G. W. Henderson

G. W. Henderson, M.D., of West Cairo, was born in Guernesy
County, Ohio, June 29,1857. In early life he worked on a farm and
attended school in the country and was left homeless at the age of 15.
The following year he taught his first term of school in Ross township,
Greene County, Ohio, and continued this vocation for 18 years. He
married Emma Diefenderfer, of Hancock County, Ohio, on January 7th,1885.
They taught school after they were married and attended the Ohio Normal
University at Ada. They have one son, Harry Harold.
          Dr. Henderson graduated from Starling Medical College,
Columbus, Ohio, in 1892 and located in West Cairo in 1894, having
practiced two years prior to this in Vaughnsville, Ohio. he later took a
post-graduate course, and so far has made a general practice his
           He has ever enjoyed a fair practice and has a large circle of
patrons and friends of whom he is justly proud.