George McCauley

George McCauley conducts a flourishing meat market and
grocery store in Lima, where he has been a life-long resident.  He first
opened his eyes to the light of day in this city in 1873, his father
being Joseph McCauley, now deceased, who came here about 40 years ago
and engaged in milling.
         George McCauley became a wage-earner at an early age, first as
newsboy and later as a clerk in Adams' grocery store. After clerking
about six years, he formed a partnership with a Mr. Biggs, and for the
next three years the grocery business of McCauley & Briggs claimed all
his attention.  At the expiration of that time the partnership was
dissolved, and during the following three years Mr. McCauley ran the
store at the old stand alone.  His brother, S. E. McCauley, then bought
an interest in the business, and the stock was moved to the corner of
Jackson and McKibben Streets and conducted under the name of McCauley
Brothers and another three years.  Since that time our subject has been
in business alone at No. 930 East High Street, where he continues to
cater to an extended and lucrative patronage.
        An important epoch in his life occurred in 1904 when he was
married to Florence Collins, a lady of many accomplishments and of
pleasing personality.  They have one son, Daniel Joseph, born November
23, 1905.  Mrs. McCauley's parents D. E. and Ellen M. Collins, reside on
Bellefontaine Avenue Lima, and are prominent in the life of the city,
the former being an oil gauger and the latter being a well-known dealer
in real estate.   Mrs. Collins is a shrewd, clearheaded business woman,
and in addition to Collins' addition to Lima has various other
properties in the city to rent and for sale. Mr. McCauley is a devout
member of St. Rose's Catholic Church and a member of the Catholic Order
of Foresters.