McDougall Emmitt

McDougall Emmitt, secretary of the Lima Progressive
Association, is a well-known newspaper man, having for 15 years been
connected with the leading publications of Pike, Ross and more recently,
of Allen County. Mr. Emmitt was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, in
1868. In his youth his parents moved to Chillicothe, Ohio, where he
received the greater part of his education. he is a graduate of the
Waverly High School.
After leaving school, he entered a newspaper office of Waverly,
where he remained for five years. He next accepted a position on the
Chillicothe Gazette and four years later came to Lima where he was
connected with the Times Democrat. He was employed on this paper six
years, resigning his position in August, 1905, to accept the
secretaryship of the Lima Progressive Association. He was married July
7, 1892, to Edith McKinzie, of Waverly, Ohio.