Calvin Halladay

Calvin Halladay - Among the early business men of Lima, none
was held in higher esteem that the late Calvin Halladay, whose death
took place April 30,1900. He was born at Suffield, Connecticut, June 4,
1832, and was the second of four sons born to his parents, Edmond T. and
Caroline (Noble) Halladay.
         Although Connecticut was his birthplace, it was in Ohio that
Calvin Halladay was developed into the capable young business man and
still later into the prominent citizen and capitalist.  When he came to
Ohio,in 1848, he was 16 years of age, just out of school and dependent
of his own resources.  He entered into an apprenticeship agreement with
a Mr. King, with whom he remained during the stipulated term,
providently saving what he could of his meagre salary, so that he was
possessed of a small capital when ready to engage in business for
himself.  He first partnership was as the junior member of the firm of
Harriot & Halladay, merchants at Lima, which continued but eight months,
when he went into partnership first with B. P. Homes and later with  a
Mr. Brown the firm of Halladay & Brown doing business here for 14 years.
The firm style was then changed to Halladay & Holmes and this
partnership continued with great prosperity, until the death of B. P.
Holmes, when Mr. Halladay sold his interest to A. C. Stutson.
         After closing up his business affairs at Lima, Mr. Halladay
went into a mercantile business in Hardin County, where he continued for
three years, never removing his residence, however, fom the city.
Subsequently he returned to Lima and resumed a business here on Main
street, in which he was more or less interested until his death.  He was
a man of exceptional business ability and built up a large estate.
Strict honesty in business dealings, loyalty to his friends and care in
the promotion of the welfare of his family made him personally respected
and esteemed, while his strict sense of justice and responsibility made
him an ideal citizen.
          Mr. Halladay was married on September 19, 1854, to Isabella
Kincaid, and they had three children, as follows: Edgar B., residing in
Chicago, who has two children Clara and Calvin; Fannie K., wife of
Thomas R. Shaw, an oil oprator of Lima, who has two sons Ralph and
Allan; Lelia, wife of John C. Winchester, a merchant clothier of London,
Ohio, who has two sons Fred and James.  Mrs. Halladay, one of the
city's most highly respected ladies, resides in her comfortable and well
appointed home at No. 751 West Spring street.  Mr. Halladay was a 33rd
degree Mason and very prominent in the business and social circles of
the city.