A. L. WHITE, president and general manager of The Lima
Locomotive  & Machine Company, is one of the most public- spirited and
prominent citizens of Lima, although he has been a resident of the city
but five years.  He is a native of Knox County, Ohio, was born in 1861,
and is a son of the late John W. White, who was for years connected with
the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.  He was educated in Knox County and then
entered the shop of the C. & G. Cooper Company, manufacturers of
"Corliss" engines.  He remained with this firm 25 years, beginning at
the age of 15 as an office-boy and steadily advancing as he grasped the
details of the business until he was made superintendent of the great
plant.  He remained in charge of the works for eight years, resigning in
1900 to accept the general management of the Lima Locomotive Works.
   The Lima Locomotive & Machine Company was incorporated in 1893 with a
capital stock of $300,000, and made a specialty of manufacturing the
"Shay" locomotive.  More recently they have built a large number of
direct locomotives and logging-cars, the extensive business giving
employment to about 600 men.  The company was reorganized in 1901 with
the following officers: A. L. White, president and general manager; Ira
P. Carnes, vice-president; and W. T. Agerter, secretary and treasurer.
Mr. White is also a stockholder of the C. & G. Cooper Company.
    Mr. White is president of the Lima Progressive Association and
president of the Lima Young Men's Christian Association. He is always
interested in any movement that pertains to the best interests of the
city, and his influence is always on the right side of every question.
Mr. White was a zealous politician in Knox County, but has not been
active since coming to Lima.  He is a prominent Mason, belonging to the
blue Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery at Lima, and Alladin Temple
of the Mystic Shrine at Columbus.  He enjoys social life and takes great
pleasure in the Lima Club and the Shawnee Country Club, of both of which
he is a member.
    Mr. White was married June 26, 1900, to Lucy Spindler, daughter of
J. C. Spindler, deceased, a mechanical engineer of Mount Vernon, Ohio.
They have one child Janet.


CHARLES CHRISTIAN MILLER, Ph. D., president of Lima
College, at Lima, Ohio, ex-commissioner of the common schools of Ohio,
and a distinguished institute instructor and lecturer, has been
intimately associated with the educational interests of his native State
almost from boyhood.  He was born November 26, 1856, at Baltimore,
Fairfield County, Ohio, and is a son of Enos S. Miller, a representative
business citizen of that county.
    Dr. Miller's early educational training was secured in the common
schools, from which he entered Fairfield Union Academy, at
Pleasantville, Ohio, where he was graduated in 1876.  Prior to this,
however, he had taught school, being but 16 years old when he obtained
his first certificate.  As he was mainly dependent upon his own
resources, he again began to teach; in the first place, in order to
procure the means with which he could secure collegiate advantages, and
in the second, because his natural inclinations and evident talents lay
in this direction.  In the spring of 1877 he became a student at the
Ohio State University, and in 1883 he was graduated from this
institution with the coveted degree of A. B.  During a portion of his
university career, he was instructor in Latin and Greek.  He enjoys the
distinction of being the first graduate of the Ohio State University
ever appointed a member of he board of trustees of that institution.  On
June 16, 1903, Ohio University, at Athens, Ohio, conferred upon him the
degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
    Recognizing very early in his career the call of his nature in the
direction of educational work, Dr. Miller bent every energy to advance
himself along this line of endeavor, meeting with public recognition and
substantial promotion, while still in early manhood.  He continued to
teach from 1874 until 1884, when not a student himself, his schools
being located at Rushville, Pleasantville and Eaton, Ohio.  In the
latter year he was appointed superintendent of the schools at Eaton,
where he continued in this position until 1886, when he accepted a
similar one at Ottawa, for a period of four years, gong then to
Sandusky, and in 1892 to Hamilton, each change being to his material
benefit and professional advancement.  In order to accept the
responsible position of superintendent of the city schools at Hamilton,
Dr. Miller was obliged to resign his office of State commissioner of
common schools, to which he had been appointed in 1891 by Gov. James E.
Campbell.  In 1901 he was again called to public office, being appointed
State school examiner.
   In 1895 Dr. Miller came to Lima to assume the superintendency of the
public schools of this city, and during his incumbency of 10 years he
succeeded in advancing their educational standard to a point which could
not help reflecting the greatest credit upon his intellectual abilities
and executive qualities.  To the signed his superintendency at the close
of the school year in June, 1905, to accept the presidency of Lima
College, which had been tendered him.
   In addition to the above enumerated honorable and responsible
positions efficiently filled by Dr. Miller, he has served as county
school examiner in Preble, Putnam and Butler counties and as city school
examiner of the cities of Sandusky, Hamilton and Lima.
    For a number of years he has also been prominently identified with
institute work, his field of labor extending over Ohio, Indiana and
Pennsylvania.  As an interesting and effective lecturer, Dr. Miller has
few equals.  His subjects embrace the different branches taught in the
public schools, which are particularly appropriate for institute work,
and points and periods in history and literature, which are presented
and discussed in a happy style peculiar to himself.  They show thorough
research, wide knowledge, close observation and a critical faculty.  The
barest theme, taken up by Dr. Miller and clothed in his beautiful and
appropriate language and presented with his oratorical ability, becomes
a subject of ever recurring interest to his auditors.  Crowded houses
greet him when he fills a lecture appointment and the various journals
of the towns and cities where he has spoken are invariably pronounced in
their praise.  Being the exponents of the attitude of their communities,
this praise is genuine.  His gifts as a lecturer are such as to cause
his favorable comparison with other notables in the field.
     Dr. Miller was married, in 1891 to Nellie C. Wilbur, who was born
in New York.  The domestic circle includes two sons and a daughter,
installed in a beautiful home at Lima, where, when not absent
professionally, Dr. Miller enjoys the resources of an extensive library
and, on occasion, dispenses hospitality to a large social circle.  He is
a member of numerous educational organizations, both local and national,
and belongs to the fraternal orders of Masons and Knights of Pythias.
He is a man of striking personality, gifted both in mind and person.  He
possesses the courtesy that invites confidence the geniality which
attracts friends and the dignity which belongs to the eminent position
in the educational world to which his own abilities have advanced him.
    Dr. Miller is the editor of the historical department of this work.
His portrait is shown on page 16.      


