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J. H. SECREST, attorney-at-law at Lima, and junior
partner of the law firm of Klinger & Secrest, was born in Guernsey
County, Ohio, in 1871, and is a son of Noah E. and Eliza J. (Spriggs)
   Noah E. Secrest is a prominent agriculturist of Guernsey County.  He
married Eliza J. Spriggs, who was a daughter of Morris Spriggs, and a
brother of Joseph W. Spriggs, a prominent attorney of Portland, Oregon,
and of John P, Spriggs, who was the Democratic candidate for judge of
the Supreme Court of Ohio from Woodsfield, in 1902, and was formerly
judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio from Woodsfield, in 1902, and was
formerly judge of the Court of Common Pleas.  Another brother is Judge
David S. Spriggs, of Caldwell, Ohio, one of the ablest attorneys in the
State, long a judge on the common please bench and a popular candidate
for Congress.
   In will thus be seen that Mr. Secrest came naturally into the
profession of the law, undoubtedly inheriting a tendency in this
direction.  He remained at home on his father's farm, attending the
local schools, until he was 17 years of age, and then entered the Ohio
Normal University at Ada, where he was graduated in the classical
course, receiving the degree of M. A. in 1894.  His law reading was
commenced at the university and was continued in the office of Spriggs &
Spriggs, at Paulding, Ohio, and later, with Risser & Smith, at Ottawa.
He was admitted to the bar in 1903.  The following year he located at
Lima and entered into his present partnership.  The firms are located in
the Metropolitan Building, Ohio, and later, with Risser & Smith, at
Ottawa.  He was admitted to the bar in 1903.  The following year he
located at Lima and entered into his present partnership.  The firms are
located in the Metropolitan Building.  In addition to a large practice
Mr. Secrest devotes some time to other important business interests.
   After completing a very liberal education, Mr. Secrest served for
three years as county school examiner of Paulding County.  He was
superintendent of schools at Antwerp, Ohio for six years and for three
years at Ottawa.  In 1903 he was put forward by the Democratic party as
the candidate for school commissioner of Ohio.
    Fraternally, Mr. Secrest is a Mason, belonging to Blue Lodge,
Chapter and Council at Ottawa.  He is recognized as a young man of great
ability and has already made a name in his chosen profession.


M. D. MASON is a representative agriculturist of
Allen County, and has passed his entire life on a farm in section 16,
Bath township where he was born October 3, 1840.  He lives on a farm of
73 1/4 acres adjoining the place of his birth.  His parents were Jarvis
and Elizabeth (Hall) Mason, the former a native of Rehoboth,
Massachusetts, and the latter, of Oneida County, New York. The Mason
family was founded in America in 1649 by Alexander Maon, who came to
this country from England and took up large tracts of land along the
seacoast of Massachusetts.  Little more is known concerning him, except
that he was of Scotch-Irish lineage.  Elisha Mason, the grandfather of
our subject was a descendant of this Alexander Mason, belonging to the
fourth generation, and farmed on the ancestral acres in Massachusetts.
    Jarvis Mason was born January 6, 1789, and learned the trade of a
stone mason while a boy and built a great many walls with "niggerheads"
of boulders.  He went to Oneida County where he was married.  Later he
returned to his native State, but shortly after again went to New York
where he lived until his removal to Ohio in 1834, when he brought with
his his wife and seven children, leaving two children in the East. They
had a family of 15 children, six having been born after their removal to
Ohio.  Franklin, an elder son, had preceded the family here one year.
He was a blacksmith and set up the first anvil used in Allen County; but
soon abandoned his trade to take up the more lucrative work of teaming,
making trips to Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and other points.  General
Armstrong related to our subject that he had at one time, about 1836,
employed Franklin, who had the only horse team here then, to make a trip
to Columbus for cannon, the return journey taking six weeks.  Franklin
Mason was laid to rest in the cemetery at Lima.
    M. D. Mason owns part of the original quarter section entered by his
father and cleared and put under cultivation by the family.  For many
years the family occupied the little cabin, but Mr. Mason has a cozy,
comfortable residence and has improved his place until it is equal to
the best.  He was married October 2, 1866, to Mary L. Snyder, who was
born September 13, 1848, in Bath township, and is a daughter of Peter
and Clarinda (Edgecomb) Snyder, the former of New York and the latter of
Trumbull County, Ohio.  Thirteen children have been born to Mr. and Mrs.
