George L. Newson

George L. Newson, president of the City Council of
Lima, and one of the leading businessmen, being the senior member of
The Newson-Bond Company, general house furnishers, was born in Morrow
County, Ohio, May 13, 1865, and is a son of Samuel and Nancy (Kingman)
Samuel Newson was born in Maryland, but subsequently moved to
Ohio, where he followed an agricultural life until his death February 5,
1892. He reared a family of four children.
George L. Newson was reared on his father's farm and grew to
manhood like most country boys, differing from some in being more
ambitious. He prepared himself for teaching, and for some four years he
spent the winters as a pedagogue and assisted in the farm work during
the summers. In 1891 he came to Allen County and accepted a position as
clerk in a furniture business at Lima, paying such close attention to
the demands and management of this line of business that in 1895 he
embarked in the same with a partner, under the firm name of
Newson-Deakin Company. This partnership lasted for two years and then a
corporation was formed and the business was conducted under the style of
Newson, Deakin, Bond Company; two years later is was changed to its
present style.
The Newson-Bond Company carries an immense stock of fine
household goods and is the largest establishment of its kind at Lima.
The value of the stock carried amounts to about $35,000; 15 salespeople
are employed. A specialty is made of fine furniture such as can only be
found elsewhere in the large cities.
Mr. Newson was united in marriage with Anna B. Powell, a
daughter of Evan Powell, of Morrow County, Ohio, and they have one
daughter, Elizabeth. Mr. and Mrs. Newson are leading members of Trinity
Methodist Episcopal Church. The charming family home is located at No.
133 North Collett Street.
Politically, Mr. Newson is a stanch Republican and he has been
an important factor in his party for many years. He was elected a
member of the City Council and its president in 1902, and in the spring
of 1905 he was honored by his fellow-citizens by nomination as
Representative. Primarily a business man with large private interests
to make heavy demands upon his attention, he is public-spirited enough
to assume the duties of office when he believes he can thereby work for
the welfare of his fellow-citizens.