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Thomas Shepherd  Hanthorn

Thomas S. ( Shepherd ) Hanthorn, one of the good citizens of Bath
township, where he is a very large land-owner and has the reputation of
raising and handling the best draft horses put upon the market, is also
a survivor of the Civil War, having given three years and more of his
young manhood to the defense of his country.  Mr. Hanthorn was born
December 17, 1845, in Perry Township, Allen County, Ohio, and is a son
of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hardesty) Hanthorn.

    The grandfather was George Hanthorn, who was probably of Irish birth
and parentage.  He was a very early pioneer in Perry County, Ohio.
(George Hanthorn was born 1, 20, 1788 in Chester County, Pennsylvania
and died on 5-1-1867 in Allen County, Ohio.  He was the son of George
Hanthorn and Martha Phillips.  they both died in Chester County,
Pennsylvania.  George in 1815 and Martha in 1841. They had 9 children
together.   The will was probated on 8,1, 1842 in Chester County,
Pennsylvania.  George the father of George was a Weaver by trade.
George Hanthorn the son of George married the daughter of Thomas
Shepherd and Sarah Castleman, her name was Nancy Ann Shepherd born
11,16, 1790 in Berryville, Frederick County, Virginia and died 11, 16,
1850 in Allen County, Ohio.  George's trade was farming.  He lived in
Chester County, PA until about 1820 when he moved to Perry County, Ohio.
Then about 1835 he moved to Allen County, Ohio.  The first record found
for him is on 9,15,1835 when he bought land. The burial place for George
and Nancy Hanthorn is the Perry Chapel Cemetery, on Perry Chapel road in
Allen County, Ohio.  they had the following children: Thomas Hanthorn,
who we will talk about later in this bio;  Elizabeth Hanthorn born
11,16, 1814 in Chester County, PA and died 4, 12, 1856 in Allen County,
she was the wife of John Chenoweth, and their burial is at Tony's Nose
Cemetery, in Allen County;  Milton Hanthorn born 12, 21, 1824 in Perry
County, Ohio and died 3, 6, 1910 in Allen County, he married Elizabeth
Jane Morrison, their burial is at Perry Chapel Cemetery, in Allen
County;  Martha Hanthorn born 1812 in Chester County, PA, she married
Benjamin M. Daniels; James Ashby Hanthorn born 2, 22, 1830 in Perry
County, Ohio and died 9, 3, 1895 in Allen County, his first wife was
Sarah Jane Wallice, the second wife was Nancy Daniels, both James and
Nancy are at the Perry Chapel Cemetery, in Allen County; William
Hanthorn born 1815 in Chester County, PA and died on 6, 28, 1888 in
Allen County, his wife was Jane Hartford, their burial is at Perry
Chaple Cemetery in Allen County; Sarah  Hanthorn born 1, 19, 1818 in
Chester County, PA and died 3, 17, 1878 in Allen County, she was the
wife of James Franklin, their burial is at Perry Chapel Cemetery in
Allen County; Mary Ann Hanthorn born 3, 20 1820 in Perry County, Ohio
and Died 7, 24, 1850 in Allen County, she was the wife of Gilbert
Hurley; Rebecca Hanthorn born 9, 1822 in Perry County, Ohio , she was
the wife of Bailla Osman Jr.; Mary Jane Hanthorn born 12, 21,1826 Perry
County, Ohio, she was the wife of Allen Reynolds, their burial is Perry
Chapel Cemetery, in Allen County.)

Thomas Hanthorn, the father, was born March 17, 1810, in Perry County,
Ohio, (Chester County, Pennsylvania) and was still a youth when his
parents moved to Allen County.  His first purchase of land was a tract
of 40 acres, the same on which a portion of Lima now stands.  He
subsequently owned 200 acres, and spent his whole life here with the
exception of eight years, during which he lived in Branch County,
Michigan.  He died at the age of 68 years.  (His death on 8, 26, 1877 in
Allen County, the burial is at Salem Cemetery, outside of Westminster,
Allen County, Ohio.) He was one of the early organizers of the First
Baptist Church, at Lima. (This Church is located on the corner of Union
and Spring streets, in Lima.)  He married twice; first, Myrea Daniels,
who lived but two years (they had no children together); in 1840 (3,17,
1840 in Allen County, Ohio) he married Mrs. Elizabeth (Hardesty) Colvin,
who was born May 29, 1814, on  the way between Connecticut and Ohio,
when he parents Henry and Elizabeth Hardesty, were making their pioneer
journey hither.  She was reared in Allen County Near Westminster,
married (first) James Colvin on 26 Aug 1832 (Source: marriage 
records of Champaign Co., OH [#2182, Book C].   She married second 
Thomas Hanthorn after the death of James Colvin ca 1838.  Elizabeth
died May 1, 1893 at her home at 792 South Main St., Lima, OH and was buried
in a cemetery about two miles this side of Westminster.  [The "Lima Times
Democrat", issue of 3 May 1893.  This was probably Salem Cemetery.] William
R. Colvin was the son of Elizabeth Hardesty Colvin and James Colvin.  He was
a life long resident of Allen Co., OH as well as having served as marshal and 
as the police chief of Lima.

