Noah Calvin Hirschy

Noah Calvin Hirschy, A. B., D. B., president of the
Central Mennonite College, at Bluffton, where he also fills the chair of
Greek and Biblical languages and literatures, is one of the
distinguished ministers nd educators of the Mennonite Church in Ohio.
Mr. Hirschy was born February 25, 1867, on a farm in the environs of
Berne, Adams County, Indiana, and is a son of Philip and Maria (Richer)
       Philip Hirschy was born in Canton Neuenberg, Switzerland, in
1824, and was brought to America, when 11 years old, by his mother and
stepfather.  He lived a number of years in Stark and Wayne counties,
Ohio, prior to locating in Indiana, where he engaged in farming in Adams
County until the close of his life, his death occurring in October
1899.  He owned a half section of land in that county and was one of its
most substantial as well as highly esteemed men. Although he had had but
45 days of schooling in his life, he was well informed and
liberal-minded man.   He was a devoted member of the Mennonite Church.
In 1848, in Indiana, he married Maria Richer, who was born near the
village of Erikur, France, in 1826, and came to Wayne County, Ohio, in
1837.  Her death took place in 1893.  The family consisted of eight sons
and one daughter.  Of the sons, Noah Calvin is the second youngest, the
whole family still surviving; most of its members are engaged in
agricultural pursuits.
         Noah Calvin Hirschy remained on his father's farm until 18
years of age, but as he grew to youth and early manhood the advantages
afforded by the country schools in no way satisfied his expanding mind.
He secured a certificate to teach, and as a school teacher during the
five succeeding years earned the means with which to pursue higher
branches of study.  He attended to Tri-State Normal College at Angola,
Indiana, from 1889 to 1891.  During 1891-92 he was principal of the
village schools at Berne, Indiana, and in the latter year became pastor
of the Mennonite Church at Wadsworth, Ohio.  From 1893 to 1898 he
attended and graduated from Oberlin College and Theological Seminary.
He became fist president of the Central Mennonite College at Bluffton in
1901.  A historical sketch of this college appears elsewhere in this
book.  He has been a student in the University of Chicago at different
times from 1900 to 1905.  On May 6, 1894, Mr. Hirschy was ordained to
the full ministry of the Mennonite Church by Rev. Ephraim Hunsberger.
In 1896 he was chosen a member of the home mission committee of the
General Church Conference, which position he still holds.
           Mr. Hirschy was married at Wadsworth, Ohio, September 5,
1895, to Augusta Hunsberger, daughter of Rev. Ephraim Hunsberger, pastor
of the church there and an eminent man in the Mennonite body.  She was
born at Wadsworth, Ohio, April 22, 1867.  They have two children, viz:
Hermon Delos, Born June 11, 1898, and Lois Elizabeth, born June 12,