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Hello Everyone,

Pauli Driver SmithMy name is Pauli Driver Smith. I am currently serving as one of two NENC County Coordinators representing you on the USGENWeb Advisory Board (AB). I was originally seated on the board in late December, 2009 to fill the vacancy left by Joe Markovich, and elected to the AB for a one year term in 2010. I ran again in 2011 for my first two year term.

During the almost four years I've been a member of the AB, I've seen many positive changes. Much of the negativity the board had to deal with in the first couple of years is now over and we are freer to focus on more positive things such as how to better support the USGenWeb volunteers and researchers, promote the project, and find better ways of fulfilling our mission in an ever changing Internet environment.

In addition to being on the AB since 2009, I've also been a member of the USGENWeb project since early in 1997. I started my involvement by adopting Weld County, CO. Since then, I've added Boulder County, CO. Adams County, OH and finally Lewis County, KY. I have never been an SC or and ASC, nor do I plan of being one. I prefer working in the trenches with the rest of us CC's.

I believe that I have the background as well as the ear of my fellow CC's. I continually strive to listen to all sides before I make a decision as to which way to go. I tend to be a mediator, trying to help people find a common ground and solutions to their problems/issues. I do not always follow the party line. When I am convinced that something is right - or wrong, I am more than willing and able to go against the tide of opinion.

If you choose to re-elect me, my job will continue to be to uphold the Bi-Laws and represent and protect the rights of all of the CC's in the USGENWEB project, but especially those of us in the NENC region. Sometimes that will mean standing up for one person,other times, for all of us, and sometimes that will mean going against popular opinion,whether Pauli Driver Smith age 18 monthsthat be of the other members of the AB, or of one or more projectmembers.

A little bit about me:

I was born in Los Angeles, California, but within a few months of my birth, my family moved back to Adams County, Ohio, where generations of my mother's family have lived and farmed since the late 1700s. We lived there about five years, before returning toCalifornia for my Dad's work. While I spent the rest of my growing up years on the West Coast, both sides of my family have deep roots in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, and Missouri.

I've been married for over 43 years. We have one son who is currently living in Connecticut with his wife and three children. I work half-time as an administrative assistant at our local community college helping to run the GED Preparation and Concurrent Enrollment programs. I still fill my "free" time working as a free lance graphic designer and as the Executive Director of Historic Highlandlake, and of course, working on my GenWeb sites and serving on the AB.

I inherited my love for history and genealogy from my father, who was an avid historian and genealogist. By the time I was nine, I was helping him with his genealogy. Fifty years later, genealogy is still a passion that has never let go of its hold on my soul. While many of the methods have changed with the times, I think the goals are the same - to find and connect with one's ancestors. In the process, many of us discover that we also enjoy helping others, as we were helped, along the way.

I strongly believe in the USGENWEB. If I did not, I would have left it long ago for one or more of the various other projects out there. For me, this is my home.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me. My e-mail address is:

Meet you at the polls!

Adams County, Ohio
Boulder County, Colorado
Weld County, Colorado
Lewis County, Kentucky
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