Mason, viz:  Clarinda, who married Frank Roeder, of Lima; Elmer, who was
murdered in 1904, aged 36 years; Frank, killed in an accident; Pulaski,
of Lima; Jennie, wife of Claud Hennen, of Lima; Milton; Luella; Talma,
wife of C. D. Miller, of Lima; Nellie, wife of James Richards, of
Michigan; Harry; Charles; Donald; and Amy.  Mr. Mason is a Republican
and has served as trustee three terms; for several years he was on the
School Board.


HENRY C. RICHARDSON, druggist at Spencerville, was
born in October, 1860, on the Richardson farm in Allen County, and is a
son of George Washington and Julia Ann (Francis) Richardson.
    The paternal grandfather of Mr. Richardson was William Richardson, a
veteran of the War of 1812, who was born and reared in the shadow of the
Blue Mountains, in Virginia.  He came of sturdy, virile mountain
ancestry and lived to the age of 106 years, dying in Ohio.  His son,
George Washington Richardson, was   born in Montgomery County, Ohio,
February 27, 1822, and died January 30, 1879, in Allen County, having
settled in Amanda township in 1858.  In 1841 he was married to Julia Ann
Francis, who was born near the Ohio River, in Virginia, March 4, 1822,
and died July 14, 1900. She was quite young when her parents moved to
Auglaize County, Ohio, where she was married.
   The children of George Washington Richardson and wife were:  William,
Daniel, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah Ellen, George  Washington, Henry C.,
David Mc., and Emma Jane.  William Richardson was born March 14, 1842,
and is a veteran of the Civil War.  He was married May 15, 1861, to Mary
E. Miller, and they have seven children.  Daniel Richardson was born
June 8, 1844, and was a veteran of the Civil War.  He was married April
6, 1867, to Lydia Miller, who survives him with six children.   He died
in Kansas, November 26, 1886, and was buried in Allen County.  Elizabeth
Richardson was born February 7,1848, and died in March, 1880.  She
married William Harruff and is survived by four children.  Margaret
Richardson was born May 14, 1854, and was married June 24, 1871, to
Simon Shaffer, of Spencerville; they have six children.  Sarah Ellen
Richardson was born September 7, 1856, and was married May 8, 1875, and
died in Charleston, Missouri, in August, 1902.  She is survived by her
husband, W. T. Hooker, and children.  George Washington Richardson (2),
named for his father, was born May 9,1858, and was married July 21,
1879, to Fannie A. Logan.  She was born in Perry township, Allen County,
Ohio, April 24, 1858, and is a daughter   of David and Mary Ann (Graham)
Logan. Of their five children, three sons C. C., G. C. and John E.
survive.  David Mc. Richardson was born May 13, 1864, and was married
January 18, 1882, to Emma Whirl. Emma Jane Richardson was born May 9,
1866, and was married February 12, 1883, to John McDonald, of Buffalo,
New York.
   The parents of this family united with the Christian Church under
Elder Whetstone, when they were about 30 years of age.  On February 10,
1888, the mother united with the congregation at Spencerville, under
Elder C. J. Hance.  At the time of her decease she had been a member of
the Christian Church for 50 years, and this fact was dwelt upon by Rev.
W. L. Lundy at the time of her funeral.
   Henry C. Richardson was primarily educated in the local schools and
then took a course in pharmacy in the Ohio Normal University at Ada,
where he was graduated in 1891.  After a period of clerking at Ada and
then at Cincinnati, he came to Spencerville, and later, in partnership
with is brother-in-law, Harmon Dunathan, purchase the Harbison Drug
business and also was in a drug partnership with Mr. Dunathan at St.
Marys.  When this business association was dissolved; Mr. Richardson
continued at Spencerville and Mr. Dunathan at St. Marys.
    In 1884 Mr. Richardson was married to Mary M. Dunathan, who is a
daughter of J. H. Dunathan, and they have four children, viz:  Luro, who
married Elden Core and has one child, Glenn; and John Howard and Ruby,
who live at home.
    Our subject was formerly a member of the Board of Education at
Spencerville, and is one of the city's representative men.  He was the
Allen County delegate to the convention of the National Pharmaceutical
Association, held in Boston in 1905.
    The substantial brick residence in Spencerville, now occupied by
William Richardson and owned by his brother, the subject of this sketch,
was built by their father, who was taken ill the day before the family
intended moving in, and died without ever having had the pleasure of
making it his home.


THOMAS H. JONES, the efficient treasurer of Allen
County, is one of the best known and most popular public officials of
the State.  Mr. Jones was born February 18, 1835, in North Wales, a
country which has contributed largely to America's good citizenship.
