DAVID W. STEINER, M. D., who is associated with his
two brothers, Dr. Isaac F. and Dr. Oliver S. Steiner, in the practice of
medicine and surgery, at Lima, is one of the eminent men in his
profession in this section of the State.  He was born near Bluffton, in
Putnam County, Ohio, and is a son of Rev. Isaac and Mary Paulina
(Rothen) Steiner.
    The mother of Dr. Steiner was a daughter of Rev. David Rothen.  Rev.
Isaac Steiner, the father, was a minister of the Church of God and was
actively engaged in ministerial work until his death.  He owned a farm
in Putnam County, where his children were reared.       
    Dr. David W. Steiner was educated primarily in the district schools
and later entered the Northern Ohio University, where he was graduated
with the degree of M. A., in 1880.  He then became a student in the
medical department of the University of Michigan, graduating in 1883,
and becoming assistant professor of physiology and also an interne in
the university hospital, where he remained until 1886.  On January 10,
1887, he located for practice at Lima, where he has become one of the
leading men of his profession.  In 1897, a brother, Dr. Isaac Franklin
Steiner, became associated with him, and in 1901 a second brother, Dr.
Oliver S. Steiner, became a member of the firm.  They are located in the
Steiner Building at No. 123 North Elizabeth Street, which they built in
1903.  It was erected mainly as an office building and the Drs. Steiner
occupy the first floor.  The upper stories are rented as apartments.
The structure is one of the finest in Lima, four stories high, with
marble floors, and is finished in oak.  It is modern throughout.
    Dr. David W. Steiner is consulting physician in the Lima Hospital
and also controls a large and lucrative practice.  He is examiner for a
number of the leading insurance companies, these including the New York
Mutual Life, Michigan Mutual Life, Home Life, of New York, and John
Hancock Mutual Life.  He is a member of the Ohio State and the Allen
County medical societies and of the Northwestern Ohio and the American
medical associations.  His portrait accompanies this sketch.


 ISAAC FRANKLIN STEINER, M. D., who is associated with his two
brothers, Dr. David W. and Dr. Oliver S. Steiner, in the practice of
medicine at Lima, was born November 3, 1867, near Bluffton, Ohio.  He
spent his youth and boyhood on his father's farm in Putnam County,
obtained his early education in the local schools and later taught school
for several terms.  He then entered Findlay College, at Findlay, Ohio,
where he remained through the junior year, and next entered the
University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, where he spent one year taking a
special course in pharmacy and chemistry and then completed the regular
medical course, receiving his degree in 1897.  Coming to Lima after his
graduation in medicine, he became associated in practice with his
brother, Dr. David W. Steiner.
    Dr. Isaac F. Steiner was married October 19, 1903, to Elizabeth
Keil, who is a daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Keil.  Dr. Steiner is a
member of the Allen County Medical Society, and of the Northwestern Ohio
and the American medical associations.  He is medical examiner for the
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company; Michigan Mutual Life
Insurance Company; Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; Knights of the
Maccabees and other organizations.  He is also visiting physician at the
Lima Hospital.


OLIVER S. STEINER, M. D.   Physician and surgeon at Lima, associated
in practice with his brothers, Dr. David W. and Dr. Isaac F. Steiner, is
the youngest member of the firm.   Dr. Steiner was born near Bluffton,
Ohio, January 21, 1874, and his youth was passed on his father's farm.
From the public schools he went to Findlay College until the senior
year, and then by examination for the senior year entered Wooster
University at Wooster, Ohio, where he was graduated with the degree of
Ph. B.  He then entered the medical department of the University of
Michigan, where he was graduated in 1901.  Since then he has been
associated with his brothers in the practice of his profession at Lima.
In May, 1904, he received the appointment of surgeon for the C., H. &
D. Railway.  In November, 1905, he was elected to the office of coroner
of Allen County on the Republican ticket.


CHARLES E. ECKERT, senior member of the firm of
Charles E. Eckert & Son, funeral directors and embalmers, at Lima, was
born at Miltonville, Ohio, in 1853, and is a son of the late Capt.
George Eckert.
    Capt. George Eckert was one of the pioneer pottery manufacturers of
Ohio, establishing his business in that line in 1837.  His title was
gained as captain of a company of "Squirrel Hunters," called to the
defense of the State during the Morgan raids.
    Charles E. Eckert was reared and educated in Butler County, Ohio and
his first work was done in his father's pottery.  He learned the trade
and followed it there until he was about 30 years of age, when he went
to Canada, where he remained three years, operating two large brick
plants which he built. Upon his return to Butler County, he was made
superintendent of the Middletown Cemetery, and later entered the employ
of A. T. Wilson, the Middletown undertaker.  Five years later he came to
Lima and was employed for five years by Mr. Grosjean, the undertaker.
On April 23, 1902, he went into business for himself, establishing the
firm of Charles E. Eckert & Son, which is one of the leading ones in its
line in Lima.  He is a graduate of the Clarke Cincinnati College of
Embalming.  His establishment is fitted with everything pertaining to
modern embalming and the directing of funerals.  He is a member of the
Ohio Funeral Directors' and Embalmers'  Association.
    Mr. Eckert was married in 1873 to Delia Antrim, who died in 1893,
leaving two children, George W. and Keturah.  In 1897 he was married to
Minnie Dietz, of Trenton, Ohio.
    Mr. Eckert belongs to the Royal Arcanum, the Knights of the
Maccabees and to Solar Lodge, No. 783, I. O. O. F.   He is a man of
sterling character and enjoys the respect of his fellow-citizens.