VAUGHAN Mary Eleanor Wife STEADMAN William
WAGGOTT Gertrude Wife THOMAS Edmund Fairfield
WALDRON Gertrude Wife PROGER Thomas William
WARRANT W. de G. Father in law THOMAS Richard Maculay
WARREN Gertrude Wife THOMAS Richard Maculay
WATKINS Margaret Wife ROBERTS Capt. William Lewis
WELLS Elsie Nugent Wife PROSSER Tom Morris
WHITE H. Brunel Father in law TENISON-COLLINS Barry Keyte
WHITE Mildred Victoria Gwendoline Wife TENISON-COLLINS Barry Keyte
WILD Joan Mary Wife PRICHARD The Rev. George Mostyn
WILD Rev. John E. and the hon. Mrs Parents in law PRICHARD The Rev. George Mostyn
WILLIAMS Cora Mary Wife REED John Arthur Wemyss
WILLIAMS Edwin Father in law SAMSON Lieut.-Colonel Louis Lort Rhys
WILLIAMS Eliza Blackburne Wife PRITCHARD Hugh Edward
WILLIAMS Gertrude Maud Wife SAMSON Lieut.-Colonel Louis Lort Rhys
WILLIAMS H.W. Father in law REED John Arthur Wemyss
WILLIAMS John Maternal grandfather THOMAS Rev. John Penry
WILLIAMS Lewis Father in law THOMAS George Percy
WILLIAMS Margaret Wife PRICE Watkin William
WILLIAMS Margaret Mother RICHARDS Timothy
WILLIAMS Margaretta Wife REES Rev. Thomas Mardy
WILLIAMS Mary Lucy Mother THOMAS Rev. John Penry
WILLIAMS Rev. I. Jones Father in law THOMAS Ben Bowen
WILLIAMS Rheannon Wife THOMAS Ben Bowen
WILLIAMS Thomas Father in law REES Rev.Thomas Mardy
WILLS Kathleen M.C.H. Douty Wife REES-MOGG Vety. Lt.-Col. Graham B.C.
WILLS Sir Fredrick Father in law REES-MOGG Vety. Lt.-Col. Graham B.C.
WITHERS Edith A.N. Mother THOMAS Charles Leslie
WOOD Muriel Wife PURSER Henry
WOOD Robert Father in law PURSER Henry
WYNN Henrietta K.L. Wife RODNEY Hon. Robert William Henry
WYNN Hy. B. Watkin Williams Father in law RODNEY Hon. Robert William Henry
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