His parents were Josiah and Mary (Hughes) Jones.
   Josiah Jones was a large woolen manufacturer prior to emigrating with
his family to America, in 1850.  He settled in the town of Gomer, Allen
County, Ohio, where he engaged in an undertaking business and also
carried on farming to some extent.  His death occurred there in 1887, at
the age of 81 years, his wife surviving him until 1889.  They had a
family of eight children.
    Thomas H. Jones was 15 years of age when Ohio became his home.
After four months of school attendance at Gomer, he became a clerk in a
village dry goods store and later worked in the same capacity at
Columbus Grove, Ohio, where he was living at the time of his enlistment
for service in the Civil War.  He entered Company F, 118th Reg., Ohio
Vol. Inf., in which he served until his honorable discharge on July 9,
1865, after a service of three years, a portion of which time he was
quartermaster of his regiment.  Mr. Jones then returned to Gomer, where
his parents were living, and, in September following, accepted a
position as clerk and bookkeeper for William Ashton & Company, at Lima,
and thus continued with their successors, W. K. Boone & Company, who
purchased the business in 1867.  Subsequently he became an active
partner in this firm, and remained in this connection for a period of 40
   Ever since attaining his majority, Mr. Jones has shown his devotion
to the principles of the Republican party, and at various times has been
called upon to fill positions of responsibility.  In 1903 he was elected
treasurer of Allen County, a position in which his sterling integrity
and close and careful attention to duty have won him the confidence of
his fellow-citizens in the highest degree.  On November 7, 1905, Mr.
Jones was reelected county treasurer by a majority of 906 votes.  He has
always shown himself to be a public- spirited citizen, and on man
occasions has thrown the weight of his influence in support of measures
for the public welfare.  He was elected a member of the Board of
Education of Lima and served for six years, being president of that body
for three years of ths period.
     In 1862 Mr. Jones was married to Susan Francis, a daughter of Ellis
Francis, and they have five children, two of whom are also county
officials, viz: Harry, who is deputy county treasurer, and Mrs, G. J.
Pence, assistant county treasurer.  Although Mr. Jones is in his 71st
year, the infirmities of age seem to have with valuable experience, he
combines the alert businss qualities of far younger men, while his
cheerful personality and thorough kindness of heart have won him the
affectionate cogno-men of "Uncle Tommy."
    Mr. Jones is an elder in the Market Street Presbyterian Church.  He
has always been interested in Sunday-school work, and frequently gives
lectures before various bodies, which are very popular.  He belongs to
the Mart Armstrong Post, No. 202, G. A. R. of Lima, and finds a hearty
welcome awaiting his attendance.  His fraternal connection is with the
Odd Fellows.  Mr. Jones has a comfortable home at No. 519 West North


ELMER D. WEBB,  who is engaged in a general insurance
business at Lima, with offices at No. 56 1/2 Public Square, and is also
interested in oil production in the Ohio and Indiana fields, was born in
1876 in Union County, Ohio, for many years.  His death took place in
1901.  During the Civil War he served his country with gallantry and
fidelity, and for his personal bravery was promoted from the ranks to an
official position.  On several occasions he was severely wounded.  He
was a veteran of the 17th Regiment, Ohio Vol. Inf. 
     Mr. Webb was reared in Union County and attended the local schools
and the Delaware Business College, and for several years was engaged in
business at different points, for a short period being on the road for a
crockery firm.  In 1896 he was called to Fort Wayne to accept the
position of assistant superintendent of the Prudential Life Insurance
Company, where he remained until 1898, when he came to Lima as special
agent for the Union Central Life Insurance Company.  Later he went into
a general insurance business and now represents such reliable companies
as:  The United States Casualty Company, of New York; the Union Central
Life, of Cincinnati, Ohio; the American Central Fire, of St. Louis,
Missouri; and the Traders Fire, of Chicago. For a number of years Mr.
Webb has been financially interested in oil productions and is a member
of the National Oil Company and of the Surety Oil Company, both
operating in the Ohio and Indiana fields, and owns stock in other
    In 1903 Mr. Webb was married to Margaret Ballinger, who is a
daughter of rev. A. W. Ballinger, a minister of the United Brethren
Church, formerly pastor of the church at Toledo, but now in charge at
Findlay, Ohio.
     Mr. Webb is a member of the Presbyterian Church.  He is one of the
active members of the Young Men's Christian Association at Lima.