 R. T. GREGG, one of Lima's leading business men, is a
member of the mercantile firm of R. T. Gregg & Company, and has been a
resident of the city since 1901.  He was born in Pickaway County, Ohio,
December 4, 1861, and is a son of the late Thomas Gregg, a well-known
merchant who died in Fairfield County, in 1886.
    R. T. Gregg was a small boy when his parents removed to Fairfield
County, Ohio, where he was reared and educated.  His business life has
been devoted almost entirely to mercantile pursuits, being inaugurated
as a clerk in a dry goods house at Baltimore, Fairfield County.  In 1887
he engaged in a mercantile business at Tiffin, as a member of the firm
of C. F. Hansberger & Company, which continued for 14 years as the
leading establishment of its kind in that city.  In 1901 Mr. Gregg
located in Lima and established the firm of R. T. Gregg & Company, in
the Black Block.  He has sole charge of this concern, which is classed
among the leading mercantile enterprises of the city.  He enjoys an
enviable reputation both for the excellence of his complete stock of
merchandise, as well as for the business integrity on which his success
is founded.
    IN 1886 Mr. Gregg was married to Emma Beery, who is a daughter of
Louis Beery, one of the leading men of Fairfield County.  Mr. and Mrs.
Gregg have three children: Ray Beery, a student in the Lima High School;
Margaret Kathryn, and Robert T., Jr.
    Mr. Gregg is a member and liberal supporter of the Presbyterian
Church at Lima, and is identified, fraternally, with the Knights of


