J. H. Huntley, M. D.

J. H. Huntley, M. D., who has an enviable
reputation as a physician and surgeon, not only in Allen County, but
throughout the State of Ohio, is a citizen of Lima where he universally
respected and loved. He was born in Hardin County Ohio, in 1851, and is
a son of Joseph Huntley, an agriculturist of that section who moved to
Allen County about 1853 and here engaged in farming.
        Dr. Huntley was a cripple in his childhood and for more than 10
years was able to go around only by means of crutches.  This infirmity
was overcome only after the fourth surgical operation had been performed
upon his feet and doubtless to this affliction and subsequent relief
Allen County is indebted for one of her most skillful surgeons, the
desire to enter that profession having entered the mind of the child at
an early age and taken a firm hold upon it.  So much interested was he
in surgical work that when he was 12 years of age, he crawled up to a
window, where he could command a view of the operating table, and
watched Dr. S. A. Baxter amputate the leg of Mr. Shockey an old resident
of the county.  It was some time, however, before he saw the fruition of
his hopes.  His first labors were in a saddlery and harness shop where
he learned the trade and followed it for three years.  He then engaged
in teaching school, never for a moment relinquishing his purpose of
becoming a surgeon, and was at last able to enter the medical department
of the University of Michigan.   Having entered upon the work, he left no
stone unturned to master the profession.  After one year of hard study
at Ann Arbor he entered the Eclectic Medical Institute, of Cincinnati,
graduating from that institute in 1878. He opened his first office at
West Newton, Allen County, later removing to Alger, Hardin County, where
he practiced for some time.  He continued his studies and in 1890 was
graduated from the Starling Medical College of Columbus, Ohio.  He has
taken two post-graduate courses in Chicago, two in New York, one in
Boston and one in New Orleans.  Dr. Huntley located in Lima in 1895, and
few surgeons have been better equipped or more efficient in their chosen
work than he. Heretofore the Doctor has devoted his time to both
medicine and surgery, but after the first of January 1906, he expects
to confine his practice to surgery.  His rare skill and almost
phenomenal success has made the name of Dr. Huntley a familiar one in
medical circles, while it is held in grateful love in hundreds of homes
which his services have blessed with health.   While he handles all
manner of surgical cases, and has an extended and enviable reputation in
abdominal surgery, his specialty is in treating diseases of the limbs
and feet. 
       Dr. J. H. Huntley was married in 1885 to Mary E. McClung,
daughter of Hutchison McClung.  Their union has been blessed by the
birth of one daughter, Grace Darling, who is a young lady possessing
many accomplishments and rare ability as a reader.  Graduating from the
literary department of Lima College in the class of 1904 with a degree of
B. L., she entered the Emerson School of Oratory at Boston, where she is
now in her second year and has a reputation as a reader which is
excelled by few.  Like her father, she is an untiring student and
compels success in what ever she undertakes.  Dr. Huntley is a member of
the Allen County, Northwestern Ohio, State and American medical
associations and is an instructor in the Lima Training School for
Nurses.  He is a Royal Arch Mason and a man who is looked up to and
respected by all.