Olen E. Chenoweth M.D.

Olen E. Chenoweth M.D., one of the younger physicians
and surgeons of Lima, who in a short period of practice has gained the
confidence of the public and the esteem of his professional associates,
was born at London, Ohio, December 4, 1879, and is a son of James S. and
Anna (Rowlen) Chenoweth.
          The Chenoweth family is one of prominence in Madison County
and Dr. Chenoweth's father was an influential man there, serving
acceptably at one time as county treasurer.  He reared a family of four
          Dr. Chenoweth completed the common school course at London,
Ohio, and then entered Ohio Wesleyan University, where he was graduated
most creditably in 1900, receiving the degree of M. A.  His medical
education was secured n Starling Medical College at Columbus.  He is a
valued member of the leading medical societies including the Allen
County and Ohio State medical societies and the American Medical
Assoiation.  He is a close student and is equipped with a thorough
professional training.  Personally Dr. Chenoweth is popular and his
field of practice is rapidly extending.  His offices are located in the
Cincinnati Block.
           Politically Dr. Chenoweth is identified with the Republican