George H. Meily

George H. Meily, one of the representative members of
the Allen County bar, was born at Lima, Ohio, August 28,1849, and is a
son of John H. and Catherine (Fisher ) Meily.
       John H. Meily was a very prominent citizen of Lima and was
identified with many of the industries and with public affairs here for
many years.  He was born in 1817 at Lebanon, Pennsylvania, where he
learned the business of weaving.  He was skilled in all kinds of
machinery as he was also an iron molder and after he removed to
Mansfield, Ohio, in 1836, he worked at foundry business for some 10
years.  In 1846 he came to Lima, settling on the site now occupied by
the Meily Block on North Main Street, where he carried on the business
of weaving coverlets.  He built the first foundry in the county, which
was located on the site of the Globe Machine Works.  Later he engage
extensively in the manufacture of brick and did much brick building in
this city, including the large brick Meily Block on Main street, the
hardware store room on the Public Square and other structures.  He was
also engaged in the sale of agricultural implements and dealt largely in
real estate; in fact, he was a man whose energies were far beyond the
average and who succeeded in all he undertook.  For some years he was
also a political factor and served for six years as county clerk.  His
busy and useful life closed in 1884, after some years of retirement.  He
had a family of nine children, all of whom were afforded far better
advantages than he was given in youth.  He was a man who commanded
universal respect.
          George H, Meily was educated in the excellent schools of his
native city and in 1868 he began the study of the law, his preceptors
being prominent legal lights of that time Messrs, Lamison and Ballard.
In August, 1871, he was admitted to the bar and to practice in the
United States Courts in 1874.  He has continued to practice in Lima
until the present time  and is well and favorably known all over this
section.  He has been interested at various times in many of the large
transportation lines of the State, and was one of the promoters of the
Columbus, Lima & Milwaukee, Columbus & Lake Michigan, Detroit, Toledo &
Milwaukee, Lake Erie & Western, Chicago & Atlantic, Chicago & Erie and
Michigan & Ohio.
            Almost from the outset of his career, Mr. Meily has
displayed a helpful interest in civic affairs, though a disinterested
one, as he has been in no sense as office-seeker.  His clients find him
in his well-appointed office at No. 301 Opera House Block.  His pleasant
and comfortable home is located at No. 541 West Spring street.