R. W. Argue

R. W. Argue, one of the prominent business men of Lima, a leader in the
oil-producing business and identified with many of the city's important
and successful business enterprises, is a native of Canada, where his
early life was spent and where his education was secured.
Mr. Argue has  been connected with the oil-producing business since the
beginning of his business life. From Canada he went to the oil fields of
Pennsylvania and thence to Bolivar, New York, and in 1901 he came to
Lima, where he became largely interested in the oil fields. He has other
interests in the fields of Kansas, Indian Territory and Oklahoma, having
some 60 wells in the West and about 90 in Ohio. His properties are all
wonderfully productive and conveniently located. He is one of the
directors of The Lima Trust Company and is a member of its finance
committee. In his many business combinations, Mr. Argue has shown the
acumen and foresight of a real captain of industry and has a financial
standing which has made him a dominating force in the city's commercial
life. During his residence here he has also proven himself a citizen who
performs with credit to himself and satisfaction to others, the
multiform duties imposed upon a man of large and important affairs.
Mr. Argue was married in 1880 to Eva Allport, formerly of Canada, and
they have four children, viz.: May, Edith, Ethel and Walter. The eldest
daughter has recently returned from a delightful European trip. The
family is prominent in the city's social life.