Charles Kruse

Charles Kruse, an implement dealer and hardware
merchant of Elida, was born October 2, 1860, in Champaign County, Ohio,
and is a son of Henry Kruse, whose biography will be found elsewhere in
this work. Charles Kruse has been a resident of this vicinity since his
sixth year, when his parents located on a farm near Elida where he was
reared and educated. He engaged in farming and cultivated the farm,
owned by his father in German township until 1903, when he moved to
Elida and purchased the hardware and implement business of Mr. Mosier,
which he has since conducted. Affable and courteous, he has always been
popular throughout the county and has worked up an extensive business,
puting out a large number of wagons, machinery and other farm
Mr. Kruse was married to Minnie Counsellor, daughter of Rev. Elias
Counsellor, who is now stationed at Burgoon, Ohio. Six children, all of
whom are living, have been born to this worthy couple, viz.: Dora,
Carrie, Duane, Elias, Zilpha and Isabelle. They are affiliated with
the Lutheran Church, of Elida.