Laurens Hull

Laurens Hull, vice-president and general manager of
the Laurens Hull Lumber Company, of Lima, was born in New York in 1861,
and is a son of the late Hon. M. A. Hull.
       The father of Laurens Hull was engaged in the manufacture of
woolen fabrics at Pike, New York, for a number of years and was a very
prominent citizen of Wyoming County.  He served two terms in the New
York Assembly, and for 13 years was deputy inspector of customs at
Suspension Bridge, New York, his service extending through two years of
President Cleveland's first administration; he was relieved of the
position at his own request.
       After a liberal education which was secured in his native State,
Laurens Hull began business in connection with the Sioux City Lumber
Company, at Sioux City, Iowa, from which concern he went with the Aurora
Lumber Company, at Aurora, Illinois.  Since then he has been connected
with a number of lumbering interests at different points, having made
the lumber trade his life work.  In 1901 he came to Lima, where he
bought out the T. W. Dobbins Lumber Company, which was one of the oldest
lumber companies in this city, and for two years he conducted the
business under the firm name of Laurens Hull & Company.  At the time the
business was incorporated its present name Laurens Hull Lumber Company
was adopted.  The company is capitalized at $150,000, with Gilbert B.
Shaw of Chicago, as president, and Laurens Hull, vice-president and
general manager.  Their yards are located at Lima, Tiffin, Ohio; and
Chicago.  The business is one of far reaching possibilities and is in a
very prosperous condition.  It deals extensively, both wholesale and
retail, in lumber and building material.  The members of the company are
all capitalists and men of business experience who command the
confidence of the trade and of the public.
      Mr. Hull was married in 1891 to Anna Howe, who is a daughter of
J.W. Howe, a retired locomotive engineer, formerly of Sioux City, Iowa,
but who is passing the evening of life with Mr. Hull and wife.  Mr. Hull
belongs to several of the exclusive social organizations of this
section, including the Shawnee Country Club and the Lima Club.