Fred L. Bates, M. D

Fred L. Bates, M. D., one of the most thoroughly equipped
physicians and surgeons of Lima, and the junior member of the inportant
firm of general practitioners, Vail & Bates, was born at Bryan, Ohio,
November 29, 1866, and is a son of Rev. John L. and Mary (Law) Bates,
being one of a family of two children.
           Fred L. Bates received his early educational training in the
public  schools and the Sidney High School, then commenced his colligate
work in the Ohio Wesleyan University at Delaware. He read medicine with
Dr. S. Brumbaugher, of Dayton, Ohio, was graduated at the American
Eclectic Medical College in 1888, and then matriculated at the
Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, where he was graduated in
1889. In 1896 he spent three months at the great Ormond Hospital for
sick children, in London, England.  Dr. Bates has built up a fine
practice in Lima and the vicinity, and is known and respected as an able
member of his profession. he has kept fully abreast of the times and in
1904 took post-graduate course at the Chicago Polyclinic.  He is
instructor in anatomy and physiology in the training school for nurses
of Lima Hospital, and was formerly professor of chemistry and advanced
phsiology in Lima College. He is assistant surgeon for the Pennsylvania
and Lake Erie & Western railroads and medical examiner for the Canada
Life Assurance Association, the Washington Life Insurance Company, the
Bankers' Life Insurance Company and the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Firemen. He is a valued member of the Allen County Medical Society, of
the Ohio State Medical Society, of the Northwestern Ohio Medical
Association and of the American Medial Association, attending their
sessions and frequently contributing to their literature.
         Besides being prominent in his profession, Dr. Bates is also
one of the city's clear-headed, public-spirited citizens. For the past
eight years he has been a member of the Lima Board of Education and has
served as its able president. He has served on the medical staff of the
Lima Hospital and in every way has demonstrated a helpful interest in
the general welfare of the residents of the city where he makes his
         In political sympathy Dr. Bates is a strong Republican. His
fraternal connection is limited to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows
and the Woodmen of the World.  He has well appointed offices in the
Opera House Block.