Henry Hardesty married Elizabeth Matheny, she was born on 8, 15, 1779 in Rockbridge
County, Virginia and died 8, 15, 1851 in Allen County. Henry Hardesty
was born 5/ 9/1774 and died 3/9/1852 in Allen County. The census for
Allen County in the year 1850 lists him coming from Maryland.  The
burial for Henry and Elizabeth is at Salem Cemetery, outside of
Westminster, Allen County.  There is a nice encryption on the head stone
of Thomas and Elizabeth Hanthorn in Salem Cemetery, it is a large white
head stone on the left hand side, as you come off of hwy 117 from Lima.
Elizabeth and James Colvin had two children, William R. Colvin and 
Henry J. Colvin [died young].  William married Mary Adaline Daniels.  
The two boys were raised by Thomas Hanthorn and Elizabeth.

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Hanthorn were: Nancy Caroline,
who died young( died 6,2, 1842 at the age of 1y); Elizabeth, born 2, 19,
1842 Allen County, married Daniel Rowlands, of Lima; James Milton, born
in 1843, who died aged three years; Thomas S., of this sketch; Frances
Emeline, (born 11, 18, 1846 in Allen County), wife of John Crumrine, of
Lima; George L., born in 1850, who died in Nebraska in 1895; Sarah
Alice, wife of James Frost, of Lima; Howard and Harman (twins), the
latter is deceased (died 10,27,1857), the former a resident of Fort
Wayne, Indiana (he may have moved to Illinois); and Viola Bell, (born 10
14 1860) wife of James McGuire, of Lima.

Thomas S. (Shepherd) Hanthorn remained at home until the opening of
the Civil War.  He then began preparations to enter the Union Army; in
September, 1862, he enlisted in Company G, 12th Reg., Ohio Vol. Cav.,
under Captain Monroe, and during his long service of three years he
participated in 24 engagements, including the battles of Mount Sterling,
Kentucky, Saltville, Virginia, and Cumberland Gap, Maryland.  For three
months he was confined in the hospital at Knoxville, suffering with
typhoid fever. He did not receive any injury in battle and on his return
home resumed farming.  In the following spring he accompanied his parents
to Branch County, Michigan, and remained there for seven years, engaged
in farming. 

Upon his return to Perry township, Allen County, Mr. Hanthorn for
some 16 years worked a sand-bank on the west side of the corporate
limits of Lima, and with his numerous teams supplied almost all of the
sand used for building purposes in the city.  He then bought 55 acres
which he later traded, and then purchased 182 acres north of Lima, on
which are situated two excellent dwellings now occupied by his sons.
(This land is on Stewart road, route 21 in Bath Township, Allen County.
You will see a white two story house on the right side of the road near
the overpass coming from Lima.) He formerly owned town property and
still retains as a homestead a farm of 156 acres, which is admirably
improved, with two sets of farm buildings.  Mr. Hanthorn gives his
attention entirely to dealing in horses now and lives with his grandson,
who rents his farm.

