William McComb, Jr

William McComb, Jr, formerly mayor of the city of
Lima for a period covering 10 years, and now the local representative of
some of the leading insurance companies, was born in Rockland County,
New York, January 29, 1851, and was one of two children born to his
parents, William and Sarah (Sands) McComb.
The father of Mr. McComb was born in Ireland, where he was trained
to be a weaver on linen goods. In young manhood he came to the United
States and at the time of the birth of our subject was a resident of
Rockland County, New York. In 1862 he came to Allen County and settled
at Lima, where he lived the remainder of his life, his death occurring
in 1900.
William McComb, Jr., was educated in the common schools and his
attainment of prominent position has been the result of his own efforts.
In young manhood he learned the molder's trade and worked in an iron
foundry for a number of years. He had always been rather active in
politics, being a young man of wide awake intelligence, and thus he
attracted the attention of Postmaster Parmenter, in 1873, and was chosen
by him as his assistant. He served in this capacity until 1876, when a
change in the administration caused his removal. Mr. McComb then
engaged in the grocery business at Lima for several years, but
subsequently returned to his trade as an ironworker.
About this time he was elected as the representative of the
Cincinnati Gazette at Lima, and he continued to further he interests of
this journal until 1884, when he was chosen as mayor of Lima. Although
he took up the reins of office with little previous preparation in the
way of public service, he pleased the people and they re-elected him in
1886, again in 1888, in 1892 and finally in 1900, at the expiration of
his last term, he retired from the municipal chair in order to give more
attention to his insurance business, which he had established in 1890.
This he has continued to develop until he represents many of the old,
sound and reliable companies of the country among which may be
mentioned: The American, of Newark, New Jersey; Reliance, of
Philadelphia; National Union, of Pittsburg; United States Fire, of New
York; Columbia, of Dayton, Ohio; Phoenix, of Brooklyn; Glens Falls, of
New York; New Hampshire, of Manchester, New Hampshire; Security, of New
Haven, Connecticut; Annchor, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and German, of
Indianapolis, Indiana.
Mr. McComb was untied n marriage with Francis E. Bitner. Both he
and is wife are active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. They
have a pleasant home at No. 213 North Elizabeth street, while his office
is at No. 202 1/2 North Main street.
Politically Mr. McComb is a Republican. Fraternally he is a member
of the Odd Fellows.
Personally Mr. McComb is held in very high regard at Lima. During
10 very important years of the city's life he held the controlling
power, and during this period many of the city's most important
improvements were made and her leading utilities furthered. While the
dominating factor, he was always noted for his open mind, and between
him and the other members of the city government there was accord which
resulted in general welfare for the public.