Charles Collins, M.D.

Charles Collins, M.D.  One of the well-known members of the
medical fraternity at Lima, who has won public confidence thrugh
professional skill, is Dr. Charles Collins, whose well-appointed offices
are located in Holland Block.  Dr. Collins was born July 28,1868, at
Lima, Ohio, and belongs to an old family here.
         After completing the course in the Lima public schools, Dr.
Collins entered Wooster College, where he completed his literary
training.  He then read medicine with the well-known physician and
surgeon, Dr. Brooks, and from his tutelage went to Rush Medical College,
Chicago, where he was graduated in 1894.  In the same year he went to
London, England, and studied for the two succeeding years, taking
post-graduate courses in the world famed institutions of that great
          Upon his return to Ohio n 1896, Dr. Collins settled at Lima,
where he has built up a large and lucrative practice and is yearly
adding to his reputation as a master of his science.  He is a valued
member of the Ohio State and Allen County Medical Societies, and of the
American Medical Association.
           Dr. Collins married Coleen Wright, and they have one
daughter, Dorothy H. The pleasant family home is situated on the corner
of High and Elizabeth streets.  Mrs. Collins is a member of the
Presbyterian Church.  Politically Dr. Collins is identified with the
Democrat party, but his large practice prevents his being very active in
public matters.