Clifford L. Kiplinger

Clifford L. Kiplinger, a leading contractor and
carpenter of Lima was reared and educated in this city where he was born
46 years ago. Daniel Kiplinger, his father, is now in his 76th year, and
is one of the most respected citizens of Lima. he is a native of
Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. In 1854 he came to Allen County, where
he soon became one of the most successful contractors and carpenters.
At the time of his settling in Lima, it was a village of some thousand
inhabitants and, as Daniel Kiplinger was among the first contractors to
locate here, he built a large per cent of the structures erected in this
vicinity. He is the father of two sons , namely: Clifford L. and
Clarence, who is located at Columbus and is agent of the Pittsburg
Reduction Company, having under his management three States Ohio, Indiana
and Kentucky.
Clifford L. Kiplinger began working at the carpenter trade when he
was a lad of 15 years and, after mastering it, became a partner with his
father, with whom he was associated in the contracting and building
business for 13 years. He then engaged in the same business by himself,
and has been busy with general contract work during the eight years he
has been alone. He is a first-class workman, and many of the finest
buildings in Lima and vicinity stand as monuments of his skill. Mr.
Kiplinger was married in 1885 to Lizzie Moore, whose father Amos Moore,
was at one time a prominent contractor of Zanesville, Ohio, where he
died in 1873. Two children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Kiplinger,
Lawrence, the elder, was graduated from the Lima High School before he
had reached his 17th year: he then entered the offices of the Buckeye
Pipe Line Company, where he is still employed. Karl, the younger son, is
still attending High School. Mr. Kiplinger is a member of the Trinity
Methodist Episcopal Church of Lima.