William C. Bell

William C. Bell, a member of  the well-known business
firm of Mosier & Bell, operators of the Mosier Steam Laundry, at Lima,
was born in this city, November 24, 1870, and is a son of the late W. M.
Bell, who was long one of its active business men.
   Mr. Bell attended the public schools of Lima and spent three years at
the University of Notre Dame, in Indiana.  After completing his
education, he was associated for 11 years with F. E. Harman, following
which he spent one year in the grocery business at Marysville, Ohio, and
four and a half years as fireman on the C., H. & D. Railway.  In June,
1903, he purchased a half interest in the Mosier Steam Laundry, to which
he has since given his undivided business attention, developing it into
one of the successful industries of the city.  The laundry is well
equipped with all modern appliances, and its work is of such a
satisfactory character as to necessitate the employment of a large
force.  The office of the laundry is located at No. 121 West North
    On March 28, 1897,  Mr. Bell was married to Stella Craig Jones, and
they have one daughter, Alice, attending school.  The family home is at
No. 211 1/2 North Main street, in the Bell Block.  The family is
connected with the Market street Presbyterian Church, of Lima.  Mr. Bell
is a member of Lima Lodge No. 100, K. P., of Marysville, Ohio.

S. G. Parks

S. G. Parks, a representative business man of the city
of Lima, proprietor of large livery, feed and sale stables, at No. 216
East Market street, was born near Willshire, Van Wert County, Ohio, in
1864, being a son of Samuel and Sarah A. (Philbee) Parks.
   The father of Mr. Parks was a pioneer settler of Van Wert County,
locating there when he country was a wilderness.  He lived into advanced
age, dying in April, 1903.  He married Sarah A. Phillbee and they reared
a family of ten children five sons and five daughters, all of whom
survive.  For almost a half century both parents were members of the
Methodist Episcopal Church.
   S. G. Parks was reared on his father's farm, and was educated in the
local schools.  He was 24 years old when he left the farm, going to
Decatur, Indiana, where for one year he engaged in a livery business. He
continue to conduct a similar business at Van Wert for two years, and at
Willshire for two years, and, during the excitement attending the first
operations in oil, operated a livery stable at Mendon, Ohio.  In July,
1895, Mr. Parks purchased the livery at Spencerville and in addition to
his Mendon barn, operated two establishments at the former place.  Later
he sold his Mendon interests, but continued at Spencerville until 1899,
when he also disposed of his business there  and bought the fine
establishment, of which he is still proprietor, at Lima.  In addition to
this prospering business, Mr. Parks has had numerous oil interests, of
which he has disposed.  He is a large property owner in this city,
including business blocks and dwellings, located on East Market street
and Central avenue.  He is numbered with the city's substantial men.
   On March 4, 1885, Mr. Parks was married to Hulda Royston, of
Willshire township, Van Wert County, who is the daughter of Moses
Royston, one of the pioneers of that county who still survives at the
age of 87 years.  Mr. and Mrs. Parks have two children, viz: Orla L., a
student at the Lima Business College; and Pearl D., a student at the
Lima High School.  

 J. H. Walter

 J. H. Walter, proprietor of the South Side Planeing
Mill at Lima, and one of the city's well-known and substantial general
contractors, was born  in Wittenberg, Germany, in 1853.
   Mr. Walter came to America when 17 years of age, having been educated
and taught the carpenter's trade in his native land.  He located in
Cattaraugus County, New York, where he lived for a number of years,
working at his trade and engaged in general contracting.  He also owned
and operated a planning and a sawmill.
   In 1901 Mr. Walter came to Lima and  here he has found a good field
in his specialties.  He has done much in the line of general
contracting, and has operated the large plant known as the South Side
Planeing Mill, which is situated at No. 925 South Main street.  This is
one of the city's important industrial plants.
    On September 14, 1875, Mr. Walter was married to Mary Mann, who died
without issue, August 16, 1897.  On November 10, 1898, he was married to
Agnes Brown, who is a daughter of George Brown, of Lima.
   Politically, Mr. Walter has always been identified with the
Republican party.  Since coming to Lima he has accepted no political
office, but while living in New York served as excise commissioner.
Fraternally, he is a Royal Arch Mason.  He is a member of the German
Evangelical Church, but, as no organization of this religious body holds
services in Lima, he attends the German Reformed Church.  Portraits of
Mr. and Mrs. Walter accompany this sketch.        

