Edward J. Maire

Edward J. Maire, who is prominent in the business life
of Lima, is a member of the firm of Maire Brothers, extensively engaged
in the production of oil. He is a son of Louis Maire, deceased, a
native of France, who came to this country and settled in Crawford
County, Pennsylvania, where Edward J. Maire was born and educated. His
first business venture was as a merchant in Bolivar, New York, but so
much money was being made in the oil industry all around him that he
finally embarked in that line, putting his money in the Allegany (New
York) oil field from which he received handsome returns. Encouraged by
this success, he extended his operations to the oil fields in Indiana,
Ohio, Kansas, Indian Territory, and in fact to these of almost every
State in the Union in which oil was known to exist, devoting his entire
time and capital to his enterprises, with the most satisfactory results,
It has been some eight years since Maire Brothers came to Lima and
established an office, which now transacts a large volume of business.
Their well appointed headquarters are now in the Opera House Block, of
which building they became the proprietors in November, 1905.
Mr. Maire has identified himself closely with the municipal
interests, and is one of Lima's most public spirited citizens. He is a
director of The Lima Trust Company and a solid, reliable business man.
He is also a prominent Mason, being a member of the Knights Templar.