ADAM STEINER, who is engaged in carrying on
agricultural operations on his farm in Richland township, in section 35,
was born on this farm September 16, 1854, and has always lived in
Richland township.  He is a son of John S. and Katherine (Steiner)
Steiner.  The grandfather, John Steiner, was a native of Alsace, France,
where John S. Steiner, the father of our subject, was born in 1816.
Three years later the family removed to Switzerland, and in 1826 came to
the United States.  They took up their residence in Wayne County, Ohio,
and for many years struggled with pioneer conditions.
   At the age of 21 years John S. Steiner was married to Katherine
Steiner, a second cousin, and the young people at once located in Allen
County, where they entered a tract of 160 acres, which has been the
homestead since.  Later Mr. Steiner bought 80 acres more and still later
another 80, a great part of which was cleared and put under cultivation.
Mr. Steiner was born in Switzerland, which was also the birthplace of
her parents, Ulrich and Barbara Steiner, and she was a child of three
years when her parents came to America.  The children of John S. Steiner
and wife were as follows: Levi, deceased; Joseph, of Richland township;
Emanuel, deceased; Aaron, deceased; Emma, deceased; Adam; Regina, of
Richland township; Leah, of Hancock County; Magdalene, of Richland
township; Barbara, deceased; Fannie, deceased; and one that died in
infancy.  John S. Steiner was a Democrat and a consistent member of the
Mennonite Church.  He died in the spring of 1900, having rounded out a
useful and honorable life.  His widow still resides on the home farm and
is tenderly cherished by her children.
    Adam Steiner has always resided on the old farm, assisted in
clearing and improving it and now owns 80 acres in sections 30 and 35.
He also cultivates 80 acres for his mother and sisters.  Part of the
land is pasture, as he raises large numbers of cattle; the remainder of
his land is devoted to the raising of corn and wheat.  He was married in
March, 1877, to Anna Spollinger, a native of Richland township, Allen
County, Ohio, and a daughter of Ulrich and Barbara (Geiger) Spollinger,
who came to this country from Switzerland.  The children of Mr. and Mrs.
Steiner are as follows: Josephine, deceased; Albert; Lena; Edwin,
deceased; Jesse; Fannie; Aldine; Bertha; Cyrus; Sarah; and Ella.  None
of the children have left the parental roof.  Mr. Steiner is a Democrat.


WALTER M. SCOTT, court stenographer of Allen And
Shelby counties, has been a resident of Lima since February, 1892.   Mr.
Scott was born in 1874 in Van Wert County, Ohio, and is a son of W. P.
Scott. The latter is tie and timber agent for the St. Louis & San
Francisco Railroad Company, and resides at Springfield, Missouri.
    Walter M. Scott is a young man of remarkable ability in his
profession.  He completed the ordinary common and high school courses at
Springfield, Missouri, and then learned telegraphy in the railroad
office at Exeter, Missouri, becoming an operator for the St. Louis & San
Francisco Railroad. Subsequently he was made train dispatcher at Fort
Smith, Arkansas, thus continuing until 1892 when he came to Lima and was
operator for three months for the C., H. & D. Railway.  Mr. Scott then
entered the office of Court Stenographer Emerson Price, and remained as
his assistant for 10 years, when he was appointed court stenographer for
Van Wert, Auglaize and Mercer counties.  This position he held for two
years, efficiently performing its exacting duties.  In May, 1903, his
ability and faithfulness secured him the appointment as court
stenographer for Allen and Shelby counties.
    In November, 1897, Mr. Scott was married to Nellie A. Gates, who is
a daughter of the late William W. Gates, formerly gauger for The Buckeye
Pipe Line Company.  Mr. and Mrs. Scott are members of the Presbyterian
Church.  Fraternally he is a Knight Templar and an Elk.  Socially he is
connected with the Lima Club and, in a business way, with the Lima
Progressive Association.


J. E. SULLIVAN, manager of the storehouse of The
Buckeye Pipe Line Company at Lima, has been in the employ of this
company since August, 1890, at which time he located here.  He was born
in 1868 in Salamanca, Cattaraugus County, New York, where he was reared
and where his father, Michael Sullivan, still lives and is engaged in
railroading.  Mr. Sullivan, received his common-school education in
Salamanca and then entered the Slocum Business College, of Buffalo,
graduating from that institution about 1885.  He at once began working
as a stenographer and shortly after was appointed court stenographer of
Cattarugus County, a position he held for two years, when he resigned to
accept a more lucrative offer.  Having accepted the position of private
secretary for Daniel J. O' Day, who was in charge of The Buckeye Pipe
Line Company at Lima, Mr. Sullivan continued in that capacity for 13
years. Having become thoroughly conversant with every detail of the
business, he was well fitted for the place which was then tendered him
as manager of the company's storehouse, in charge also of the
timekeeping department and the fuel business.
    Mr. Sullivan was married in 1901, to Winona Reichelderfer, daughter
of A. C. Reichelderfer, of the Lima Gas Light Company.  They have one
child, Marion Margaret.  He is a member of the St. Rose Catholic Church
and the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association, and a charter member of
Lima Council, Knights of Columbus, in which he has held various offices.
Mr. Sullivan has identified himself with business interests in Lima,
aside from those of which he is manager, and is one of the reputable,
substantial men of the city.  He is a member of the Shawnee Country
Club, and an enthusiastic golf player who finds healthful, as well as
pleasant recreation in the sport.