Henry Deisel

Henry Deisel, president of The Deisel-Wemmer Company,
cigar manufacturers, at Lima, and one of the city's leading business
men, was born in Germany, in 1862, and is a son of Edward Deisel who
spent his whole life in his native land.
Henry Deisel was 19 years of age when he came to America. He had
received a good education and been instructed in the cigar making craft
and soon after locating at Lima, in 1881. He found employment at his
trade with Henry Sontag, a pioneer in that business here. He remained
with Mr. Sontag for two years, and then was employed for a year by
another firm, but by 1884 he was prepared to embark in business for
himself. He continued an individual business until 1891 when, in
association with his friends, Henry G. and William J. Wemmer, also
practical cigarmakers, he formed a partnership which continued as Deisel
& Wemmer until 1902, when the expansion of a great business made
incorporation advisable. Through the energy and enterprise of Mr.
Deisel and the Wemmer brothers, the establishment has become one of the
largest cigar manufacturing houses in all this section. The present
officers of the corporation known as The Deisel & Wemmer Company are:
Henry Deisel, president; William J. Wemmer, vice president; Henry G.
Wemmer, general manager and Robert J. Plate, secretary and treasurer.
In 1884 Mr. Deisel was married to Emma Wolf, who was born in
Germany and is a daughter of J. B. Wolf. They have five children. Mr.
Deisel and his wife are members of the German Reformed Church. He is a
talented musician and is the director of the church choir.
Mr Deisel's fraternal connections are with the Old Fellows, the Elks,
the United Commercial Travelers, and the Traveling Men's Protective
In addition to directing the policy of the immense business which
he assisted in founding, Mr. Deisel is interested in number of other
successful enterprises. As a business man, Mr. Deisel stands deservedly
high, and his career has been an almost unbroken line of successes. In
the face of fierce competition, he has guided his great enterprise
through every crisis, has out distanced other firms and has established
one of the important industries of this section, which is a credit to
himself and a pride to the community.