J. A. Bendure

J. A. Bendure, manager of the Lima & Toledo Traction
Company, at Lima, and one of the city's foremost citizens, was born in
Illinois but was reared and educated in Kansas, to which State his
parents removed in his childhood.
         Ever since entering into business life, Mr. Bendure has been
more or less connected with big enterprises.  He was first associated in
Ottawa, Kansas, with a large flouring mill business, and later at Kansas
City; subsequently he became interested in the manufacture of corn
starch and glucose. He operated the first factory at Ottawa, which
manufactured sugar from sorghum, and glucose from the ordinary sorghum
seed, using 500 bushels of seed per day.  The company with which he was
interested manufactured granulated sugar that took first premium at the
New Orleans Exposition. This factory was operated by the Franklin Sugar
Company and the majority of the stock was owned in New York City. 
            In 1881 Mr. Bendure removed from Ottawa to Topeka and became
foreman and custodian of the second incandescent electric light plant
ever erected west of the Mississippi River.  This was followed by an
appointment as superintendent of the construction of two electric light
plants, one at Ottawa and the other at Cherryvale, Kansas.  In addition
to these important contracts, Mr. Bendure built and operated, in
connection with a gas plant at Pittsburgh, Kansas, a third electric light
plant and also an electric street railway system.
            In 1892 he was called to Atchison, Kansas, where he
transformed a horse-car line into an electric railway and built a large
electric light plant which he operated as general manager for eight
years, also contracting for and building water works and electric light
plants at other points, his last work in this line in the West being in
Paris, Missouri.  Then, in 1902 he came to Lima where he accepted a
position as general manager of The Lima Electric Railway & Light
Company.  He built an entire new system, power house, etc.  Mr. Bendure
is also a member of the executive committee of the National Roofing Tile
Company.  His location in this city, has resulted in much benefit to the
city, as he is just the type of man needed where enterprise and energy
are appreciated and are sought.  He is the originator fo the Lima
Progressive Association, is interested in numberless movements designed
for the public welfare and he enjoys to the fullest extent the
confidence and regard of the public.  For years he has been a Mason.
            On July 1, 1905, The Lima Electric Railway & Light Company
was succeeded by the Lima & Toledo Traction Company, which has leased
the property and has powers almost unlimited.