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How it works

1. Volunteers contribute indexes of obituaries from their local papers.

2. Entries are put into a searchable database.

3. Entries are emailed to list subscribers.

4. Volunteers can contact contributors for an actual obituary.

How to help

If you have a computer and get a publication that has obituaries, you can help!

Just a few minutes a day and you can help other researchers find those all-important obituaries for their genealogical research.

For more information, visit the Become a Volunteer page.

How to use the index

Each entry contains basic information, such as, name, date of publication, etc.

Find the publication abbreviation in our publication list.

If you are not a contributor, you will need to contact the publication, a library, or genealogical society to find the actual obituary itself.

Moderator Info

Moderators receive submissions from volunteers in the USA, Canada, and countries all around the world.

They put all the information together and send them to the final moderator, who puts it into the database and GEN-OBIT email.

Alice Ramsay

Final Moderator

Webmaster, database manager, and mailing list administrator

Jan Plambeck


In charge of training volunteers and assigning them to a moderator

Jan Wheeler


Longtime moderator and volunteer

Gary King


Moderator, especially for entries from other countries

Charla Pfeffinger


Dedicated moderator for a growing list of volunteers

The Obituary Daily Times started in 1995 as an obituary sharing project. As time went on, we made our database and email available to the public.

We are grateful to all of our dedicated volunteers who have contributed to this project over the years and all those who continue to contribute their time to this effort.