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The Washington County Public Library in Marietta, Ohio.

 The director of the Local History and Genealogy Dept.,
Is Ernie Thode

  I also have a list of some African-American Civil War Veterans from southeastern Ohio.
African American Civil War Veterans
(circa 1863-1865)
Washington County, Ohio.

 Armstrong, Harrison Pvt  6th U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment
Asbury, Dudly E., -----S/Maj ----  101st     "
Asbury, John B.,   Pvt  4th  "
 Austin, Samuel,  Pvt  27th  "
Banks, Anthony,  Pvt  23rd  "
Burke, Charles Pvt  27th  "
Burke, Nimrod             1/Sgt  23rd  "
Butler, Charles (KIA) Pvt  27th  "
Courcey, Edmund Pvt  27th  "
Curtis, Jacob  Pvt  27th      "
Curtis, John  Pvt  3rd  "
Danials, Woodson Pvt  5th  "
Dick, David  Pvt  27th  "
Dixon, Harrison Pvt  27th  "
Farris, George  Pvt  5th  "
 Freeman, Albert Pvt  5th  "
Gibson, Thomas Pvt  5th  "
Gibson, William O. Pvt  5th  "
Giles, Edward  Pvt  5th  "
Goins, James H. Pvt  5th  "
Goins, Nimrod  Pvt  5th  "
Goudy, John C. Pvt  5th  "
Hale, Charles H. Pvt  5th  "
Hale, George  Pvt  5th  "
Harper, William J. Pvt  127th  "
Harris, Thornton Pvt  27th   "
Johnson, Israel H. Pvt  27th  "
Kennedy, John  Pvt  27th  "
 Landrum, Drury Pvt  27th  "
Lawson, Thomas E. Pvt  27th  "
Lewis, William H. Pvt  27th  "
Lucas, John C.  Pvt  18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Male, Cornelius Pvt  27th U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment
Male, George W. Pvt  15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Male, Solomon S. Pvt  148th Ohio Infantry Regiment
Marshal, James Pvt  27th  U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment
Milligan, John M. Pvt  9th  U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment
Muncey, John D. Pvt  3rd  "
Muncey, Montgomery Pvt  3rd  "
Muncey, Issac N. Pvt  1st Ohio Volunteer Company
 Neuman, Samuel Pvt  5th U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment
Norman Amos  Pvt  5th  "
Norris, Adam  Pvt  100th  "
Norris, Noah  Pvt  5th  "
Norris, William Pvt  27th  "
Perl, John  Pvt  5th  "
Ramsey, Alexander Pvt  5th  "
Roan, Ambrose Pvt  5th  "
Simpson, Thomas Pvt  5th  "
Simpson, William Pvt  5th  "
Smith, Jacob  Pvt  27th  "
Solomon, Issac Pvt  27th  "
Stevens, Slyvester Pvt  4th  "
Stonaker, Randall Pvt  27th  "
Striblin, Charles Pvt  27th  "
Tabler, Jesse  Pvt  5th  "
Thomas, Squire Pvt  27th  "
West, William  Pvt  5th  "
Whitfield, James L Pvt  27  "

                                African-American Civil War Veterans
            Washington County, Ohio

Armstrong, Harrison Pvt  Co B  6th  US Colored Inf. Regiment
Asbury, Anthony  Pvt  Co. E  --   148th Ohio Inf. Regiment
Austin, Lemeul Pvt  Co. E  23rd US Colored Inf. Regiment
Austin, Salathiel Pvt  Co. E  23rd  "
Burke, Nimrod Sgt  Co. G  23rd  "
Burton, William Pvt  Co. I  5th  "
Burton, Charles Pvt  Co. C  5th  "
Coursey, Edward         Pvt  Co. C.  27th  "
Creal, George  Pvt  Co. I  5th  "
Curtis, John  Pvt  Co. C  3rd  "
Davis, Moses  Pvt  Co. L  41st  "
Goodnig, Washington Pvt  Co. A  5th  "
Fletcher, Wesley T. Pvt  Co. A  14th   "
Harris, James  (MIA)   Pvt  Co. D  20th  "
Lewis, Charles  Pvt  Co. D  27th   "
Lukins, Eli B.  Pvt  Co. B  18th  "
Montgomery, Harrison Pvt  Co. C               55th Mass. "
Male, Aaron  Pvt  Co. C  5th  "
McIntosh, Silas Pvt  Co. A  27th  "
Norman, Azariah Pvt  Co. G  5th   "
Parsons, William Pvt  Co. B  27th  "
Sampson, Thomas H Pvt  Co. G  5th  "
Scott, Hiram  Pvt  Co. G  5th  "
Solomon, Isaac            Pvt       Co. G  27th  "
Still, Thomas (MIA) Pvt  Co. L  1st Ohio Calvary

List "B" was researched and compiled by:
Henry Robert Burke
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Marietta, Ohio 45750
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