John Ludwig Beutner

John Ludwig Beutner, a leading agriculturist of Marion
township, who carries on general farming and stock-raising on his
valuable farm of 110 acres in section 23, was born at Delphos, Allen
County, Ohio, February 26, 1860, and is a son of Frederick and Johanna
(Frombach) Beutner.
   Frederick Beutner was born near Sonneberg, in Saxe-Meiningen,
Germany, February 25, 1819, and spent the usual time at school required
of German children.  He learned to be a shoemaker and, after deciding to
seek his fortune in America, took passage in 1851 in a sailing vessel,
which, after a voyage of three months, landed him in the city of New
York, with 50 cents in his pocket.  Fortunately for him, the individual
to whom he entrusted his money, as pay for securing him employment as a
shoemaker, was honest and he worked for a time in New York and then went
to Buffalo, where he continued to work at shoemaking for a year.  About
1853, after is marriage, Mr. Beutner and wife came to Delphos, Ohio, by
way of the Lakes and the Miami and Erie Canal, and opened a shop
opposite the parochial house, after removing to Main street.  He also
bought land.  A few years ago he bought his present farm of 120 acres in
section 22, Marion township, which he still owns.  He lives with his two
sons, dividing is time between their homes.  Having a good knowledge of
land values, he has accumulated considerable property and now enjoys a
comfortable competency.  At Buffalo he married Johanna Frombach, who was
born in Germany, September 4, 1827, came to America in young womanhood
and died December 15, 1904.  They have four sons, namely:  Frederick and
Carl, who died in infancy; and John Ludwig and Frederick Philip.
   Prior to coming to the United States, Frederick Beutner traveled to
many points of interest in his own and other European countries, crossing
the Alps and working at his trade through Switzerland and Italy.
Although now bearing the weight of 87 years, he still enjoys walking and
frequently passes other pedestrians on the road when walking to Delphos,
a distance of four miles.  He frequently walks as much as 15 miles a
day, and in summer often goes a foot to his farm in Van Wert County,
west of Delphos.  He is a well-known citizen and enjoys a very large
measure of public esteem.  he was reared a Lutheran but is a man of
liberal mind, ready to see good in every religious organization.  In his
political views he is a Republican.  He helped to develop the town of
Delphos, always supporting the measures which, in his judgment, were for
the welfare of the place.
   John L. Beutner attended public school at Delphos and learned the
shoemaker's trade with his excellent father.  He is entitled to the name
of self-made man, for from the age of 14 years he has depended for a
livelihood entirely upon his own exertions.  When he was still a boy at
school he always found some profitable way in which to spend his
holidays and vacations.  He remembers when he was willing to work in the
elevators for 20 cents a day and board himself rather than to be without
work.  He continued to work at shoemaking until failing health warned
him to give it up and his physician recommended the open air and farm
work.  Hence, in 1883 he came to his present farm, on which at that time
there were only a log-hut and log stable.  Now all of his 110 acres,
with the exception of 15, are under cultivation and he has spent a large
amount of money in making improvements.  The comfortable residence and
substantial farm buildings give a pleasant air of thrift and prosperity,
and all the surroundings give evidence of the owner's care and
attention.  Mr. Beutner has made a specialty of raising driving and
draft horses.  He feeds a great deal of stock on the farm, deeming this
a more profitable plan than to hual his grain and hay away.  Mr. Beutner
has put down two drains of 16-inch tile on the farm, draining each side
    In 1898 Mr. Beutner, who is serving his third term, was elected by
the Democratic party a justice of the peace, and is probably one of the
most popular officials in his home, and gives a great deal of his time
to performing his important duties.  During all the time of his
incumbency he has never had a decision reversed and some of his cases
have gone to the Supreme Court.  He is a friend of arbitration and his
efforts at settling disputes, without invoking the machinery of the law
beyond his own office, have been remarkably successful.
    Mr.  Beutner was married first, on March 1, 1882, to Rose Poe, of
Attica, Indiana, who died March, 1900, leaving four children, viz: Poe,
Lilian, Frederick  and Harold.  His second marriage was to Katie
Huijsman, of Putnam County, on November 25, 1900, and they have two
bright little daughters, Marcella and Cornelia.

H. B. Hall

H. B. Hall, of the well-known mercantile firm of
Grosjean & Hall, shoe dealers, at No. 55 Public Square, Lima, is a
native of Canada, his birth occurring in 1871, just across the river
from Port Huron.  He was reared and educated in the Dominion, and
graduated from a business college there in 1886.
   Mr. Hall has been connected with the shoe business during almost his
entire commercial life.  In 1891, after a training in this line for
several years in Canada, he went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and became
associated with the firm of Mabley & Carew.  He remained with them for
three years in their stores at Cincinnati and Detroit, and then located
in Lima.  After being employed for three years in the shoe store of H.
J. Jacobson, he returned to Cincinnati and for one year was associated
with The Smith, Kasson Company of that city.  He was then recalled to
Lima by Mr. Jacobson, of Columbia Shoe Company, with whom he remained
for two years, when he resumed his former connections in Cincinnati.
From The Smith, Kasson Company he entered the service of I. L. Fuldheim
for a short period.  In the meantime Mr. Netzory had purchased the
Columbian Shoe Store at Lima and secured the services of Mr. Hall in
whom he had great confidence as a practical shoe man.  Mr. Hall again
returned to Lima and continued with Mr. Netzory for two years, then
establishing an independent business by forming a partnership with Mr.
Grosjean.  The firm has a favorable location and carries a complete and
carefully selected assortment of foot-wear, conducting probably one of
the largest establishments in Northwestern Ohio.
    In January, 1899, Mr. Hall was married to Helen Mumford, who is a
daughter of A. W. Mumford, a prominent citizen of Lima, who for a number
of years has been connected with the oil industry.  They have one child,
James R.
   Mr. Hall is connected with Lima Lodge of Elks.  Both members of the
firm are identified with the Lima Progressive Association. 

Henry M. Dille

Henry M. Dille, of the F. B. Hover Shoe Company, of
Lima, was born in 1865, near the village of Kenton, Hardin County, Ohio.
His father, J.  M. Dille, now deceased, settled in that locality about
1830, and was one of the foremost agriculturists of the county and a
soldier of th Civil War.
   H. M. Dille, of this article, was reared and educated in Hardin
County, and then went to Oberlin, where he took a course in telegraphy.
For the following nine years he was engaged as operator for the C. & E.
Railroad, coming to Lima, in 1893, to take charge of the office at this
point, and resigned the position six years later to become associated
with the F. B. Hover Shoe Company.  This firm conducts one of the finest
shoe stores in Lima, and controls an extensive business.
   Mr. Dille was married, in 1899, to May Hover, daughter of William U.
Hover, a highly esteemed pioneer of this county.  They have two children
Mary and Joseph.  Mr. Dille is in affiliation with the Knights of
Pythias, and is a consistent member of Trinity Methodist Episcopal
Church, of Lima.