Mr. Hanthorn was married on June 21, 1866 (by Eli White J. P. in
Allen County, the marriage license was bought on June 18, 1866 under
Shepherd Hanthorn and Hester Shannon), to Hester A. Shannon, who was
born near Fremont, in Clark County, Ohio, September 7, 1847, and is a
daughter of Isaac and Margaret (Hollinger) Shannon.  They have three
children, namely: Emma B., (born 2, 18, 1867 in Allen County, and died
4, 21, 1919 Allen County. She married first to William Craig, they had
one son  Rollie Cristy Craig.) who married (second) Oren J. Fields, of
Lima (they had two children that I know of Hazel and Nellie), and they
have four children; William Henry, (born 1868 and died 1, 6, 1940 in
Allen County, he married first to Icy Rumbaugh and they had the
following children: Floyd, who died young; George R. who died young;
Bess, who married Scudder Wilty; Helen, who married Wayne Back and then
to Wayne Highley; Lee, who married Pansy Estes; Wilbur, who married
Alice Brennan; Ralph, who married a Cecelia; Edith; Harry Edwin, who
married Oscia Myrtle Bower. William's second wife was Allie B. Bradley,
I have no children with this marriage.), who has six children; Rollie
E., (Rollie E., was born 6, 14, 1877 in Allen County and died on 9, 22,
1949 at 7:45p.m.  The address was 1206 West Sugar St. in Lima, Bath
township, Allen County.  He married Cynthia Ann McClure, who is the
daughter of Moses McClure and Elizabeth Greer, she is also the
granddaughter to Samuel McClure and Margaret Watt, Margaret is the
daughter of Thomas Jackson Watt and Mary, you will find more information
on Thomas Watt through his grandson Robert Watt's bio, also listed on
this web site. Cynthia Ann, was born on 9,2, 1879 in Allen County and
died in 1942 Allen County.  They had the following children: Leroy
Shepherd Hanthorn, born 11, 8, 1898 in Allen County and died 1, 21, 1957
in Allen County. He married Susie V. Ruebush, who was born 9, 8, 1901
and died 4, 9, 1961.  They had the following children, Dorothy and
Evelyn. Dorthy married Rolland Long, they had two sons Jack and David.
Evelyn married William J. Smith, they had three children Thomas,
Barbara, and Virginia; Pearl Elizabeth Hanthorn born 8, 27, 1901 Allen
County and died in 1971 in Allen County, she married Riley Russell
Bellinger, who was born 8, 24, 1895 and died 1973 in Allen County, they
had two children Elizabeth Mildred and Russell Rollie, Elizabeth married
Evan Louis Edwards, they had two children Lois Jean and Lloyd Allen,
Russell Rollie married Fern Mozelle Reed, they had three children
Beverly Ann, Wayne Russell, and Jolene Kay; Clara Edith Hanthorn, born
8, 19, 1909 in Allen County and died in 1958 Allen County, married Homer
Emanuel Ruebush, who was born 2, 27, 1906 near Dayton, Ohio and died in
1973 Allen County, they had one daughter Jean Ann, who married first
Chester Raver, they had two children Douglas Guy and Rick John, then she
married Thomas Walter Colwell, they had three children Jane Lyn, Timothy
Tod, Tod Michael; Louella Almeda Hanthorn, born 9, 24, 1911 in Allen
County and died in 1971 Allen County, she married first Coyne Boedecker
born 12, 6, 1910, they had three children, Dwaine Boedecker died young,
Wavelene, Ernest, then Louella married Harold Purdy of Lima, they had
four children, Robert, Joseph, Cynthia, and Rollie; Shepherd Eldon
Hanthorn, born 4, 10, 1915 in Allen County and died on 1, 13, 1986 in
Allen County, married first to Hazel Romona Golden, they had one child
Hazel Romona, who married George Irvin Hahn, Shepherd then married 8,19,
1937 to Geraldene Alice Cox born 4, 8, 1918 in Allen County and died on
12, 8, 1999 in Allen County, they had six children, Patricia Ann
Hanthorn, who married Thomas Woten, they had one daughter Tammy, Pat
then married Harold Taft but had no children by him, Beverly Lea
Hanthorn, married James A. Wilkins, they had three children Steven A.,
Kathleen J., and Beth E., Larry Dean Hanthorn, who died at the age of
six weeks, Shepherd Eldon  Hanthorn Jr., married Judith Evelyn McVicker,
they had two children Judith Evelyn Jr. and Brian Scott,  Pamela Sue
Hanthorn, married Ronald Lyons, they had two children Ronald and Angie,
James Edward Hanthorn was married and has one son Joshua; John O.
Hanthorn, born 10, 11, 1917 in Allen County and died on 6, 18, 1990 in
Allen County, he  married on 11, 26, 1946 to Maxine Elouis Cox, who is
the twin sister to Geraldine, Maxine was born on 4, 8, 1918 in Allen
County and died on 12, 24, 2000, they had two daughters Carol Louise
Hanthorn, who died at the age of one year, Sharon Kay Hanthorn who
married Laurence Johnson, they had seven children, Rickie Lee, Gregory
Eugene, John Edward, Kevin Wayne, Daniel Alan, Nancy Louise, Laurence
Jr.; Ethel  Evelyn Hanthorn born 2, 9, 1919 in Allen County and died in
1961 in Allen County, she married Raymond Arthur McDonald, they had six
children, Ethel who married Martin Denny, Ronald married Julia Watkins,
Phyllis married Paul Thacher, Barbara, Beverly,  and Theresa.), who has
two children.  The two sons live on our subject's farms in Bath

   Mr. Hanthorn has always been identified with the Republican party,
but has never been very active politically, his other interests
absorbing his time and attention.  He is a good citizen and is always
ready to lend a helping hand in movements for the public welfare.

*The added information is from a book called History and Genealogy of
The McClure Families of Allen, Paulding and Van Wert Counties, Ohio by
Ruth Woten Rumbaugh written in 1985.