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This is an All Day Work Shop     

WHEN:  October 6, 2012  9:30 am—3:30 pm

Where:  Lima Public Library  in the Auditorium
            650  W. Market St.  Lima, Ohio

Our speaker will be Jeanne Eppley [her native American name is Snowflower]. She will be answering your questions about your Indian Heritage. Jeanne Eppley lives in Columbus, Ohio.  She began her search for her ancestry over 30 years ago and found that most were Native American people.

Realizing the difficulty of finding information on that type of research, she began to keep records of the things she found helpful as she searched and talked with people who had done this before her.  After several years, she began to help others with thier research.  One day she was asked to write a column for a newsletter published in Riverview,  Fla.  called Native American Ancestry Hunting.  This led to the publication in 1996 of her book MY FAMILY TELLS THIS STORY. She writes and speaks using the name of her Great- Great- Grandmother who was a Shawnee Woman known as Snow Flower. In 2011, she updated the book with a CD titled Snow Flower's Indian Genealogy Guide. She considers it her mission in life to find the hidden people and bring them home.

ACGS  members $ 7.00
Walk-in, non- members $ 8.00